What Martin Luther King Jr. thought of giving money to terrorists

Giving money to the Islamic world will not work. it didn't work with the Arabs in the 80s and 90s thanks to Jimmy Carter and it didn't work with terrorists like the VC in our parent's era. sending your tax dollars to Islam will fail!

Arafat in a Bathroom

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my encounter with a picture of Arafat by a toilet originally posted here

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Porn Study

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Why are men obsessed with porn?
In college I read a book called "Pornography And Censorship" by David Copp and Susan Wendell.
It's whole slant was that porn caused violence and they used statistics to try to prove it.
If you actually read the book and think about the statistic they present you then you realize that a quarter century of feminism was based on these studies and then you realize how flawed the studies actually are.
This stuff is silly. It is the foundation of all these so called studies on aggression that motivates idiots like Hannover/Ghouliani administration. One of the stupidest studies involved showing a violent pornographic film to both a male and then a female. They noted that the woman got as aggressive as did the male. Biased they speculated that the women were identifying with the victim and were incensed. Talk about projection eh? If there is one thing I know from living with my girl it is that she has more violent thoughts towards women then I ever did. Feminism takes some data and distorts it. It is a game. It is the ultimate stalker. It is stalking the male sex. It is a control mechanism to return us to Alpha Male mentality of the Gorillia herds of one male and nine females. If these morons can show that men are somehow objectiviely more violent... then you can justify a police state. Anyone who lived in New York City in the 90's and saw Ghouliani go after the Porn industry like he did would see the real aggression. And it wasn't coming from Porn. The aggression came out any way it could... racism... you name it. It was just a good old Alpha Male standing up for the Gorilla harem of overstimulated Gorilla women. The fact is that women have as many violent feelings towards women as men do. and the data that was interpreted in the study was overlooked so that they could come to they're own conclusions. The women were not feeling victimized by the aggressive Porn... the women were enjoying the high of a virtual power. But this is not related to our issue exactly... (but it kind of is) The reason I bring it up is because it is an illustrated example of feminist literature based on so called "scientific studies" where the data is interpreted the way the scientists want it.

Anyone who has been to high school knows that the girls tease and the boys hit. No self righteous study like the ones by Susan Wendell can change my memory of 33 years of my life. "CALL A SPADE A SPADE". The reason psychoanalysis is so lost these days is we are turning it into a statistical science. It just is not that kind of thing. People don't test the way they act in life. The reason Freud's analysis is so useful even today (even when he is wrong) is that he just went out there and wrote what happened. He never creates controlled environments.
When we start with the institutional statistics and experiments, the end result will always be what the institution wants to prove. Is it no wonder a generation of young boys were forced on Prozac. I guess the studies said that they would behave better.... but the studies could not see the long term result. They couldn't realize that these little boys were just being little boys... not girls. In the case of Prozac the industry wanted to sell drugs... and the studies proved what they wanted to see.
That is my first point. My second point is how could there be studies of violent offenders when by nature offenders would not be able to be observed.
Have you ever seen the way Hilary Clinton conducts herself on T.V.. Do you think G.W.Bush would get away with behaving like she does? We accept her behavior as being feminine and then she pushes back a double standard of claiming she is there to break boundaries. You are not allowed to say anything. and the elitists online will tease me endlessly for pointing this out.

I'm not claiming that violence isn't a more male crime. What I'm claiming is that in the same vein Cyberbullying is a female trait. It is "TEASING" magnified. Our culture just does not have the history with the internet to deal with it yet legally and sociologically. But it is an offense that is happening.
To project violence into the male conscience in relation to porn is foolish. There are plenty of less direct acts of violence perpetrated by women and they are destructive and unrelated to visual sexuality, but rather related to power. If anything porn gives power to men and therefor makes them less desperate to commit an act of violence.
(also to note) There were studies that I think I del.icio.us -ed that showed that women are more apt to respond to body posture then a person's face. This would explain why our gender developed a more likeable childlike face on the female persuasion then the male. It would seem that body posture are the primary influences in the so called more emotional stimulation. The idea that men are simple more "Visual" is a bit of a myth; men are more visual to the emotion of a woman's acceptance and approval and psychological studies of men show that 9 times out of ten the element that excites the male is the actual face of a woman. He might check at first for proportions, but once that is taken care of sexual stimulation for men both on video studies and in reality go directly to a woman's face, while women look for posture to attain if the mate is strong enough to support her community interests in her libidinal nature
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Answered by SimonStudio on April 22, 2008
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below is taken from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17362952

Rupp HA, Wallen K.
Department of Psychology and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA. hrupp@indiana.edu
Men and women exhibit different neural, genital, and subjective arousal responses to visual sexual stimuli. The source of these sex differences is unknown. We hypothesized that men and women look differently at sexual stimuli, resulting in different responses. We used eye tracking to measure looking by 15 male and 30 female (15 normal cycling (NC) and 15 oral contracepting (OC)) heterosexual adults viewing sexually explicit photos. NC Women were tested during their menstrual, periovulatory, and luteal phases while Men and OC Women were tested at equivalent intervals, producing three test sessions per individual. Men, NC, and OC Women differed in the relative amounts of first looks towards, percent time looking at, and probability of looking at, defined regions of the pictures. Men spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at female faces. NC Women had more first looks towards, spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at genitals. OC Women spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at contextual regions of pictures, those featuring clothing or background. Groups did not differ in looking at the female body. Menstrual cycle phase did not affect women's looking patterns. However, differences between OC and NC groups suggest hormonal influences on attention to sexual stimuli that were unexplained by subject characteristic differences. Our finding that men and women attend to different aspects of the same visual sexual stimuli could reflect pre-existing cognitive biases that possibly contribute to sex differences in neural, subjective, and physiological arousal.

originally posted 4/22/08 as an interesting answer on Yedda

a nice study in denying the correlative is the Goldstone Report

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Organization of the Islamic Conference initiated the Goldstone Report

when rats leave a sinking ship

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educated people with money are leaving America

so the Al Gore Green Freaks finally figured out the hypocrisy of borrowing money from China

so they concocted a new bullshit story.  I don't buy it and neither should you.  7 factories in China equals all the carbon emmisions from U.S. cars.  When Obama signed Cap and Trade we turned our country into a Green Theme Park.  This isn't about tree huggers vs. America.  This is about Industrial China trying to force America into submission.

Stupid Central

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Not that I ever thought he was even remotely funny. just kind of arrogant and snarky... but I never had Jon Stewart figured for a terrorist enabler. cat's out of the bag

since when did Comedy Central be Bullshit Central? I love South Park, but that show would of never allowed this. this isn't parody... this is a joke

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti Extended Interview Pt. 1

Daily Show
Full Episodes

Political Humor
Health Care Crisis

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti Extended Interview Pt. 2

Daily Show
Full Episodes

Political Humor
Health Care Crisis

Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales Calls on Israelis to Join Project


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stop making me your bitch

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problem is that most guys can't get work... and the women shit on us. they take all the jobs. meanwhile affirmative action in the stimulus bill when the industry that is effected by job losses is men's. the problem is getting worse, but the burden is all men's

"Because that’s basically what’s happening. When you blur the gender roles, feminize the men and masculinize the women, it’s not a good thing. And with many wives working and their men doing housework, America’s married women who force their husbands to do what was a woman’s traditional role in order to get what was supposed to be a given, essential part of a marriage (sex), it makes a mess of things. Sexual blackmail may have great short-term results, but I’ll bet long-term these marriages aren’t the ones that last. Matriarchies always fail, and not just in nations . . . but also in family households. "

if it quacks like a duck, it is Hagel

Obama Appoints Another Israel-Hating Adviser: Chuck Hagel


Sean McBride thinks facebook doesn't Censor

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Noah David Simon

facebook has free expression? you crack me up McBride. they don't. they censor all the time. they just choose to allow Jew hate into their community standard. we aren't asking for censorship. what we ask is if there is a community standard that hate speech be part of it. ideally no network of over 20 thousand people should have censorship. it's wrong. it's arbitrary. and that was Ad Hominum and below the belt to assume our stance. I'm blocking you again and will surveillance you with other accounts. you and your comment editing... hypocrite.


"Noah -- Kahanist groups like the JIDF, which you support, have defined as "Jew haters" mainstream Jewish groups like J Street and even Barack Obama and the Obama administration! The JIDF has posted hundreds of harassing and threatening messages against Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube and other Internet services, demanding that they hand over editorial and political control over their companies to religious and political extremists like yourself.

denying the correlative is the assumption to assume that all Kahanists felt the particular action of Rabin's assassination was strategic. another example of why you are weak is you argue below the belt and apply labels to people. that and the hypocrisy of your comment censorship... which is legal, but you complain about the issue on other people's profiles. again. JIDF only wishes that social media apply fair terms. if facebook is already censoring then we ask them to censor hate speech. we prefer a better standard however. if you knew a thing about me McBride you would know that when I was at Carnegie Mellon University before I graduated I was part of the community of activists that organized against Marty Rimm and censorship on university computers and we made all major news outlets. Including Time Magazine, NewsWeek, NYTimes and even the Village Voice. I still have news clippings with my photos. at the time I was a member and designer of the website Envirolink dot org.


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Contradiction: Livni /Perez endorse J Street that endorses Goldstone Report that wants to prosecute them for war crimes

#jstconf09 maybe Bibi should let Livni be taken away for war crimes. isn't that what they are endorsing?

Is moderate now endorsing a group that wants you to stand trial at the Hague? Be Liberal enough to take J street seriously.

Igor's Wife Misses Him

uh oh. it appears that Igor's wife misses him. I'm not getting involved in this one.

in 2007 U.S. undercover agencies hold George W. Bush and Israel back from a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities through lies and treason

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Whatever was lurking behind in our intelligence community that betrayed Bush is now in power. I was never the biggest fan of Bush because I believed he wasn't in control of things. sadly I think I was more right then I knew. he was no tyrant, he was misguided into thinking he could nation build, but his intentions were pure. this seems to have been a consistent pattern with the man. a pure heart, but not pragmatic. Goldstones be damned; we should of bombed without ground troops from the get go

IgorTheTroll aka Igor Berger is MISSING


if anyone has heard from Igor please let us know he is ok
Jason Calacanis calls Igor a Troll to promote his site

if the left can submit to punk, then maybe they can screw for virginity with a fake hymen

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more on fake Hymens http://noahdavidsimon.blogspot.com/2009/10/fatwas-and-flogging-on-fake-hymens-in.html

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Don't we have to drill for our own oil to break our dependence on foreign oil?

from Christopher Logan: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Letter to me on Climate Change Legislation

how are we going to diversify when it takes petroleum to grow bioFuel efficiently? I'm supportive of the idea, and I think it wouldn't bite into the food supply (though might cut into agricultural exports, but that is a small price to pay considering the foreign market is blackmailing us and profit is profit) the truth about petroleum is that it is used in everything. it is the foundation of what keeps the economy running. it was the true break of the dot com bubble bust. we need leadership that recognizes this. I'm all for using petroleum efficiently and BioFeul sounds like a great idea, but we need people who recognize that and aren't living in a fantasy land of solar power that the NYTimes has reported for example pollutes water in present desert environments and technologies like wind that would take decades to be built before our country collapses arrogantly into an unsustainable green ghetto. how about factors such as a power grid that isn't ready to sustain a population of Chevy Volts and other battery operated cars even if we have efficient Nuclear power that could be a security risk to terrorism. I love green energy and the best way to insure the best possible result is to have reasonable leadership that works a hybrid economy that utilizes petrol in an efficient way. America is not a theme park for Al Gore to showcase expensive unsustainable ideas before their time. I'm all for Yes We Can if the 'Can' is through looking at what we have.

I like seeing Nancy Pelosi lose her composure

I just do.

where I agree with Marxism and doubt Capitalism

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I agree with Marx that class struggle is inherent, but disagree in that this struggle is usually a bad thing and misplaced. I do not await a revolution in linear messianic framework. Internationalist Libertarianism like what Ron Paul is talking about fails to take that libinal factor into account. We used to say Communism failed because it didn't take desire into account, I never thought I'd see the day where I would say the same thing about Capitalism. the nature of internationalist greed is to monopolize the resources.

systemaztize onto a gold standard and create a trading free for all and then you get haves and have nots that will be sexually inclined to blow the system up. the best way to keep the system from cannibalizing is to create a financial currency that reflects all resources and pulls away from the symbolic power of either an arbitrary Federal Reserve or the virtual concept of "Gold" which is not running influence beyond it's symbolism. Petrol exchanges will motivate people to search for alternative equivalences. It is also important to only trade with Republics that are deserving. Ron Paul seems to see the solution to Iran is to trade with our enemy. The only reason I could see this being a desire is because Paul benefits outside of our borders. Watching Paul on Russian Television does not increase my confidence. What keeps Capitalism's engine running is a Republic with it's checks and balances, not an internationalist free for all that trades with every backwards dictatorship.

hell hath no fury like an unelected woman

"Leftism" and a battle about class is always about being punitive.
when the left becomes fearful of a real enemy they internalize their phobias.

Woodstock Peace Hippies Your Tyranny is Over; Gender Wars OVER!

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That goes for 70s Gloria Steinem and any 60s Pacifist absolutists out there in the social media mafia. Equality is not Equivalence. Men are not Women. Christianity is not Islam. America is not Rome. Etc. Stop comparing unlike ideas. It might work when you are angry and screaming abuse, but it doesn't work when people think about it. We will not allow hate speech in the name of tolerance. We might allow debate on what is hate speech, but we will not tolerate an administration deciding those factors for over 100 million. Get me facebook and twitter? We are losing a Language War because we have submitted ourselves to elitists who decide what is the same.

cowardice is not the only answer

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7 factories in China equals all the pollution of American cars. Is this the change you were waiting for? it has been proven that Carbon Emissions do not equal "Green House Warming Effects" anyway, but I am willing to *assume* that there is something toxic about pollution and exhaust that we should be concerned about. Also it is absurd to say 4000 American lives were lost in Iraq without recognizing (1) the lives that were saved internationally and locally in the long term (2) recognizing that not finding WMDS, does not mean we didn't find parts like Nigerian Cake (3) that a war strategy should of been less involved with nation building and more involved in killing and perhaps we are only guilty of being the good guys (4) that the war wasn't ever put into paper by Bush, but was actually a chain reaction to issues that Clinton put on paper. Perhaps if Clinton and the pentagon had planned out a decent attack it might of been different. no doubt we could of had less casualties if we had only occupied oil rich areas with strong bases that pushed civilian populations out. We could of had two resource rich countries the size of Rhode Island right in Iraq and there would of been nothing the Sunni or Shia could of done about it, in fact this is what needs to be done with Iran. you need to put your chips closer together, not spread apart. we fail because now we think cowardice is the only answer. (5) there is no doubt in my mind that if America had taken out Saddam Hussein in the 90s with Clinton then there would of been support. our country put all it's chips on the Israeli Palestine situation and that like now was bound to fail because we were confused into thinking Islam really was the religion of peace, when it says to kill Jews behind trees.

Europe Shows their Colors of Cowardice like they did during the Holocaust

the Goldstone Report http://xrl.us/goldstone is a farce to Human Rights. a report written in the consistent style of denying the correlative is not a slam dunk case, you can't accuse of war crimes if every single issue has been defended and even rejected as lies. from anonymous witnesses that were not credited to tautological accusations that could be applied to any army in the world.

please report this harrassing FAKE account:

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based on the context of these tweets months ago. why didn’t she go to the authorities then? Maybe because @AmandaChapel would have to use her real identity. Shows where her priorities are… why would @purplecar be giving me twirl advice if she believed I was really stalking? that would make her an accessory
noahdavidsimon: @PurpleCar I’m now following you three times. still deciding on my girls name. I need something to stalk with
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PurpleCar: @noahdavidsimon Having an @MailOurMilitary pal CAN be hard. It’s WAR. I may offer some thoughts to the ‘orientation’ eMOM pages, maybe blog
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PurpleCar: @noahdavidsimon click on the twhirl logo/word at the top left corner of the twirl window. The instructions will come up in a little window.
about 2 hours later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @PurpleCar I’m now following you three times. still deciding on my girls name. I need something to stalk with
about 1 hour later · Reply · View Tweet
PurpleCar: @noahdavidsimon *sigh* /me shakes head.
1 minute later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @PurpleCar go to bed then! the fun will continue!
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noahdavidsimon: @PurpleCar problem with this s that my updates r going 2b funny n facebook. do U think f I use twittervision on dif account it’ll work?
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noahdavidsimon: @PurpleCar the people of eMOM do not have the maturity or behavior 2 run n operation like that. I will not endorce it n neether should you.
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and here is @AmandaChapel trying to defame me:
amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon None of the women you stalk here find is funny, artistic or free speech. You’re just scary. You’re forced misogyny.
27 minutes ago · Reply · View Tweet · Hide Conversation
noahdavidsimon: @AmandaChapel put ur guard down. I’m not a bad guy. Don’t libel me n call me names (online assassination and u know it)
about 20 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet
amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon “my other avatars are to stalk people” | 18 U.S.C. 875 (c) up to 5 yrs in prison; 47 U.S.C. 223 punishable 2 yrs in prison.
about 4 hours later · Reply · View Tweet
amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon http://tinyurl.com/68z8se (expand) “my other avatars are to stalk people” | 18 U.S.C. 875(c) + 47 U.S.C. 223 – up to 5 yrs in prison.
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel come and join the fun here at @NoahDavidSimon! but I would prefer to see you on Seesmic ;-p
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amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon | Noah, SEE THIS 18 U.S.C. 875(c) + 47 U.S.C. 223 !!!! http://tinyurl.com/5a22uy (expand)
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel and if I announce it publicly… it isn’t a stalk dumb ass! your worse then @Scobleizer when you don’t get a joke.
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel twitter is public by nature…admiting a stalk here is within the context of the architecture that is also public.
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel tell me what is the jail term for wrongful prosecution and libel? you don’t want to be in public? Go 2 facebook
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel oh yes facebook… where they kicked you off for lying and saying you were a person that didn’t exist.
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel how can I stalk you if you don’t exist? I dare @AmandaChapel to call the police as @AmandaChapel.
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel see if the police like your little frat joke
half a minute later · Reply · View Tweet
amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon None of the women you stalk here find is funny, artistic or free speech. You’re just scary. You’re forced misogyny.
3 minutes later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel nonsense. I have a right to speak out and make art. stop it with the lies. go harass geniuses like Robert Crumb or something
4 minutes later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel perhaps my art partner Gregory Hergert is also a misogynist? http://tinyurl.com/5rqbuf (expand)
3 minutes later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @AmandaChapel this is beyond belief that you would grasp at such a desperate measure. try it again and I will organize a censorship boycott
2 minutes later · Reply · View Tweet
amandachapel: @noahdavidsimon AGAIN see http://tinyurl.com/5a22uy (expand) . You are an admitted stalker! http://tinyurl.com/68z8se (expand) IT’S A FEDERAL CRIME!!
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noahdavidsimon: @AmandaChapel thinks keeping as many blue state brown shirt Juden Rotts around justifies her persuasion of endorsing Jew Killers.
less than a minute later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @AmandaChapel thinks keeping as many blue state brown shirt Juden Rotts around justifies her persuasion of endorsing Jew Killers.
less than 5 seconds later · Reply · View Tweet
noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel want to try to summize other comments out of context. your worse then @Scobleizer
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noahdavidsimon: @amandachapel take it to court. I relish counter suing you
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Sarah Silverman is a YENTA


last time Sarah was speaking for the Jewish community she managed to get us to vote for a guy whose first phone call from the white house was a Holocaust denier. perhaps she was kidding in this video, but how do we know when she seemed serious during the election? She managed to get Bubie and Aunt Ethel to vote for a guy who spent two decades in an anti-semitic church and has people in his administration who want to shoot down Israeli planes should they attempt to protect themselves from a Nuclear Holocaust... (and I'm just getting started on the list of goons that Silverman enabled through politics... as well as most of Huff Po) word of advice to all my fellow Jews. don't listen to Sarah Silverman. she's a yenta. to all my gentile friends out there. I'm sorry. she doesn't speak for us.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

by the way... she's not technically Jewish either according to our rabbis... not that that should matter, but before you go off saying the Jews attacked the Catholic Church... she doesn't speak for us and she isn't even one of us

guilty of a traffic violation for being a Republican

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tonight I was told that because I was intimidated by the police after getting hit by a car with my bicycle that I deserved being bullied because all police are Republicans and that these individual knows what people think when they go into a booth to vote. does this logic make any sense? I was told I deserve to rot in jail for voting for Republican. as far as I know Republicans are the ones trying to make the government smaller so that the police don't have to aggressively give out tickets to men with bicycles that get hit by cars. at any rate I was told I will not be helped with this, so I will be going to jail because I can't afford to pay the ticket and for some reason business keeps on leaving a state that has high taxes, so I don''t have employment. It was nice to know you all, but obviously some people enjoy playing a joke with the paradox and catch 22. so I say goodbye. I'm sorry I had to chase that rainbow of a college education and pursuit of higher thought before I realized that it was all about insuring that government gets bigger

Bride of the Disabled Profile


New York Creativity Against Totalitarian Infrastructures:

fighting Israel's Semiotic War

one must make two battles. the more important one is your cyber community where you delineate your enemy and use fair terminology. the other battle is where you must delineate your enemy through specifics. using mere semiotics puts you at a weakness because your enemy can always co-opt your language. it isn't fighting from weakness, but rather embracing their weakness is in consistently playing word games and expecting you to be orthodox with your code.

example would be using the word "goal oriented philosophy" when dealing with atheists because using faith or g-d is a loaded term, but who could be against believing in an objective or goal?

for certain we don't deny g-d, but we understand those that disagree with us might not understand what we are talking about and if a paradigm shifts you might break into their inner humanity. as rare as this is with an indoctrinated person, it can be useful when leveraging an unbiased third person.

again I can't stress how important it is also to avoid conflict and to put your emphasis with your own people. pick your fights. don't waste your energy voting on polls about who is right. Palestine or Israel... etc. because you must remember that Egypt always thought they would win because of numbers. it is what they called, "The War of Attrition". so know that you don't have popularity to count on.

example of why Obama's plan to spend our way out isn't going to work

through government intervention white farmers were able to keep black men from developing their land and through union monopolies racists were able to keep black men out of the work force during the New Deal. now that white people aren't a dominant population in America could this happen in reverse?

the new Judaism? Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

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I know this is a Christian paper, but I think Jews have this same theological problem in their community. for us "Moralistic Therapeutic Deism" came from Einstein, but it seems to relay a spirituality that has no correlation between g-d and history. being nice replaces meaning.

Striped Donkeys in GAZA makes ASSES out of Associate Press and the BBC

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Video thumbnail. Click to playas reported by Daled Amos

"Leopards Can't Change Their Spots--But In Gaza, Donkeys Can Change Their Stripes (Updated)Palestinian terrorists have had a soft spot for blowing up donkeys in an effort to kill Israelis. The most famous case was in 2003--when Arafat received a letter from PETA-- and Tom Gross lists other times when donkeys were used to blow up Israelis." also see http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2009/10/maybe-original-zebras-were-martyred.html

Papa Smurf gets Hague from Goldstone

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Anyone remember the episode of the "Smurfs" where Gargamel convinces Smurfet and Vanity smurf that he really was a peace loving hippie who was victimized by mean old Papa Smurf?

Shame on those Smurfs defending themselves from a Wizard! someone call http://xrl.us/Goldstone

Obama Should Win The Stanley Cup

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Obama wins the Stanley Cup in Hockey. What does relevance have 2 do with it? U R racist if you think Obama can't play Hockey.

not relying on the government does not mean pure autonomy

it still means you rely on the people around you. absolutist arguments is what got us to where we are now with Ron Paul vs. the Democrats. this tough love is extremist propaganda. you still need jobs. the idea that everyone is responsible for themselves in Capitalism is not true. small elegant infrastructure creates jobs, not no infrastructure. the theorists are not only wrong, they are exploiting argument to orchestrate prejudice.

stealing the NYTimes

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My mother just called the police on some stranger who is reading her NYTimes. I don't know what is more crazy. the guy who is stealing the paper or my famly for having a subscription. my mother loves men in authority. she loves watching "Law and Order" and gets excited by the police. I think she gets her kicks that way. she calls the police about once every few months. she really believes in authority. always has. I guess that is why she gets so excited about Hilary Clinton and big government. it is their generation. they like big social community activity: festivals, parades, theatre and arts. everything in their lives has to have an air of power. I used to think it was just me that she calls the cops on all the time, but she does it to my father and when she had her surgery she called security on the nurses. complete control obsession. when I walked in I asked who it was... and she refused to tell me. she wasn't threatened at all. she just wanted to have a man in uniform in her house. pathetic when you think that in Germany the cops would of come and taken her away to an oven. I think it is a fetish or something. my parents just like the police. it isn't just my mother either. it is both of them. dad and mom. they love the government. they love the schools. they love politicians. they love parades and fanfare. they love anything organized. I'm religious, but they love going to organized worship. I don't enjoy that part of religion and would prefer to pray in a small minion. it is a generational desire to be a part of a larger power structure. it is an epidemic. the old timers like festivals and structure. if they can't have "Woodstock" and arts and Jazz festivals then they call the police for stupid reasons. everything to bring people together. everything for the spectacle. everything to centralize the horde of opinion and bodies. it is an illness and it seems to of effected a whole generation. don't they know people brought together in groups are inherently corrupt, petty, and destructive? don't they know that we should avoid larger structures at all costs! that better cultural architecture is designed to keep people from being around each other all the time? when I'm needy I don't call the police. I don't crave large parties. I don't crave spectacles and theatre. I fear the NEA.

the Accidental Cyber Fighter

the whole thing about David Appletree, is he is just this guy who had a backbone. Any person who takes a political stand on facebook is vulnerable to be attacked. the admins just punish you when they disagree with you. There are no terms here. I didn't come to facebook to be political. I came to facebook to promote my art. Which facebook was messing with as well. David Appletree didn't come to facebook to chase after Jihadis either. it just kind of worked out for him that way. if you talk to Appletree you will realize that he is the most unpolitical guy in the world. he likes film and music. he abhors all the politics. he got caught in this. the factor that made David Appletree different then the average righteous Joe is because he was "artsy" he knew how to promote his cause.


if corn is all accounted for. every last ear sold (supposedly, but I heard there is much waste because there wasn't enough fuel to ship corn products). ethanol raises the price of corn. why is this a problem? the money and fuel produced can grow other crops elsewhere. but for starters we need to get rid of government subsidies. government subsidies create cash crop economies. ethanol can be produced by other organic material. I endorse ethanol, but we need to take the government out of the business. I don't see foreign demand for our crops as a problem. if the price of corn goes up, then eat something else. supply and demand will keep us from putting all our food in our cars.

Sukkot Social Networking

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Recuperating from a Social Media Yom Kippur

King of Comedy


facebook do you know the name?


Jewish Sex Candy for the New Year

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GAZA CITY (AFP) - Hamas suspects that Israeli intelligence services are supplying its Gaza Strip stronghold with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive in order to "corrupt the young," an official said on Tuesday.
"We have discovered two types of stimulants that were introduced into the Gaza Strip from Israeli border crossings," Hamas police spokesman Islam Shahwan told AFP.
"The first type is presented in the form of chewing gum and the second in the form of drops," he said.
The Islamist movement that has run the densely populated and impoverished Palestinian territory for the past two years said it has detained members of a gang that helped to bring in the products.
"They admitted during the investigation they were linked to the Zionist intelligence services," he said.
One suspect said he had received the products from an Israeli intelligence officer at a cut-rate price "with the officer saying they did not want money, but to distribute the products among the young people of Gaza," Shahwan said.
"The intelligence services are aiming to corrupt the young generation by distributing these products among students."
The story came to light after a Palestinian man filed a complaint that his daughter had experienced "dubious side effects" after chewing the offending gum, Israeli media reported.
The Israeli military declined to comment officially on the allegations, which one military source termed "absurd."
Hamas says such-and-such, a couple of quotes from a Hamas offical, a quick Israeli denial, and ship it out.

AFP seems to be taking a bit too seriously the latest Hamas allegation — that Israeli intelligence is trying to "corrupt the young" of Gaza by distributing aphrodisiac chewing gum and drops. AFP treated this accusation as 'news' that should be reported in a straightforward manner. Here's their sober report:

But it would seem that if this accusation is newsworthy, it's either a) because it's an example of the government-driven incitement the demonizes "the Zionists" as degenerate, immoral, and a threat to the purity of Gaza's daughters; or b) because it's just funny.

AFP, though, doesn't bother soliciting quotes form MEMRI, Palestinian Media Watch or other organizations that have documented or expressed concern with anti-Israel incitement; and they don't bother quoting anyone laughing their heads off.

Nor does the French wire service point out that this is just the latest appearance by a threadbare and disproved charge.

Back in July 1996, for example, it was Egypt that was excited after a parliamentarian referred to "15 cases in which women and girls had sexually assaulted men after chewing" suspicious gum.

The Washington Post reported on this with an appropriate degree of skepticism. Their story began:

This is a story about chewing gum, sex and the Middle East peace process.
No, really.
The story begins in mid-April, when police in this bustling city in the Nile delta 70 miles north of Cairo launched an investigation into the sale of chewing gum allegedly laced with a powerful aphrodisiac. A local member of parliament then weighed in, claiming that he knew of 15 cases in which women and girls had sexually assaulted men after chewing the stuff.
The tale proved irresistible for several of Egypt's feisty, and often wildly inaccurate, opposition newspapers, which wasted no time in identifying the distributor of the gum as -- you guessed it -- Israel. One went so far as to name the Russian emigre chemist who allegedly concocted the evil substance on behalf of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad.
Never mind that the gum package is stamped "Made in Germany" and that police have substantiated neither an Israel connection nor the rape claims. When it comes to Israel, it seems, many Egyptians are willing to believe almost anything, so long as it is bad.
"Any corruption that comes to us comes from Israel," said Goma Ahmed Mohammed from behind the counter of his small fabric shop here. "They would do anything to bring down Islam."
Such paranoia might seem strange ...
Strange indeed. And strikingly similar to Hamas's story: "Another variety," the Post quoted the parliamentarian as saying, "comes in the form of medicine drops..." (Washington Post, 7/10/96, John Lancaster).

And just one year later (again in the steamy month of July) another Post correspondent noted with skepticism that the charge had spread to the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

The Israeli plot, as Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority exposed it recently, was triply diabolical.
To begin with, it aroused irresistible sexual appetites in women, undermining Islamic morals and self-restraint. Then it sterilized them to suppress Arab population growth. Worst of all, according to Palestinian Supply Minister Abdel Aziz Shaheen, it was capable of "completely destroying the genetic system of young boys."
All that with packets of bubble gum. Palestinian officials maintain, having subjected the gum to laboratory tests, that it is spiked with sex hormones and sold at suspiciously low prices near schoolhouses in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Variations of the story, blending pseudo-science with inventive tales of conspiracy by Israel's secret services, have been making the rounds of the official Palestinian media for weeks.
Promoted at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority, the story recalls a propaganda style that Palestinians largely abandoned after their first accord with Israel in 1993.
And just to be sure,

The Washington Post commissioned a test of allegedly contaminated chewing gum provided by Palestinian health officials.
Dan Gibson, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at Hebrew University and a member of the left-wing lobby group Peace Now, said that, using a mass spectrometer capable of detecting as little as a microgram of progesterone, he found none in the gum. When used as a contraceptive pill, according to a standard physician's reference, the effective dose is about 300 times larger than a microgram.
In practice, the body rapidly inactivates progesterone taken by mouth. Birth control pills normally rely on synthetic compounds known as progestins or progestogens that are similar but not identical. These oral contraceptives, according to Stanley G. Korenman, the head of endocrinology at the Center for the Health Sciences of the University of California at Los Angeles, generally diminish female libido rather than increase it, although the effects in either direction are not dramatic.
In men, progestins are powerful inhibitors of sperm production. They also impair libido and the ability to maintain an erection. (Washington Post, 7/28/97, Barton Gellman)
The Israeli gum made it all the way to Saudi Arabia, or at least the story did: "Saudi Arabia has seized banned chewing gum and drops that claimed to improve male sexual performance, a Saudi newspaper reported. The stimulants ... were apparently smuggled from Israel, the daily al-Eqtisadiah said."

The Syrians, at least, don't seem to mind some good gum:

Sex sells in the souk, where Syrians flock to buy the latest lingerie, some of it edible, some sporting flashing lights and all of it kitsch personified. ...
His shop may be tiny, but he is not just selling "smalls". Piled on a table is aphrodisiac chewing gum called "Jaguar Power", sexy massage oils and even delay sprays imported from China and Thailand.
Apparently Jaguar brand isn't made in Israel.

no state shall criticize another

Wasn’t that what President Obama said in the Security Council?
...but everyone can criticize the United States and Israel?

United Arab Emirates expelled dozens of long-term Lebanese Shiite residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah

a shrewd solution is to break out some violent passages from a Surra and ask if they believe it. If they say yes in contemporary terms then ship 'em to Shanghai. it's so simple and it would need no changes to our constitution. enabling haters and violence doesn't work in our framework and is not protected under a claus of religion. it really is that simple

Need More Evidence that Obama is pushing Ethnic Cleansing?

Americans can not go to the American Consulate in Jerusalem if they are Jewish

Roman Palanski didn't commit rape.

he should be let go due to a miscarriage of justice.


Virgin Birth and Perez Hilton is frothing at the mouth - Female Sharks Can Reproduce Alone, Researchers Find

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Marriage opponnents are frothing at the mouth when they heard that it is scientifically possible for vertibrates to naturally have children without fathers. In the end these people just hate men. Sharks Indeed

Ron Paul is a SHMUCK! and his comments on Iran proves it

Ron Paul is why Obama is in power... but they are one and the same. different sales pitch... same totalitarianism. anarcho corporatism is no different then any other failed idea. you can't have a free market without elegant structures and some regulations. less is more, but that doesn't mean rules aren't needed. Ron Paul is a glamorized troll

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