Michael Jackson's Media Squid

the many tentacles of Michael Jackson's death seems to never go away

facebook connect was working before. now it doesn't

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what is with the collective punishing?

facebook won't let me post to walls. what is strange is many of my friends have the same problem. these things must go in groups. what is with the collective punishing? they must look at the problem as a group issue. I know I was attempting to get people to join my blognetworks when it tripped the alarm. I think the system becomes vulnerable to alarm when your friends are also highly active. who knows? I do know I was using facebook for like 48 hours straight when it happened, but I was not spamming. I give reference urls to where I find information in all comments. it would seem that facebook is punishing for giving credit to my quotes? I'm not sure what their beef is. the other thing is they say they warn you. the warning and the disabling of a feature do not go in stages. it happens all at once. is this going on with anyone else? if yes come to my blog post to comment. facebook can't punish you for posting here... or at least I think so.

Sean McBride

yup... Myrna and McBride play you Igor. she sees she can't win by blocking forever. this is the game they play with people's principles. IgorTheTroll is weak because he claims he won't block. he's given them something to exploit and they will. this is what Palestine has done to Israel for decades and Igor is too old fashioned to realize that rules need discretion. you showed weakness Igor. now your pride is in the way of survival. you think free information will save you from their spin? they don't have the resources we have because most of their accusations are based on speculation. fool! block!

here are some threads of interest....

Nice ASS!

Naaaaa-Eeeesh. should I extrapolate on this? or maybe I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

twitter defamation

dearest, twitter administration

...please fix this problem:

...when you go to http://twitter.com/noahdavidsimon it says the account is suspended. since I do not have control of the account this is defaming my business. I do not believe I broke any terms, but you have decided to rule otherwise, however you do not have a right to leave my name on your servers in such a way forever. your reaction is punitive and unethical. please take down the suspended logo attached to my name. there was no rule about retweeting when the account was disabled. the fact that you manipulated your own terms to punish someone is arbitrary, but you betray your intent when you leave my name up on your server for a year.

Noah David Simon

Pope calls for a UN 'with teeth'

I sincerely doubt the pope wants to go to this extreme. obviously there is a need to do something like this... but to what extreme? again I would like to clarify that I don't think he is an evil man. http://htxt.it/ItRh

I would never step on a respected religious institution. whatever differences I have concerning their ritual does not allow me to blanket my bias into hate. my apologies. I brought this subject to public in hopes to clarify the respect that I do have for the church. equal opportunity religion hatred is not cool. the Pope has been doing a great job and I am very impressed with him... which is why I brought this issue up because it is out of his character.

Michael Jackson

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another day... another fix of Michael on CNN
I can't believe I almost got killed at a McDonalds for criticizing Michael Jackson
I can't begin to tell you how little empathy I have at this point... especially for bloggers who ask people to forgive

the pedophilia is the least of my angers. if anything it makes me empathize with him a bit because he was obviously an abuse victim himself. pedophilia is some dark stuff, but it seems to be the only issue the media allows us to speak out about. what was unforgivable was his lyrics and then after he apologized for it he went and republished them in his best of album. he wasn't sincere at all. his intentions were obvious. it is sincerely obvious that he intentionally bullied the Jewish community and let his fans bully the family of those who fought him.

fan page problems

maybe I don't want the world to know I'm following a Hezbollah enabler? maybe I am interested, but don't want to promote them. How do I pay attention to a person without letting them know I am following them on facebook?

"We Hate Gays" Video of Muslim youths shout abuse

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being gay is a choice. if you aren't hurting those around you then you didn't break the law. on the other hand from my perspective if a person acts differently then I have a right to figure them differently. problem is those that are open to those that are gay are often scapegoated themselves. I have always been supportive, but gay men don't want to be treated in the same manner as straight men. they have different needs. they might say otherwise, but I know to flatter more when I talk to a gay man. it is very hard to teach children not to hate if they can't have any expectations of behavior without being ostracized. it is the leftist culture that has made it worse for gay people as well. I don't ask that people not eat pork like I do. in the same respect more orthodox Jews then me tolerate my semi secularism. I respect the difference in gay people. I also respect other cultures and beliefs if they don't believe in killing Jews.

Palin's retreat

It is a win win situation. Palin doesn't hurt Alaska with her ambitions and she can move forward with a national campaign after she is rested. a brilliant plan. I was very impressed with her speech today. I have no doubt that she will be America's first female commander in chief. guys in New York like me are rooting for a real strong woman to show the world values not Gloria Steinem lies about androgyny. Palin is about dignity. she will lead us out of the gender cultural wars of the 20th century. as I watched the wretched death of Michael Jackson and his world last week I am reminded of what Palin is fighting for and what she is up against. Sarah is a strong woman who breaks the mold. she is strong on the terms of woman and she is a leader because she understands where her strengths are. she is not creating the grand myopic androgynous lie of the blue states.

Anti Depressants for Accident Victims

waking up out of coma and finding yourself on some serious drugs

"Hitler Youth" Suspended from Twitter

after all the trouble I went to last year to try to convince twitter to take action on their network against bigotry and hate... and was ignored... twitter tried to justify their actions just this week. someone needs to create a lawsuit against multiple social networks. thanks to the Jewish Internet Defense Force for being out there!

Michael Jackson is KILLING me

I had a near death experience yesterday in a McDonalds when I criticized Michael Jackson. People and their idolatry are getting a bit much. Michael Jackson was a bigot and an androgynous pedophiliac pederast. I was only talking to one guy and people just went ballistic. I've been defriended by people online for Michael Jackson. I've had female friends that repeatedly tweet about Michael Jackson. It is getting to be a bit much. Michael Jackson was without morals and he influenced low life.

the second near death experience wasn't as bad

I detail my research into the media coverage of Jacko here http://mediaanalysiscritical.blogspot.com/2009/07/michael-jackson-media-watch.html



Atheist Marriage

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Some Atheists have come to such a narrow view of religion that they can not see that even an atheist puts a lot of faith in something. An Atheists religious paradox is not the state's parameter because of an Athiest's own narrow sense of religion. I question why an Atheist gets married at all. do Atheists have faith in marriage? the words and semiotics of "Atheist" or just "not religious" still take faith in those concepts. What an irony that an atheist insists on meaning at all.

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