wise guys vs. olivia newton john and john travolta

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how Religion trumped Science and Objectivity with Rationalism

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annoyed @ gloating about federal funds going to stem cell research. even PBS admits that Bush's hostile politics actually furthered it



spent the day watching superhero TV shows of the 50s and 60s


BatGirl In Traps from the 60's TV Show

going to take a break

....and walk the dog

bah wah ha ha ha


Don't Ask Don't Tell

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funny enough the Conservatives are believing the media's myth about their demise, but actually the Republican Party has not been this healthy in decades. Obama is doing so badly that I think we could elect a dead man in 2012. even CNN is poking the White House.

It is relaxing to hear about world war 2... when I deal with today.

I saw this show also on "Wake Island" ...they were abandoned by the U.S. and had to fend for themselves against the Japanese. They were then forced to surrender by their superiors and had to face forced labor in prisons in China. imagine that? America giving up on it's own troops who they made a movie about in Hollywood, but never revealed that the men had to finish their military careers in dishonor. The untold story of WWII. They accepted the lie that they fought to the death for the morale of our nation

Obama's Whitehouse

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CHANGE: Guantanamo prisoner is back to Yemen as leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula: In Arabic:


take'n a nap

take'n a nap... I've wide eyed naive children to scream at when I wake up on Seesmic. moohahaha. I destroy ur bubble

down with the hate


NoahDavidSimon facebook application!


introducing the NoahDavidSimon facebook application!


Something Fishy


Sara and Wolverine Fish


very disappointed that my graffitiwall work has become an ad for Obama. facebook please change this.

Social Media

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....please wait for Seesmic to load. They are French and they don't care what you Americans think

Re:Why are you loyal to your city?

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Moses Supposes Zipporah

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Zipporah? Mose's Supposed Afro wife? what's d dealio? who was it that she circumcised? Moses or his kid? where did she go during exodus? was it that g-d was pissed or was it Mose's himself? and what was this cat fight stuff with Mirium that got so bad that g-d had to make Mose's sister a leper for a week? rawr! meow! hisss....

Seesmic Snooze fest


Wolverine Fish


slice of doughboy

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yeah Scoble.  cook on that

there is no method


when I was a kid I hated wearing kippahs. people in the orthodox community felt it was a rejection of them. it was a rejection of a tradition that was not practical. fashion can be subverted. you could easily get a man to wear the fashion and say he is against Israel. I was right. I am amazed that years later so much of what I was dealing with when I was 5,6,7 or 8 years old still applies. the kids that bullied me at camp Ramah or at Solomon Schechter and called me "pig jew" because I was not raised kosher.... are a reaction to the bigotry of the outside world. I admit that I have full respect for Kosher laws within reason and today I don't eat pork for myriad of reasons, but these kids were teasing me because I reflected secularism. I was too young to understand that I was being bullied because I was an outsider. my parents were too naive even then to understand what kind of self hate was going on in the Jewish community. Irony is that I would become the "Conservative" defending the community they never understood as "Liberals". They just wanted me to be Jewish because they wanted to fill a moral obligation... little did I know that I would become a guardian of what I thought at the time bullied me as a child. The fashion and the obligation to ritual is not what makes us Jewish. I understood who g-d was. I understood who my community was. I understood that you have to fight and that moral absolutes like pacifism is not the answer. Today some of the extremists on the internet point to men who look like Hasidim and say that there are men who don't support Israel. I support Israel and it's people and I really resent the bureaucracy of my Jewish community experiences... it was their orthodoxy that allowed our ways to be co-opted. Judaica is not a fashion. I also resent the other polarity of Jewish thought that developed: feminism. There is no method... I have been oppressed by different extremes. I close my eyes and I know g-d has nothing to do with people's ritual and organization. I know that attacks to my spirit come from many directions.

My New Girl Friend


the Yanks have A rod... the Mets have K rod... is there a F rod, U rod, C rod, K rod?

"uk muslim 'peace' protesters chase police down street screaming 'run you f**king cowards!' (video)" #tcot http://cli.gs/sa91jh.


Kosher Question


 interesting answer on Yedda

Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.What constitutes kosher chocolate
Rabbinical Authority has nothing to do with if it is diet or not, nor does an "Organic" authority control the quality of the taste. Authority systems address certain parameter. There are many food authority systems outside of the Jewish religion. If you are not Kosher then it might be a better idea to find a different standard. Kosher standards have in the past protected animals from cruelty, but like all standards like even the US constitution... it has failed at times to live up to it's quality. That said I am glad there are many varying Kosher standards for people to respect. There isn't just one and that is a very good thing, because quality standards are not always upheld. How many times have you heard of an elevator accident happening because the Elevator inspector wasn't doing his job? Kosher Ethics can fail in the same respect... but we should not reject them because of the exceptions to the general positive impact that Kosher Authority has had on our food sources. I'm sorry the brand you ate tasted like diet. Perhaps you were attempting to brand the wrong standard. The issue of taste is not a Kosher issue. I recommend the Zagat guide.
Answered by SimonStudio on January 13, 2009
View the entire discussion on YeddaYedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.

IgorTheTroll twitter ban

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IgorTheTroll's last tweets


Rolemodels for Men?

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Sledgehammer was my favorite show on TV when I was 12. it also unfortunately made me grow up fearing the police. kind of like the hippies blaming Acid Trips and PETA on Fantasia and Bambi. People's politics are often formed when they are twelve years old. For me it was "Sledgehammer" that defined gun control and "Night Court" that defined my sense of male role models... (womanizing lawyers). It took me till I was 34 years old to realize that not all people are like this. These are reflections of bad people and no one should assume we are all like John Larroquette and David Rasche

facebook threw off theJIDF arbitrarily.

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maybe if I make a war protest then they'll let him back on like Robert Scoble

a network is only as good as it's moderation. all the poke options in the world don't compare to being able to speak to a human representative. I'm tired though. I think the real frustration with the system is that the platform doesn't inform friends and give reasons. I realize this puts fb at risk of being wrong... but it might also give us a way to know what issues are at hand. I've said for a while that this is a system that is very similar to running a summer camp or a school. social media is not Tech. No matter how many Geeks Robert Scoble thinks supports issues that are threatening to my survival... this is not a tech thing. Technology in the end is about the power of knowledge. It is a power structure of today. a hierarchy... and our enemies want us out. they hide behind interfaces and mechanics... but in the end it is just greed and hate. liberals deny the infrastructure.


In an effort to get his account quickly reinstated, please write (at least one) email to:

warning@facebook.com, privacy@facebook.com, appeals-comment@facebook.com, abuse@facebook.com, disabled@facebook.com




It is a shame, in the true sense of the word, that Facebook disables and otherwise abuses the accounts of TheJIDF. It is an even greater shame on Facebook that it continues to allow anti-semetic, anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish and other hate groups and terrorists to flourish on Facebook. Please fully reinstate the account associated with TheJIFD and the pages they had on Facebookwith their full content forthwith.

Your Name

finished shoveling snow

depressed about the Giants. Excited about the Steelers.
exhausted. going to bed. IgorTheTroll BlogSpot done

drat snow

shovel again... it never ends

difference btwn existential threat and fighting 4 the principle of believing something is yours

...is no marked rock proves anything till ur grasping2live

IgorTheTroll Suspended by Seesmic

"Igor, Your account at Seesmic.com has been suspended because we have received a number of complaints about your videos. Upon review, there are multiple instances where you have broken the terms of service. Specifically see the section included below: 11. General Prohibitions You agree not to do any of the following while using Seesmic: Post, publish or transmit any text, graphics, or material that: (i) is false or misleading; (ii) is defamatory; (iii) invades anothers privacy; (iv) is obscene, pornographic, or offensive; (v) promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any individual or group; (vi) infringes anothers rights, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights; or (vii) violates, or encourages any conduct that would violate, any applicable law or regulation or would give rise to civil liability; In addition, please be aware that we intend to promote a healthy community at seesmic. Please see our Community Guidelines ( http://www.seesmic.com/docs/SCG.html ) for additional guidelines about expected behavior on the Seesmic platform. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reply at this address. Thank you, Thomas Community Advocate" & Cultivator

Noah David Simon Says: January 9th, 2009 at 5:39 am

"Igor I havent seen anything out of the ordinary lately. that is strange. my account is still active perhaps maybe they can clarify."

Igor The Troll Says: January 9th, 2009 at 5:46 am

"Loren Feldman has connections to Michael Arrington from TechCrunch who is connected to venture capitalist. Seesmic is worried they will not get VC funding to survive. Seesmic is dying and fighting to survive. Seesmic is running out of money and going to FAIL. The current economic conditions going to drag Seesmic to the FAIL TechCrunch dead pool. It has nothing to do with me. It is a real shame that Loic Lemeur caved into Loren Feldman even though Loren Feldman embarrassed him in front of all the French people, by picking a fight with a French restaurant owner. Looks like all the Social Media Whores sleeping together!"


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CNN airs posed Palestinian casualty exposed as a fraud


Mads Gilbert has been exposed faking CPR on a Palestinian boy that supposedly deceased in a video featured today on CNN. This is no outstanding moment and betrays a general pattern and abuse of ethical journalistic standards.

they expect to be able to fire rockets without the Israelis fighting back. they want to call it a name... but the truth is it is defense and to associate it with the Holocaust is obscene. they can end the conflict whenever they want. They know it... so the only way they can win is by fooling people through social networks, CNN, PBS and the NYTimes. I see so many presumptuous so called elitists acting shocked when they realize the media is lying to them. this is the so called left? What in the hell happened to journalistic integrity? What happened to researching the facts? Is that only a "Conservative" value? I was raised to think otherwise. I am ashamed of the community values of the left wing establishment. I'm ashamed that they have massacred institutions that used to be credible and are now just PR pieces for companies who benefit by giving the pitchfork mob their anger pill.

is not your friend

...is not your friend

the possible video in question that booted Igor off


Hamas is Evil - Watch more funny videos here

Leaving Seesmic For Good



just when I was having a discussion about this issue

You need issues to be controversial

http://ping.fm/3Rj84 You need issues to be controversial

hmmm almost 12 hours without a rocket attack.

hmmm almost 12 hours without a rocket attack. way to go Hamas!

crap... I just switched google to hebrew.

anyone know how to undo that?

If I was acting strange last night...

If I was acting strange last night... remember I was on pain killers from my root canal. a woman got scared of me last night

Boxed In


I love the QassamCount application on facebook... but I'm kind of hoping the updates will go away soon... how about you?
Time Warner is down. Will be back Jan. 7th.
In emergency contact my brother Dan on facebook.
Time Warner Internet is down. Will be back January 7th!

twitter censors outspoken Jewish voices

IgorTheTroll was suspended from twitter for speaking out against LorenFeldman, Robert Scoble and Amanda Chapel. All people who support the U.S. and Israeli troops should boycott twitter

read more | digg story

twitter is no longer are credible forum for free thought.


I just launched Roseanne Barr at Gaza


Greedy Donkeys went Ron Paul

Greedy Donkeys went Ron PaulI never thought there would come a day where I was angry at the Democrats because they failed to regulate because they were trying to sabotage the world for personal gain. this isn't about theory. these are greedy Donkeys

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