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CNN airs posed Palestinian casualty exposed as a fraud

Mads Gilbert has been exposed faking CPR on a Palestinian boy that supposedly deceased in a video featured today on CNN. This is no outstanding moment and betrays a general pattern and abuse of ethical journalistic standards.

they expect to be able to fire rockets without the Israelis fighting back. they want to call it a name... but the truth is it is defense and to associate it with the Holocaust is obscene. they can end the conflict whenever they want. They know it... so the only way they can win is by fooling people through social networks, CNN, PBS and the NYTimes. I see so many presumptuous so called elitists acting shocked when they realize the media is lying to them. this is the so called left? What in the hell happened to journalistic integrity? What happened to researching the facts? Is that only a "Conservative" value? I was raised to think otherwise. I am ashamed of the community values of the left wing establishment. I'm ashamed that they have massacred institutions that used to be credible and are now just PR pieces for companies who benefit by giving the pitchfork mob their anger pill.

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