Pax Americana in the region—if only the Israelis could be sidelined

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(Roosevelt, who headed the CIA's Middle East division in the Eisenhower administration... was also deeply involved in the Arab world. Indeed, he was the agency's foremost "Arabist." ...These officials were fiercely anti-Zionist, convinced that American support for Israel was a strategic blunder of the first order. This was because... they believed "in the overriding importance of American-Arab, and Christian-Muslim, relations." ...(examine) the role of CIA Arabists by tracing the careers of Roosevelt and two of his comrades: his cousin Archie and Miles Copeland, an Alabama jazz musician... ….The Roosevelt cousins, Copeland and other leading Arabists believed that a century of American missionary activity had paved the way for a Pax Americana in the region—if only the Israelis could be sidelined. The early Eisenhower administration was their heyday. Eisenhower and Dulles gave such professionals in the State Department and the CIA carte blanche. But the Arabists' massive efforts notwithstanding, Nasser drifted into the Soviet orbit and began spreading nationalist revolt throughout the region.)

Khamenei speaks in codes

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when Khamenei was a 30-year-old junior cleric, he had translated a book, Imam Hassan’s Peace, from Arabic into Farsi. It told the story of Shi’ite Islam’s second imam, Hassan, who in 661 reached a compromise with a rival Muslim leader that prevented a new war between the emerging Sunni and Shi’ite sects.

R.I.P. Mark Harding, Victim Of Canada’s Anti-Free Speech Javerts

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Harding was a small town Ontario Christian pastor, who tried to warn people in his community about the jihad. Unfortunately, he did so pre-9/11, when such warnings were considered to be “hate speech.” For his “crime” of telling the truth about the supremacist Islam that has become all-too familiar in these days of ISIS and the rest of the litany of wretched jihadi outfits which are wreaking so much havoc worldwide, Harding was persecuted and prosecuted by Canadian authorities, sent to prison and, as a condition of his release, forced to do “penance” by performing his “community service” under the auspices of an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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