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Porn saves the Environment


I read this article in Der Spiegal about Celebrities and Millionaires concerned with the environment. What a load of P.R.. I just want to tear my hair out. Listen Up Gore, his Enviro Rock concert promoters and his smug cronies. I have a better solution for this egalitarian bourgeois movement …It’s called Celebrity Porn for the Environment!

Angelina Jolie, the multi-adoptive mother and UN goodwill ambassador, showed up together with Brad Pitt, she stood there, and both talked about “the responsibility of artists” and the “obligation to give.” They were all very convinced.

All proceeds will also go to save the starving anorexics in Beverly Hills

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Who is your favorite porn star and why?


Asked by Noah David Simon on August 29, 2007

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Is porn only a bad thing?

Why rape someone if already getting off?  Most people who rape are not committing a sexual act, but rather are involved in an act of power.  You would have to be a minority type of rapist to actually enjoy the act of it... and you would have to be a repeat offender to get to that point.  Chances are these repeat offenders are not watching a lot of porn because it would take a tremendous amount of effort to avoid the arms of the law.   Pornography gives the voyeur a sense of power, therefor lessoning the reason for power based aggression.  The Gloria Steinem analysis is far off!  It is frightening that these opinions are being toyed with by the law.  Case in point would be the Giuliani administration... who spent a lot of energy doing the bidding of his fascist X-wife and feminist Donna Hanover.  New York erupted into a test case for police brutality and oppression as a result.  While petty crimes decreased, infrastructural violence increased.  It might also help to understand the nature of libidinal energy.  A read of the "Accursed Share" by Georges Bataille might be of help in understanding the nature of excess sexual energy and it's need for waste. 

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Answered by 574374601 on August 30, 2007

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