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@AmandaChapel courting @MailOurMilitary

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@AmandaChapel you courting the eMoms?
exactly what I was afraid of.
@MailOurMilitary circles around NAZI Transgendered freaks like @AmandaChapel

I accuse a close association between eMom and
@amandachapel and she deletes all her tweets.
now we know there is something to hide

I cheated on my girl last night

last night I had I an affair with another woman in a nightmare while Sara was in Houston. I didn't actually, but I found myself wondering how Sara was going to deal with that. I would never actually, but I am very lonely.... I didn't actually have sex in my dream strangely enough, but I found myself perplexed and dealing with a second woman's emotional baggage and missed dreams. I never want to feel like I ruined another person's life again. I don't know if I could ever go with another person. I'm not making this up. I just woke up from the nightmare. It wasn't pleasant and she was definitely in love with me. She was a little bit chubbier then Sara and we got taken advantage of by a tough Man fiscally who forced us and paid us in cough drops when we had diamonds. I then found myself expressing myself like a mime and could not speak. I slowly danced in break dance towards a hospital where my girl Sara was trying to get a job..

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Did I cheat on my girl?
It is hard to believe in coincidences when one speaks of the human mind
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Answered by SimonStudio on April 23, 2008
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Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Ever seen a ghost?

people think your crazy when you say you have.  the thing about ghosts is you don't exactly see them. It's like you see them flicker subliminally like spliced into the film of reality.  One flash you see them like a flickering strobe light and then they are gone.  It is almost like they are part of your imagination and maybe they are... but I can't not believe in them because I know things in the universe are more complicated then we understand and consciousness is a very complex thing... it is hard to believe that a tortured soul just disappears.

There have been two moments in my life where I saw something.  Once was is the basement of my parents victorian Montclair NJ home that we sold in the 80's.  The address was 105 Llewellyn Road and it had a lot of strange energy.  Who could resist having an acre and a half of property so near New York for so low a price.  The house is just gorgeous.  I still have pictures of it and we have a photo still of the house taken a hundred years ago My family fought with itself a lot during this period and nearly divorced. There is something very ill about the town of Montclair NJ itself, it has always had racial friction and many rich New Yorkers lived there a hundred years ago.  The book "Cheaper by the Dozen" took place around the corner and Yogi Berra's mansion is about two blocks away.  This specific house seems to break up what ever family moved into it.  It is quite a beautiful house of course and who ever inherits the house will have a meeting from someone who will tell them that if they sell the house they have to leave the grandfather clock with the house.  I thought that was bizarre.  The clock has got to be a fortune and if you buy the house then the contents of it are yours.  I still think my parent's marriage survived because they respected the wishes of the original owners and didn't sell the clock when they gave up the house.  (I'm getting shivers right now as I write this as I think maybe telling this story could jinx me)  At any rate I swear to g-d that I saw an older woman in a long grayish dress and hair kept up in a bun working with the pickling jars in the basement.  She wasn't interested in me and frankly I think she is annoyed with who ever moves into that house, especially since my family is of a semitic Jewish background and these were obviously caucasian ghosts from a hundred years ago that were less then thrilled to have us in the neighborhood.  It was like she was there one moment in the side of your eye and then she was gone.  

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Answered by SimonStudio on April 22, 2008

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My Brother's Car Chase

do you remember driving and that dude tailgated?
well he chased my brother and totaled our car tonight

it was the same guy do you remember? and no I think this was quite traumatic for him.

I think he is real shook up... imagine a truck coming out of no where and chasing you around the neighborhood with his brights on in the dark. He's lucky to be alive. I think it was good for him though. but don't tell him that.

the car is trashed

I mean this guy is crazy. It is a white guy. looks kind of like Kevin Spacey, but meaner and burly. Probably a city contractor and he goes by our house every day home from work. He's probably been looking for me for about a year, but I had stopped driving. Then he figures that Daniel was me.

yeah... it was an expensive truck. our car cost us $1200, but this guy must of been very angry to have put a dent in this customized thing. We will be ok financially, but I am 100% certain that it was a revenge thing. This dude is bad and I know exactly what he looks like and he must drive the same route everyday to and from work. He was angry at me because I once drove to slow for him and started tailgaiting me. the more he tailgated the slower I drove. I don't like to be pushed around. My brother on the other hand is a more mild personality and he got scared and started speeding. I know it is the same dude because the way he described the truck.

I pulled out of the driveway about a year ago. I am new to Poughkeepsie so I was driving slow. The guy starts tailgating. I am kind of a person that doesn't like to get pushed around. So I refused to speed up. He started tailgaiting me. My girl was in the car with me. I get a little gruff when the ladies are around. He starts tailgating for like three blocks. Right behand me like around an inch. and I'm thinking. you know what? my car is worth a lot less then his truck. If I slam the breaks down hard at the light then he's going to ram my car, but because we are going so slow it won't kill me, but he's going to be the one with the traffic violation because that is the way the law works. So when I get to the light the guy tries to push me into the crosswalk and I just slam down the breaks. My girl was pissed at me. I then gave the guy the middle finger. He had to break and he felt like an idiot. I'm sure this dude was plotting revenge for the whole year. I stopped driving because it was too dangerous obviously for a young man to drive, but my brother just got his license. This dude mistook my brother for me.

if my brother hadn't tried to run away this dude wouldn't of tried to chase him. 10 minutes ago in
I have been trying to teach my family not to be pacifists for decades. This is the primary example of why you always fight. 11 minutes ago in
I'm not worried. I didn't break the law. this dude did. the only person who broke the law is my brother who tried to drive away 11 minutes ago in
no airbag. our car is a heap of shit. we actually might make money on this and get a better car. we bought it when we were broke 14 minutes ago in
it's going to cost this dude more money then us to fix his truck. nothing causes road rage like my girl laughing at a dude 21 minutes ago in
must of pissed him off 4him2damage his veheicle. it was probably a TOYOTO,but he had customized it.the laugh is my car only costed us $1200 24 minutes ago
it's like a modern normal white pickup truck with the back decked out with a top. looked expensive, 25 minutes ago
I'm angry at my brother for being a woosie 2be honest, but I guess he couldn't see it's just an average white dude. it was 2 ... ... 26 minutes ago in
I might be missing teeth, but I never would of tried to run from a bully. 29 minutes ago in
people like this are angry. the worst thing you can do is show fear. you have to stare them down and tell them 2fuck themselves 30 minutes ago in
you never let me people push you around. NEVER. that is why I am who I am. my brother hasn't lived my life. he got scared. 30 minutes ago in
I might be thick headed, but it is from growing up in NYC. no one ever FUCKS with me. my brother is a little bit of a pacifist 31 minutes ago in
my brother isn't like me and got scared and tried to drive away and the dude is a bully. I would of kicked the crap out of him 32 minutes ago in
dude sees my car and my brother is driving it. he thinks he is teaching me a lesson, but it isn't me 33 minutes ago in
my girl was in the car with me and she was laughing at him. this dude is in the neighborhood. 34 minutes ago in
the more he honked the more I kept my speed. I'm stubborn like that. no one ever pushes me around. I told him to fuck himself. 34 minutes ago in
I pulled out of our driveway about a year ago and this white average blue collar dude starts honking at me for driving slow. 35 minutes ago in
what bothers me is I think I know the guy and it was meant for me. 37 minutes ago in
I'm glad I don't drive. that dude must of been looking for me for a year, but I never paid my ticket so I don't have a license. about 1 hour ago in
it wasn't me. I'm a witness to this. and they will catch this pathetic dude because he is going to have to hide his car. about 1 hour ago in
I'm not making this one up... this was frigg'n dramatic as shit about 1 hour ago in
I fucking heard the explosion... that mother meant biz... about 1 hour ago
the police are going to be looking for a white pickup with a dent in the front near Vassar college about 1 hour ago
my brother is fine, but I have a feeling that the chase was because this dude thought he was me. about 1 hour ago
we live on a kind of highway in an up and coming neighborhood. our house is legal, but people think hooker ave is a highway. about 1 hour ago in
my brother had to speed to keep alive. holy shit. I'm a witness. our car is totally destroyed about 1 hour ago in
we called the police. I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago. guy likes to tailgate down hooker ave in poughkeepsie about 1 hour ago in
police are on the way. was a white pickup. he chased my brother for blocks. they were both speeding about 1 hour ago
our car is destroyed. there was a chase between my brother and some dude. my brother was nearly killed about 1 hour ago
seriously something just very bad just happened. I heard an explosion. my brother was being chased by someone in a car. police about 1 hour ago in

Psycho's Brother


Most people didn't realize that Norman Bates had a well adjusted brother who worked as a social worker.  Neighbors could always hear him screaming late at night before he moved out, "Damn it Norman.  Stop it with the dress already.  It really isn't funny"

a message to a tall dude

that was a rather simplistic few tweets of yours, but don't you remember that I support what the soldiers are doing? don't you remember us talking before? I understand this is an emotional issue for you... but eMOM is just a self righteous front that puts soldiers at risk. Many of the people that they have solicited are the wrong people. I know this because I was watching them and the people they associate with are not doing the right thing and what is worse is they are ostracizing anyone who questions them. I'm sure they put you up to this because they don't like criticism, but I'm trying to help the soldiers and arbitrary people contacting you guys out there is bad news. The reason I created the multiple accounts is to show how easy it is to become multiple people. To become anything! If I can do it so can a very bad person, not just an objecting party. Please reconsider your decision.


hey Cindy Sheehan... I mean "This Military Mama"



This organization is making threats at me right now. should an enterprise that behaves like they do be responsible for talking to our troops or is there a caustic agenda here?

I'm dealing with you. That takes a talent. Respect what I offer in the same way that you should be respecting the troops. Brown shirts like you think the war is only dudes holding a gun. I live right near West Point and I know plenty of people fighting, but it doesn't take geography or an occupation to put two and two together and realize that the community of twitter is very against the war and is not mature in it's ideas related to it. I hear the personal stories on the train going up the Hudson. I hear about missiles coming out of Iran and kids not being able to write about what they saw with they're very own eyes because our country doesn't want to admit we are already at war with Iran. You are attacking me on a personal level because you know I am hitting a relevant point and it hurts the vanity of you and your friends. SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING SO SELFISH! You are trying to reflect by pointing out that I am not a soldier? Do you honestly believe the opinions of someone dodging bullets is going to be able to argue with you? Ah.. but I guess you do... that is why you are writing them isn't it? If there is one thing we should of learned from Vietnam... it isn't "diplomacy" that wins the fight, but rather the public relations and mind set of the people. Once the mind of the people is determined, then we can take part in diplomacy. But with the TWITTER society manipulating public opinion like it does, negotiations are going to look like Jimmy Carter's shit smile with Hamas. I am in communications and I am trying to protect the dudes that do not have the extensive background I have. I honor them and respect them, but I am not the one holding a gun. Only tyrannical idiots with an agenda think the way you do "Military Mama". In the same respect. I do not think I would be best at holding a gun, I also believe that dealing with hard nose jerks like you takes a specialist. I respect the soldiers too much to go out there with them. I would gladly give my life, but if a person with my background disagreed with a higher up... that would be a very bad thing. America doesn't need a person like me second guessing the troops, but you guys need to get your shit straight if you are so arrogant to go and start communicating with soldiers without a second opinion on what would be prudent in filtering out bad twitter apples. The fact that you are attacking me with the venom that you are just proves your ill will. You act like this with a soldier and he's liable to have a problem. You are not interested in helping the troops "Military Mama". You are interested in you're own vanity. What I bring to this is valid criticism of a program that could hurt our country.

the simple fact of the matter is the "Mail our Military" website does not adequately explain to people the screening and I am very suspicious of this. I assure you in the future I will speak as loudly and as strongly. The behavior of those involved in this operation is atrocious and was deserving of the critique. It is only the lives of people who fight for this country who are at stake, don’t they deserve a strong debate on how to support them or are we going to betray our military again?

more: Message to a TALL DUDE


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Social Networking is for Cyborgs. SIT ON MY facebook! did I invade YourSpace? ha I kill me...

why I might of been thrown off MySpace

believe it or not I am very surprised by this.
I worked very hard on my code as you know.
I was enjoying and looking forward to doing some more graffiti.
I do not know what happened... and I still do not know what happened months ago here.

I can make guesses though...

a friend Kendra Kay (the porn star) began posting nude pictures on her profile including her avatar. I don't know why they would throw me off for simply being friends with somone... but they might of. Her nude avatar depicting a photo of anal sex was on my profile because I am a friend of hers. This is punishment by mere association. I had 1400 friends. Certainly sooner or later they would of found reason to throw me off if this is the reason. I can see why MySpace would not to give any reasons if this were so.

The girl Kate was spreading nasty information on me possibly. People related to her name began un-friending me before I was thrown off. She's a nasty person. A year ago she put nude pictures of little children on my profile as a way to entrap me. I didn't delete it because it was evidence that she was harassing me. She claimed it was nude pictures of her childhood. She's a sick fuck, has some NYC friends that you do not want to fuck with.

I made a joke about the MySpace Latino logo in my Status Update. I said the logo looked like the Unibomber with an Afro.
Check out the logo. I was right, but Fox Interactive spent too much money to let a joke like that one fly.

I altered the MySpace code to allow my BLOG in BLOGGER to outshine the MySpace Blog. This irked the higher ups because of the high traffic my profile received. I estimate that over a two year period my profile received around 300 solid visits a day. That is worth some solid advertising when you realize that my viewers have considerably more money then other places. It must of driven them insane to see they're banner add lowered like it was. It wasn't against they're rules, but this is rarely about rules.

maybe they didn't like the Lego robot drawing with a pole suggestive of something phallic. It wasn't nudity, but it is hard to garner what goes on in the minds of Gloria Steinem endused Corporations.
Also I noticed MySpace bought Photobucket and I think they might of gotten more conservative with content after they did.

my Jew Eat video might of been a bit controversial for most viewers. After looking it over a week later I can see that it appears that I am critical of both sides. For the record I am a Zionist supporter of Israel and I was using Cannibalism as a metaphor... (admitedly it could be viewed that I was saying we should eat Jewish people). I was poking fun of the fact that people get so self righteous over the argument of if Jewish people are a racial group or not, I was joking that Jewish people were a food group. No doubt Jews are genetically related, but much of the Left is critical of Israel because they claim we are not true blood inheritors. I was laughing at that presumption, but I can see how not understanding the context would confuse people into thinking I was supporting Palestine.

Possibly MySpace just decided that if facebook could do it, MySpace could. Maybe they figured that facebook made a lot of money during the time they threw me off. Maybe this Zero Tolerance Hysteria is what people want. Perhaps on a strategic level, throwing artists out of social forums attracts more squares. (7) is probably exactly what they were thinking more then any of the above concepts.

you need to communicate to me. How do I know someone didn't hack my account. You are putting the safety of my family at stake by not communicating. What if there is a stalker out there and you didn't act?

You have made a grave error. I am considering litigation for libel.
you do realize that your actions will effect how people perceive your company if you do not elaborate on your issue. Your concept of ownership of other people's profiles are not absolute. You need to justify your reasoning. Don't let this be the Robert Scoble and facebook altercation for Myspace. People only use your service because they think you will respect a code of etiquette and arbitrarily pulling people off your site when they contribute huge creative input is wrongful.

I don't see how I could of broken any of the community standard of the pages I have visited for two years.
banner advertising has been in the same place for the last year
no one informed me of any abuse issues. there never was a warning, neither was there any history of problems.
I do not use photographs... except of my face...
there are no photographs... everything is drawn... I'm an artist
I am very frustrated here...
I do not feel that my artwork has offended the community standards of pages that I frequented for the last two years.
if you had any issues with my coding??? I only used codes that other people use.
I have seen other people's profiles... I don't think my profile is any more conflicting.
could you please elaborate...

I worked very hard on my profile
I don't even know what your problem is here.

See Giving a Network a 2nd chance

Dogma of George Soros

Communism existed before Marx. It came right from the Greeks through Scotus. Jews have been in paradox of socialism for thousands of years. Marx was a Jew, but he was pulling at the hearts of Catholic Universalism when he wrote his manifesto. Many thought it a rupture in philosophy when the pope met with Castro, but actually Castro is from the same school so to speak. It is the tyranny of absolutists, universalists and internationalists that are a huge danger. Those that just don't understand the limitations of logic. Right now George Soros is a new force to be reckoned with intellectually. His claim that ideas influence the economy outside of it's general cyclical nature is somewhat correct, but could become dangerously religious and dogmatic in it's belief. All things are relative, including relativity.





Are JEWS a RACE? Martin Luther King Day TWITTER ( dealing with @MarkDavidson )



I took a Jewish history classes at Carnegie Mellon University. I received a "C" for arguing this with a professor about this one issue, even though I did all my work creatively and efficiently. The professor was even a friend of my grandmothers (because of this I won’t use her name). She was wrong and she should not of graded me accordingly. Jewish history can be looked at from many different perspectives and it is unfortunate that CMU used this woman as a tool. It is not surprising to see Palestinian slants coming from Humanity and Arts departments at CMU these days. My teacher and other Jews like her set the precedent for future intolerance by refusing to budge on issues coming out of the Holocaust.  The goal of the Jewish people as is the Christian people is a worldwide Zion.  The juxtaposition of how this Zion occurs is a matter of contention, but both faiths believe in the accession of a greater global government called Israel.  The people who started this movement were called Jews.  They are in fact closely related to each other and are debatably a "RACE".  Christians maintain that this government will come with the acceptance of they’re leader, and therefor Christians are a part of this same Zion.  Jews believe that they’re future leader will come and some like myself believe that the scripture is misleading and that while there will be key leaders, that this Zion will come through the actions of people and the details of the messiah will be unknown till it is known and obvious. Regardless of the slant on Zion, the end conclusion of Zionism is a belief in key people who are of close genetic relation and the people’s they friend.  Converts of Judaism become not only part of a philosophy, but part of the physical "People" in that the hope is that they’re blood will mingle into a Jewish gene pool.   It is also part of Christian theology... a concept of the Christian people and Republic, with the Juxtaposition that Israel will become part of this Christian Zionist Republic.  This is not Fascism, nor  is it bigotry.  The very reason both cultures have a process of conversion is to keep the people from being elitist and therefor racist.  The State of Israel is not the final Zion.  The modern state of Israel is a defense to keep the people alive to embrace the coming evolution.  It is in fact a necessary compromise, because the next evolution of Israel will be global.  It is very possible that the people of Israel might might be destroyed and the people executed and that a new genetic group with the same philosophy could rise from the ashes and become the new Israel. (however I feel like I am making some kind of Hollywood movie when I talk like this)

Racism itself is a term that developed recently.  Race generally concerns the color of a person’s skin.  It is a silly term.  The Jewish concept of RACE is a more beautiful embrace of difference then the silly dynamic of BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, RED, YELLOW, in that the Jewish concept of RACE is inclusive.  That is not to say there aren’t some horrible exceptions to this and perhaps that is why ZION has not arrived yet.  My best friend is a Yemenite Jew.  He looks like the people of KUSH culture.  His skin is dark and I would have no issue mingling so to speak genetically with some of his beautiful dark skinned relatives.  I would have no issue with any of my family having dark skinned children, and in fact I do have dark skinned relatives on my mother’s side.

twitteratti are horrible... it’s like anywhere else....


Nazis expect every JEW to be a philosopher...
lucky for me I am well read and educated... I actually gave an intelligent answer... but the simple fact of the matter is if someone insists on knowing if JEWS are a religion or a culture/religion... it is neither and it is both.
It can be one thing for one person and another for another.
language insists on declaring JEWS as not a RACE because of Hitler... but that is incorrect, because the vast majority of us are related.... or as related as say BLACK people are who mix as well.... point being is that RACE is a human construct, designed to help us deal with generalities that are real. That doesn’t always mean we can define things uniformly.

JEWS are a RACE and also not a RACE...
but for this angry dude that answer was unacceptable.

intolerance comes from not being able to objectify people. Intolerance comes from finding something out of a classification that one is used to. This guy with all his arrogance was a classic BIGOT. I am amazed the people on TWITTER let this happen. Like a line in the sand as in UN 242, classifying is designed to help, but it is not a classification that is beyond exception. I understand how frustrating it can be for people to not have things uniform and convenient, but human relations and also language evolves and defies this kind of determined bias.

People like things to stay the same... but they don’t. The classification of what we consider to be BLACK or WHITE, Jew or Gentile will evolve. Most of what we have dealt with over the last century is a reflection of HITLER’s convenient classification of an enemy, but that does not mean that most JEWS are not genetically related to each other. To call some one a RACIST for hating JEWS is fair game... and that classification can change as well.
the TWITTER conversation is here for your analysis
Are JEWS a RACE?  What is your slant on this?

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Asked by SimonStudio on April 06, 2008

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andrewbadera @noahdavidsimon morning, how goes? about 19 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon http://tinyurl.com/2wshsk Christopher Hitchens on Withdrawal from Iraqabout 19 hours ago from web

noahdavidsimon I ain't missionary position... but I am a juxtaposition against what is the status quo tyranny here on TWITTER about 19 hours ago from twitterrific 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot I ain't missionary position... but I am a juxtaposition against what is the status quo tyranny here on TWITTER about 19 hours ago from web in reply to Br3ndaBot 

Br3ndaBot @noahdavidsimon: I am glad to hear that you are not missionary position. And.about 19 hours ago from Perl Net::Twitter in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon I'm not that boring @Br3ndaBot Politics bore me, but when Stalinists here on TWITTER got excited about OBAMA, I spoke my mind. about 19 hours ago from web 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot keep in mind I'm an artist first. but if you tell me that Wright has talking points like @queenofspain ? It's fighting time about 19 hours ago from web in reply to Br3ndaBot 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot have me pegged as some kind of Right Wing? Nothing could b further from the truth. I'm a concerned artist. Nothing more about 19 hours ago from web in reply to Br3ndaBot 

Br3ndaBot @noahdavidsimon: Your face is a concerned. I've never thought about it. Really nothing? You are a concerned artist? about 19 hours ago from Perl Net::Twitter in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot people telling me nothing wrong with Jimmy Carter's racism against Jews?Democratic party has lost all American credibility. about 19 hours ago from webin reply to Br3ndaBot 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot apparently Jimmy Carter will be 1 of6 Super-Super Delegates2decide this primary.How can this man's sanity b even taken seriously? about 19 hours ago from web in reply to Br3ndaBot 

noahdavidsimon http://www-ai.ijs.si/eliza/... @Br3ndaBot have you met my good friend Eliza? You should get to know her better about 19 hours ago from web 

noahdavidsimon @Br3ndaBot if you are a person, you could save a lot of energy and just use eliza in a script on twitter. it's a shame to waste a human about 18 hours ago from web in reply to Br3ndaBot 

alindsey3 @noahdavidsimon: Obama is just a dummy who speaks well, so it's easy for him to lead the vastness of dummies who cannot speak well.

noahdavidsimon @andrewbadera morning. I was dealing with a pest about 18 hours ago from web in reply to andrewbadera

andrewbadera @noahdavidsimon but @br3ndabot is like one of those inflatable plastic clowns .. no matter how much you knock it down, it pops right back up about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Jews aren't a race. http://twitter.com/noahdavi... about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson ho hum. Semiotics so early in the morning. Go read Roland Barthes and then get back to me. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Appeal to authority? C'mon. That's lame. Ethnicity, religion, culture, heritage, nationality... not race. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson I can't have an argument with you over definitions without a framework. sorry if it is above your head. laterz about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Ad hominem. Care to make it a trifecta of defective thinking?about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson oooh Latin? did Ron Paul teach you that? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Red herring. Why don't you stop trying to change the subject from my argument to me personally? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon

noahdavidsimon en nomine Ron Paul @markdavidson about 18 hours ago from web 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Jews are not a race. True or false? Why don't we start there.about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson it isn't my topic this morning. and it is a loaded conversation that can't be proven either way. Rather silly of you about 18 hours ago from webin reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon It's not a loaded question. I did not deploy complex question. Rather than attack me personally, attack my argument. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson come now about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon The only people I know of who refer to Jews as a race are... Take a guess. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson look N2 Cartesian Mind Body Exploration instead of damanding others see terms exactly as U want them want2. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon So, are you going to answer my question or are you going to try and change the subject to some politician again? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson I can't debate without a dialogue. your demands are n your head. yer definitions R how you want 2C them. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Once again you are trying to change the subject away from my argument and back onto me personally. about 18 hours ago from webin reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson RU looking 2 shame me based on the juxtapositions n dynamics of TWITTERS racist OBAMA cultural BLUE STATE code? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon How perceive things has nothing to do with the truth or falsity of what I wrote. Are Jews a race. Yes or no? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson who said anything about race? I said racism. racism can exist without race. your case is moot about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Again, you are changing the subject away from my argument and back onto me personally. Are Jews a race? Yes or no? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon what is good for the goose is good for the gander. if u don't want 2 be attacked, don't attack me about 18 hours ago from web 

markdavidson  @noahdavidsimon Again, a red herring argument. Try to follow me here. What I wrote, is it true or is it false? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson no doubt if there were no race, human fallibility would invent it. You can create yer racist terms any way U want 2draw them about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon You just deployed a circular argument. Try again. My question was simple. Are Jews a race, yes or no? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson your a race about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon You keep changing the subject. Your argument is based on distraction. How about answering the question? about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson GOTCHA question.It is wrong 2elaborate on either side of the argument.RACE s a human standard for dissection and objectivity. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon You just deployed a tu quoque argument. Please try answering the question. Are Jews a race, yes or no? about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 


Tu quoque (Latin for "You, too" or "You, also") is a Latin term used to mean an accusation ofhypocrisy. The argument states that a certain position is false or wrong and/or should be disregarded because its proponent fails to act consistently in accordance with that position; it attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies equally to the person making it. It can be considered an ad hominem argument, since it focuses on the opposite party itself, rather than its positions. [1]

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson RACE is relative. and being that it is coming from your mouth it is relative to an asshole about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon You just deployed an ad hominem argument. Please try answering the question. Are Jews a race, yes or no? about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson Relative to defending Jewish dignity, Jimmy Carter is a RACIST and so are you about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon http://twitter.com/noahdavi... about 17 hours ago from webin reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson your the one who is demanding control of the subject. I have bent to your will already. I have addressed your issue. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Changing the subject is a form of distraction in debate. Whether I am racist or an asshole is irrelevant to my argument. about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson your terms are racist. I will not address them about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Now, if you are done talking about me, maybe you can get back to my argument. Are Jews a race, yes or no? about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson I addressed your racism already.http://twitter.com/noahdavi... about 18 hours ago from web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon Are Jews a race, yes or no? http://twitter.com/noahdavi...about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson I addressed your racism already. Relative 2defending Jewish dignity, Jimmy Carter s RACIST n so are you http://xrl.us/biv76 about 18 hours agofrom web in reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon When people make comments like yours it undermines and dilutes legitimate racial, cultural, and religious struggles. about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @markdavidson another personal attack? this s over. yer blocked. bigotry s a human invention. righteously we can then attack them as such. about 18 hours ago from webin reply to markdavidson 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon You are still trying to change the topic away from my argument and onto me personally. Are Jews a race, yes or no? about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @tindle I would argue with Martin Hiedegger, but he couldn't get past seeing things in his own language. Sad. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to tindle 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon I blocked you about 6 pages back. I'm sure if you had a rational argument, you would have made one. http://urltea.com/333k about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @tindle took almost 20 tweets 4 him 2kind of acknowledge that racism was a human axiom, then he switched 2 arbitrary perspective arguments about 18 hours agofrom web in reply to tindle 

markdavidson @noahdavidsimon BTW, Jimmy Carter is not "racist" against Jews. He's not even anti-semitic. Please enjoy the rest of your morning. about 17 hours ago from web in reply to noahdavidsimon 
tindle I feel a campaign coming on... lol about 18 hours ago from web 

noahdavidsimon @tindle boring and academic. about 18 hours ago from web in reply to tindle 

noahdavidsimon @tindle unfortunately a good juicy debate takes cooperation. he was just butting heads. what was with the male erotica on his pic? about 18 hours ago from web in reply to tindle 

noahdavidsimon @tindle somebody give me any money n I will make a profit out of anything. reputation is where the money is.I can sell a postmodern argument about 18 hours ago from web in reply to tindle 

LaTtEX @noahdavidsimon: As much as I want to, I could not understand the context by which you have been arguing with people about racism about 18 hours ago from im in reply to noahdavidsimon 

noahdavidsimon @LaTtEX check the tweets, racism is not a math. It is relative to human constructs. Therefor Jimmy Carter s a RACIST n proportion2dignity about 17 hours ago from web in reply to LaTtEX 

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