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OBAMA and Redemption

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Reverend Wright doesn't have any good points.

Help Me Help this Passive Aggressive Hippie have Sex


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Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Help... where is my sex drive?

 This isn't a moral issue.  This is the person you love. it for yourself.  you need it for you.  this is an example where liberal generosity won't help you.

think about it this way:

          She needs you to want her.   this is not a mutual feel good answer.  It is the truth that the feminists don't want to hear.  Take her.  Want her.  Desire her.  Leave Dr. Aaden's Superego in the corner... your hard on is at stake and therefor so is your woman

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Answered by SimonStudio on March 24, 2008

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Captain America

The REAL Threat is Within

I think people like to think of themselves as good people... but we all basically do what is best for our own interests...
for a man: till you knock the girl up... her loyalty is to having fun.
they need to tell boys that in school.... women just don't love back without the baby
...a lot of boys get heartbroken. they work out... they do they're best and they wonder why the girl isn't loyal...
they listen to the Hilary Clintons who tells them to use protection... right? So why didn't the girl love them back?
that is why the Democrats won't stay in power... People need to know the truth. they get frustrated when the social lie doesn't work. Marriage and Children isn't because it is the "Right" thing to do... Marriage and Children is the "Darwinian" thing to do.
they promised us they were going to re-engineer our relationships to each other.
Instead they left us with a BLUEPRINT of destruction... ...and the New York Times thinks John McCain blushing is a sin?
The Democrats already showed us what sexual dysfunction is all about. Now they want a second chance to prosecute sexual harassment? Let us tell them NO! They complain, they moan... they cry about war, when they were the ones against isolationism when they were in power. Why should we pay higher taxes so that you can leave the ladies hysterical and paranoid again?

Women and Death

Check out this interesting answer on Yedda

Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Is the real threat within?

more on the issue 

The REAL Threat is Within 

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Geraldine Ferraro


I think we are being hard on her. I really don't think Geraldine Ferraro is a racist. I think it is funny how touchy people on the "Left" are. Pretty much why I'm not a Democrat in a nutshell. I feel that while racism still exists against Black folks, I think today there is just as much going to white folks. The fact that Obama is so loved is evidence that America wants racism to be over. If Obama were running on the Republican ticket with Pro American, Pro War Support and Anti Tax values. I would vote for him. Haitians, Dominicans, Mexicans, there is plenty of hatred for them, but I don't think there is a lot of prejudice going against U.S. Black folk today. Geraldine had the gumption to call a spade a spade. It was her job to follow the voting patterns. I guess I wouldn't be able to go into politics because I would be like Ferraro. (I always liked her) so I'm not laughing at her. I'm sad for the Democrats for being so nasty, and most of America feels likewise.

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Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Geraldine Ferraro

I hope you don't think I'm being obtuse, but I really think this is the last straw for the Democrats

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Gay Marriage

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my laptop was destroyed by2lesbians at Starbucks cuz wouldn't support gay marriage n told it2they're face

friendfeed link to arguments

related video" Draw The Line "

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A lesbian ridiculed me for voting 4 Romney because ...

The first part of respecting difference is respecting difference!

the whole point of making life easier for people who are married is to encourage children growing up in a positive healthy environment (and no one is saying a gay person can't create a positive environment). What I am saying is straight women deserve an identity recognized by the government that recognizes they're unique child bearing situation and they're inability to avoid that truth. Marriage is a recognition of responsibility for they're gift. Gay people are not gifted in that way... simple as that. If gay folk or unmarried straight folk want to adopt, then they should be able to apply for tax recognition.

Besides not recognizing the unique identity of women, gay marriage is also a snub to straight single people. if gay people can receive the tax benefits of married couples then I demand the same ones for starters.

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Spitzer and Rice and Privacy


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Is condoleezza rice gay?
The Rabbis in Judaism rate "Gossip" as being a very "LOW" thing.  I'm Jewish and I am burdened with the issue of privacy a lot.  Many of the decisions of the great rabbis took privacy into the crux of consideration. Even a person who gives charity in a public way is given tremendous rabbinical scrutiny.  Yesterday when it came out that Spitzer had slept with a prostitute, at first I was making jokes like everyone else on TWITTER, but the next morning my conscience was nagging at me.  The only thing I could think of was his poor young daughters have to go to school and face other children...
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Hand Doggy


Wrongly Accused of Rape When I was a Virgin 16 year old in 1990

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here is a reminder of the deed
that Brian/aMANdaCHAPel
says I did... supposively...
@aMANdaCHAPel this story is about a disturbed person who asked
me2do something & then did 2me what U R doing: LIBEL!

DNA evidence has freed an awful lot of people on death row... it has justified the last thirty years of "Lefties" by proving innocence on decade old cases. But with rape the evidence is undeniable there in DNA. Only contrary argument is was it willing? I know many cases where a woman wanted it and then regretted it. When I was 16 I had a 14 year old girl accuse me of rape. She told all her friends and her older brother this. Her eighteen year old brother came to my house to kill me and my parents had to call the police. The irony was that I had not even had sex with her. She was incapable of dealing with her own guilt and was cheating on me with another kid. I did climb into her window (romantically with flowers) fondled her breasts and then left when I realized she didn't love me by the way she was rejecting me... but we had been dating. At any rate my mother eventually got her on the phone and pried the truth out as she recorded the conversation. Ever since that event my mother has been way over protective of me... and it is understandable. No I hadn't raped the girl. I was even a virgin at the time... but this girl had serious issues and I'm willing to bet she let the other man have sex with her and she was regretting that too. So she projected the felt self hatred. I was guilty of breaking and entering (I guess on the legal level). But I thought we were together at the time. She was just a trashy 14 year old girl who had a lot of Catholic School girl pent up self hatred. (no I'm not attacking Catholicism, just this private school). The next year the girl switched out of her Catholic school and moved into the public school I was at. She knew I attended the school and I think she wanted to come because she was sorry. Also the ostracizing she must of experienced as the result of wrongly accusing me must of been horrendous in that tiny little school she went to. By the time she was at my school it was as though she had completely fallen apart mentally. She had put on about forty pounds and her face broke out in a rash of pimples. She was sexually promiscuous and she had a reputation She was no longer the pretty 14 year old girl I met at the arcade in Westwood California. We only dated three or four time and had never been sexually active. I still love this girl... I remember who she was at first. I'm pretty sure things were not right for her at home and her parents were divorcing. I am sorry for climbing into her window... and no I won't ever break the law again for romantic reasons. I understand the ladies like men to do crazy stuff to prove out love... but if they don't love themselves, proving you love them unconditionally won't accomplish anything in the long term.

BBC Video on Marketing and Psychoanalysis

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I didn't make this video, but I thought it was so important that I posted it on my blog. I believe it might be out of date with W Bush... and his world... and that is why I posted on my blog. I wanted to hear some opinions on what has changed in the last eight years as far as using Psychoanalysis to manipulate the masses. Also I wanted to ask people what they're opinions are of Niche Media. It seems that Noam Chomsky was the big name as far as language and it's influence over mass propaganda, but I have heard little of Chomsky talk since the advent and propulsion of niche media. (I suspect that might be why he is out of touch with our political situation, because Chomsky is focused mostly on Broadcast issues) I wanted to hear some opinions on this.

Please leave a comment!

please click here for full screen version of part 1

please click here for full screen version of part 2

please click here for full screen version of part 3

please click here for full screen version of part 4

How do the corporations, powers that be and special interests of divergent agendas manipulate us into doing what is best for the globalized Super Ego of Multi-National Corporations and other multinational organizations that know no boundaries of control and rarely respect our borders? What actions can we take to insure that our libidinal needs are not influenced by enterprises who fool us into thinking we would benefit by one action or another or inaction? Is this possible with niche media? Infinitesimal identities can be manipulated into such a way that someone can send out viral ideas that mutate based on interaction. If this is possible is it moral? I have heard alot about MySpace's marketing strategy... and I was wondering if anyone had any information on the details of how customized internet advertising works. (I love checking the advertising online. I swear that the algorithms are convinced that I'm a gay religious nut who likes hair metal bands of the late 80's... how in the hell they got that idea is laughable, but I find it amusing that the algorithms seem to make the same mistakes about myself that most people who know me make... and that is quite amazing.) Niche Media Algorithms are absolutely amazing... This video goes into detail about "Sampling"... it is amazing that in the age of the internet that "Sampling" techniques have been figured out so mathematically today that by searching for text on a page the advertising can reflect even your email's content! One of the more frightening facebook moments for me was when an ad for "The Single Liberal New York City Dating Service" showed up on my profile. I went to pounce and complained about the ad and the pounce went through my feed. I said something like, "Get The Single Liberal New York City Dating Service off my profile because I want to bomb Iran"... next thing I knew they threw me off facebook and when I came back nine times they continued to throw me off. That really scared me that facebook must have some kind of algorithm that checks key words like the word "Bomb"! Kind of amusing... but true and frightening that they had me pegged as a troublemaker without even knowing me. Sure I used an email list to invite friends... but plenty of people do that without be accused of SPAM. to this day my POUNCE feed and my TWITTERVISION feed are stuck in time... they won't ever update. Someone went to the trouble to sabotage my feed based on key words! I got my TWITTER feed running, but it took months to even get that back.