Gaddafi Bros. Conflicted Messages

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Gaddafi brothers Mutassim and Al-Saadi

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says on the BBC, he was speaking from Tripoli's outskirts, and that his father was fine. "The resistance continues and victory is near," he said in an audio message.
Saadi Gaddafi's message reported by al Arabiya TV: He got in touch with the National Transitional Council (NTC) commander in Tripoli after being authorised to negotiate by his father.

Austria withdraws from Durban III

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I have to admit that I am surprised by this one,
says Carl do you think Hitler feels?
...Austria has decided to withdraw from the Durban III conference. Austrian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Schallenberg told the Post that “we have no intention of participating in Durban III in September.” Austria has now joined the anti-Durban group of countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Australia, the United States, Canada, and Israel. Schallenberg said that Austria has” doubts about the content and direction of the conference” and that is the reason for Austria's decision to skip the event. Austria participated in Durban I in 2001 and the 2009 Durban II conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger , from the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), has now, with his decision to boycott Durban III, placed Austria as the first German-speaking country into the anti-Durban camp. The Swiss Jewish community would like Switzerland to be next. Read the whole thing.

Sarkozy wants unified European Decisions on Palestine

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy is seeking a unified European voice on the question of the 'Palestinian' UDI (unilateral declaration of independence). "The 27 countries of the European Union must express themselves with one voice," Sarkozy said in an opening speech to an annual conference of French ambassadors.
A E.U. block could haywire and support an unsustainable venture.

Journalists Warned: Beware of Conservative Bloggers Who Will Target You

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Times_media_reporter Jeremy Peters issued a warning to young journalists on Wednesday’s front page, “Covering 2012, Youths on the Bus”: There are partisan bloggers out there who are out to embarrass mainstream journalists. Ironic, given that mainstream journalists have been doing just that to conservative politicians for decades.

A group of five fresh-faced reporters from National Journal and CBS News clicked away on their MacBooks one recent afternoon, dutifully taking notes as seasoned journalists from the campaign trail shared their rules of the road.
Preparing journalists to cover the presidential campaign these days is also an exercise in indiscretion management. In the new dynamic of campaigns, reporters themselves are targets both of political strategists as well as other journalists and bloggers.
“People are watching you,” Fernando Suarez, a CBS News reporter who covered Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, admonished the young reporters. He recounted once innocently checking his e-mail and Facebook page during a Clinton rally in Oregon. A local blogger looked over his shoulder, snapped a picture of him and then wrote an item criticizing the media for being disengaged.
“Just be smart,” Mr. Suarez added. “Now that everybody has a Flip cam, they’re looking to get you.” The young reporters nodded earnestly.

Peters then provided a list of alleged horrors visited upon liberal journalists by activists and bloggers:

Embarrassment now comes with the swift tapping of thumbs on a BlackBerry or an off-the-cuff quip uploaded to YouTube. Helen Thomas, the trailblazing White House correspondent, saw her career come to an ignominious end last year after she made hostile comments about Israel to a rabbi who filmed the encounter and posted it on his personal Web site. CNN fired Octavia Nasr, its senior editor for Middle East affairs, after she composed a 19-word Twitter message expressing sadness after the death of a Hezbollah leader.
In the hands of a political partisan looking to discredit a news organization, these slip-ups can become powerful and fatal ammunition. “Everything you say can and will be used against you,” said Ron Fournier, the editor-in-chief of National Journal.
Some reporters have even found their personal e-mails leaked and used against them. David Weigel, now a columnist for Slate, was pressured into leaving his job at The Washington Post last year after he attacked conservatives in private messages that found their way to a right-leaning Web site, The Daily Caller.
To be precise, those "private messages" not emails stolen from Weigel’s private email account, but attacks that Weigel posted to “JournoList,” an online message board composed of several hundred liberal journalists and academics, which were subsequently leaked to The Daily Caller.
The willingness by some campaigns and activist groups to not just push back against the news media but to discredit and disparage is something relatively new, born of an erosion of the media’s all-powerful reputation and new technology that allows anyone with an Internet connection to be a messenger.
Reporters have far more to worry about these days than missteps of their own making. A new generation of political activists like James O’Keefe, the conservative sabotage artist behind the hidden recordings that helped ignite outrage against Planned Parenthood, Acorn and National Public Radio, are setting traps with the goal of discrediting the media.
Mr. O’Keefe tried last year to lure a CNN correspondent aboard a boat, where he planned to make romantic advances while a hidden camera recorded the encounter. Fortunately for CNN, the correspondent got wise to the scheme and avoided what would have probably been an embarrassing moment. via

The hidden divide between the Israeli Left and the Palestinian "moderates"

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“Two states for two people” sign at Solidarity Movement march in support of Palestinian independence, Jerusalem, 15 July, 2011 (Photo: Dahlia Scheindlin)
...972 MAGAZINE...

...The concept of "two states for two peoples" has been the mantra of the Israeli "peace camp" for decades.
In what can only be considered a triumph by the leftists, this idea, which was was considered anathema to Israeli governments of both the right and the left, became mainstream Israeli policy. Even Ariel Sharon used that exact phrase in May, 2004 when unveiling the disengagement plan from Gaza (placing him far to the left of Yitzchak Rabin, who never accepted the idea of a "Palestinian state.")
Similarly, that phrase has been highlighted by both George Bush and Barack Obama.
Yet the mainstream, supposedly moderate Palestinian Arab leadership has never accepted this key concept, and has been consistently and adamantly against it. To them, the idea of even accepting the existence of a Jewish people cannot be countenanced - even in private.
Any reasonable observer can see that this is a dealbreaker. The PLO's insistence on trampling the idea of a Jewish people and a Jewish homeland means that real peace can never be achieved. They are the ones who are the true obstacle to peace, far more than anything the Israeli government has ever done. The majority of Israelis have steadily moved to the stated positions of the "peace" movement in the past two decades, while the majority of Palestinian Arabs have remained as obstinate as ever.

I was wondering what happened to this story

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The Israeli prime minister's office denied media reports Binyamin Netanyahu's wife mistreated a foreign worker hired to care for her elderly father. Channel 2 reported Tuesday Sarah Netanyahu was suspected of mistreating a caretaker from Nepal. The television report said she suspected the worker of stealing money from her 96-year old father. An argument allegedly ensued and the worker fell, injuring her hand. In response to the theft allegations, the worker alleged Netanyahu failed to feed her, cursed her and refused to give her vacation time. A statement issued by Binyamin Netanyahu's office denied the charges and said the worker's allegations were baseless, made only after she found out the agency employing her was looking for a replacement, The Jerusalem Post said. "When it became known to her that she was about to be fired -- something that could lead to her being deported from the country -- she made up the story, and now there is a cynical and unworthy campaign against the Netanyahu family," the Post quoted the statement issued by Netanyahu's office.
I remember this story being a big thing in the NYTimes. Honestly I was so scared of Obama and Livni that I forgot about this libelous story completely. For one thing the person who would take the blame would be his wife... and that kind of attitude that blamed Bibi for Sarah was pushed when the NYTimes thought the Clinton family and their ambitious husband wife team was some kind of ideal match, when in fact it kind of led Bill to go wild. So the story was a big deal because the liberal media was condemning people based on their spouses behavior and comparing them to the careerist culture of the progressive Democrats. Now it has been exposed that this culture and it's role models were a facade, but the libel against poor Sarah Netanyahu still is out there because the original juxtaposition of the alleged accusation is moved from being a condemnation of a marriage (that would implicate Bibi) to a Socioeconomic allegation that is more in line with the attitude of the Tel Aviv Tent protesters. The one consistency is that the story is probably bullshit. If you have never fired a difficult worker and had accusations come out then you have never had to employ anyone... let alone in a difficult situation where an elderly man is being taken care of. Then there is the other issue. Suppose Sarah is guilty? How guilty is she really? She was concerned about her dying father. It shows how biased the media is against Jewish leadership.

Wikileaks: Australia, Goldstone, Mossad, Hamas and Dubai

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Israel’s suspicions that Australia reversed its pro-Israel vote on the Goldstone Commission report in 2010 because of Canberra’s anger over the use of forged Australian passports in the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai received confirmation via a US cable out of the Canberra embassy published by WikiLeaks on Monday. The Jerusalem Post and h/t Challah. Here is the full cable.

Ilan Grapel

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Not a Mossad spy, just a fool

I do have to admit that Gilad Shalit is an easier sell. This kid was a dope, but does he deserve this? He's like those two American retards that thought they would go hiking between Iran and Iraq. We've all done stupid shit. No one deserves what happened to Grapel.
Neither Israel nor the US seems to care much about Ilan Grapel. The US has not been putting pressure on Egypt to release the accused Israeli spy, Ilan Grapel, Egyptian semi-official Al-Ahram quoted an "Egyptian security official" as saying on Tuesday. On Monday, Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm said that the US had threatened to reduce aid to Egypt unless Cairo released the alleged Israeli spy, a dual US-Israeli citizen who was arrested in Egypt in June on charges of espionage for the Mossad. Al-Ahram also said that Cairo and Jerusalem never discussed formulating a prisoner-swap deal for securing Grapel's release, which the report claimed would involve freeing a number of Egyptian Beduin from Sinai serving "long sentences in Israeli prisons." According to the source Cairo informed both Washington and Jerusalem that "Grapel is in the hands of the Egyptian judiciary." Carl says, "Something tells me he's not a spy - or not a very valuable one. He's just a foolish kid."

Times Suddenly OK With Warring President: Is Obama Intervention in Syria Next?

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MRC.Org: Is Syria next on Obama’s intervention list? Reporters Helene Cooper and Steven Lee Myers speculate in Monday’s “U.S. Tactics in Libya May Be a Model for Other Efforts.” The text box works in a typical crack at Bush administration foreign policy: “Using force when justified but not going it alone.” The implication, common in the pages of the Times, is that Bush somehow went it alone in the invasion of Iraq. For the record, the United States actually led a 30-nation coalition in Iraq (35 countries joined the fight in Afghanistan).
I'm starting to think that bombing Syria is a bad idea with all those chemical weapons pointed against Israel. If the NYTimes is for it... it is an ominous sign. Why should anyone care if the Arabs want to kill each other? Let them!
NYTimes: Security forces killed at least seven people in southern and central Syria on Tuesday when they opened fire at worshipers emerging from mosques after early prayers marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, activists said.
The Times wants to save the Muslims so they can get back to what they do best at the end of Ramadan. Killing Infidels. Damn that Assad!

Rick Perry Praises Hillarycare

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been among the most vocal critics of President Obama’s health care reform initiative, and of Mitt Romney’s preceding health care program in Massachusetts. But in 1993, while serving as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Perry praised the efforts of then-first lady Hillary Clinton to reform health care, a precursor to Obama’s health care reform efforts. In a letter to Clinton, who is now U.S. Secretary of State, Perry wrote: “I think your efforts in trying to reform the nation’s health care system are most commendable.”
It is fairly clear that Rick Perry can not attack others on the healthcare issue, unless he really makes a case as to how and when he realized that federal public healthcare was no good. Rick Perry might take a look at attempting transparency to save his campaign. Most Americans have thought about both sides of the healthcare issue and opinions didn't solidify until we were actually faced with an Obamacare reality. To be caught as a flip flopper would of been fine if he had not attacked Romney on the issue. The same might be said of Aga Khan and Islam. Most Americans did not realize the extent of revisionism that was going on in America due to Muslim influence until after Obama became president. Perry can beat these issues, but he has to come clean about what he really believes in. America in the internet age will not be lied to. You can't give a sound bite reply anymore because people will explore it online and if dirty laundry comes up... you are in trouble. The old Karl Rove perspective of spin will no longer work. You might say it didn't work starting in Bush's second term. Most of us are reading about this online. You can't give an Islam is a religion of peace speech like G W Bush did, when the average guy can go online and do a word search for the violent passages in the words of Mohammad and then find out the context due to chronological order. The same is true with healtcare. The old politics of Texas bullshit will not fly with an internet search.

Iron Dome Economics Not Sustainable

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the IDF has no plans to fund multiple Iron Dome batteries. Ha’aretz estimates that each intercept missile could cost approximately $40,000 and each Iron Dome battery $500,000, while Hamas’ Qassam rockets cost roughly $150 each to produce. If you shoot a large volley of rockets at it all at once, On Saturday, the terror groups attempted to break through the intercept system's defenses by firing a particularly large volley of rockets at Be'er Sheva, where one of the batteries is deployed... ...After the Palestinian launch teams realized that the intercept systems deployed in the past two weeks around Ashkelon and Be'er Sheva provided near-perfect protection from rockets, they began targeting Ashdod and Ofakim more frequently. And when they did aim at Be'er Sheva on Saturday night, they did not fire one or two rockets, as in the past, but rather a volley of seven rockets almost simultaneously. Iron Dome intercepted five of them successfully, but one penetrated the defense system, exploding in a residential area and killing Yossi Shushan. And wounding eight other people and doing lots of property damage. Seven rockets cost Hamas $1,050 ($150 each). The six that Iron Dome shoots down cost $600,000 to shoot down ($50,000 per interceptor, two interceptors per rocket). The one got through cost one dead Israeli, eight wounded Israelis, and several hundred thousand dollars in property damage.
Iron Dome is overrated, cannot protect Ben Gurion Airport from a 'Palestinian state'. Iron Dome would be very sustainable if Israel took over Gaza again. It is a safety. It is no economic factor in Israel's favor. It provides greater security... but economic security from a barrage of missiles would only come by direct control of Gaza.

'Palestinian' minister accuses Israel of harvesting 'Palestinian' organs again

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at least it wasn't CNN or the BBC this time...
the Saudi-based Arab reported Sunday that Qaraqi’, “during the national day of Palestinian campaign to retrieve martyrs’ bodies,” accused Israel of harvesting parts from “the bodies of dead Palestinian martyrs without the consent of their families.”
According to the website, Qaraqi’ said Israel was holding on to the remains of “Palestinian martyrs to conceal the crimes it committed against the martyrs’ bodies and to punish their families.” Qaraqi has a history of this sort of thing. Just two weeks ago, he complained bitterly because Israel is not letting 'Palestinians' complete their education
(Carl: why should we when Gilad Shalit cannot even have a Red Cross visit after five years?).
In March, he presented an award to the family of Abbas al-Sayid, who planned the Seder night massacre
(note different spelling of last name, but it's the same person)
and in 2010 he handed out a 'Mother of the Year' award to a woman who has four sons in Israeli jails for murdering Jews. In 2005, he accused Israel's prison authorities of allowing cancer to go untreated in Israeli prisons. He said one quarter of all Palestinians are in prison.

Dying Pam Am flight bomber pleads to Scotland for drugs to stay alive

Eye on (Libya) Two years after being released by the Scottish government in which to go home and die, the only man convicted of bombing Pam-Am flight 103, former Libyan security chief Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, is apparently still at death's door. Yet this multimillionaire who resides in palatial surroundings has begged the Scottish government to supply him with the drugs in which to keep him alive. The man who the previous Libyan administration treated as a hero for getting out of jail early for the murders of 270 people, and whom the new people in power have said they will not hand over to the UK or US, is begging the very people he has publicly embarrassed by somehow staying alive against all the odds, is now asking for the hand of forgiveness to forgive him some more.

‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’

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The stupid thing here is that I could see this starting out innocently and evolving into real hate. It was only fun because I'm sure they were getting their rocks off to edge so close to offensive... till the mob tripped it all up. What you do with your friends is not what should be tolerated in a mob. You want to call a friend a Jew because he is your pal that is one thing, but this was just a bunch of literal hooligans.
Anti-Semitism is a recurrent problem in the world of soccer. Nowhere else, however, is the origin of wide-spread anti-Semitic chants in stadiums as bizarre as in the Netherlands. Earlier this month, anti-Semitic slogans were the subject of a court case brought by BAN, an organization fighting anti-Semitism, against ADO. In March, this top league club from The Hague won a game against Ajax from Amsterdam. During the match ADO supporters frequently chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas” and “Horrible Cancer Jews.” At a party after ADO’s victory, fans and two players sang in the presence of the trainer, “We are going to chase Jews.” The judge decided that ADO’s management would be held responsible to prevent repetition of similar outbursts at future games and if it could not, management should stop the match. However, the Jews at whom ADO supporters aimed were not Jews at all. They were the fanatic fans of Ajax who in a distant past had started to refer to themselves as “Jews.” These supporters accompanied their team with Israeli flags and Stars of David to the stadiums. Some fans even had tattoos of the Star of David. There was a time that when Ajax scored a goal, their fans would sing the Israeli song Hava Nagila. Ajax has had a few Jewish board members and it has a small number of non-violent Jewish supporters. They make up perhaps 1% of those present at home games. A number of them initially viewed the nickname and its accompanying phenomena favorably not realizing what its long-term consequences would be. Fanatic supporters of other soccer teams, principally from the big cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, considered the Ajax nickname a provocation and started with the hate chants. Initially these were anti-Semitic in nature but not in context, as they were aimed at non-Jews. “Bomb Rotterdam” retorted the Ajax fans when they played against local team Feyenoord there. They were referring to the murderous bombardments of the town during the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940. Jews must be on guard Anti-Semitic songs gradually spread in other directions. In October 2004, Referee Rene Temmink ended a game between ADO and the PSV of Eindhoven. There had been lengthy shouts of “Hamas, Hamas, Temmink to the Gas.” It was the first time in Europe that a top league game was halted midway due to hate chants. Soccer fans gradually started to sing the anti-Semitic songs elsewhere also aiming at real Jews. Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs — chief rabbi of the Dutch interprovincial rabbinate — said that he, together with a non-Jewish psychologist, once entered a train full of Feyenoord supporters. When these fans saw them, they started to chant: “Jews to the gas.” Jacobs said that he got the feeling that the whole train of “ordinary Dutchmen” was against them. The Rabbi added, “The psychologist shrank from fear. It seemed to me that signs of anxiety wouldn’t help us very much, thus I feigned that I was indifferent to it as a sign of strength. One may consider this incident as an act of hooliganism, yet if one of these idiots had attacked us, many more would have probably followed him.” Nowadays at anti-Israel demonstrations in The Netherlands, “Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas” is also heard, mainly shouted by Muslims. Even though these kinds of outbursts are prohibited by law, offenders are rarely punished. In one such demonstration in January 2009, two parliamentarians from the left-wing Socialist party participated. They claimed afterwards that they hadn’t heard the shouts. There are also reports that Muslim students at various Dutch schools have sung the same hate song to insult Jewish students. In recent years, Dutch authorities have started to understand that this proliferation of hate songs must be stopped. In May, Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan requested after Ajax became league champions that its fans stop using the nickname “Jews.” He observed: “It is a matter of changing this behavior, which may take 10 years.” There is a special lesson in the development of soccer related anti-Semitism to be learned by the small Jewish community in the Netherlands. It has been demonstrated once again that Jews must anticipate problems long before they spread into society at large. This issue is yet one more illustration that Jews have to be on guard far more than other groups in Western societies.
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld has published 20 books. Several of these address European anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism Manfred Gerstenfeld Published: 08.30.2011 via Docs Talk

There's a precedent for Assad using chemical weapons: His father did it.

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א מַשָּׂא, דַּמָּשֶׂק: הִנֵּה דַמֶּשֶׂק מוּסָר מֵעִיר, וְהָיְתָה מְעִי מַפָּלָה. 1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
Isaiah Chapter 17 יְשַׁעְיָהוּ

Many countries, including the United States and Russia, gradually eliminated their chemical-weapons arsenals, but Syria refused to sign the U.N. Chemical Weapons convention and proceeded to develop an ever larger and deadlier stockpile. The CIA has concluded that Syria possesses a large stockpile of sarin-based warheads and was working on developing VX, a deadlier nerve agent that resists breaking down in the environment.
By early in the last decade, some weapons experts ranked Syria’s chemical stockpile as probably the largest in the world, consisting of tens of tons of highly lethal chemical agents and hundreds of Scud missiles as well as lesser rockets, artillery rockets and bomblets for delivering the poisons. Leonard Spector lays down some other scenarios in which Assad's chemical weapons could be used. Let's start with the possibility of civil war. According to researchers at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, open sources indicate that there are at least four, and potentially five, chemical weapons production facilities in Syria. One or two are located near Damascus, the other three situated in Hama, Latakia, and al-Safir village, near the city of Aleppo. Hama is one of the hotbeds of the Syrian revolt, which Assad's tanks attacked in early August and where, more recently, fighting has severely damaged the city's hospitals. Latakia is another center of unrest; it was shelled by the Syrian Navy in mid-August. Aleppo, Syria's second-largest city, has also seen significant demonstrations.

If anti-Assad insurgents take up arms, the chemical sites, as symbols of the regime's authority, could become strategic targets. And, if mass defections occur from the Syrian army, there may be no one left to defend the sites against seizure. This could lead to disastrous outcomes, including confiscation of the chemical weapons by a radical new national government or sale of the weapons as war booty to organized nonstate actors or criminal groups.

In such chaos, no one can predict who might control the weapons or where they might be taken. With these chemical weapons in the hands of those engaged in a possible civil war, the risks that they would be used would increase substantially. The problem would be worsened further if some possessors were not fully aware of the extent of the weapons' deadly effects.

And let's imagine that Assad is eventually removed: What leaders would gain control of these weapons after he departed? Saudi-backed Sunni groups? Iranian-backed Shiite organizations? Whoever they might be, it is unclear that the newcomers would follow the Assads' cautious-use doctrine and refusal to share chemical weapons with nonstate groups, or that the new leaders would be able to maintain strict security measures at the chemical sites.

Meanwhile, it's possible that an existential threat will cause the Assad regime to abandon its previous policy of restraint regarding chemical weapons. It is not a huge leap from attacking civilians with tank fire, machine guns, and naval artillery to deploying poison gas, and the shock effect and sense of dread engendered by even limited use could quash a citywide uprising within an hour. h/t Carl

What is more shocking? The betrayal of Iran or the betrayal of Time Magazine.

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Time Magazine, Turkey, Iran and Hizballah Distancing from Assad in Syria: Assad, it seems, has forgotten the age-old Arabic saying: "If your sweetheart is made of honey, don't lick it all away."

the WPA, Government money and Robert Moses built this?

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Spuyten Duyvil Mudslide via MTA

Hurricane Irene: A mudslide covered the tracks on Metro-North Railroad's Hudson Line at Spuyten Duyvil. Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Threatening the UN financially won't work if Obama and Clinton think the Jews will vote for them anyway.

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Bush Sr. was no friend of Israel, and neither is Obama. In fact it was Bush's secretary of state Baker who said, "Fuck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway"...and actually was kind of correct because the American Jews were for a welfare state for the most part. Little has changed now that the welfare state has cannibalized the Jewish community. Baker despite bigot barking then passed a financial bill that spooked the UN into turning down Palestine. The GOP didn't do it because they wanted to... the GOP looked a little like a Ron Paul party back then. The GOP did it because in the end they were worried that while the Jewish community was lost to the left, the Christian Zionist community would of been disenfranchised.
...And then there was Secretary of State James Baker's infamous "fuck the Jews" remark. In a private conversation with a colleague about Israel, Baker reportedly uttered the vulgarity, noting that Jews "didn't vote for us anyway." This was more or less true—Bush got 27 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 73 percent for Dukakis, in 1988. And thanks in part to Baker, it was even truer in 1992, when Bill Clinton got 78 percent of the Jewish vote and Bush got only 15 percent—the poorest showing by a Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater in 1964. via
Baker's hand was forced... it wasn't like he actually wanted to do what he did... but it remains to be seen if Obama's hand can be forced... because unlike Baker... Obama thinks the Jews will vote for him rain or shine... and sadly Obama would be right on that analysis. The Jewish community really is ill from centuries of abuse and can not seem to let go of government mechanisms. Can anyone really see Obama NOT vetoing this bill? I suppose Congress can refuse to fund UN activities, but I doubt that will stop Obama and Clinton from continuing to do so .
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen knows just how to deal with the 'Palestinian' bid for 'statehood' at the United Nations: Threaten their funding. In 1989, Yasser Arafat’s PLO also pushed for membership for a “Palestinian state” in UN entities. The PLO’s strategy looked unstoppable until the George H.W. Bush administration made clear that the U.S. would cut off funding to any UN entity that upgraded the status of the Palestinian observer mission in any way. The UN was forced to choose between isolating Israel and receiving U.S. contributions, and they chose the latter. The PLO’s unilateral campaign was stopped in its tracks. This example demonstrates a simple but needed lesson: At the UN, money talks, and smart withholding works. With Arafat’s successors up to the same tricks today, the U.S. response must be as strong. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has consistently refused to use our strongest leverage — our financial contributions — to advance U.S. interests at the UN. If the executive branch will not demonstrate leadership on this issue, Congress must fill the void. I will soon introduce the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act, which will reflect the executive branch’s previous successful policies by cutting off U.S. contributions to any UN entity that grants membership or any other upgraded status to the Palestinian observer mission. This legislation will also leverage U.S. taxpayer dollars to make sure they do not fund biased or wasteful UN activities, and to achieve other much-needed reforms that will make the UN more transparent, accountable, objective, and effective. It is time to use all our leverage to stop this unilateral Palestinian scheme — for the sake of our ally Israel and all free democracies, for the sake of peace and security, and for the sake of achieving a UN that upholds its founding principles.
Money talks - even at the UN - Carl
Sadly it remains to be seen if the Democrats have any incentive to do the right thing. Sometimes being on the other side is the best leverage an interested party can have.

Clinton wants Obama to veto foreign aid bill

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked President Obama to veto the foreign aid bill voted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee if it reaches him. In particular, she mentioned provisions cutting aid to the United Nations, and restricting aid to the 'Palestinians,' Egypt and Pakistan.
Clinton said in a letter Tuesday that she would urge President Barack Obama to veto the bill if it passes in both houses of Congress because the measure “would be debilitating to my efforts to carry out a considered foreign policy and diplomacy, and to use foreign assistance strategically to that end,” The Washington Post reported.

The bill cleared the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week in an effort to cut $6.4 billion from the president’s request for $51 billion in foreign aid for 2012. While it has the potential to pass the GOP-controlled House, it’s seen as unable to get through the Democrat-led Senate.

The bill would impose “onerous restrictions” on State Department operations and foreign aid, Clinton wrote, and the “severe curtailing” of dues payments to international groups including the UN and the Organization of American States would be damaging.

The legislation’s proposal to block funding to countries that don’t meet corruption standards “has the potential to affect a staggering number of needy aid recipients,” as do proposals to restrict aid to Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority. The bill would only allow the flow of money to those countries if the Obama administration was able to certify that no members of terror groups or their sympathizers were serving in their governments.

Brad Goehner, a spokesman for Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the chairwoman of the House committee, told the Post that the letter was “disappointing, particularly given the current debt crisis, that the Obama administration is fighting to keep sending taxpayer money to foreign organizations and governments that undermine U.S. interests.”
More here.

America's One Child Policy

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Vice President Joe Biden, Commissar of the Cracked Head Club, visited China and voiced his understanding of China's One Child Policy. The part that he understood was the forced abortions and the eugenics of baby girls. The part that he didn't understand was how the Chinese government expects one breadwinner to support four retirees. But as usual Biden had it backward.

The Chinese government isn't worried about how retirees will be supported, because they have no investment in them. They'll receive whatever social benefits are doled out, and that's it. China's brutal pragmatism and lack of democracy makes rationing health care and anything else easy. Massive rallies and protests happen all the time in the People's Republic, unreported by the media, and are ignored by the authorities. Tienanmen Square showed the limits of popular protest in creating political change. It's a lesson that neither the leadership nor the people have forgotten. Biden should have really been asking his question in Washington D.C. While America has no official one child policy, it has promoted a shift from family savings and support, to a government supervised safety net. Taxes have gone up, the single income family has become rarer and birth rates have dropped. Marriage and children have become more expensive, the former has dropped at a staggering rate among lower income families, and the latter has gone up leading to large numbers of single parents.

The modern state has all for intents and purposes tried to replace the family, providing an expensive cradle to grave social support network. A network that favors those most who work the least.

The government replaces fathers, mothers and children. Children are cared for by the government. So are their elderly parents. The utility of having children diminishes. And the entire system is funded by higher taxes and economic gimmicks that decrease jobs and diminish buying power which lowers the number of self-supporting families, and lowers birth rates in general and especially among the productive working class who usually provide the biological base for population expansion.

Boosting tax revenues means rewarding spenders over savers, which leads to a consumeristic society that drives even more people into the social welfare system. And even those who stay out of it and try to save, are operating in a system whose monetary policy and programs are set against them. The short term tax revenue gains and monetary policy gimmicks lead to much larger problem as again they create more dependency as everyone is forced into relying on the government social safety net.

Birth rate is the engine behind the social safety net. If the birth rate falls, then even when practiced with the best intentions, the whole system becomes a massive Ponzi scheme. But how do you keep the birth rate high when taxes are high, higher education has become mandatory and a consumer society teaches people to reward themselves now, instead of deferring instant gratification until later?

And without a high birth rate, a major revenue gap opens up. If solvent long term funds were used to prepare for the gap, then the day of disaster could be delayed. But the same political elite that created the problem is also guilty of uncontrollably spending all those funds, and then holding out their hand for more.

In Europe, one answer has been more government subsidies for children. A typical statist solution that tries to use the unacknowledged source of the problem to create incentives to bypass its consequences. While subsidies can marginally increase birth rates, they do not address the real problem.

Taking away people's money and then paying them to go shopping in order to stimulate the economy is common enough in the United States. And it never works. You can't restore a healthy economy with subsidies and you can't restore a healthy birth rate with some social benefits. It's not just about the money, it's also about the culture that was created by those policies. A post-family culture.

So the other Western solution is to import immigrants from a different culture with high birth rates. Europe has all but destroyed itself with that approach, and America is speedily following along. Sure, the total birth rate numbers look good, and no one is supposed to care how many European countries are set to be Muslim by 2100.

But the economics of it still don't work because social utilization goes up drastically to pay for all those extra children, many of whom will never work legally, others who will take far more out of the economy than they will ever put back in. The cost of trying and then imprisoning a single criminal for a year is staggering. Those rapes, murders and drug deals don't just have a human cost-- they have a shocking economic toll. And throw in a major riot like in London and the economic damage adds up to the loss of entire major cities.

And there we are back again to Europe set for a Muslim majority, and America set for a Hispanic majority, and both are going completely bankrupt anyway.

Chinese leaders could have pointed all this out to Biden, but they find it easier to let our civilizations collapse in their own time, while the Century of China gets underway. China may never make it, its own economy is parasitically interlinked with ours and its centrally planned economics and social unrest will probably take it down before 2050. This would be nothing new for China which has gone down this way before. And dynasty or party, it has never really learned from its mistakes.

And Europe arguably has never learned from the mistakes of the Roman Empire, instead again overreaching its conquests, outsourcing its defense, showing weakness at the worst possible time, opening cities to barbarians and engaging in absolute folly in a crisis have been repeated. And the United States is following along.

Peering at the world through the spyglass of history, it would seem as if every people are repeating their old errors again. The State of Israel looks a lot like the latter days of its kingdoms, placing its faith in an untrustworthy power, Egypt and Rome, and allowing itself to be led to disaster by internal division and treason. The Muslim world is aching to revive the Caliphate with the same end results, cultural decay and collapse.

It's astounding that no one has learned anything in thousands of years except how to make a better smartphone. We can put people on the moon and make dinner in five minutes, but we can't stop destroying ourselves in cycle after cycle of history while finding creative ways to justify our suicides.

America doesn't need a One Child Policy, but it has one anyway that punishes childbirth among productive populations and rewards it among unproductive populations. That leads to a division of lower income populations into a working class and a welfare class. With the working class supporting the welfare class. Marriage is down among both classes. It's too expensive for the working class and too unnecessary for the welfare class. Why bother getting married when the local aid office is already your husband, wife and parents combined? The more children you have, the more the government takes care of you.

If China's One Child Policy is a moral horror, the Western One Child Policy is an economic and social horror that has already destroyed major European and American cities. And it's just getting started.

The left's fear and loathing of Western self-perpetuation translates into shrill agitation for population control. Which means more tax penalized one child or no child families in the West alongside ten child Bangladeshi families living off social welfare since tax penalties can't be expected to apply to people who don't pay taxes.

The countries worried about population growth have too little of it, and the countries that aren't worried about it have too much of it. Globalists dream of some UN administered worldwide population scheme, but if no major country was willing to turn over its nuclear weapons to the UN, how likely is it that they'll turn over their babies?

Ted Turner has praised China's One Child policy and suggested that tax penalties could be used to dissuade large families, along with Cap and Trade for babies to allow those families or countries who don't have children to sell their childbearing rights to more fertile people and places.

Turner's plan would allow Europe to sell its child credits to Africa, but how would Africa afford it? China would have an entirely new export in baby credits, but the main countries buying it wouldn't be able to pay for it either. There's something ghoulish about such talk of trading unborn babies between the continents, aborted Western and Chinese babies being sold as credits to create new babies in countries subsidized by Western aid.

But we're trading enough live babies already. There is a booming trade in Chinese and African babies being adopted by Western couples. As with other Western industries, the manufacturing is outsourced to China, while the Western consumer overpays for a product that seems convenient in the short term, but is highly injurious to him and his society in the long term.

The consequences of using the Third World as a baby manufacturing factory, through immigration or adoption, are the end of the First World. You can outsource your energy production to countries that hate you and finance a way of global terrorism. You can outsource your manufacturing and industry to countries that hate you and lose much of your economy and gain a powerful new enemy. But when you outsource your population replacement to peoples that hate you-- then you're gone.

A country can survive anything but its own self-inflicted genocide. And low birth rates combined with population replacement amount to that. Suicidal genocide by a civilization that no longer thinks there's any reason to go on.

The West has subsidized population booms in the Third World with its medicine and its aid. Now it's subsidizing its own population replacement by them. Uncle Sam, John Bull and Madam Liberty are sitting in a skyscraper somewhere with pistols to their heads, cheerfully making plans for their farewell parties. The parties will have a very diverse invitation list. And the evening will end with the suicide of the cultures that contributed so much to the world in the last 500 years.

But the fecklessness of Western liberals and liberalized conservatives may stem their self-inflicted suicide. Before the populations are wiped out, the economies will be.

America and Europe are coming up against the impossibility of maintaining their governments and their economies at the same time. They will have to choose one or the other, and whichever choice they make will leave their countries much less attractive to immigrants.

Either the end of the social safety net or the end of economic growth will significantly reduce rates of immigration and even lead to the exit of some immigrants. It's already happening in America just on the current unemployment rates alone. A complete economic collapse would dramatically reverse the number of opportunistic immigrants who come for profits, rather than for freedoms. But this isn't any kind of solution, it's more like a suicide realizing that he can't hang himself and jump into the water at the same time. He'll have to choose one or the other.

But drowning a dog to kill the fleas on it is no answer. Even if you reduce the number of fleas, the dog is still dead. And it's not clear if the dog can be revived again. The Russian people have never recovered from the damage done to them by Communism. Neither have their birth rates. America isn't as badly off-- but many European countries may have passed the point of return. The easiest way to tell may be to see which countries have an active political movement dedicated to national survival and which don't.

The 2012 election looks set to come down to a contest between a candidate who favors open borders and economic growth-- and a candidate who favors open borders and big government. Lucky us. We'll get to choose between a man who still wants us to have hope and faith in being able to hang ourselves and jump in the lake at the same time-- and a man who believes the future lies in jumping into the Rio Grande and lowering taxes. As they say north of the border, Dios Bendice a Estados Undisos Mexicanos.

Not that it matters. The fleas aren't killing the dog, they're feeding off its self-inflicted wounds. And the wounds are economic and cultural. Japan kept out immigrants, but its low birth rate and falling marriage rate, under the shadow of a big government maintained recession puts it in the same club as the rest of the First World It may avoid filling its cities with Third Worlders doing manual labor and low level crime, and instead replace them with robots, but it's still on the path to extinction.

Meanwhile back in China, the Commissar of the Cracked Head Club, was explaining to his hosts who were trying to stifle their laughter, how unsustainable their system is.

"Poor dumb bastard," they think, "doesn't he understand that this is what drives our competitiveness. That Chinese parents push their child even harder to succeed when he is their sole source of support?

But how could Biden understand, what government control, estate taxes and the death of the family have robbed America of? Chinese families may have only one child, or two, but they still think in the long term. That child is their future. But Biden's own party is barely capable of thinking two weeks ahead. His opposition is hardly much better. Show me a Republican with a long term plan for the country, and I'll show you an unelectable candidate. Show me a Republican with short term solutions that ignore long term problems-- and I'll call him, Mr. President.

Having children is about thinking of the future. Cultures that stop thinking of the future, that cannot imagine the world going on after they die, find innovative ways to commit suicidal genocide. The left is right that having children is not selfless, it's long term selfishness. It's our willful desire to keep our blood and our people around on the planet long after we're gone.

Long term selfishness like that built this country. It built a lot of countries. It raised industries out of the ground and covered the continent with people. But when a culture loses its sense of long term selfishness, what replaces it is a short attention span and instant gratification. And as the economic reasons for having children vanish, and so does the structure of the family, the reasons for having children diminish. The biological need is replaced by housepets and casual sex.

China's competitiveness is personal, but it transcends the personal. Its leaders are venal, greedy and amoral-- but they also think of the future. American competitiveness is personal. It doesn't look to the future. Our companies are satisfied with making short term gains. Our politicians look for short term successes. Our culture seeks only to lock in the benefits of the present, while China sacrifices the present for the future. It does so in brutal and ugly ways, but you don't have to fight a duel nicely to win. You just have to play to win.

Children are the staying power of a nation. They are its long term projection into the future. When a nation does not think of the future, then it has no children and when a nation has no children, then it has no future.
Sultan Knish

'Austin Powers' actor faces life in prison over abduction, torture, rape of 20-year-old

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Hope he gets raped in prison...wait, no I hope they send him to Washington State and give him a feminist judge.
Joseph Hyungmin Son, 40, who played Dr. Evil's sidekick "Random Task" in the first "Austin Powers" movie, was convicted of torture last week in connection with the 1990 abduction and gang rape of a 20-year-old California woman. The Orange County woman was walking her dog on Christmas Eve and looking at holiday lights in the neighborhood when she was snatched off the street and attacked, KTLA reported. Son was accused along with one other suspect of holding the victim at gun point and raping her numerous times as well as sexually assaulting her with the weapon. The victim's lawyer claimed the assailants then released the woman naked with her pants tied around her eyes. Son wasn't arrested in connection with the crime until 18 years after the incident. In 2008, after violating probation on vandalism charge, he was charged with numerous counts of assault when his DNA was found to match a sample from the victim. Many of those charges were ultimately dropped due to the amount of time that had elapsed since the alleged incident, KTLA reported. Son is slated to be sentenced on September 19, and faces 15 years to life in prison.

Terror Attack in Tel-Aviv, At Least 7 Wounded, Attacker Caught

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This on Going War: the end of the Islamic religious period of Ramadan this week is predictably a time when Islamists execute just this kind of vicious attack.
(To those who don't speak MEDIA JIVE... "Islamists" is what Al Jazeera and sadly the rest of the media calls a Muslim who kills... because the Muslims that don't kill non Muslims don't want to be called ignorant of their own religion.)
An Arab man driving a stole taxi smashed into a crowd of people outside of the Haoman 17 nightclub in south Tel Aviv. The suspect ran over two people, then exited the vehicle and began stabbing others, police said. The incident took place on Tel Aviv's Abarbanel Street. .The suspect was captured by a team of Border Police officers on the scene. He was taken to the Wolfson Medical Center with light injuries. Large numbers of police are on the scene.
Police said the taxi used to ram victims had been stolen earlier.
"This looks like a terror attack," a police source told The Jerusalem Post.
Of the injured, one was stabbed in head and stomach and is in grave condition; others moderately/lightly wounded. One of the wounded is in "unstable" condition.
There was a party taking place at the nightclub at the time of the incident.
Palestinians Israel Tel-Aviv Terrorist Attack
Source Rotrnik
The first reports of the incident came to Magen David Adom and the police around 1:30am.
Eyewitness say that the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.
Carl is reporting that "Israel Radio now reporting that the terrorist came from Shchem (Nablus), that he stole the taxi in Jaffa."
Authorities (Israel Police and Israel Security Agency aka Shin Bet) have begun reviewing the data on nearby security cameras. Police are on the scene, including a helicopter.
Israel's Police Chief is currently headed to the scene of the attack. Police still believe this was a terrorist attack.
B = Haoman Nightclub
Israel's Channel 2 is confirming the Israel Radio report that the attacker was from Nablus. Haaretz also confirms the attacker was Arab from Nablus.
Israel's Channel 2 is now reporting that the attacker stabbed the owner of the taxicab after entering the cab.
Tel-Aviv District Commander says that the attack was definitely an "act of terror."
Source: Maariv
The party at the nightclub was to celebrate the end of summer, many youth were reportedly present.
There were warnings that an attack may occur, but nothing concrete.
After taxicab was stolen, a report was issued, then the attacker went through a checkpoint and police realized they had serious incident. However, they believe mass casualty event has been prevented.
Israeli Police believe that over 1,000 youth were at the party. According to Haaretz around 2,000 youth were present.
A = Nablus, B = Haoman Night Club
It appears that the two people who were run over were police officers.
Israeli Police have confirmed this was a terrorist attack carried out by 25 year old Palestinian Arab from Nablus.
Five of the wounded are police officers.
Israel Radio is now reporting that the attack was planned around the youth party at the nightclub.
Israel's Police Chief says that his forces were preparing for an attack like this. They believed attack would occur near end of Ramadan. There has been increased deployment in recent days.
In order to avoid panicking those at the party, the DJ was instructed to continue playing music for about an hour, until the scene outside the club was calmer. Once everything settled down outside, the youth were evacuated from the club.
The Haaretz report now includes this:
Benny Shai, one of the club's employees who was outside the club at the time of the attack said, "We saw the taxi run into the barrier and we ran to help. We thought it was an accident." He added that the event taking place in the nightclub "was a big party and I don't want to know what would have happened if the terrorist had managed to enter or even get close to the entrance of the club and carry out his attack there."
CHALLAH @ The Jerusalem Post h/t Docs Talk

Aga Can: All traces of Perry/Aga Khan curriculum removed from web

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I understand there are some people who have differences with Spencer and Geller. I don't care about your issues with them if them if you can not prove anything. I don't want to see a Bush third term. I never want to see a U.S. president call Islam a "religion of peace" again. What was the end result we got from Bush? ...Obama. The Republicans do not have to cater to a violent philosophy to get elected. I do not care about any rumors or speculation you have concerning Geller and Spencer. If you have a personal issue then I suggest you take it up with them and not use third parties to create divisions. I am not a member of any pitchfork mob. I did not jump on the Sarah Palin bus and there is no reason to assume that I follow SIOA blindly, but there is no doubt in my mind that there is a whitewash. These are the primaries. To question Perry does not mean a person endorses Obama. It will be very hard (in fact) to put Obama's actions into question if the Norquist / Perry relationship is as tight as what is being alleged.
What is the Perry camp hiding? And why?

By Robert Spencer:
In this post I included numerous links to the Rick Perry/Aga Khan Islamic curriculum for Texas public schools. The links were to the Google cache of the curriculum material, because several days ago, after we began calling attention to it, the curriculum was taken offline. Accordingly I wrote in that post:
One very odd thing about the Aga Khan/Perry curriculum: since this whole brouhaha started, it has been taken offline. It is now available only in cached formhere. Why was it taken down? Was the Perry camp embarrassed by the material that Pamela Geller published here, showing it to be a whitewash of Islamic teaching and history? Or was it taken down because it really is, as Ace says, so “biased against Muslims it will reinforce perceptions [Perry] is some kind of rootin’-tootin’ six-gun shooting cowboy yahoo”?Is either option favorable to Perry? If it was taken down because it’s a dhimmi whitewash, Perry is tacitly admitting that our criticisms of him were right, and those evaluating Perry should be concerned about his naivete in dealing with the Aga Khan. If it was taken down because it was too honest about Islam and will thus hurt Perry with the dhimmi/Norquist faction of the GOP, Perry is again tacitly admitting that our criticisms of him were right: he is not able or willing to stand up to Norquist and his Islamic supremacist allies. So which is it? What are they hiding? And does it matter? Either way, the deep-sixing of the curriculum proves that we were right about Perry all along.
Now that impression is compounded by the fact that even the cached links no longer work: the Perry/Aga Khan curriculum has been completely wiped from the web. Pamela Geller has screenshots here, however. I suspect that the curriculum has been taken down because it is a whitewash of Islamic texts, teachings and history. After all, as I showed here, it relies on compromised “authorities” such as Carl Ernst, John Esposito, and Michael Sells, among others. The apologists for Perry have not explained and cannot explain why, if this curriculum is as innocuous or even as Islamorealistic as they claim, it has been wiped from the web.
What is the Perry camp hiding? And why? - Sheik Yer Mami

Qaddafi Forces Suspected Of Executing Detainees

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With time running out, Qaddafi forces get desperate and start killing prisoners.

Six bodies lie in the dry riverbed between Gargur and Bab al-Aziziya, Gaddafi's former compound. © 2011 Human Rights Watch

A team of volunteers arrive to recover the bodies of the dead found in and around a makeshift field clinic outside Bab al-Aziziya where there were signs that Gaddafi loyalists had been present. © 2011 Human Rights Watch

The body of a dead man at the makeshift field clinic outside Bab al-Aziziya. © 2011 Human Rights Watch
The body of a dead man lies with his hands tied behind his back in the dry riverbed between Gargur and Bab al-Aziziya. © 2011 Human Rights Watch

Corpses in the tents behind the makeshift field clinic outside Bab al-Aziziya.© 2011 Human Rights Watch

A truck holds the bodies of the dead from in and around the makeshift field clinic outside Bab al-Aziziya. © 2011 Human Rights Watch

Two bodies found in the closet under the stairs inside the Al-Amal al-Akhdar building belonging to the Libyan Internal Security.© 2011 Human Rights Watch

...isn't everyone just HAPPY that the NYTimes tried to promote Qaddafi as a reformer?

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