Tina Fey FEH!

Chevy Chase was sincerely sorry for what he did to Ford. Palin has not developed enough as a person for the media to classify her. it is disgusting. Fey just isn't ever funny. she is a moron. SNL went down hill ever since they fired Norm Macdonald. his Bob Dole was also mean... but funny at least. SNL needs some testosterone. the show is just frigg'n gay... ok? there I said it. John Belushi is rolling in his grave. I hate SNL because it used to be so awesome... everytime I see it now it makes me ill. I seriously don't like the crowd of people that took over. It isn't one person... it is this kind of scene that would of never made it with the original crowd.... they remind me of Carnegie Mellon University dramats... they are academic... nothing original. it is canned, PC... formulaic and just sissy. nothing ground breaking. the original SNL wasn't always funny either... but they were experimenting. this new generation is like the cool kids in school. I feel like I'm watching some one's click. the original SNL were freaks that you wouldn't let near your sister. Now they would ignore your sister.  The reason I hate Tina Fey so much is she is part of this Fallon thing. It isn't funny... it is teen beat or GQ. people aren't laughing as much as wishing they had a date with mister chic. if Belushi were alive he would of kicked the crap out of Fallon publicly.

when Norm came and did his routine at CMU, half of the student body walked out in protest. I was laughing at the door. his routine started with... "what is it with gay sex? sure one guy is getting off, but the other guy is getting it in the ___" ...you could imagine how many PC people ran for the exit. the guy is completely irreverent. I'm not a homophobe, but if you were at Carnegie Mellon or any college campus in the 90s you might get a pretty good idea of why I hate SNL so much today. It isn't a gay or straight thing as much as a kind elitism that is just hostile to the beer drinking, Joe Shmoe. I frigg'n hate Metrosexualism.

there were plenty of women who were great on the original show... but they weren't Garafolo clones... they weren't elitists. they were clowns. what happened? Fey is a Latte Starbucks POIG... she is the snob in college that assumed things about everyone. She isn't funny.... she is about as interesting to me as Paris Hilton I feel like we aren't laughing at SNL... they are laughing at us. like as if we aren't cool enough at the end of the show to be on the stage.... and go to the after party.

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