Mel Gibson vs. Reverend Hagee

I had a very good Gentile friend... might say it is my best friend... but we never met except online.
...he asked me the big question!

Gibson is no Hagee, and while I agree that Israel is suffering from the same Patty Hertz Syndrome ...if Gibson hadn't gotten drunk and let his real fealings out you can imagine how hard it might of been to defend ourselves against accusations of a movie that put the slant in the wrong place. Pontius Pilate by telling an inner story to his wife about how he really felt ill about crucifying a man he didn't think was guilty, puts the crux of the blame on the Jews and not Rome. this changes a lot of things in the story. The whole point is that Pontius is as wrong and is indifferent to justice.

Hagee on the other hand is a friend of many rabbis I know and was misunderstood. Hitler was indeed a hunter that chased the "AntiZionism" out of Judaism. Before WWII most Jews were against Israel!

and yes I do agree Gibson is one of the finest artists of our time, as was OJ Simpson one of the greatest athletes. Gibson is not as bad as Simpson, but G-d did give Gibson a second chance... though he had to pay his dues and eat a little hubris. His vanity got the better of him... being a great artist or craftsman leads people down a dangerous road. Marlon Brando also tripped up that wire.

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