Captive Egyptian Women

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Media_httpwwwdemotixc_sfaliSalafists in Egypt Threaten to Step Up Quiet Protest against Coptic Church If It Does Not Release Captive Muslim Women
and yet the real news seems to be different.
Dozens of Copts staged a protest on Thursday in front of Egypt’s High Court, demanding the return of a number of Christian girls they describe as “disappeared".
A number of Coptic lawyers have submitted a report to the attorney general requesting that the minister of interior, Mansour al-Essawy, establish the location of eleven Christian girls who they say have disappeared since the 25 January revolution.
Demonstrators, including the families of the missing girls, also demanded that the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, help locate the girls.
A statement by a Coptic group called the Maspero Youth Union denounced the “kidnapping" of Christian girls, giving the names of some of the lost females.
According to the statement, they include Heba Iskandar, who disappeared from Maadi along with her children, Heba Adel, who has been lost since 6 April after driving her son to school, and Maryam George Boqtor, who was lost with her children while buying them clothes before Easter celebrations.

Welcome to Revolutionary Egypt!
welcome to the Arab Spring... does anyone in the Obama admin still think their diplomacy is working?

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