Why Israel is Losing the Propaganda War? Read Mein Kampf

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If the media is the message then what is distribution of the information? Today how information travels is as important as the content that one receives.  Semiotic-ally speaking distribution has moved from being signified and has become signifier.  Distribution channels alter the meaning of any idea and Israel is abstaining from distribution.
...Mein Kampf
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The Palestinians also obviously regard propaganda as a weapon of the first order, they are using it efficiently and effectively, and the Government of Israel is standing with its hands down at its sides while they do it. Mein Kampf should not be banned or restricted in Israel. Mein Kampf, and particularly the parts about propaganda, should be required reading in Israel’s schools and as a prerequisite for holding any government position and for being an officer in the Armed Forces. - Bill Levinson via docstalk.blogspot.com

...an Arabic translation of Adolf Hitler's "Mien Kampf" is selling extremely well in Arab lands, including the P.A. territory.     (See also Holocaust and bear in mind the World War II links between the Nazis and Yasser Arafat's family.)
These editions were published in Lebanon in 1975 (left) and 1995 (right)

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