Harvard and State Department colluded to get rid of Obama's father

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interesting,... but I'm not sure that information says anything more then Harvard was racist. Considering how the Ivy League and top tier schools treats Jews even today... I'm not surprised at all. I disagree that there is any evidence of Obama's father being a bad dude.... and I don't have any particular fondness for the president.
Barack Hussein Obama Senior was forced to leave Harvard in 1964, prior to the completion of his doctoral thesis, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.  Jack Cashill comments today on what they tell us about the fairy tale narrative propounded by candidate Obama (II), a story that is demonstrably false, yet was uncritically accepted by the media and political establishments.

The entire cache of documents can be seen here, and they tell quite a story about Obama Senior's truncated academic career. Sally Jacobs of the Boston Globe, writes about the elder Obama's career at Harvard and his subsequent decline and fall. She has biography of the BHO Senior coming out in July, and that should cast further light on Obama's birth certificate father.

The documents released center in the expulsion of Obama Senior from the United States with the active collusion of immigration authorities and Harvard officials, who appear to have jointly concluded the Senior's behavior was so unacceptable as to merit termination of his visa and his residence in Cambridge. They struck me with particular force because I spent well over a decade in residence at the very same Harvard Center for International Affairs that found Obama Senior's behavior wanting.  See, for example:

I disagree with the resst via americanthinker.com

Haniyeh calls on PLO to withdraw Israel recognition

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Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Friday called on the Palestinian Liberation Organization to withdraw its recognition of Israel.
...Speaking after the Friday prayer in Gaza City, Haniyeh said that the PLO should not only demand that Israel chose between settlements and peace, but should also withdraw its recognition of the state.
so this peace partner we thought we had... um... oh fuck it. you won't listen anyway.

Expert: No Doubt Obama's Birth Certificate Is Legit...LOLZ because they have an "EXPERT" in Adobe Illustrator?

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Use common sense. have an impartial group examine the original paper. This scan is no different then the so called scan that the Daily Kos claimed it had last year. If you get a layering effect then don't use the OCR software. How is it that an art student from any Art Institute college can do what the government can't? I never claimed that I knew the absolute truth... the only thing I claimed was that the legtimacy of our government in one of the most perilous economic periods in history is at stake. There is no excuses for more excuses. I don't care if this is FOX Sharia owned news or not... I never trusted FOX NEWS either.
It didn’t take long for some of President Obama’s doubters to claim the long-awaited birth certificate posted online by the White House on Wednesday had been altered or might be a fake. But a leading software expert says there’s no doubt about its authenticity, and he dismisses claims of fraud as flat-out wrong. The doubters have latched onto the idea that Adobe Illustrator — the premier program for computer graphic artists — “reveals” evidence of document manipulation in the Obama birth certificate. They note Illustrator reveals nine separate layers of the document, and claim it’s “proof” the file has been altered. But that’s not so, says Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and teaching Adobe Illustrator. “You should not be so suspicious about this,” Tremblay told FoxNews.com, dismissing the allegations. He said the layers cited by doubters are evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not evidence of a forgery. “I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks exactly like this,” he said. Tremblay explained that the scanner optical character recognition (OCR) software attempts to translate characters or words in a photograph into text. He said the layers cited by the doubters shows that software at work – and nothing more. “When you open it in Illustrator it looks like layers, but it doesn’t look like someone built it from scratch. If someone made a fake it wouldn’t look like this,” he said.“Some scanning software is trying to separate the background and the text and splitting element into layers and parts of layers.” Tremblay also said that during the scanning process, instances where the software was unable to separate text fully from background led to the creation of a separate layer within the document. This could be places where a signature runs over the line of background, or typed characters touch the internal border of the document. “I know that you can scan a document from a scanner most of the time it will appear as one piece, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no software that’s doing this kind of stuff,” he said, adding that it’s really quite common. “I’d be more afraid it’d be fake if it was one in piece. It would be harder to check if it’s a good one if it’s a fake,” Tremblay said.

it really doesn't mean shit... put the papers in a museum for people to see in public. it is obviously a historic document. Let the public see it. It is only the legitimacy of our government that we are talking about here.

Arab Spring: Gadaffi's Troops Raping At Will, Induced By Supply of Viagra

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if only they were Zionists...
then they could try our secret SEX CANDY!
Hamas suspects that Israeli intelligence services
are supplying its Gaza Strip stronghold
with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive...

U.S. envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council on Thursday that troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said.

Several U.N. diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya told Reuters that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue in the context of increasing reports of sexual violence by Gaddafi’s troops.

“Rice raised that in the meeting but no one responded,” a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper.

Pfizer Inc’s drug Viagra is used to treat impotence.

Diplomats said if it were true that Gaddafi’s troops were being issued Viagra, it could indicate they were being encouraged by their commanders to engage in rape to terrorize the population in areas that have supported the rebels. That would constitute a war crime.

Several diplomats said Rice provided no evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said was made in an attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in Libya was not just a standard civil war but a much nastier fight in which Gaddafi is not afraid to order his troops to commit heinous acts.

“She spoke of reports of soldiers getting Viagra and raping,” a diplomat said. “She spoke of Gaddafi’s soldiers targeting children, and other atrocities.”


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James G. McDonald sailed to Europe in 1933 to assume a League of Nations post as High Commissioner for Refugees.
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
NEW YORK- New evidence shows that U.S. diplomat James G. McDonald repeatedly challenged President Roosevelt on his response to the Holocaust--contradicting earlier portrayals of McDonald as a defender of the president's Jewish refugee policies.
The new documents were uncovered by the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, in Washington, D.C. They are part of a new report called "James G. McDonald, FDR, and the Holocaust," that is being published on the Institute's web site, www.WymanInstitute.org, in conjunction with Holocaust Remembrance Day (May 1, 2011).
"Our research shows that U.S. diplomat James G. McDonald turned sharply against the Roosevelt administration in 1943-1944, over FDR's failure to respond to the Holocaust," said Wyman Institute director Dr. Rafael Medoff, author of the new report as well as twelve books about the Holocaust, Zionism, and Jewish history. "This new information contradicts previous depictions of McDonald's relationship with President Roosevelt."
The documents show that in 1943-1944, McDonald, in articles, letters, and speeches, publicly and privately criticized the Roosevelt administration's positions with regard to the plight of European Jewry. He did so at a time when he was still chairman of the President's Advisory Committee on Political Refugees. Key findings of the report:
"Endless Discussions": In a March 1943 article, McDonald challenged the forthcoming American-British conference in Bermuda on the refugee problem, saying "the time for lengthy discussion of this problem is long past." He criticized the Allies' "old-time diplomacy ...endless discussions and committees and unwillingness to face the peremptory need for bold planning and prompt action."
"Lip Service": In a speech in Buffalo on May 22, 1944, McDonald charged that the United States and its allies "paid only lip service" to the plight of Hitler's Jewish victims before the war, and "diplomats do not seem to have learned from past mistakes" and "today again are acting as if refugee problems were relatively minor matters." He said “timidity and fear of not being re-elected” were to blame for indifference to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany.
"Pitifully Insufficient": In a speech in Chicago on November 19, 1944, McDonald said the Allies' response to the Holocaust was "pitifully insufficient." He accused the Allies of "hesitancy, procrastination, half-heartedness" and "calamitous blindness."
"Face-Saving Manuevers": In a letter to Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter on November 30, 1944, McDonald charged that the Allies "have almost never faced the realities of the tragedy of the refugees but that instead they have been guilty of face-saving maneuvers while millions of innocent men and women have been needlessly sacrificed."
The Wyman Institute's research reveals a side of McDonald very different from the one presented in the widely-publicized book Refugees and Rescue: The Diaries and Papers of James G. McDonald 1935-1945, by Richard Breitman, Severin Hochberg, and Barbara McDonald Stewart, which was published in 2009 by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Indiana University Press. The book claimed McDonald's diaries showed that Roosevelt tried to rescue Jewish refugees. It also gave the impression that McDonald consistently supported FDR's policy toward European Jewry.

* * *

ABOUT THE WYMAN INSTITUTE: The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, located in Washington, D.C., is a research and education institute focusing on America’s response to the Holocaust. It is named in honor of the eminent historian and author of the 1984 best-seller The Abandonment of the Jews, the most important and influential book concerning the U.S. response to the Nazi genocide.
The Institute’s Advisory Committee includes Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, Members of Congress, and other luminaries.
The Institute’s Academic Council includes more than fifty leading professors of the Holocaust, American history, and Jewish history.
The Institute’s Arts & Letters Council, chaired by Cynthia Ozick, includes prominent artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers.
image via online.wsj.com

500 Nigerians, Mostly Christians, Killed in Post-election Violence: Christians Told to Leave the North

(Nigeria) It has been estimated that more that 500 Nigerians, mostly Christians and other southerners have been so far killed in the post-election violence that erupted in some parts of the tick Muslim populated north.
Reports also have it that the Nigeria Muslim Council (NMC) issued an ultimatum on April 6, demanding Christians leave the north of the country within the week.
These views are contained in a report by the Release International, (www.releaseinternational.org) a United Kingdom (UK) based Christian advocacy group stressing that at the same time 60 churches were burnt and thousands of Christian homes destroyed in protest at the electoral victory of southern Christian Goodluck Jonathan.

Captive Egyptian Women

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Media_httpwwwdemotixc_sfaliSalafists in Egypt Threaten to Step Up Quiet Protest against Coptic Church If It Does Not Release Captive Muslim Women
and yet the real news seems to be different.
Dozens of Copts staged a protest on Thursday in front of Egypt’s High Court, demanding the return of a number of Christian girls they describe as “disappeared".
A number of Coptic lawyers have submitted a report to the attorney general requesting that the minister of interior, Mansour al-Essawy, establish the location of eleven Christian girls who they say have disappeared since the 25 January revolution.
Demonstrators, including the families of the missing girls, also demanded that the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, help locate the girls.
A statement by a Coptic group called the Maspero Youth Union denounced the “kidnapping" of Christian girls, giving the names of some of the lost females.
According to the statement, they include Heba Iskandar, who disappeared from Maadi along with her children, Heba Adel, who has been lost since 6 April after driving her son to school, and Maryam George Boqtor, who was lost with her children while buying them clothes before Easter celebrations.

Welcome to Revolutionary Egypt!
welcome to the Arab Spring... does anyone in the Obama admin still think their diplomacy is working?

Vote to kick J Street out of the JCC

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Boston's Jewish Advocate has a poll that asks "Should the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston keep J Street as a member organization?"
Go here and vote no.
At this writing (several hours before you're seeing this post), the no vote is winning 55-44.

Superman threatens to renounce U.S. citizenship

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A world that is too small
and too connected is in need of autonomy.
Not all of us are the Ubermench.
Even the illustrator seems to get that...
Superman is not wise here. 
His eyes light up,,, with an evil like white light. 
What does this mean from the editorial?

You can trust a publication on Comic Book characters before you can trust Reuters. The Reuters article claims "Conservatives" were taken aback by Superman giving up his U.S. citizenship, but the story had correlative truths that were not explored.
The Man of Steel, in the latest issue of Action Comics which hit newsstands on Wednesday, said he intends to renounce his U.S. citizenship in a speech before the United Nations.
Well, a lot of people are talking about the latest issue of Action Comics, where Superman announces that he intends to renounce his US citizenship. And that has a lot of folks up in arms, lambasting DC Comics as a bastion of anti-American radical liberalism and furious over this.
Well, as Wizbang’s only confessed comic book geek, I felt it was my duty to actually read the issue in question and give my “professional” opinion on the whole matter. And I gotta tell you, it ain’t that bad. I’d even say it was politically decent.
First up, I need to recap a key moment in Superman's history. In 1986, DC Comics realized that Superman was running out of steam, so they turned the character over to certified genius (and certified arrogant prick) John Byrne, one of the most talented (and boy, does he know it) comic book artists (turned writer-artist) of the past few decades. Byrne "rebooted" the whole Superman franchise, starting him over literally from the very beginning -- reducing his powers from the previous god-like levels, tying him closer to humanity, and in general making him far more accessible to readers.
In the process, Byrne made two fundamental changes to Superman's history that have tremendous relevance to the current "Superman renounces his citizenship" storyline.
In the first, Kal-El did not travel from Krypton to Earth as an infant, to be found by the Kents in Kansas. Instead, Jor-El and Lara El took their fertilized embryo, placed it in a "matrix," and launched that into space from the dying planet. That "matrix" carried the embryo to Earth, nurturing and developing the fetus until arrival -- at which point it released it at the Kent's touch. The Kents then presented the newborn infant as their own biological child -- a conveniently nasty winter gave them the cover for an unannounced "pregnancy" and "home birth." (The arrival of the baby Kal-El in the movies and in "Smallville" don't apply here.)
So, stripped of all the technobabble, Kal-El was "born" in Kansas, which makes him an American citizen.
I'm not even certain Byrne knew what he was doing when he arranged for that little legal loophole to be closed, but simply thought it made a better story, but it's done, and Superman is at least as American as, say, Barack Obama.
The second change was far more fundamental,and -- in my eyes -- a huge improvement on the character. For almost 50 years, it was made abundantly clear that, psychologically speaking, "Superman" was the "real" person and "Clark Kent" was the disguise, the carefully-constructed persona. Byrne inverted that. He noted that Superman didn't emerge until his 20's (at least), so it was rather improbable that that persona would supplant the one that had existed for a couple of decades. So, now, "Clark Kent" is the "real" person, while "Superman" is the disguise, the constructed persona.
Which is even more important in this context.
In the story in question, Superman is summoned to Camp David, where he is confronted by the president's National Security Advisor. The NSA expresses the administration's extreme irritation with Superman's recent actions -- outraged at the Iranian government's violent oppression of protesters, he flew in and joined the dissidents. There, he simply stood there and allowed his presence to assert his solidarity with their cause -- and his mere presence abated the violence for the duration.
The goernment of Iran, however, was not pleased, stating that Superman -- as not only an American citizen, but as a licensed agent of the United States government (a special status some superheroes in the DC Comics universe hold) -- had committed several acts of war against Iran, and the US was not happy to have to answer for his actions. At that point, Superman realized that he had, indeed, put the US in a very awkward position, and was likely to continue to do so in the future -- so he declared that he would present himself before the United Nations and formally renounce his American citizenship.
In the context of this story, that action was anything but a liberal, anti-American gesture. Indeed, I'd argue it was a very pro-American move, and actually a rather conservative gesture.
One aspect of conservatism is individual freedom, coupled with individual responsibility. Here, Superman is taking responsibility for his actions in Iran, and choosing to give up something of tremendous value to him -- his citizenship -- to spare the US from being held accountable for hi actions. It's not an angry rejection of the US and our ideals (despite his stating "Truth, justice, and the American way -- it's not enough anymore"), but a self-sacrifice for the good of the nation.
In another aspect, the whole storyline can be considered a rejection of the Obama administration's handling of the protests in Iran. Superman didn't fly to Bialya or Qurac (two fictional Mideastern nations based loosely on Libya and Iraq  that DC uses when it needs some Mideastern bad guys or storylines), he flew to Iraq -- where he stood with the same Iranian protesters who President Obama refused to support or aid when they rose up against the Iranian tyrants. Superman did what President Obama refused to do -- and then, when confronted by the administration's representative, refused to submit himself to their judgment and instead removed himself from their authority. Well, their nominal authority -- he's Superman, remember?

Smart diplomacy: Syria gloating over US failure at UN

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Here's some more smart diplomacy from the Obama administration: Syria is gloating over the failure of the Obama administration to get sanctions enacted and a condemnation of Syria at the United Nations. What could go wrong? via israelmatzav.blogspot.com

I'd be doing more then gloating if I were Syria. If I were making human rights abuses like some eat popcorn and then was allowed on a oversight board for those abuses... I'd do a goalpost endzone dance at the United Nations in New York if I were Syria.

Syria to Join UN Human Rights Council
Another hit for the Useless Nations.
Are these clowns ever going to wake up and realize where the real evil lies? How many bribes and kickbacks are enough? I think it's time for the U.S. to pull out of the U.N. They are oviously trying everything in their means to minimalize American influence and make a mockery out of human decency.

Of course, it goes without saying this was ignored. "Maybe" it has something to do with Syria's new found title. via conservative-jedi.blogspot.com

Roubini warns Turkey that they are about to have an economic crises

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Renowned economist Prof. Dr. Nouriel Roubini said that the Turkish Central Bank should be supported by economic policies. Roubini said that the current account deficit and high domestic demand posed a risk to the Turkish economy. via hudson-ny.org
Turkey will be on it's hands and knees begging for stimulus money when their economy collapses. The unemployment is high and the loans can not be paid. The alarm bells are ringing now. Our terrorist enabling business men in the West are about to get a wake up call.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu (L)
meets with his Iranian counterpart, Ali Akbar Salehi,
in Urmia. AA photo.
"The most significant existing relationship between Iran and the Turkish financial system is through the Bank Mellat branches in Turkey," David Cohen, acting undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review on Tuesday. via hudson-ny.org

“Our prime minister has set a target of $30 billion in annual trade with Iran. That is why we are opening this border crossing,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Saturday. “We are announcing to the world that Turkey and Iran will be friends for eternity.” via hurriyetdailynews.com
Me wonders how much those biz contacts with Iran are worth when Turkey needs a loan.Hardly a model of Democracy for the region to follow.  If you want Democracy the world needs to learn from the good business people who have a healthy economy in Israel

Swedish trade union invites Leila Khaled to speak

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As if we needed any more evidence of how much anti-Semitism there is in Sweden, a Swedish trade union has invited 'Palestinian' terrorist Leila Khaled (who tried and failed to hijack an El Al flight from Amsterdam to New York in 1970) to speak at its annual May Day event on Sunday.

A Swedish trade union has invited convicted Arab terrorist hijacker Leila Khaled to speak at its upcoming May Day celebration.
A post on the SAC-Syndikalisterna Facebook page proudly announces that “Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled” will be one of the speakers at the Stockholm LS of SAC – Syndikalisterna celebration, set for May 1.
Blame the Brits for this one. After the hijacking was foiled, the plane landed in London and Khaled was turned over to the British authorities (her partner was killed). The Brits should have locked her up for life, but they didn't.

Only SCUM would watch this. Jews should boycott the wedding

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U.K. Product Boycott:

Pathetic that the Israelis care about the British Royal family. The British Royal family certainly does not care for Israel and the Queen (Piss Be Upon Her) has never made a visit to Israel, while she has found time to visit just about every third world totalitarian oil based regime in the middle east. It is not a coincidence that Prince Charles really sees Islam as a "Religion of Peace" and not the religion of genocide. image via israelmatzav.blogspot.com

Amy Winehouse

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Devora Myers has a piece on Amy Winehouse in The Tablet entitled 'Hot Mess'.

An excerpt:
...Winehouse wasn’t always the bad girl we see warbling, drunk and off key, during live performances. She was once a freshly scrubbed Jewish teen from Northeast London. Back when she recorded her first album, Frank, at 19, she was curvier and wore her long dark hair in loose waves instead of a mammoth beehive. On that album’s cover she is smiling with a full set of teeth, wearing a pink shirt that could’ve easily been pulled from the racks of Topshop. There’s nary a tattoo in sight. True, she had been kicked out of a prestigious stage school for getting her nose pierced, but that’s hardly scaling the mountain of teenage rebellion.
Winehouse’s musical tastes were informed by her family. Her parents and her paternal grandmother, Cynthia, who once dated the legendary musician Ronnie Scott, raised her on a steady diet of jazz greats and soul singers from Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald to Dinah Washington. She seems genuinely close with her father, Mitch Winehouse—the one man in Amy’s life who has lived up to the ideal man she sings about in “Stronger Than Me.” The elder Winehouse has stood by his daughter throughout ordeals with drugs and alcohol and ably manages her finances and career. He even tried to play the guilt card on her by faking a heart attack in order to force her to confront her drug-abuse problems. “I was at me wits end. I just didn’t know which way to turn. I’d tried everything,” he told the Daily Mirror. “Once I even started screaming said I was having a heart attack, but it didn’t work. Amy’s not stupid and she wanted to see my medical records proving I was actually ill.” Another Jewish father might boast about how his son got into Harvard; Mitch Winehouse talks about he couldn’t fool his addict daughter into believing he was having real chest pains. (Such nachas.)
Hot indeed.
Obviously a victim of the self hate that British Jews feel.  She has no love for herself.  If she were so smart then she would not punish herself. Most of the world does not care if a Jewish sister lives or dies... perhaps if she realized how little empathy she got for her breakdown, then she would see how she hurt her family who loves her in ways you can not love an art form.

Torturing the Truth at Duke Divinity

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Should we automatically accept — at face value — Duke University’s first Muslim chaplain, Abdullah Antepli, as part of an emerging loyal, moderate American Islam, simply because he insists that we do so?

Perhaps not, when all his words and associations are taken into account.  He seems eager to join hands with others — Muslim, Christian, and secular — who express animosity toward this country and Western societies in general.  And at one recent event, he attacked the citizens of his adopted country for their failure to blindly assume Muslim immigrants mean them well.

“Being a Muslim in the United States is another form of torture, a psychological torture, an emotional torture, and it’s just getting worse,” he declared at the “Toward a Moral Consensus against Torture” conference at Duke University on March 25-26.  The conference attracted approximately 100 left-wing academics, theologians, and members of the local activist community for some old-fashioned America-bashing.

Antepli revealed that this so-called “torture” is not the result of overt acts directed at him, but comes from his perception that many Americans are antagonistic to Muslims and expect Muslims “to prove our loyalty to this land.”  Such demands to “prove that we belong” stem from a “great level of arrogance,” he added.

Antepli’s condemnation of America did not stop there.  He claimed that our government’s use of torture (if that is what we have indeed been doing) is merely a “symptom of a larger pathological issue.”  American society, he contended, has been suffering from a “psychological, spiritual, moral disease.”

No mention was made about how Islamic societies compare in this regard.  If America is a “sick” society — and Islamic societies are healthy — then why are Muslims flocking to our shores in large numbers?

Ingrid Mattson
Antepli was joined at the torture conference by keynote speaker Ingrid Mattson.  She is the director and dominant figure in Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary, where Antepli received his master’s degree (and where he continues to be a doctoral candidate).  Given the small size of the faculty in that program, her prominence, and their common interests, it is hard to imagine that she had no influence on him.

If so, what an influence she would be, for she has gained national notoriety as a defender of some of Islam’s unsavory aspects. She was recently dubbed by the New York Times as “perhaps the most noticed figure among American Muslim women.”  She is the former president of the Islamic Society of North America, which was named by the U.S. Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving a charity that funneled money to Hamas.  Many sources say the ISNA is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the wellspring of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Al Qaeda.

At Duke, Mattson focused on the immorality of U.S. interrogation techniques.  Many of her charges rested on fallacies.  For instance, she equated unauthorized crimes committed by a few rogue soldiers in Afghanistan who killed and mutilated civilians for sport — for which they will be severely punished by the U.S. military — with government-approved interrogation that leaves no permanent damage. 

Such inaccuracies seem to be deliberate subterfuge: since the U.S. interrogation techniques do not stir revulsion by themselves, she tied the gruesome acts of a few soldiers who illegally went beyond the pale of civilized warfare to sophisticated, by-the-book interrogation efforts. 

Yet, her comments were standard fare at “Toward a Moral Consensus against Torture.”  Participation in such events raises flags about where loyalties lie for everybody, not just Muslims.  Speakers cited a predictable litany of supposed abuses committed by the U.S. in the War on Terror and elsewhere.

This was hardly the first time Antepli approvingly shared the podium with questionable company at Duke.  Two years ago, he was one of the main contributors to an Israel-bashing “teach-in,” at which he appeared to be complicit with two of his fellow speakers who denied the legitimacy of Israel’s existence and justified terrorist acts aimed at Israel.

If Antepli truly is a loyal American, perhaps he should forgo associations with the radical left and with academics such as Mattson who are strongly identified with radical Islam.  Otherwise, as a man of faith, he should be able to forgive us our suspicions.

Jay Schalin is Senior Writer at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.  He wrote this article for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

UN Human Rights Council welcomes latest member to the Club...Syria.

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(La,la land) Syria is not a democratic country, the only time in history where the people voted for their leaders (freely that is) was between 1946 and 1949. Since 1949 Syria has known only Military rule. The current incumbent Bashar al-Assad is the son of Hafez al-Assad who took power (via a coup) in 1970. During the Assad dynasty, Human rights hasn't been on the top of the list of things to do. Which kind of explains why opposition groups were simply wiped off the face of the map when it came to complaints against the system, Something the Syrian government accomplished in the city of Hama in 1982 when they killed up to 40,000 people because they could.
Currently the Syrian Government is trying to do likewise with the general populace of the country and to date they have despatched around 400 people to the great mosque in the sky. What I'm trying to point out here, is that when it comes to Human rights Syria is way back there at the end of the queue.
Which brings me to the United Nation Human Rights Council.(UNHRC) Which since it's inception has only had eyes for..Israel (That country in the Middle East contrary to the neighbours,doesn't have the Death Penalty, affords equality to: Women,Gays,different Faiths etc..) is deciding to inaugurate 'Syria' as its newest member.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com
No doubt, the UNHRC will issue a declaration of 'no genocide' in Syria just like it did in 2005 when its then member 'Sudan' was accused of genocide in Darfur. That accolade is only reserved for 'Israel'.

The United Nations Human Rights Council plans to hold a special session on Syria this Friday in Geneva to urge its government to stop attacking civilian protesters.

“The international community has been shocked by the killing of hundreds of civilians in connection with peaceful political protests [in Syria] in the past week,” said US Ambassador to the UNHRC, Eileen Donahoe, on Wednesday.

Her country filed a request for a special session on behalf of 15 other member states, including: Belgium, France, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Korea, Moldova, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Zambia.

“At the special session, we expect Human Rights Council members will call on the government of Syria to meet its responsibility to protect its population and stop these attacks,” Donahoe said in a statement she issued to the press.

It marks the first time that a special session has been held on the human rights situation in Syria, which has submitted a bid to become a UNHRC member. On May 20, the UN General Assembly in New York is expected to hold an election for 15 of the council’s 47-member seats.

On February 25, the UNHRC held a special session on Libya, in which it condemned the human-rights violations. It also urged the General Assembly so suspend Libya council membership.

The Assembly did so on March 1.

The text of the Syria resolution has not been finalized yet. The US would not comment on the substance of the text, or whether it would include a call for the UN General Assembly to reject Syria’s candidacy for the UNHRC.

On Wednesday, an international collation of 17 humanrights groups led by UN Watch, called on the UNHRC to include such a call in its Syria resolution.

Earlier this week the group launched its campaign to bar Syria from the UNHRC.

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer said, “if the council this week declares President Bashar al-Assad unwelcome as a member, it would sound the death knell for Syria’s cynical candidacy to be elected a global judge of human rights.”

The coalition of human rights groups, he said, has called for leadership on this issue from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton, Ban Ki-moon and UN rights chief Navi Pillay.

Neuer said that his organization condemns a recent statement by Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Zamir Akram, that Syria’s actions do not merit a special session. He threatened that members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference would use the meeting to focus on Israeli actions against the Palestinians.

Diplomats, however, explained that resolutions introduced at a country-specific special session must be focused on the country in question.
Syrians living in Jordan shout slogans as they protest in solidarity
with anti-government protesters in Syria,
outside the Syrian embassy in Amman April 2, 2011.
(REUTERS/Majed Jaber)

But they added, there is nothing in the procedures that would prevent countries which take the floor at the UNHRC from bringing up other issues in their statements.

Friday's Geneva meeting will be the 16th special session held by the Human Rights Council in the last five years.

The Syrian Revolution 2011: First Protest Shooting in Damascus

Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters?

Some sober analysis of the "Arab Spring"

Syrian soldiers have been shot by security forces after refusing to fire on protesters, witnesses said, as a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations intensified:...The Arab Spring can never bloom if the people can not be heard because of Saudi fears.

Egyptian official: possible involvement of Palestinians in the bombing of main gas pipeline in South El Arish.

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The newspaper quoted "home" Saudi security chief for North Sinai, the Egyptian General Saleh as saying: "Can not say that the people of Sinai, are carried out the bombing, whether current or earlier of terrorist acts."

ولفت صالح إلى أنه تم اعتقال عدد من الفلسطينيين إبان أحداث الثورة المصرية حيث كان بحوزتهم أسلحة نارية مختلفة كما كانت الأنفاق غير مؤمنة لفترة مما ساعد على دخولهم الى مصر بطرق غير شرعية. He noted that it was valid to a number of Palestinians arrested during the events of the Egyptian revolution, where he was in possession of firearms as different tunnels were not insured for a period, which helped to entry into Egypt illegally.

وكان انفجار هائل وقع في ساعة مبكرة من صباح أمس بخط الغاز الرئيسي بمنطقة جنوب العريش عند منطقة السبيل على الطريق الدائري. It was a huge explosion occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning, the main gas line in the South at El Arish on the way to the ring road. via maannews.net

three years later... and Obama shows some papers. why did it take this long?

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...The White House on Wednesday night released the official “long-form” birth certificate certifying that Barack H. Obama was born in Hawaii, in response to growing criticism and questioning of his roots. The most recent iteration of the debate on whether Obama was born in the U.S., Africa or Indonesia was sparked by American businessman Donald Trump, who is considering a 2012 presidential bid as a Republican and has raised the issue in speeches and interviews. The certificate says that Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother and Kenyan father, and that he is a native-born U.S. citizen, eligible to serve as President. Announcing the release of the document, Obama said that “this issue has been going on for two, two and a half years now. I think it started during the campaign. I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree at which this thing just kept on going,” adding “We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. We do not have time for this kind of silliness." via israelnationalnews.com image via hollywood.com

YouTube death threat against Rep. Eric Cantor nets two-year prison term

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Apparently he was stalking the
Jewish Internet Defense Force
before he went postal on Youtube...

Norman LeBoon, the man who admitted to posting a death threat against Rep. Eric Cantor on YouTube, received a two-year prison sentence Thursday. h/t @JIDF
Guess Laboon's background!


Ex-CIA chief: Kadhafi was good partner

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...The former chief of the CIA on Tuesday praised Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's past cooperation and said his downfall could complicate US interests in the short term. Retired general Michael Hayden, who led the Central Intelligence Agency from 2006 to 2009 under president George W. Bush, said that restive Syria also helped US intelligence but only in selective areas. Speaking at a conference of the Marine Corps University, Hayden said the CIA had worked well with Kadhafi and Mussa Kussa, the foreign minister who defected last month as Libyan forces moved against rebels.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden:
"Whatever you think of Kadhafi and Mussa Kussa... they were good and they were good counter-terrorism partners," Hayden told the conference near Washington. Hayden said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was "pretty good" at fighting Sunni Muslim militants but supported Shiite radicals. Assad belongs to the Alawite sect, a Shiite offshoot despised by Sunni extremists such as Al-Qaeda. "In both cases, you have real near-term turbulence that could -- that will -- make the closer fight in the immediate time-frame much more difficult," Hayden said. But Hayden said the wave of unrest across the Arab world could prove beneficial to the United States in the long term by changing the dynamics of the region. The uprisings "will make the ground far less fertile for the type of extremism that Al-Qaeda proselytizes, but it's a long time between here and there," Hayden said. Kadhafi, a longtime international pariah due to the 1988 Lockerbie bombing and other attacks blamed on Libyan spies, started to reconcile with the United States in 2003 and found common interests in fighting Al-Qaeda. But Western powers led by France and Britain launched air strikes on Kadhafi's forces last month due to fears of mass civilian casualties as they mobilized against rebel strongholds. Syria, meanwhile, on Tuesday bolstered troops around the flashpoint town of Daraa, triggering calls for a foreign intervention. A Syrian rights group said the crackdown has killed 400 people since mid-March. Hayden also voiced concern about Yemen, a frontline in the US-backed campaign against Al-Qaeda. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key US partner who has been in power for 30 years, has agreed to a plan to step down. "I would never claim that President Saleh was, kind of, an easy fit as a partner with regard to anything. But I don't know what's on the next page," Hayden said. "Now you've got the Yemeni government at best distracted and perhaps worse," he said. via google.com
so why are win in Syria and not Libya? Because Obama's idea is to impress the Muslim world and not score victories for Israel.

ACTION ALERT: Facebook Censors MASSIVE "Jews" Page on Passover!

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... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... We have good friends who admin a massive, 245,000+ strong "JEWS" page (http://www.facebook.com/thejews) on Facebook. The "Jews" page shares a lot of our work, and a lot of other great, pro-Israel and Jewish information with their fans. Facebook appears to be in the process of censoring that page. It's either that, or an unfortunate glitch, but considering:
  • Facebook's history of censoring pro-Israel, Jewish material (see here, here and here
  • Facebook's threats of censoring other content produced by people they arbitrarily "just don't like" (see here
  • The fact that they allow thousands of anti-Israel, Holocaust denial, and other antisemitic and Islamic terrorist pages (see here, here, here, here and many other pages on our site)
  • The fact that they submitted to Islam by censoring the "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" groups
...we don't think this is a coincidence.
We feel this might also be politically motivated, especially considering one of Randi Zuckerberg's (sister of the founder of Facebook) recent Tweets:
Dress rehearsal for President Obama's Facebook Town Hall tomorrow! It's getting close!
As compared to the "Jews" page's final post before the censorship, (linking to one of our articles):
Say whaaaat? Click "LIKE" and SHARE this if you're tired of Obama preaching to Jews!  Obama Edumacates Jews about Passover: "It's like Islamic Uprisings, Ya Dig?"

We urge you to contact Facebook and ask them to either fix this "glitch" or bring this page back fully. As the admins of the page have written:
We cannot post as admins anymore to the group at large - meaning, we cannot post any more updates. And our main URL: http://www.facebook.com/thejews no longer leads to our page. Basically, these two factors are killing this page and our ability to share information....
Here is the Jews' page main note, instructing people on what they can do to try to help: 
To All Fans and Supporters of the "Jews" Page:
As we mentioned earlier, we feel Facebook might be censoring us, as we no longer have the ability to post, and clicking to our URL (http://www.facebook.com/thejews)no longer brings you to our page!
This is especially "ironic" considering the number of Islamic terrorist and other antisemitic Facebook pages which directly call for the hatred and murder of Jews all over this platform. We've worked hard to build this page up to over 245,000 "likes" (or fans) and to keep antisemitic, Islamic terrorist, and other vulgar content off of our forum.
We're hoping and praying that Facebook restores our page to its full capacity, ASAP!!
Here's how you can help:
1. Click here: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=pages_bug
2. Fill out the form as follows:
Subject: Bring back the JEWS page and full admin privileges!
Page Name: Jews
Web address (URL) of Page: http://www.facebook.com/thejews
Description of the issue you are encountering: (Post what you want here about the page, or you can use the following): I can no longer access the page via its URL: http://www.facebook.com/thejews, and the admins are saying that you have revoked their ability to bring me new updates. I love this page for its exciting content and now the admins can't bring us updates? Why do you censor Jews? This page was doing a lot of great work on Jewish/Israel issues, and I don't understand why this is happening? Please bring back this page in its full capacity ASAP! Thank you!
Thanks for your help in bringing us back to full capacity!
Hopefully we'll be back up and running in no time!
-Jews Page Admins
Thank you for your help in this matter!  We urge you to SHARE THIS ACTION ALERT WIDELY through email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
G-d willing, Facebook will do the right thing for a change and restore the Jews page to its full capacity. 

via thejidf.org
facebook thinks they can censor the Jews page, but are slow to react to censor a page that calls for violence against Jews.

meanwhile... what is going on with facebook that ZuckerTurd had to bully his fellow Jews? 

....The social media president made his first stop on his California campaign swing at the headquarters of Facebook in Palo Alto, just down the street from Hewlett-Packard. The heavily-staged “town hall” event went down as scripted, with billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking the questions that were submitted in advance and over the Web.
via facebook.com hmmm.....
Zuckerberg, sans hoodie, was a little nervous from the get-go being in the presence of President Obama on the big Internet stage. via blogs.barrons.com

Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim urged Arab countries to thoroughly check any Jewish person who carries a non-Israeli passport. 

How come Mark's sister Randi didn't have a problem here?  Could it be because her Bro censors Jews and is a tool for the Arab dictatorship and establishment in Muslim countries?

US and Britain won't intervene militarily in Syria

Obama's hypocrisy is sickening.
Cowards. Complete moral cowards.
The US and British defense chiefs are dismissing the idea that because the international community responded to unrest in Libya with military force, the same should be done in Syria, where a government crackdown on protesters has reportedly killed hundreds.

After meeting with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, British Defense Minister Liam Fox said Tuesday that the world's response to popular revolts across the Middle East and North Africa must be tailored to the circumstances of each case.

Sorry, but I don't buy this. I also find it hard to believe that Israel is so interested in preserving the Assad regime. I've heard nothing of the sort from anyone in power here. Could a replacement be worse for Israel than the terror supporting Assad? I doubt it.

the double standard here is glaring. Any direct threat to Israel gets kitty gloves. We are in Libya at the behest of Europe's oil interests, but we have no real interest in the rights of people in countries where they are attacking Israel through proxy.

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Libyan rebels arming Hamas and Hezbullah?

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Let's Remind Libya of this Next Year: WMDs
Ayesha Gadhafi, the daughter of you know who, is accusing the Libyan rebels of arming Hamas and Hezbullah.

Remember when she was Saddam Hussein's lawyer?
Aisha Qaddafi, daughter of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi, has claimed that rebel forces in Libya have sold weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah. She made the claims in an interview with the New York Times that was published Tuesday.
Similar claims were made last week by DEBKA, which reported that leader rebel officers had sold chemical shells from Libyan stocks they had seized. I wonder why she is saying this. Surely she doesn't think Israel is going to intervene to save her father?
I remember that DEBKA. I have a feeling I will hear of it again

Jordan starts trial of Danish cartoonist for blasphemy

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‘Jihad on Danish Cartoonist’ float

Extradited for free expression?...We all know it does happen, but Jordan is unlikely to get away with what "Liberal" States do:
A Jordanian court has begun blasphemy proceedings against Danish artist Kurt Westergaard for a controversial cartoon he drew of the Prophet Mohammed.
“A court in Amman began today the trial in absentia of those who insulted the Prophet, including Westergaard and Danish newspapers which published his offensive cartoon,” said Tareq Hawamdeh, lawyer for local journalists and activists who brought the suit. The proceeding started on April 25.
“Judge Nathir Shehadeh adjourned the trial until May 8 to hear the witnesses,” Mr. Hawamdeh said in a statement.
In 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ran a feature with several different artists’ drawings under the heading “Faces of Mohammed.” The most controversial of the cartoons was Mr. Westergaard’s depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.
The Jordanian court subpoenaed Mr. Westergaard on April 14 after accusing him of committing “the crime of blasphemy.”
A Jordanian prosecutor summoned Mr. Westergaard for questioning that year after 30 independent newspapers, Websites and radio stations in Jordan sued him over the cartoon, which was published in at least 17 Danish dailies, sparking violent protests in a number of Muslim countries, including Jordan.
“These judicial steps should serve to prevent future attempts to insult Islam and stir up racial hatred towards Muslims across the world, particularly in Europe,” said Zakarya Sheikh, a spokesperson for the group of local media who is suing Mr. Westergaard.
Mr. Sheikh, who is the editor of an Islamic weekly newspaper in Jordan, sued Mr. Westergaard in 2008, saying: “I will do everything in my power to bring him to trial. He deserves the harshest punishment available within the law.”
Mr. Westergaard, 75, told Agence France-Press after the subpoena that “I have not heard about this trial and have not been informed.”
“In any case, I have no intention of going even if I am asked to,” he said, adding, “I do not want to risk becoming familiar with the Jordanian prisons, which would be hell.”

Jordanian legislators have demanded that the government sever ties with Denmark. Amman has condemned the caricature, warning that it could spark further extremism and harm relations between Denmark and Muslim countries.
In 2010 a man with ties to Somalia’s hard-line Islamist group al-Shabab was arrested after attempting to kill Mr. Westergaard in his home with an axe.
Mr. Westergaard is currently living under around-the-clock police protection.
Does this mean that Jordanian law allows anyone worldwide to be prosecuted for blasphemy?
If this is how moderate, Western-leaning Jordan acts when it is not ruled by Islamists, imagine what kind of a country it would be if it was!
From Al Arabiya: via elderofziyon.blogspot.com  and model via Muhammad Speaks's Photos

Fake Hate Crimes

Mohammad Sucking Little Boys Tongues.... delish

just leave it up to the progressive kids in Seattle to bring about the new world order where people can be extradited for accusations far away... because somewhere free expression is not happening. no one ever gets the joke in places where liberalism enables an obvious threat.

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