Student Loans part of Healthcare bill

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I'm looking over the Student Loans part of Healthcare bill... and while I (unlike Fannie Mae) am not concerned about the loss of jobs due to this (it is worth losing some jobs if they can resolve the price of tuition), I am very concerned that this will actually increase the prices of schools. (and the Obama admin has confirmed my fears at the bottom of the article). Historically when you have government grants the price of school goes up because the schools are still trying to make a buck. The truth is that school loans are very profitable. This is the reason that Obama wants the government into this business. The people will fall for it thinking there isn't any alternative to them being able to afford an education, but the denied correlative is now the price of tuition will go up and if the price of college is regulated then I suspect the colleges will move profitable campuses offshore to hostile Anti-Semitic nations that I can't even go to... similar to what is happening in Qatar with my Alma Mater Carnegie Mellon and similar colleges like Cornell University.

The new law, part of a package that also includes fixes to the health-care overhaul, makes government the primary issuer of student loans.

It eliminates fees paid to private banks to act as intermediaries in providing student loans and will use much of the projected $68 billion in savings over 11 years to expand Pell Grants for low-income students and make it easier for students to repay loans after graduating.

The size of Pell Grants will increase along with inflation, and by 2017 should raise the maximum grant to $5,975 from $5,550, according to the White House.

The law will also provide 820,000 more grants by 2020.

Students who have low incomes or meet certain other eligibility requirements and who borrow money after July 1, 2014, will be allowed to cap their repayments at 10 percent of their income above basic living requirements, instead of 15 percent.

If they keep up their payments, they will have any remaining debt forgiven after 20 years instead of 25 years - or after 10 years if they are in a public service, such as teaching, nursing, or serving in the military.

Some of the money will address shortfalls in the Pell Grant program that have developed because students are qualifying for more and larger grants. More than six million students received such grants in the 2008-09 academic year, an increase of about 50 percent from a decade earlier, according to the College Board.

$2 billion will be invested in community colleges - which enroll six million students and are growing fast - over the next four years to provide education and career training programs to workers eligible for Trade Adjustment aid.

Institutions that serve mostly minority student bodies will share $2.55 billion in additional funding over the next decade.

Speaking to a cheering crowd at a community college in Washington's Virgina suburbs, Obama yesterday portrayed the overhaul of the student-loan program as a triumph over an "army of lobbyists."

He singled out Sallie Mae - the Reston, Va.-based lender SLM Corp. - which he said spent $3 million to try to stop the changes.

"For almost two decades, we've been trying to fix a sweetheart deal in federal law that essentially gave billions of dollars to banks," he said. He said the money "was spent padding student lenders' pockets."

Including money from last year's stimulus program and regular budget increases, the White House said the Obama administration has now doubled spending on Pell Grants.

But the law has detractors:

Sallie Mae said it will end up costing jobs. The loan company said it may have to eliminate a third of its 8,500 jobs nationwide.

A number of lawmakers opposed the health-care reconciliation bill in part because of the student-loan provisions.

Sen. Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, who voted in favor of the health-care legislation in December, voted against the reconciliation bill. Nelnet, one of the nation's largest private student lenders, is headquartered in Nelson's home state.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee and a former education secretary, also spoke out angrily against the plan to end the subsidies to private banks.

Tennessee, too, is home to some big players in the private student-lending industry. In a statement yesterday, he lamented that the government was getting more deeply and directly into the student-loan business.

"The Obama administration's motto is turning out to be: 'If we can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government ought to try to do it,' " Alexander said.

if we can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government ought to try to do it? so then farms that provide food for possible hungry people should be part of government according to that logic. Are they go to socialize food as well?

He said that 31,000 private sector workers would be out of jobs and students would be forced to rely on four federal call centers instead of more than 2,000 community and nonprofit lenders.

The health-care portion of the bill Obama signed yesterday eliminates provisions in the Senate version of legislation that benefited specific states and other special-interest items.

The House passed that version on March 21 with the understanding that the companion measure making changes to it would become law.

Republicans say they will move to repeal the overhaul package and replace it with a less ambitious program.

Private lenders can still make student loans that are not backed by the government, and they will continue to have contracts to service some federal loans. But the new law represents a significant change in what has been a multibillion-dollar business for the banking industry.

Under the new law, all colleges and universities must switch to the direct lending program by July 1.

Will the changes bring down college costs?

Sorry, no. Obama acknowledged as much before signing the bill when he urged colleges and universities to "do their part" to hold down costs.
via I was saying. This is just a grab for power. the only benefit to these programs will be special interests. the price of school will be more expensive.

Guess what Leboon's background is?

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Philadelphia resident Norman Leboon was arrested Saturday for threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va, in a YouTube video that since has been removed from the site.

Huffy po po did 2nd Amendment spin on LeBoon. no one in media as far as I can see mentions he's a Shi'a.
You can still see a cache of Leboon's shiamuslimcantbestop ("Shia Muslim can't be stopped") YouTube channel

Update: he's all over the internet and here is his Anti video
In November of 2008, we wrote about a massive anti-JIDF campaign on YouTubeand originally featured a video by Leboon who was ranting and raving about the JIDF (as he did in many his videos). After he made another video bragging about being on our site (see below), we decided to remove it.
“Over the weekend, Congressman Cantor was notified by law enforcement that a threat was made against his life,” Cantor’s Press Secretary Brad Dayspring said in a statement Monday. “Law enforcement officials informed Congressman Cantor that the threat was determined as credible and they were responding accordingly. The Congressman was later notified that an arrest was made and a suspect was in custody.”
The arrest is one of many made in response to a string of violent threats against lawmakers that followed in the wake of the health care reform vote. Although the threat was made after Cantor’s announcement of support for Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, officials have not confirmed that Leboon’s threat is in response to Cantor’s rejection of the federal health care legislation.
The FBI is primarily responsible for handling the investigation, said Gene Lepley, public information manager for the Richmond Police Department. Leboon is scheduled to appear in federal district court in Philadelphia Monday and is being held without bail pending an evaluation of his psychiatric well-being.
Richmond police officials believe that an incident last Tuesday in which a stray bullet hit Cantor’s campaign office — which was unoccupied at the time — around 1 a.m. is unrelated to the threats, Lepley added.
“We believe this was a random act of gunfire and a stray bullet as result,” he said. “Someone fired into the air and when it came back down to Earth, it broke through a window of a conference room in a building that houses offices of the congressman.”
Lepley said that the Richmond Police are looking into all possibilities concerning the stray bullet. At this time, there are no suspects.
Leboon still has more than a dozen other videos of himself speaking posted on YouTube under the username “shiamuslimcantbestop.” He refers to himself in his videos as a messiah and prophet and often makes references to Islam.

Mommy: Rand Paul Makes Identical Statements to Ron Paul and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Will Sarah Palin denounce Rand Paul as she did Jeremiah Wright? I certainly hope so.

The following is a press release from the Friends of Trey Grayson.

Florence, Kentucky – Kentucky Secretary of State and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Trey Grayson released a new web ad today exposing Rand Paul’s statements that blame the 9/11 attacks on America’s actions.

The video, featured on, uses multiple video clips of Rand Paul saying that America’s actions caused the attacks on September 11th. The video also shows the similarity of Paul’s statements to his Libertarian father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, and to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Rev. Wright said in one of his offensive sermons that “the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yards.” Rand Paul has repeatedly made identical statements:

“They are in our face, in our country because we are in their country.” (Ron Paul's son Rand Paul in Montana, January 29, 2009)

“They’re have been a lot of people that have written about terrorism and the terrorists themselves will tell you why they come here. They come here because we’re over there.” (Dr. Rand Paul Rally Nashville part 3, Jan. 27, 2008)

“They do not attack for what we are, they attack us because we are in their countries.” (Ron Paul's son Rand Paul in Montana, January 29, 2009)

“We have to understand that there is blowback from our foreign policy.” (Rand Paul Remarks at Western Kentucky University,, April 7, 2009)

“Rand Paul has repeatedly echoed his dad’s questioning of whether or not the US is responsible for the 9/11 attacks. While Rand Paul may now try to fudge his record for political expediency, he cannot run from his previously held beliefs that America’s actions caused the 9/11 attacks and that we should not have passed the Patriot Act, our best weapon to prevent future attacks. The extremist views that he shares with his Libertarian father and Rev. Wright are dangerous,” Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson said.

Sarah Palin needs to show some Chutzpah. these populist opinions might be popular for some, but it does not show leadership.

Carlos Slim and the New York Times

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How does a REAL feminist BE a true feminist? « THE MAD JEWESS


Islam and Feminism are so alike and symbiotic. both depend on collectivism to define how gender is not. I prefer to define how gender is.

I love Vaginas. I love women, but I have different expectations from them. They don't perform like men. They follow different patterns in leadership roles. The first part of respecting difference is to understand the different way women perform. I could not live without women.

while I am with the "Larry Summers" very obvious analysis that men are better at tinkering with tools and are less integrated socially which allows them to think differently.... I have an example of how women are creative and innovative....

but this might come as a surprise. the best women are married to brilliant men and they bloom because of that exclusive relationship. Intelectually women do need guidance away from the social Borg and Nanny state for them to flower.

example the first computer language was developed by a woman looking to compliment and help her man's invention!!!! Although her life was short, she only lived 36 years, Augusta Ada Lovelace anticipated by more than a century most of what we think is brand-new computing. Her work with Charles Babbage and his Calculating Engines produced what she called "the plan". In hindsight what Ada had proposed was a program stored on punch cards for use on an early computer, The Analytical Engine in 1843

this does not mean women can not lead. just that their leadership is rarely innovative and are usually involved in prudent public relations moves. In the case of the United States and Sarah Palin she might be just what is needed.

differences in learning is what makes society work. the first part of respecting difference is respecting difference.

feminism denies humanity

this includes effeminate men too... who are different. and to be respected. find out how to best contribute. don't believe the feminists. Gender is real. It is wonderful and it defines us and our ability as a society to have dignity is to acknowledge how we behave.

60 Minutes Whitewashes Hezbollah Spy Nada Nadim Prouty

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Hezbollah spy, immigration fraud perpetrator, and FBI/CIA infiltrator Nada Nadim Prouty a/k/a Nada Nadim Al-Aouar DeLaDurantaye Valley Prouty is not only not behind bars for life for selling out America to Hezbollah because Federal Judge Avern Cohn, a Marxist, gave her only a fine of a few hundred dollars as a “sentence” for her treason (the limp Bush administration sought only six months prison time for her spying). Even more disgusting, though, is that, tonight, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” is whitewashing her as a “patriot.”
read the rest... via (that is where the best stories usually are)

The essence of her claim is that she didn't know the man in a photo with her brother. It would be like saying you didn't know Obama and worked for the CIA. The other claim is that she would be assassinated after being deported to Lebanon where she was completely loyal to dominant Hezbollah. She would be a hero there. She only backstabbed Sunnis. The Druze are loyal to whoever runs a state and in Lebanon power tilts to Shi'a.
Unbelievable that she is getting away with it within our very own covert operations within the secret service agencies. It is like as if they want her back already and are creating a public relations piece to lubricate the mechanism of government to employ all the Jihadis. Her immediate case I don’t care too much about because she’s merely one real bad egg. What is threatening here is the media is setting up arguments for legitimizing terrorists so they can run a police state controlled by those same terrorists. am I over the top here? you bet… but to me this is like an Islamic Clockwork Orange and this feminist trophy gal is just another gang member for Mohammed.
her brother-in-law, Talal Chahine, was Hezbollah’s third biggest donor after Iran and Syria, and her own sister helped him do it, cooking the books for him. ...but 60 Minutes would make you think otherwise:

Drewsie. I used to know one from Lebanon that was my near best friend before he slept with my girlfriend at the time. The Drewsie are supposedly loyal to whatever government they are in, but from my experience of knowing a Drewsie in America that this is not so. My Lebonese Druze friend once slept with an Egyptian girl and when she realized his background she trashed his place with red paint. The Druze can only marry their own. Everyone in the middle east apparently understands this and the Druze sleep with whores to satiate their appetites till they can find a Druze woman to marry. Looks like there will be less work for whores now that we freed up this female. The government in Lebanon is run by Jumblatt the Druse… another Hezbollah proxy.

Indonesia porn law under fire

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Jaipongan dancers cheers for their colleagues during a festival in  Bandung on February 22, 2009.Gyrating her hips to traditional gamelan music on a makeshift village stage, Indonesian folk daChildren practice ncer Sri Wulandari ignores the leers and wolf whistles of the drunk men below as sheplucks grimyA dancer performs rupiah notes from their outstretched hands.Her nightly routines rage into the wee hours in villages across West Javaprovince but the 30-The traditional West Java jaipong dance was the first to taste the  whip of the controversial anti-porn law passed in December after  officials recently criticised it as being too erotic and had seedy  origins.year-old dancer said the excited punters respected the golden rule of "look but don't touch." "The men say naughty things and ask me to marry theA beautician applies make up to a m but I'm a professional dancer, not a prostitute. Dancing jaipong is not a dirty job," she said. The jaipong dance is one of several Indonesian art forms in the sights of social and religious conservatives after parliament passed a controversial anti-porn law in December.Indonesia's constitutional court is set to decide whether to finalise a controversial anti-pornography law, or ask parliament to review itIn support, Islamic-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Tifatul  Sembiring said the dance had a shady past, further fanning the flames.. The law has been criticised by many traditional Indonesian artists, who say it could threaten their artistic freedom.

The Ongoing Debate Over Jewish Fantasy Literature

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Many large 20th century fiction writers flirted with atheism. that goes for such Christians like C. S. Lewis as it did for Isaak Yudovich Ozimov. Asimov understood things in the world, but he didn't like categories:

People who create metaphor are in need of controlling the context because their arguments meet conflict. Most of the hostility aimed at Judaism is fiction. The only way to combat the fantasy of Palestine is with truth, but I can see the need to create a metaphor to reach people on an issue that they can't confront because of reprimanding media institutions masquerading as collectivism or the tolerance of pure absolutist equivalence.

Jewish Studies Professor Michael Weingrad’s essay “Why there is No Jewish Narnia,” touched off a massive debate over the validity of his claim that there is no Jewish fantasy literature, including my own humble critique. Abigail Nussbaum has posted a helpful roundup of the debate. Weingrad himself responds to his critics here.

Like Nussbaum, I found the response unpersuasive. Indeed, it further undermines Weingrad’s case by pointing out that Guy Gavriel Kay — one of the most prominent fantasy writers of the last 35 years — is actually Jewish (which I didn’t know before). As Weingrad notes, Kay is not only a Jewish fantasy writer, but one who has actually incorporated the issues of Jews and anti-Semitism into his novels, especially The Lions of Al Rassan. Weingrad tries to distinguish Kay’s later work on the grounds that it is “historic fantasy” and not “high fantasy.” But virtually all of Kay’s “historic fantasy” works include such classic high fantasy elements as the use of magic, heroic quests, and a quasi-medieval setting. “High fantasy” and “historic fantasy” are not mutually exclusive categories. Indeed, J.R.R. Tolkien’s work (which Weingrad points to as the prototypical example of high fantasy) incorporated many historic elements from his research on early medieval languages and society.

Weingrad also admits that he “cannot state with any detailed precision what a Jewish alternative [to standard fantasy] would look like.” Without a clear definition of what he means by Jewish fantasy, it is always possible to manipulate the concept in such a way that none of the many fantasy works written by Jewish writers or addressing Jewish-related themes qualifies. Alternatively, Weingrad could define Jewish fantasy extremely narrowly, so as to exclude all of these works. But barring such gambits, I think it’s pretty obvious that there is a great deal of important fantasy literature by Jewish writers, and a smaller but still significant number of fantasy novels that directly address issues related to the Jewish experience. When one recalls that Jews are only a tiny fraction of the population of Britain and the United States (the two nations that produce most modern fantasy literature), there is no underrepresentation of Jews in this field to be explained.


Isaac Asimov was a humanist and a rationalist. He did not oppose religious conviction in others, but he frequently railed against superstitious and pseudoscientific beliefs that tried to pass themselves off as genuine science.

For many years, Asimov called himself an atheist; however, he considered the term somewhat inadequate, as it described what he did not believe rather than what he did. Eventually, he described himself as a "humanist" and considered that term more practical. He did, however, continue to identify himself as Jewish in the ethnic sense, as stated in his introduction to Jack Dann's anthology of Jewish science fiction, Wandering Stars: "I attend no services and follow no ritual and have never undergone that curious puberty rite, the bar mitzvah. It doesn't matter. I am Jewish."

In the closing years of his life, Asimov blamed the deterioration of the quality of life that he perceived in New York City on the shrinking tax base caused by the middle class flight to the suburbs.

Asimov considered a leftist liberal, but he seems to realize the source of energy. too bad he didn't know how to lubricate your sources instead of scaring them off....

That goes for G-d and Tax bases

Journalists From The West Always Collaborate With Me - Hudson New York

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Mahmoud Darwish, heard of him? His books are sold here at the “Yafa: Book Store & Coffee Shop,” where you sip your sweet and bitter coffee at about quadruple the cost other caf├ęs in the area charge, but you get the chance to entertain your mind with the loftiest of issues.
(at the book store) ...For the past three years, he confides in me, he’s dating a Jewish woman. Are they married? No. Any plans to get married? God forbid. “In Israel,” he informs me, “children go after their mother. If I have children with my woman, they will be Jews, and I am not going to bring Jews into the world!” Makes perfect sense. Who needs little Jews? They might grow up and create huge problems.

New World's Record for Chutzpah: Obama's Seder

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How can Obama ask G-d to let all Jews be in Jerusalem next year while he is the man who is ethnically cleansing them? I realize it is politics and when Obama promises something it means little... as we have seen most of this year.

Last year's mockery

Some 19 years ago, the first president Bush earned the enmity of American Jews with his rant about being "one lone guy" standing up against the horde of AIPAC activists exercising their constitutional right to petition Congress. Bush's statement symbolized the intolerance and enmity that his administration felt toward Israel and its American friends. But say one thing for that Bush and his secretary of state, James "f@#$ the Jews" Baker: at least they never pretended to be anything but what they were, country-club establishment Republicans who were not comfortable with Israel or Jewish symbols. Not so Barack Hussein Obama.

After a week spent beating up on Israel, blowing a minor gaffe into an international incident, subjecting Israel's prime minister to unprecedented insults that Obama would never think of trying on even the most humble Third World leader, and establishing the principle that the Jewish presence in eastern Jerusalem — even in existing Jewish neighborhoods — is illegal and an affront to American interests — after all that, Obama plans on spending tonight mouthing a few lines from the Passover Haggadah at a Seder held in the White House.

According to the New York Times, Obama will take part in a Seder in the Old Family Dining Room along with a band of court Jews such as David Axelrod. The Seder, as the newspaper notes, will end, according to tradition, with the declaration of 'next year in Jerusalem.' (Never mind the current chill in the administration's relationship with Israel.)"

read the rest at

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What happens when CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood directs FBI?

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what qualifies a cult in the media? they just abused every rule of journalism. poor reporting. they are a cult because they don't want to be killed by the ideology of Mohammad? they never clarify what makes the group a cult and not merely a legal militia. not just bias here. perhaps more has come out, but from this writing I would say Christians should arm themselves from our Federal Government since the FBI is aligned with Muslim groups like CAIR. this is a call to arms to all Jews and Christians.
From The Detroit News: At least seven people, including some from Michigan, have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group, a person familiar with the matter said.
The suspects are expected to make an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Detroit on Monday.
On Sunday, a source close to the investigation in Washington, D.C. confirmed that FBI agents were conducting activities in Washtenaw and Lenawee counties over the weekend in connection to Hutaree, a Christian militia group. Detroit FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold told The Detroit News the federal warrants in the case are under court seal and declined further comment.

Sources have said the FBI was in the second day of raids around the southeastern Michigan city of Adrian that are connected to a militia group, known as the Hutaree, an Adrian-based group whose members describe themselves as Christian soldiers preparing for the arrival and battle with the anti-Christ.

WXYZ-TV reports that helicopters were spotted in the sky for much of Saturday night, and agents set up checkpoints throughout the area. Witnesses told the station that it was like a small army had descended on the area. The Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are also involved in the raids.
Mike Lackomar, of, said both The Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia and the were not a part of the raid.
Lackomar said he heard from other militia members that the FBI targeted the Hutaree after its members made threats of violence against Islamic organizations.
Islam's doctrines make violence against Christians. Why didn't you arrest them?
"Last night and into today the FBI conducted a raid against homes belonging to the Hutaree. They are a religious cult. They are not part of our militia community," he said
what are the qualifications for a cult? does nearly calling a group that without articulating what would allow someone to defame a group without explaining it's viral danger to society. or is it's danger that it knows what Islam is?

Lackomar said he was told there were five arrests Saturday and another five early Sunday. The FBI declined to comment.
One of the Hutaree members called a Michigan militia leader for assistance Saturday after federal agents had already began their raid, Lackomar said, but the militia member -- who is of Islamic decent and had heard about the threats -- declined to offer help. That Michigan militia leader is now working with federal officials to provide information on the Hutaree member for the investigation, Lackomar said Sunday.
"They are more of survivalist group and in an emergency they withdraw and stand their ground. They are actively training to be alongside Jesus," he said.
Sources from the Michigan militia community said one of the FBI raids took place Saturday during a wake for a Hutaree member who had died of natural causes. A Hutaree leader was arrested during the wake while at the same time agents were conducting raids at other locations.
The Associated Press is reporting that FBI spokesman Scott Wilson in Cleveland said agents arrested two people Saturday in northwest Ohio. A third arrest was made in Illinois on Sunday, a day after raids in northwest Indiana.
Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on Islamic-American Relations (Another name for CAIR?) of Michigan, made an announcement Sunday during the group's 10th anniversary banquet about receiving a call from a network journalist about the alleged threat against Muslims.
"Don't allow this news to scare you away from practicing your faith," said Walid.

Walid wants to get busy with his Jew hunting

Audible gaps were heard throughout the banquet hall when the news was announced. Walid said he will call local authorities about more information on the allegations. He urged local Muslims to recommitt themselves to their faith in light of the accusations.


Weasel Zippers: Chuck Schumer (D-LSD): Hey, You Know That Wildly Unpopular Health Care Bill? Well Anyone Who Voted Against it Will be Hurt in November...


Keep telling yourself that, Chucky....

(The Hill)- Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), the architect of the Democrats’ large Senate majority, predicted Sunday that healthcare reform would be an asset for Democratic candidates in November.

While Republicans have pledged to make healthcare the centerpiece of their 2010 political strategy, Schumer said the move would blow up in their faces.

“I predict that by November those who voted for healthcare will find it an asset and those who voted against it will find it a liability,”Schumer said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

A Washington Post poll published Sunday showed that 50 percent of people oppose the law while 46 percent support it.

it would be nice if a nice zionist would tell Clinton, Obama, Biden the truth about the agreement. you can't build trust for peace by lying to a party who is making unilateral concessions. a little less sympathy for the violently hostile would be open minded... dare I say liberal. why the double standard Chucky?

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According to the interview, Sandra Bullock is happy to become pregnant, but that is not the only way she is thinking about becoming a mother.This one really stumped me. Is there any other way to become a mother?

via 3/27/10

Be afraid, be very afraid. The paragon of quality journalism, The Sun of London breaks the story of the latest dastardly Al Qa’eda plot — “Radicals’ Deadly ‘Booby-Trap’”: FEMALE suicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. The shocking new al-Qaeda tactic involves radical doctors inserting the explosives in women’s breasts during plastic surgery — making them “virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines”. It is believed the doctors have been trained at some of Britain’s leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures. MI5 has also discovered that extremists are inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some male suicide bombers.

If Sandra Bullock were to get pregnant she would be placing the producing and acting career she has worked so hard to build on the back burner for a while, at least. The relationship between Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James is primed and ready for a pregnancy but only time will tell if the couple is able to conceive and bring a baby into the world in the natural manner. via
by Hollywood terms anything is possible! Even bringing more children into this situation
And here's the other woman: (one of the many)Michelle (Bombshell) McGee is that tattoo model whose reported  affair with James has rocked Bullock's marriage. CLICK PIC FOR MORE  PHOTOS.
I could probably handle a small tattoo on a woman, but that seems a bit extreme. via
Former porn star Janine Lindemulder told InTouch magazine that Sandra Bullock's husband is "a chronic cheater."
Michelle (Bombshell) McGee is that tattoo model whose reported affair with James has rocked Bullock's marriage.

The Ex of Michelle (Bombshell) McGee filed for full custody of their son
Bad boy biker Jesse James - the man who allegedly cheated on America's Sweetheart - just can't help himself, according to his ex-wife.
Former porn star Janine Lindemulder told In Touch magazine that Sandra Bullock's husband is "a chronic cheater."
"I feel sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse that she was blind and gullible," said Lindemulder, 41, who is in a halfway house in Oregon after being charged with tax evasion.
"[Bullock] once said, 'I finally have a man who has my back.' And all I could think was, 'No, you have this man who does it behind your back,'" she said.
James, who married the Oscar-winning Bullock in 2005, reportedly had an 11-month affair with a tattooed stripper from San Diego named Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.
Bullock, 45, has been in hiding since the affair was made public last week, cancelling two overseas premieres for her movie, "The Blind Side."

Lindemulder, who has a daughter with James, said he first cheated on her just weeks after they were married in 2002.
She said she caught him when he sent her a text message intended for another woman. She said James, 40, continued to pursue her - even after they divorced and he began dating Bullock.
"I remember at one point, about six months after he started dating Sandra, when he asked me to come by the [motorcycle] shop," she recalled.

"I told him, 'No way.' Later, he texted me, 'Thank God you didn't come by, because we would have been bad.'"
But Lindemulder said she had phone sex with James. "His famous line was, 'Tell me something nice,'" she said.
"He would say he'd had a rough day and wanted you to tell him something nice. It was hard to say no to the guy."
Janine says she was "shocked" to hear that James married Bullock.
Two weeks after their wedding, Lindemulder said she got a call from her ex-husband.
"He said, 'I want to come up to Oregon. I think I made a huge mistake,'" she said.
James issued a public apology after the affair became public, saying: "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."
Bullock and James denied reports they were hunting for divorce lawyers.
"Neither she nor her representatives have contacted or shopped around for divorce lawyers," Bullock's rep told

Doc's Talk: House members to Clinton: Resolve crisis with Israel

327 members of Congress sign letter addressed to Clinton in which Obama Administration urged to resolve differences with Israel 'quietly, as befits longstanding strategic allies'

Yitzhak Benhorin
03.27.10, 10:30 / YNET News

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Abbas rules out peace

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...without unilateral concessions on property in Jerusalem where Jewish people live and can not prosper and survive without building as needed :
Mahmoud Abbas at the Arab League summit in Sirte (27 March 2010)
Mahmoud Abbas said Jerusalem was "the gate to peace" in the Middle East
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has ruled out attending indirect "proximity talks" with Israel unless it halts the construction of settlements.
Mr Abbas told an Arab League summit he would not resume negotiations as long as Israel maintained the "status quo" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
He was seeking support after Israel appeared to refuse to back down in a row with the US over East Jerusalem.
Meanwhile, Israeli tanks have withdrawn from Gaza after an overnight incursion.
It came after the killing of two Israeli soldiers and two Palestinian militants in the worst fighting in the territory for more than a year.
Hamas said its fighters had been involved in the initial border clash, but insisted their actions were defensive. Israel said it began when its troops spotted militants planting explosives along the border.
Reports said one Palestinian was killed during the Israeli incursion.
In a speech to the Arab League summit in the Libyan town of Sirte on Saturday, President Abbas demanded an immediate end to Israel's building on occupied territory, particularly East Jerusalem.
We have to have alternative plans because the situation has reached a turning point
Amr Moussa
Secretary-Genera, Arab League
"We cannot resume indirect negotiations as long as Israel maintains its settlement policy and the status quo," he said.
"Negotiations on the borders [of a future Palestinian state] would be absurd if Israel decides on the ground the border," he added. "We have always said that Jerusalem is the jewel in the crown and the gate to peace."
Nearly half a million Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They are held illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a guest of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, described the Israeli position as "madness".
9 Mar: Israel announces the building of 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem during visit by US Vice-President Joe Biden.
Mr Biden condemns the move
11 Mar: Mr Biden says there must be no delay in resuming Mid-East peace talks, despite the row
12 Mar: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Israeli move is "deeply negative" for relations
15 Mar: The US says it is waiting for a "formal response" from Israel to its proposals to show it is committed to Mid-East peace
16 Mar: The US envoy to the Mid-East postpones a visit to Israel
17 Mar: President Obama denies there is a crisis with Israel
22 Mar: Hillary Clinton tells pro-Israel lobby group Aipac Israel has to make "difficult but necessary choices" if it wants peace with Palestinians.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu tells Aipac Israel has a "right to build" in Jerusalem
23 Mar: Mr Obama and Mr Netanyahu meet behind closed doors with no media access
23 Mar: Jerusalem municipal government approves building of 20 new homes in East Jerusalem
24 Mar: Mr Netanyahu ends Washington trip talking of a "golden" solution amid US silence
"This leads Israel to isolation," he told the conference. "By adopting such an attitude, Israel is not only violating international law, but also violating human feelings, conscience and history."
The Arab League's Secretary-General, Amr Moussa, said its member states should prepare for the possibility of the peace process's "complete failure".
"It's time to face Israel. We have to have alternative plans because the situation has reached a turning point," he added.
The UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, meanwhile urged Arab leaders to continue supporting US efforts to revive the peace talks.
He said Jerusalem's significance should be respected, and that the city "should emerge from negotiations as the capital of two states".
The BBC's Rana Jawad, in Tripoli, says this is the first time the UN has specified what it would like to result from the talks about Jerusalem.
The chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, welcomed the statement, telling the BBC it was "the right course for a solution in accordance with international law".
At the end of the two-day gathering in Libya, the Arab League is expected to adopt a new resolution to include a plan to establish a commission of legal advisors to pursue cases in international courts regarding East Jerusalem, our correspondent says.
'Narrowing of the gaps'
Israel's approval two weeks ago of plans for 1,600 new homes in the East Jerusalem settlement of Ramat Shlomo prompted the Palestinians to pull out of the proximity talks mediated by the US special envoy, George Mitchell, which both sides had only just agreed to attend.
Ramat Shlomo
[Mr Netanyahu's] position is that there is no change in Israel's policy on Jerusalem that has been pursued by all governments of Israel for the last 42 years
Israeli prime minister's office
Unveiled at the start of a visit to the Middle East by US Vice-President Joe Biden, the decision caused one of the worst crises in US-Israeli ties for decades.
During a visit to Washington last week, the White House tried to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to commit to several confidence-building measures to persuade Mr Abbas to return to the talks.
A senior Palestinian Authority official has told the BBC that to re-enter the indirect negotiations it would require assurances that the Ramat Shlomo project would not be implemented for at least three years, and that the Israelis would not "continue to take actions which destroy our credibility".
An Israeli government spokesman said on Friday there had been a "narrowing of the gaps" between Israel and the US, but Mr Netanyahu stressed there had been "no change in Israel's policy on Jerusalem".
In November, Mr Netanyahu announced a 10-month suspension of new building in the West Bank. But his government considers areas within the Jerusalem municipality as Israeli territory and thus not subject to the restrictions.
Map of Jerusalem
1 Gilo: 850 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Nov 2009
2 Pisgat Zeev: 600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Jan 2010
3 Sheikh Jarrah: Municipality approves the building of 20 new apartments on the site of an old hotel
4 Ramat Shlomo: 1,600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Mar 2010
5 Silwan: Demolition orders on 88 Palestinian homes built without difficult-to-get permits - Israel planning controversial renewal project
6. West Bank barrier: Making Palestinian movement between West Bank and Jerusalem harder - Israel says it is for security
Here is video of Benjamin Netanyahu, an excerpt from his recent speech to AIPAC, in regard to a nuclear Iran.

Rand Paul is okay with a nuclear Iran.

Good Dhimmi — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

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After threatening the remaining Armenian Christians in Turkey with genocide and expulsion, Islam0-Nazi Tayyip Erdogan gets an apology and a promise of loyalty from the representative of the remaining Armenians.

Turks loot the belongings of the Armenians before exterminating them…..

read the rest via

Breaking and Entering

by Noah David Simon

temporary marriage

The apologists never refer to the fact that there are over a quarter of a million street children in Iran who do not officially exist. They have no identity, no birth certificates. They are born and raised on the streets and are the products of “temporary marriage,” a law which codifies exploitative sex that is not only legal, but encouraged and pushed by the regime.

Bibi agrees to kick himself in the testicles at Obama's request

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Prime Minister Netanyahu's spokesman said on Friday morning that the government had reached an agreement with the Obama administration that would allow Jewish construction in 'east' Jerusalem to proceed as it always has. via

Forced Government Option

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Hitlery Clinton

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I'm certain that in Hilary's head she is against a patriarchy and she views Jews as being a threat to her gender schemes.
I imagine if she had met the Smurfs she would of plotted against them as well simply for having a male head.

I suspect this is the root of her hatred and that in her head she reserves as much contempt for the Catholic church, but the reality is that for decades she has used the Jewish community as a testing ground for her elitism and gender engineering. In some ways worse then what Dr. Aribert Heim did in Auschwitz because her abuse lasted years and the myriads of feminists in the Jewish community were easily decieved. I doubt she really likes Islam, but when she was coming of age Palestine identified with the Left Wing and she was brainwashed into their propaganda. The fact that Palestine no longer has any delusions as a culture about what they are about beyond Shariah tyranny has not effected Clinton's dream of a great middle eastern utopia and she remains loyal to old political connections that have long since given up their leftism and remain Jew haters.
For those who don't recall the picture, that's Hillary kissing Suha Arafat just after Mrs. Arafat claimed that Israel was poisoning the water in Gaza. Hillary later claimed that she didn't understand what Suha said. Sure....


another example of Clinton saying it was a mere mistake... how many times will we believe this?

now at her speech at AIPAC
You can find the full transcript here (8-page pdf)

AIPAC was behind the disastrous Oslo Accords, Wye Accords, Gaza pull-out, and, behind the scenes, a total pull-out from the West Bank (including suburban Jerusalem, and ultimately “East” Jerusalem. AIPAC supported a Palestinian state early on and actively joined lobbying forces with the lobbyist hired by Arafat’s Palestinian Authority in meetings with Members of Congress. On college campuses, especially of late, left-wing AIPAC student groups at the University of Michigan, Duke, and Princeton, have repeatedly opposed other students who’ve opposed Islamic terrorism.
AIPAC is single-handedly responsible for shoving the disastrous Oslo Accords down Israel’s throat, for getting the U.S. to remove the P.L.O./Fatah from any U.S. terrorist designations, and for pimping America on the false notion that Fatah is the “moderate” terrorist group and a “partner for peace.” AIPAC even held joint lobbying sessions for the Palestinians all over Capitol Hill, loaning its lobbyists to anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Edward Abington, the PLO’s lobbyist. AIPAC’s friend, Abington, is
now working for HAMAS. And AIPAC will probably help Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton force-feed the wholesale further amputation of Israel down the country’s throat.via

WASHINGTON (AP) -- New Israeli construction on land claimed by the Palestinians threatens peace efforts and undermines America's ability to help end the Arab-Israeli conflict, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told a leading Jewish organization Monday. Israel's recent announcement of new housing in east Jerusalem exposed differences between the U.S. and the Jewish state that others could exploit, Clinton said. Her remarks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were friendly, but contained a blunt account of a severe diplomatic breach between the close allies over what the United States sees as the provocative and shortsighted expansion of Jewish settlements and other housing on land claimed by Palestinians. Clinton defended the Obama administration's strong criticism of a recent large housing announcement because she said it hurt attempts to launch peace talks in which the United States will be the intermediary. said the square of Dalal al Mughrabi was named after Hamas, not Fatah?
When a Hamas-controlled municipality glorifies violence and renames a square after a terrorist who murdered innocent Israelis, it insults the families on both sides who have lost loves ones in this conflict. And when instigators deliberately mischaracterize the rededication of a synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s old city and call upon their brethren to “defend” nearby Muslim holy sites from so-called “attacks,” it is purely and simply an act of incitement. These provocations are wrong and must be condemned for needlessly inflaming tensions and imperiling prospects for a comprehensive peace.
Dalal al Mughrabi was a FATAH terorrist. FATAH did that dedication - not Hamas. in complete denial that her friend is a terrorist? Not likely.

Another excerpt from Clinton:

The conflict with the Palestinians . . . threatens Israel’s long-term future as a secure and democratic Jewish state.

The status quo is unsustainable for all sides. . . . The dynamics of demography, ideology, and technology make this impossible.

First, we cannot ignore the long-term population trends that result from the Israeli occupation. As Defense Minister Barak and others have observed, the inexorable mathematics of democracy – of demography are hastening the hour at which Israelis may have to choose between preserving their democracy and staying true to the dream of a Jewish homeland. Given this reality, a two-state solution is the only viable path for Israel to remain both a democracy and a Jewish state.

Well, that’s only the case if each so-called democracy in the two-state non-solution can get rid of the ethnicities that cause demographic problems. Is Hillary saying she’ll allow all Arabs and Muslims inside Israel’s green line to be expelled, the way that will certainly happen to the Jews in any Palestinian state in the so-called West Bank, the same way it happened in Gaza?

Hitlery Clinton again:
Last fall, I stood next to Prime Minister Netanyahu and praised his government’s decision to place a moratorium on new residential construction in the West Bank. And then I praised it again in Marrakesh and Cairo. We also made clear that this was just a first step and, like every administration for decades, underscored that the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. As Israel’s friend, it is our responsibility to give credit when it is due and to tell the truth when it is needed.
no not true

Every other administration characterized 'settlements' as 'not helpful,'but did not question Israel's right to have them

Apparently there was so much booing at her AIPAC meeting that they had to move furniture around to hear her:
Laura Rozen reported that they changed the seating arrangements in the hall so that it would be harder to hear Clinton being booed.
One attendee says ahead of Clinton's speech to the conference, "They've set up the hall so that there are fewer people between the podium and the TV cameras than usual." To lessen the chance of any "boos" being picked up, he explained.
I realize that saying that Hilary is no friend of Israel is not news... but here is a little background information
It seems that in the Obama White House, the boss may not be the biggest Israel hater. That title may well belong to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton(Hat Tip: Shy Guy).
At a time when elements of the American Left embraced the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel, Hillary was telling friends that she was "sympathetic" to the terrorist organization and admired its flamboyant leader, Yasser Arafat. When Arafat made his famous appearance before the UN General Assembly in November 1974 wearing his revolutionary uniform and his holster on his hip, Bill "was outraged like everybody else," said a Yale Law School classmate. But not Hillary, who tried to convince Bill that Arafat was a "freedom fighter" trying to free his people from their Israeli "oppressors." (1)

Of course Hillary's feelings about the PLO and Israel are only one aspect of her character, often a person's true nature is more closely revealed in a more intimate setting. In an early showcase of Hillary's diplomatic skills Christopher Anderson relates an experience that she and her future husband had during a trip to Arkansas in 1973.

It was during this trip to his home state that Bill took Hillary to meet a politically well connected friend. When they drove up to the house, Bill and Hillary noticed that a menorah-the seven branched Hebrew candelabrum (not to be confused with the more common and subtler mezuzah)-has been affixed to the front door.

"My daddy was half Jewish," explained Bill's friend. "One day when he came to visit , my daddy placed the menorah on my door because he wanted me to be proud that we were part Jewish. And I wasn't about to say no to my daddy."

To his astonishment, as soon as Hillary saw the menorah, she refused to get out of the car. "Bill walked up to me and said that she was hot and tired, but later he explained the real reason." According to the friend and another eyewitness, Bill said, "I'm sorry, but Hillary's really tight with the people in the PLO in New York. They're friends of hers, and she just doesn't feel right about the menorah."

It is painfully obvious that Secretary of State Clinton still has issues with the Jewish people and the state of Israel. How tragic that someone with a history of anti-Semitic views and behavior should be placed in such a sensitive position. But then, President Obama would seem to echo Hillary's sentiments.

I suspected as much. I believe the reason she made so many efforts to reach out to the Jewish community in NY was because she knew all along it was her weak spot. Its' my Anti-Semite radar if you will. People in free countries that hate Jews are usually overly friendly to those same Jews. it is part curiosity and part prudent behavior that leads to give the perception to other's that they aren't haters... that is if they are educated.

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