Forian kid thinks Hanukah is a peace on earth holiday? uh.... Mahkahbees weren't hippies. festival of lights? what an ignoramus, it is the only Juda

Hanukah isn't about lower prices at Walmart and HAMAS PREPARES 15,000 SOLDIERS, CIVILIAN HUMAN SHIELDS FOR FULL CONFRONTATION WITH ISRAEL and Forian thinks I'm worried about Loren Feldman? what a shmuck!

this Forian guy thinks Hanukah is a peace on earth holiday? uh.... Mahkahbees weren't hippies.

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Obama doesn't get it at all. Hanukkah isn't about faith and aspirations to work together... it is about kicking the asses of outside powers telling us what to do like.... um Obama

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes


Seesmic aMANdaCHAPel

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Don't Blame Santa


originally recorded here

Glass is a LIQUID


Sugar Smacks

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tasty sugar cereal monster snacks Pictures, Images and Photos

modern chairs vs. snow

modern chairs and snowstormI'm not allowed to sit in modern chairs

damn Time Warner still flickering

I can't wait for my Verizon fiber optic line. yum



Time Warner fixed, but I was beginning to like being offline. walking my dog without internet to celebrate

unrestrained free markets r no different then socialism

a market unkept defaults2 centralization if mergers r always efficient. please weed
Time Warner Internet down from snowstorm, then service didn't come back. Getting Verizon January 7th.

Seesmic hangover

I'm dying here

Kick Up the JAMS MOFO


Take On Me



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Everybody Dance

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F*(% U.N. Falk! UR Banned *B* ...bye bye lies!

F*(% U.N. Falk! UR Banned *B* ...bye bye lies!

Strawberry Float


None of Jo'Bees-Ness


Robots Vs. Fish Basketball


Shoe and Pretzel Survivor!

Loren pissed of all of France? Really?

he doesn't represent all Jews. I SWEAR!

Shoe Survivor


silly Camel Fucker. Tricks are for Bush. YOUR SHOE MISSED... and Dana is pissed!


Bush dodges the lefts shoe one last time


Entertaining the BABY

NYTimes says Illinois isn't #1 state with corruption

oooh! what is it about the size of the boat & motion of the ocean?

NYTimes trying to spin Chicago corruption by pointing out the Illinois if actually #7 of government felons

Chicago is only one part of Illinois! and it certainly isn't a numbers game. It is the quality of the corruption.

Obama doesn't understand Robert Moses


Obama's NEW DEAL Roads = FAIL on

Who's On 1st


Check out this interesting answer on Yedda

Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Who's on first?

you didn't say if you were traveling with anyone.

Yadja your joke still follows logic. "Who's on first" is funny because it ridicules the game. for who is on first... the joke is the wording has a double meaning and the less used meaning is the truth... consistently. The punchline is the explaination. your joke just was that you have to listen careful...

intent is everything. words have no meaning without it. if your intent is to confuse... then there is no way to prove malicious intent. hence the U.S. government is a Democratic Republic and not a Democracy to protect us from the tyranny of law vs. minority opinion, minority philosophy and minority religion.


Answered by SimonStudio on December 13, 2008

View the entire discussion on YeddaYedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.

Re: Re: How to deal with internet censorship?


Un-Fairness Doctrine

I oppose the Un-Fairness Doctrine. You should, too. Please join:
you remind me of the Jew.what Jew?.the Jew with the power.what power?.the power of voodoo.who do?.you what?.remind me of the Jew..i saw my Jewy.crying hard as Jew could cry.what could i do?.my Jewy's love had gone.and left my Jewy blue .knowbody new.what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.and Jewy magic magic dance.put that Jewies spell on me.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he screams..i saw my Jewy.trying hard as Jew could try.what could i Jewy's fun had gone.and left my Jewy blue.knowbody new.what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.and Jewy magic magic dance.put that Jewies spell on me.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he magic magic magic magic dance.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he remind me of the Jew.what Jew?.the Jew with the power.what power?.the power of voodoo.who do?.you what?.remind me of the magic dance oo oo oo .dance magic dance oo oo oo .dance the the magic oo oo oo..what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.something frightning

you remind me of the Jew.

what Jew?.the Jew with the power.what power?.the power of voodoo.who do?.you what?.remind me of the Jew..i saw my Jewy.crying hard as Jew could cry.what could i do?.my Jewy's love had gone.and left my Jewy blue .knowbody new.what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.and Jewy magic magic dance.put that Jewies spell on me.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he screams..i saw my Jewy.trying hard as Jew could try.what could i Jewy's fun had gone.and left my Jewy blue.knowbody new.what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.and Jewy magic magic dance.put that Jewies spell on me.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he magic magic magic magic dance.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.jump magic jump.put that magic jump on me.slap that Jewy if he remind me of the Jew.what Jew?.the Jew with the power.what power?.the power of voodoo.who do?.you what?.remind me of the magic dance oo oo oo .dance magic dance oo oo oo .dance the the magic oo oo oo..what kind of magic spell to use?.slimy tails, or puppy dog tails.thunder or lightning.something frightning

First Blood!
dreading going outside.

Scare POIG


Justice may not be deliberately blind. Gittin 58a

this is from the Talmud: Rabbi Johanan said: Jerusalem was destroyed because the people acted evilly within the law. A story illustrates it: a former apprentice who had become rich was enamored of his master's wife. She returned his love and often visited him by stealth. Once the master needed money and informed his erstwhile apprentice of this. The latter offered to lend him the money and suggested that the master send his wife for it. They remained together for three days, and just as she left her lover, the husband arrived, inquiring for his wife.
"She left me within the hour of her arrival," said the apprentice. "But I have heard a rumor that she has been unfaithful to you."
"What shall I do?" asked the master.
"Divorce her" said the apprentice.
"But her marriage settlement is large, and since it is only a rumor, I must pay it."
"I shall advance you the money," said the apprentice.

As soon as the divorce was effective, the paramour married the woman. Soon he sued his former master for the money, and the latter, being unable to pay it, was compelled to agree to work off his debt by labor. While he waited at the table, his tears trickled down his cheeks and fell into the cups of wine he was serving.

Then it was that decree was sealed in Heaven that Jerusalem should be destroyed. No actual crime had been committed, it was entirely legal as to procedure, and well within the law, yet it merited a harsher penalty than an actual crime would have brought on.

Poof'n on TWITTER Censors

facebook Beacon - if this image offends you please get off my facebook profile

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please note... this woman is not necessarily nude...
..this image was made to protest facebook's administration...

@IgorTheTroll only now do u understand DARK SIDE of d shwartz

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Pacifism (Updated)


My naive younger brother fought me about Palestinian and Israeli politics. He told me ten years ago that he was a pacifist. He will deny this. The argument once heated up to the point where he swore he was a pacifist and saw no reason to ever use physical threats or action. I punched him to show him the need for defense. (younger brothers don't listen) Later that day he went up to my room and trashed it. (somehow he seems to have thought that destroying one's home was not violence) I attacked him. My mother called the police... and I was put in jail.

I punched him to test him. He thought he outsmarted me by not fighting back, an hour later he trashed my room. I went back into his room and hit him again. My mother called the cops and I was put in the NYC tombs for around four days before it got sorted out. He was seventeen years old at the time, and the police had me cited for domestic violence with a minor. I was like are you kidding, he's taller then me? I was incarcerated, but I still say calling the police doesn't count as an act of non-violence. I still have the stupid shit on my record that I assaulted a minor. To this day the little shit tests me. Today I'm a political "conservative" (..."classical liberal"), but when Rudy ran for the presidency I went out of my way to ruin his campaign. I did not like the police in NYC when he was mayor.

as a result of my fathers actions with the judge who found the entire situation amusing... she let me free on the premise that I would receive psychiatric counseling.









Gay Wedding

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Tech Jew Puppet




facebook wall post block

I seem to have a wall post block on facebook tonight

Volvo Soccer Moms Get The Crabs

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I ran into the Weather Underground when I was 4 on 96th street on the NYC Upper West Side. I watched a bunch of ignorant cops kicking the crap out of a bunch of stupid women who worked for him. I was a witness in the court case. The worst thing about Ayers is he would hide behind stupid women and would let them take the abuse from the authorities for his actions. The man was a coward. He was no freedom fighter... he was a piece of crap that ruined a lot of lives. Most of us were young and stupid at certain points in our lives. Ayers took advantage of those people who were in awe of him. This was in 1979 and I was five years old, but I remember the sounds of women's heads getting crushed because they started fighting with the police because he told them to do it.

Puppet's Puppet

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scary when puppeteers give psychiatric advice

the enraged reaction shows that this certainly registered an emotional response

MonaaaPig & LOLcat

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MonaaaPig & LOLcat

Baby Want Boobies

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dealing with kids


...from my camp counseling time with nine year olds.. way worse then eight year olds. I had to sleep in the bunk with my kids. Woke up with a body covered with Ben Gay at two in the morning. I shudder to think which one of those nine year olds bothered to coat my private areas. It was not a good experience and the administration will sometimes set you up to fail. Sometimes the best way is to offer rewards for good behavior… in my case I was left with no leverage. In the end I offered the 9 year old boys an opportunity to go on a Panty raid of the girl’s bunks… you can imagine in this era of sexual harassment how that turned out. I suppose it was a bad idea… but the camp was not giving me any power and I had no control of them. Believe it or not the week I offered the “Panty raid”, the little fuckers behaved like saints. When you consider how low on the totem pole administrators actually think of the children that they would set up teachers to fail. Children of this age need less freedom and their teacher needs to be trusted. 

General Motors Requests A Bailout From The Government

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now it all comes from your taxes

Forcing taxpayers to pay for bad business decisions is not the solution. Nor is it the American way.
G.M. poster via X RAY DELTA

image via Greg Hergert

Noah David Simon's BLACK BOOK TRAITOR Art Gallery

this is my latest GraffitWall work. Each one of these drawings are done using the graffitiwall in facebook.

read more | digg story



you won, but the tweet mob you bought will backfire


Shepard Fairey

It was communist propaganda posters that *did* get Obama elected... and no joke.  the irony is the real man who got Obama elected was Shepard Fairey.  I spent a day talking to Swindle Magazine on the phone about three years ago.  I was trying to sell them advertising.  I never sold them the ad... but they did send me every single sticker they ever made... including a bunch of copies of the originalĂ©_the_Giant_Has_a_Posse  "Giant" that Shepard Fairey is famous for.

New World Order


Society Of Obama Media Spectacle


Dog Chase



My Dog kept barking at Gay Joggers in Jogging Suits...
She is innocent I swear...
as am I...
It was all a misunderstanding!


How Obama Bought VOTE with MID-EAST OIL $!

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OBAMA'S CREDIT-CARD CRACKUP: "A breakdown of controls has enabled foreign and other unaccountable funds to pour into the Obama campaign — and it's not an accident." The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been and may still be accepting credit-card and prepaid-card contributions from overseas. It has done so in a way that may very likely prevent it from refunding the contributions to “donors,” many of whom may have had their credit cards used without their consent. It’s virtually impossible that the system for accepting card contributions was inadvertently set up without adequate controls, and almost certain that existing controls were instead deliberately disabled to create untraceability. Finally, it is likely that the total dollar amounts involved run in millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars.

Obama & the sheiks just bought America & all the Eurotrash are dancing at the Holocaust Disco



You had better hope I'm wrong about everything. let's see how the stock market does this week. DOH!

I wish more GOP had disrespected some of the decisions Bush made... now our soldiers suffer when Obama pulls the rug from under them.... did I support the war? yeah I did. did I like Rumsfeld's decisions during the war... well no. did I think dropping the interest rates were a good idea for the FED... no. did I like the end of the church/state division... no. do I support GOP, America, and Israel: hell yes. Bush f*cked up... and McCain took the fall. John is a good man. McCain got beat by Bush twice. most of all I am pissed that after voting for Gore and Kerry that I had to make a choice about supporting my worst nightmare. I have now lost three straight executive office elections. whatever side I'm on... I lose. all those Nader people on 2000 caused all this you know? I just hope I'm not right about Obama like I was right about Bush... I wish you could see videos of me before 2000 and saw what I felt about Bush... I felt about Bush the way I feel about Obama today
Noah David Simon at 12:40am November 5
I don't think Bloomberg will win with all the Socialist mania going down. don't doom the moderate or you will make McCain lose twice this year
for me it isn't about theory... but rather about leadership and people. Bloomberg is an able administrator... and a rational man. this is a world full of freaks this year.

Q:at 12:42am November 5
Bloomberg will win. It's already in the bag. My concern is what does that really get us? Since McCain lost anyway would we not have been better off running someone who could articulate conservative principles and shape the debate and build a movement?  An able administrator? Yes, absolutely. A leader? No. To be a leader you need followers. You need a movement to lead. He is not doing that. That's what Reagan did and it's what Obama is doing for the left.  That's how you change people's minds on basic issues, it's how you shape the electorate, it's how you move the population to your positions, it's how you WIN THE FUTURE.

Noah David Simon at 12:46am November 5
I'm awful tired.... and depressed. I really just want to keep the fringe from taking over. I don't care how charismatic they are. I vote for Tsongas in the 1992 primary.

Q:at 12:48am November 5
You have to realize that much of the country is not you and does not think the way you do or have your perspective. They need something to believe in and they need leaders to EXPLAIN things to them in ways they can understand and make them feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves.

Noah David Simon at 12:48am November 5
why not Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson or Hitler... cult of personality... I will take Bob Dole

Q:at 12:49am November 5
I would take Bob Dole too. But if he loses what's the difference between losing with him and losing with someone who actually excites people ? I think the difference is the future of the movement.

Noah David Simon at 12:50am November 5
I know that people who excite people are nutballs

Q:at 12:50am November 5
Bob Dole lost. McCain lost. That's the point.
So is it really better to run candidates who are more acceptable to moderates who still don't vote for them?

Noah David Simon at 12:51am November 5
yeah... and so Henry 2nd lost... and so on.... but the reality of Richard III is about to be felt

Q:at 12:51am November 5
What does that achieve other than giving New York Republicans an easier time with their liberal friends?  OK. But if McCain loses to Obama ANYWAY why is it better to run him?
I agree he would be better if he won. But he didn't. Neither did Dole. Because America is not New York.

Noah David Simon at 12:52am November 5
L. L... I didn't like Rudy... there are many kinds of Conservative... I ain't for a police state.

Q:at 12:53am November 5
I'm not trying to make you agree with me on all the issues. But please address the central point. If McCain and Dole lose ANYWAY why is it better to run them?
Bloomberg wins New York. I get it. I never argued with that. But McCain and Dole and Ford all LOSE America.
Noah David Simon at 12:55am November 5
I just vote for the man who represents me. why should I run with the mob and the pitchforks?

Q:at 12:56am November 5
Well if you think Rudy or Romney or Thompson are the mob with pitchforks I don't know what to say.  And if you're now saying you just vote for people who represent you, you've changed the argument. Because you were telling me why I should accept people who don't represent me cause they're better than the alternative. So everyone else should compromise but not you?
And again, if we lose anyway how does this help anything except make us slightly less distasteful to the left as we lose.

Noah David Simon at 12:58am November 5
no... just Rudy. it isn't the theory. It was from the experience of my stay in NYC that makes me warrant that opinion. Romney seems more level headed. ...don't get me wrong... I like Rudy as a commentator... just not running as mayor. and Thompson is a great man.  this is a real politic argument. I'm not talking theory. I'm talking application. Rudy made me miserable.

Q:at 1:00am November 5
Hey, I'm not a Rudy nut. He wasn't my guy. I'll take any of these guys. They would all lielly have lost but they would have articulated their positions and shaped the debate and made Obama explain himself.

Noah David Simon at 1:00am November 5
btw I voted for Romney in the primary... so... there you go

Q:at 1:01am November 5
I'm not looking for ideological purity. This is a pluralistic democracy of 300 million. I get that. But I'd like someone who can speak to principles.

Noah David Simon at 1:01am November 5
Rudy is funny... but on TV... I don't want him running the country. sorry but I feel that way about my Dad too

Q:at 1:01am November 5
I voted for Romney too. He was the best choice by the time the primaries got to New York.
You don't have to apologize to me for having problems with Rudy. I just want people who will shape the discussion and move the electorate. McCain and Dole and Ford all failed to do that.

Noah David Simon at 1:03am November 5
Romney lost because America still has bigotry against Religion... I know that from my own life. I loved Romney, but I would of been happy with Thompson.

Q:at 1:04am November 5
Agreed. But since we lost anyway wouldn't it have been better to run any of these guys and maybe win some of the arguments and shape the policies a little?

Noah David Simon at 1:04am November 5
look... I wasn't from Arizona... so I didn't have a hard look at how old John was till the debates. he looked horrible and I was trying to lie and say he didn't but he did... I knew it. I liked him because his words rang true... but he looked weak

Q:at 1:06am November 5
All I'm saying is politics is more than the next election and economics is more than the next quarter's profits. We have to run on ideas not just cynically try to pick the most appealing candidate and think we can win any election.

Noah David Simon at 1:06am November 5
L. L I'm a new conservative... so I felt akin to John... shaping policy isn't my place when I barely know the history of the party identity.. and it would seem the identity is going to radically change now anyway

Q:at 1:06am November 5
This was a Democrat year. I just would ahve liked to win some policy arguments and some down ballot races.

Q:at 1:08am November 5
Romney would not have lost Nevada and Colorado and would have helped with Senate races all over the place and would have won some economic arguments. Same with Thompson only he would have helped more in different regions and on legal issues more.

Noah David Simon at 1:09am November 5
like I said before I knew it was bad for the GOP when I was on their side. I hardly reflect the people. I'm from the elite college educated northeast establishment... for me the idea of giving the rich money seems foreign... but here I am

Q:at 1:10am November 5
Sometimes it's better to lose a battle in a strategic fashion that puts you in better position for the future than to compromise everything in a desperate attempt to try and win a lost cause.

Noah David Simon at 1:10am November 5
agreed... the Republicans are in a bad place.
it all sux... either way. no good will come from this. the real problem is not McCain... it was that Bush didn't represent his own values

Q:at 1:12am November 5
In a two party system you win some and lose some. But if you lose your principles then you're done.  Bush didn't represent conservatism but he did represent his values. Compassioante conservatism. Hands across the water. Let Ted Kennedy write the education bill and immigration bill, etc.

Noah David Simon at 1:13am November 5
theory is crap... but say what you are going to do. Bush didn't... we will suffer because of that... and my bet is we will suffer from Obama for the same reason

Q:at 1:14am November 5
See Bush compromised conservatism so all the geniuses decided we shoudl compromise it even more with McCain and that would save us. Then they all jumped ship and went for Obama.

Q:at 1:15am November 5
Theory is crap but conservatism is not theory. It's based on past real world experience from centuries of Western Civilization.  But see this is the point. We need leaders articulating that.

Q:at 1:15am November 5
Not reducing conservatism to "get the bad guys".

Noah David Simon at 1:18am November 5
for me the bad guys were a bit more threatening... but the problem is you can't compromise what you said you were going to do to keep us drunk and happy. dropping the FED interest rates costed the GOP the election. it wasn't getting the bad guys that was the problem... it is that you can't fight when you are stoned and drunk.  the fact is there were a lot of things that went wrong... I think McCain would of won three weeks from now

Q:at 1:19am November 5
I'm not against getting that bad guys I'm just saying that can't be your whole message. You need a message of why it is good to NOT drop the FED rate and take the short term pain. Remember, Wall Street liked the FED cut at the time. Cause it was good for short term quarterly profits.  Just like the intelligentsia all wanted the bailout.
It was the evil right wing pitchfork people who opposed these things.
See just because Bush wears cowboy hats and believes in Jesus doesn't make him a conservative.

Noah David Simon at 1:22am November 5
well the bailout seems to be working... no? but it is pointless to talk about a patient dying on the table... yeah this is an emergency... but just because I give permission doesn't mean I want my doctors to Rumsfeld my operation

Q:at 1:23am November 5
He is the scion of an elite New England moderate Republican dynasty who happened to grow up in Texas.

Noah David Simon at 1:23am November 5
yeah bailout... but what are the parameters of that? I'm not an expert here... but it seems like we have a mess here

Q:at 1:24am November 5
And the only way to avoid all this is to have leadership that articulates conservative principles on economics, fiscal and monetary policy, and other things in addition to getting the bad guys.

Noah David Simon at 1:24am November 5
believe me... I know who Bush is

Q:at 1:26am November 5
The biggest problem for the Republican party is not losing this election. It's that most people i the country have no idea what conservative even means anymore.
People who didn't agree with Reagan voted for him. People who do agree with McCain voted against him.  Moderates voted for Reagan in droves but abandoned the moderate McCain for the left wing Obama. People need articulate, principled leadership. Even when they don't totally agree.

Noah David Simon at 1:28am November 5
I think the problem was that McCain didn't have people. charisma is a factor though. but it is hard 2judge, cuz I really liked him

Q:at 1:29am November 5
I still like him. I don't want to kick him out of the party or anything.
He's a good man and an American Hero. He's just not a principled and articulate leader.
But he was only ever as popular as he was because the media used him to weaken the Right by playing up his maverick opposition to actual conservatism.

Noah David Simon at 1:30am November 5
I'm tired... and depressed and it is 1:29 AM. my brain cells are gone. I have been cartooning all day. this sux... I can't argue you competitively

Q:at 1:30am November 5
As soon as he was the nominee they slaughtered him.
Have a good night. You're part of the unofficial American aristocracy. What you think matters more than me. Please consider what I've said.

Noah David Simon at 1:31am November 5
McCain lost because the economy took a plunge... knit picking will do no good. you would of said the opposite if the election were last month

Q:at 1:32am November 5
I really would not have. He would have lost anyway. Just by less. The debates are why McCain lost.

Noah David Simon at 1:33am November 5
L.L. you seem to be on the inside... I wouldn't of friended you otherwise. is the American Aristocracy unemployed? ask my girlfriend... I'm college educated... but I am broke

Q:at 1:36am November 5
I honestly didn't mean that as an insult or to be sarcastic or anything. You really are. If the Republican Party loses everyone with a degree we're finished. This is why I try my best to express things to people from all walks of life. We need a broad coalition. Schlubs like me are not enough. We need people who are more liberal, more moderate, more intellectual, etc. Seriously, think about what I've said. Ideas matter. Articulate and passionate leadership matters.
As for your current financial situation, I really do hope things turn around for you.

Noah David Simon at 1:39am November 5
well... the election has given my cartoons some exposure... but I was on the loosing side. so maybe next time I'm the big man on the winning side

Q:at 1:41am November 5
Unless we stop Obama from rigging the courts, rewriting the rules, passing the Fairness Doctrine and Card Check for Union Elections and buying votes with his "tax cuts" that are really welfare I wonder if there will be a next time.
We are facing the prospect of a decade or more in the wilderness living under left wing rule.
We need organization, better use of technology and communication, younger faces, new blood, and articulate leadership.
We are now the minority at all levels of government. All we have now is 4 and a half Supreme Court Justices.

Noah David Simon at 1:44am November 5
I know... and that means any money I will make goes to his ass
I like being the underdog... I'm an artist. we complain a lot

Q:at 1:45am November 5
It also means that any victories in the War on Terror he'll take credit for and any failures will be blamed on Bush and therefor Republicans

Noah David Simon at 1:46am November 5
look I'm not happy... ok? but I'm tired. I know Obama is going to sell us short. I get it

Q:at 1:46am November 5
Petraeus now works for him. We need more then getting the bad guys because only the Commander in Chief can take credit for that.

Q:at 1:47am November 5
What he's going to do is not sell us short but fundamentally change America, move us left, and build a permanent governing coalition.

Noah David Simon at 1:47am November 5
Obama is power hungry... he might not act like Bush didn't over turn Roe V Wade.

Q:at 1:48am November 5
Obama is definitely power hungry. I don't get the reference to Roe though.
But I'll let you get some sleep. I know you said you're tired.

Noah David Simon at 1:49am November 5
political minds don't always say what they do. they compromise once in power. abandoning our troops would make Obama lose in 4 years

Q:at 1:50am November 5
He will only lose in four years if we reshape the political landscape. Ethnic politics is very powerful, being from NY you should know that.

Q:at 1:50am November 5
He is about to lock up the hispanic vote.
Please consider reading some Russell Kirk. I think you'll find his "The Conservative Mind" informative and not at all pitchforky.

Noah David Simon at 1:53am November 5
I will... thanks for the chat... zzzz ....tired!

Q:at 1:54am November 5
Israel launches first airstrike on Gaza since June...
20 rockets fired from Gaza to Israel... It begins....
That's up on Drudge. Get ready for four years of madness.

Noah David Simon at 10:01am November 5
what a lousy night

My Brother didn't VOTE!

my brother couldn't be bothered to vote...  I say do over.... actually he was in NYC at his job and couldn't make it back to Poughkeepsie....

Obama gives me the SQUIRTS


Queer Eye for P.C. Denial

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I started this post to defend Imus and then realized that he was REALLY WRONG... and yet in the growth of the post I found how uncomfortable my own head was... Thank God no one actually looking here or I would of gone down like Imus and Rosie... We need to be a whole lot more forgiving of creatives in the electronic age where any creative whim an artist says can travel in the airwaves. Seriously we are all guilty of thoughts that are not kosher. Objectivity leads us down some nasty hallways. and there is nothing wrong with looking around... in fact it is healthy. What isn't healthy is a P.C. world that can't forgive. I'm not a Christian, but my favorite Jesus saying is... "Let he who cast the first stone". You get what I am saying. I sincerely doubt Rosie and Imus and Kramer from Seinfeld are bad people. I find Mel Gibson to be a more dangerous type because he fought it for several years... or Vanessa Redgrave or Marlon Brando who had their ego caught up in hatred. Better for it to air out early... the shit below is me rambling myself... so here goes my Negroes.

Flying out there in outer space comes Jimmy the Greek…. And he says, “see I told you so… and you let O.J. Simpson laugh at me… Them Negroes really is genetically altered… The Hebrews were thrown in ovens like Dominos Pizza… Sure as hell couldn’t do that during Roman times. Later after 2000 years of Christianity the Kikes went from warriors to neurotic wimps on a conveyor belt …and it took only one generation to kick your Palestinian Nazi Ass. Now we know what Jimmy Carter is really pissed off about… Them Jews were creating socialist literature till that Atom bomb… …(Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!) ...that faggot deserves a government supervised position to keep him from molesting young boys in church and on camping trips with a Buddhist activity group... but all they want is official marriage with benefits? Give them a position that is government endorsed… an official fairy council that will decorate and dress the citizens… Queer Eye for your Silly P.C. Denial.

Don Imus and Kramer can kiss your Nappy Action Jackson Ass..., but names will never hurt me. When you meet me for my press conference apology, make sure you wear you seatbelt in your sports utility vehicle." Hey was that Governor Corzine or was that another Mel Gibson movie?

The thing I don't understand is why go to Al Sharpton at all... couldn't Don Imus find a better "Nappy" to apologize to? Why... because Imus thought he could weasel his way out of this by finding a bigger idiot then himself. The Kansas City Shuffle... they look right, you go left... hell it worked for Rudy Guliani (nobody will notice that I'm a complete asshole because you will be arguing if I'm a racist or not while I pick on marijuana smokers and subway toll jumpers)

Heres John Kerry showing he has bad debating skills with Imus... (he should of ripped a new asshole out of Imus... I mean this is the only guy in history who could of lost a debate to W Bush!

Andy Rooney.... O.K.... O.K..... point taken...
"Why do they call it take a shit when it should be called give a shit."

...maybe Howard Stern was right about this guy... Imus...we never knew you.

Federal Pump


if you are going to "federalize" things like the way things are going then absolutely we need a person in power who will balance the system. I'm open minded to social spending. I said we needed it in 1992 to get us into a green economy and as a result we had all houses of government zealous on social spending... Unfortunately instead of radically altering the economy the government we voted in decided to lick Palestinian assholes, mess up the military with "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and rampage litigious lawsuits against every male who got a hard on in an office environment. All this while Clinton ordered pizza with Lewinsky. I don't want to see that environment happen again and with the amount of lying that Obama has already done I can see the big picture already.

Predatory Lending (FED DROPS RATE FOR POOR and WE ALL SUFFER) the solution really Socialist Gray Wolf?


@Jack @Biz and @Ev Failed!


My father tells me to f#(% myself on Seesmic

yes my father is an angry old radical

Bleed the BIG FOWL for your PANIC

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who owns ur undies @aMANdaCHAPel?

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aw thanks... but who owns ur undies @aMANdaCHAPel?
@aMANdaCHAPel still attempting to make rape accusations. checkout this twitter search for the evidence.
Brian/aMANdaCHAPel's story is based on this story that I wrote about myself. They are spinning it for spurious, accusatory and defamatory reasons

for those who are in the dark about who Brian/aMANdaCHAPel is. is a person who claims to be a woman and makes sexual accusations towards people on the internet. Usually Jewish men, but she does go after other people at times. She claims she isn't a JEW HATER because she is friends with Loren Feldman. She also claims to be involved in PR and she certainly gets around... this Brian person was obviously an insider at Oglivy a big firm in the biz and Brian seems to have a huge beef with Edelman. As for political slants he / she seems to be a bit a political, but at the same time fears power and intelligence... hence the Anti-Semitism and the guise of a fake persona.

@AnotherAbortion and @AnotherAborted


we also lost @MaxxSimon and all the variations on @AnotherNoah and @AnotherBlocked

these accounts were created when I created this video

Political Correction and Diseases

a whole lot of Eskimos are dying of AIDS? Not! don't be PC

Mel Gibson vs. Reverend Hagee

I had a very good Gentile friend... might say it is my best friend... but we never met except online.
...he asked me the big question!

Gibson is no Hagee, and while I agree that Israel is suffering from the same Patty Hertz Syndrome ...if Gibson hadn't gotten drunk and let his real fealings out you can imagine how hard it might of been to defend ourselves against accusations of a movie that put the slant in the wrong place. Pontius Pilate by telling an inner story to his wife about how he really felt ill about crucifying a man he didn't think was guilty, puts the crux of the blame on the Jews and not Rome. this changes a lot of things in the story. The whole point is that Pontius is as wrong and is indifferent to justice.

Hagee on the other hand is a friend of many rabbis I know and was misunderstood. Hitler was indeed a hunter that chased the "AntiZionism" out of Judaism. Before WWII most Jews were against Israel!

and yes I do agree Gibson is one of the finest artists of our time, as was OJ Simpson one of the greatest athletes. Gibson is not as bad as Simpson, but G-d did give Gibson a second chance... though he had to pay his dues and eat a little hubris. His vanity got the better of him... being a great artist or craftsman leads people down a dangerous road. Marlon Brando also tripped up that wire.


Media Hates Joe

Media Loves Mario

Economy is like a PIMPLE

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what we need is a Strident that works... leaving it alone is not going to help anymore. What is the better wipe?
from Seesmic Post



made a typo earlier that I updated. she in not on CNN, but MSNBC

Bigotry is reflective... there is no such thing as trickle down bigotry.

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Hate is cyclical in a community.

It is doubtful with my personality that I would have had the desire to look for the better parts of conservative fiscal plans if it had not been for the fact that I was forced to look. I am thankful that the Democrats decided to be a bunch of NAZIs. It is complex thing to ask people to accept that poverty is not caused by government, but rather is caused in the details of a society that hates and has bigotry.

Hating some rich Cracker driving a Humvee is not going to improve your community... you might get one by selling drugs... but that is at the expense of those around you. You will not effect the rich man who has the means that you don't have to simply leave your ecosystem. Obama might call it a tax return, but a tax return should be from a job... if it isn't then it is welfare. Shared wealth is not caused by force, but is caused by trust.

Even the rich need a community and they are the first ones to open their hearts to new liberal ideas. The reason is they are more then anyone else looking for love. If they don't get it they go elsewhere. The elite has Patty Hearst disease... they are desperate for something that will make them loved. They want to accept Obama's plan in hope that they can find affection... what they do not realize is Obama's plan takes away the American dream of making money. They won't have a revolution, they will just find tax free ways to profit. ...back to selling drugs. tax free... tax free gun running... tax free prostitution... tax free living at mom's house


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Tina Fey FEH!

Chevy Chase was sincerely sorry for what he did to Ford. Palin has not developed enough as a person for the media to classify her. it is disgusting. Fey just isn't ever funny. she is a moron. SNL went down hill ever since they fired Norm Macdonald. his Bob Dole was also mean... but funny at least. SNL needs some testosterone. the show is just frigg'n gay... ok? there I said it. John Belushi is rolling in his grave. I hate SNL because it used to be so awesome... everytime I see it now it makes me ill. I seriously don't like the crowd of people that took over. It isn't one person... it is this kind of scene that would of never made it with the original crowd.... they remind me of Carnegie Mellon University dramats... they are academic... nothing original. it is canned, PC... formulaic and just sissy. nothing ground breaking. the original SNL wasn't always funny either... but they were experimenting. this new generation is like the cool kids in school. I feel like I'm watching some one's click. the original SNL were freaks that you wouldn't let near your sister. Now they would ignore your sister.  The reason I hate Tina Fey so much is she is part of this Fallon thing. It isn't funny... it is teen beat or GQ. people aren't laughing as much as wishing they had a date with mister chic. if Belushi were alive he would of kicked the crap out of Fallon publicly.

when Norm came and did his routine at CMU, half of the student body walked out in protest. I was laughing at the door. his routine started with... "what is it with gay sex? sure one guy is getting off, but the other guy is getting it in the ___" could imagine how many PC people ran for the exit. the guy is completely irreverent. I'm not a homophobe, but if you were at Carnegie Mellon or any college campus in the 90s you might get a pretty good idea of why I hate SNL so much today. It isn't a gay or straight thing as much as a kind elitism that is just hostile to the beer drinking, Joe Shmoe. I frigg'n hate Metrosexualism.

there were plenty of women who were great on the original show... but they weren't Garafolo clones... they weren't elitists. they were clowns. what happened? Fey is a Latte Starbucks POIG... she is the snob in college that assumed things about everyone. She isn't funny.... she is about as interesting to me as Paris Hilton I feel like we aren't laughing at SNL... they are laughing at us. like as if we aren't cool enough at the end of the show to be on the stage.... and go to the after party.

my Ron Paul high school friend

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Original Seesmic Post

running into a best friend from the past and realizing we both had changed

You want accountability for value? I'm down with that! by not by going back to what didn't work. You want inflation? Look at the Weimar Republic in Germany... and it was "Gold" that did it. We need leadership with ideas... and charisma to push it. Ron Paul is reacting to Richard Nixon... am I the only one who believes the solutions to this era are because we are looking at things right now!

since when is the Constitution a cult? It is a social contract. crikey! a great agreement... that some people have gone Cabalistic on. Where is the "logic" in that? Paul says he is against a virtual economy... but the very heart of "gold" is virtual. the very heart of a social contract is virtual as well. you want real? you want real exchange value and yet you set your foundation on rare rocks.

revolutions are not based on old rhetoric. Paul might sound snappy... but having a big mouth is not understanding what is going on around you. Ayn Rand's ghost is knocking on Ron Paul's door. she says he didn't get it. there isn't method. if pure logic were so easy we wouldn't need leaders

principles never start with rhetoric, they come from life. orthodoxy is a cancer. we need a man who can think, not follow.

We are wasting creative people's time with teasing when original thought is exactly what we need right now. we can't get real thought out "Change" if we have fallen in love with a man who bastardized Austrian Economics with diversional arguments. How about Iceland? Notice Ron Paul doesn't talk about what went down there. The media is using Paul as a tool to radicalize the GOP. Ron Paul (An eccentric old man repeating thirty year old ideas) knows that, but he is so vain with CNN it is disgusting. The modern Bugs Bunny on a news network owned by Warner Brothers. "What's up doc?" Paul's logic had just been put into paradox with a cult used to destroy the GOP with "Pablum". Get a job working at an old age home if you feel empathy for those who are looking to repeat themselves. Everything the man says is cloud nine and isn't amusing to me to see people parroting bad decisions.

Palin Biden Debate


Sarah Palin Debate with Biden

if Biden attempts to ignore her she will win the debate. It reminds me of the Lieberman Cheney debate. Lieberman just sat there and talked... Cheney just agreed. Cheney came across as the winner because he showed like-ability. Palin needs to find her charisma. Reagan and or McCain understand when to just sit there and laugh at someone. You don't answer a catch 22 question. Lesson learned. She still impresses the hell out of me with the things that she said is right. When "Captain Kirk" was faced with a losing situation in a "starfleet academy" test he changed the rules and cheated. That isn't Palin's style. She will learn to be a card fast. She has to sit back and not take people seriously that aren't taking her seriously.

this is a very weird day for me. I'm a former Democrat and I'm right now put in a strange position of defending Palin to my old Republican friends. I'm also a reknown sexist pig for 34 years and going... g-d works is the strangest ways. The fact that he set it up so that I would have to defend a woman in politics brings me a chuckle. There is nothing wrong with candidate Palin, She has more experience with energy issues then any other candidate going in, she has the same experience as Obama on other issues and will have a few days to learn on the job before Johnny croaks. I think she has a fabulous personality. she made one mistake in not bitch slapping Katie or at least laughing at her trick question instead of trying to answer it... but I think she is going to learn fast. I think she handled Gibson well. She might learn a few things from Reagan about laughing and telling a few jokes when faced with catch 22 reporter questions... but to compare her with the most charming man in the history of politics is not fair either. I think we are in for a nice surprise during the debates.

You don't answer a catch 22 question. Lesson learned. She still impresses the hell out of me with the things that she said is right. When "Captain Kirk" was faced with a losing situation in a "starfleet academy" test he changed the rules and cheated. That isn't Palin's style. She will learn to be a card fast

Palin has that same kind of down home kind of feel as Reagan. she's folksy and funny... and the other side doesn't like to admit it. Also like Reagan she has a bit of temper and I like it. The Katie interview didn't go well I admit... her weakness is against other women. When Charles asked a question that shouldn't of been asked she made him seem like a troll, but when Katie did it she should of laughed back at her. often to win is not about the issues, but rather how you handle not being able to reply because of obvious pratfalls of saber rattling. Reagan was a pro at taking the losing question and turning it into a joke. in fact Dick Cheney is quite good at this too. when he debated Joe Lieberman (yes very few people watched this debate), but he won not by issues, but by simply liking Joe. If you like your opponent and don't fear them you win. Palin has yet to of learned to empathy for the enemy in debate. I think she might be able to show it with biden.

wow I just pissed off a Palin supporter by attempting to dissect the pros and cons....

I sometimes forget why I was a liberal to begin with... I know I'm conservative now, but my habit is to open up with people I don't know. freaked the hell out of some peeps

I was trying to tell her that I am skeptical of feminists and accept female leaders with tremendous scrutiny. I feel that woman are very different. Necessary wonderful and part of the whole scheme of things... hell better then most men. ...but very lacking in backroom political skills and way better at an open forum such as PR. she took it the wrong way.

it was not a criticism... I can tell she is very hurt right now at the way Palin is being treated... and it sucks. I'm rooting for Sarah. I think she will make a great VP and she is brave... what I'm pointing out is the truth though. She will probably kick Biden's ass because I think she might do better in debate then getting castigated by Katie and Charles... an open forum is a better format for women.

I'm Sarah Palin's biggest fan.... but I don't follow blindly

power has no gender and no DNA, but culture does. There is a reason the plantation owner chased the proletariat and slaves away from their daughters. It isn't just because the children would inherit, but rather because the daughters of nobility were the only inheritors. Elizabethan models are actually the original models for Wollstonecraft. Even Marx acknowledged the reality of gender structures. I'm of the opinion to be skeptical of feminists and I've been isolated in many academic circumstances for this opinion. I do in fact see a need for intelligent women in the structure of good government and see rare occasions for women to take over completely... but I accept the reasoning of skepticism for prudence. No doubt Condeleza Rice is the prototype for the next generation of feminists and our country would of been in a lot of Public Relations danger without her... but that is a woman's strength. PR! Question is can she take 8 years of abuse for doing the politically incorrect thing. Certainly Bush himself wavered into populism with economic finagling. I'm not sure a woman's vanity can take it. Nor am I convinced that the structure of the white house can reflect a woman's managerial strengths, which come out of public convictions not tight one on one bonds in the men's room. Certainly Palin has a better chance and it would seem my needs are in parallel to the woman's movement, so I am silently allowing this "exception" to my general judgment. VP might be a better place for a PR role then a president who has to make the unpopular decisions. Palin's trials are now and I am very impressed with the abuse she is taking. I'm sure she has the right stuff... I'm also sure she is rare.

I get so much about Palin that I tend to ignore it because whenever I do the research it ends ups being bullshit. ...even stuff the NYTimes prints. disgraceful

I like her a lot.

she isn't... a book banner, a member of the Alaskan Indie Party and her recent son is not her daughters. NYTimes bothered to go with the book ban story and the subsequent firing of the librarian.

listen I looked into the shit. it is bull dinky. she was questioning based on the policy of sexual content for children's reading and the books dealt with kids with gay parents. She asked a question about the relevance and then left it at that. She then got heckled by the librarian who was a "problem" and that is the whole story... and I'm buying it.

btw the list of books including Harry Potter on the internet was written by that librarian and has been proven to be bullshit because those Potter books weren't even out at the time.

Her financial dealings have been impeccable. If you have anything thing that could stick on this then she is going to fall. I doubt you do...

people are different. the worst thing we can do is apply the same metaphors to men and women. women can lead on different terms... but we need to identify strengths and weaknesses and one of the weaknesses is the inability to go into my private conversation thread in a comfortable way without it getting dramatic. Women are fine in public debates and PR... can they do this in the backroom... I don't think so. the Katie interview with Palin showed how smaller forums are dangerous for a woman in power... even if the forum wasn't a man.

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