G-spot doesn't appear to exist say researchers and I am pissed at the ladies who said I could not find it

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Some are firm believers

how many times did the feminists preach to you about this one? Another day, another fiction of the gender engineers.
The hope that monoculture    could create equivalences between the genders just hit another speed bump.

The elusive erogenous zone said to exist in some women may be a myth, say researchers who have hunted for it.

well I could of told them that, but then the jokes would of been flying
Their study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is the biggest yet, involving 1,800 women, and it found no proof.
The King's College London team believe the G-spot may be a figment of women's imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists.

But sexologist Beverley Whipple who helped popularise the G-spot idea said the work was "flawed".

hey Beverly... why did you popularise it then? Might it be power issues?

She said the researchers had discounted the experiences of lesbian or bisexual women and failed to consider the effects of having different sexual partners with different love-making techniques.

so only lesbians or bisexuals can attempt variety? oh... I get it... as long it isn't a man. the moment that talk about Homosexuality then it has to be good... right? typical bias in academia. It's a wonder we aren't extinct by now.

It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never been proven and pressurise women and men too
Study author Andrea Burri
The women in the study, who were all pairs of identical and non-identical twins, were asked whether they had a G-spot.
hey,,, now that sounds fun.
If one did exist, it would be expected that both identical twins, who have the same genes, would report having one.
now eugenics and Lysenkoism?

Perhaps no field of scientific inquiry is as likely to be misunderstood and abused as genetics. Part of the misunderstanding arises from archaic views about what genes are and how they are expressed during development. The extreme abuse of genetic information at various times has mainly been attributable to larger efforts to use genetic arguments in order to shape society and science according to political agendas (i.e., eugenics and Lysenkoism). If this is the backdrop against which culture assimilates genetic information, then what will happen as a result of the current genetic revolution? Genetic knowledge and technology are advancing at . . . [Full Text of this Article]
But this pattern did not emerge and the identical twins were no more likely to share a G-spot than non-identical twins who share only half of their genes.
conclusion wrong. end result recorded correctly
Co-author of the study Professor Tim Spector said: "Women may argue that having a G-spot is due to diet or exercise, but in fact it is virtually impossible to find real traits.
I think it has something to do with being a manipulative tyrant in bed and not letting men be men. sit back and enjoy the ride ladies. telling us what to do isn't fun for you either.
It's fine to go looking for the G-spot but do not worry if you don't find it
Sexual psychologist Dr Petra Boynton
"This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective."
is that what it was? subjective? I could of sworn it meant that you were bullshit.
Colleague Andrea Burri was concerned that women who feared they lacked a G-spot might feel inadequate, which she says is unnecessary.
notice a man's feelings aren't important here
"It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never been proven and pressurise women and men too."
that's better... thanks for caring about that part, but what about men's feelings? don't we have any?
Dr Petra Boynton, a sexual psychologist at University College London, said: "It's fine to go looking for the G-spot but do not worry if you don't find it.
"It should not be the only focus. Everyone is different."
here is the reality: if your woman is really selfish... which most are these days. they like to hop around on top and ignore you... that is if they haven't rejected men completely because most of us are broke from the abuse
The Gräfenberg Spot, or G-Spot, was named in honour of the German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who described it over 50 years ago and is said to sit in the front wall of the vagina some 2-5cm up.
I kept on pressing the button after I heard about it... even in a Cartoon called Southpark.... and it didn't make her happy. it is the up and down that does it... and frankly that is all over, but relative to an area. also just because you know where that area is... doesn't mean you know what to do with it. it can make the ladies uncomfortable as well and frankly it is your attitude that is more important... for both sexes.
Recently Italian scientists claimed they could locate the G-spot using ultrasound scans.
They said they had found an area of thicker tissue among the women reporting orgasms.
But specialists warned there could be other reasons for this difference.

The G-spot

 via sex-and-relationships.com
G-spot is one of the parts of the female
sexual anatomy, which has been hotly debated
for a long time. It is named after the German
gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who found it
while looking into new methods of
contraception (that's where  the G in
G-spot comes from).

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