Quebec Mayor has anti-Israel head explosion on Canadian TV

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(Bare Naked Islam) (h/t Sandra Kushner Zlotkin) Quebec French-language television channel V, host Stephane Gendron shrieks, “Do you know what Israel did? In revenge for the admission of Palestine to UNESCO, they decided to build 2000 homes in areas that do not belong to them, the occupied territories, so they are going to bulldoze people, kill people, they will give them 5 minutes to get out and then they’ll run people down with bulldozers. And Canada supports this.”
Well, I certainly hope so! Anyone know if Gendron is a Muslim?

Honest Reporting On the November 2 broadcast of Face à Face, a daily news and debate morning talk show on the Quebec French-language television channel V, host Stephane Gendron, whose vitriolic anti-Israel views are well known, went on a libellous tirade.
Stéphane Gendron, the Mayor of Huntington, Quebec, has a history of uttering hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric and disseminating egregious falsehoods against Israel. Previously, on the September 23 edition of Face à Face, Gendron claimed: “Before 1948, … the Jews stole the land from the Palestinians…” and “it’s the Jews that invented terrorism.”
Shortly after Israel’s 2008 Operation Cast Lead, which was a response to over 10,000 rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza, Gendron posted an odious letter to his blog addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper claiming that the “Zionist Government of Israel” was conducting a “genocide.” Finally, in an interview with Le Soleil in August 2006, Gendron referred to Israelis as modern-day Nazis.

Stéphane Gendron openly discriminating against Quebecers as intends to offer tax credits to potential Muslim residents.

CIReport Mr. Gendron has a new plan to revitalize his community of about 2,600 people — build a mosque and establish a Halal slaughterhouse in a town with hardly any Muslim residents. Mr. Gendron, a frank-talking mayor with a knack for publicity coups, has stepped into the limelight again by announcing he wants to counter his town’s population decline through Muslim immigration.
Though open to all immigration, Mr. Gendron says, he’s especially keen on courting people from the French-speaking Maghreb region of North Africa.
The twice-re-elected mayor, whose Facebook profile photo shows him praying in a Montreal mosque next to the imam, has laid out the welcome mat by offering to build a mosque, Halal abattoir and Muslim cemetery to add to the Protestant and Catholic one. There are tax credits too.

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