Bigotry is reflective... there is no such thing as trickle down bigotry.

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Hate is cyclical in a community.

It is doubtful with my personality that I would have had the desire to look for the better parts of conservative fiscal plans if it had not been for the fact that I was forced to look. I am thankful that the Democrats decided to be a bunch of NAZIs. It is complex thing to ask people to accept that poverty is not caused by government, but rather is caused in the details of a society that hates and has bigotry.

Hating some rich Cracker driving a Humvee is not going to improve your community... you might get one by selling drugs... but that is at the expense of those around you. You will not effect the rich man who has the means that you don't have to simply leave your ecosystem. Obama might call it a tax return, but a tax return should be from a job... if it isn't then it is welfare. Shared wealth is not caused by force, but is caused by trust.

Even the rich need a community and they are the first ones to open their hearts to new liberal ideas. The reason is they are more then anyone else looking for love. If they don't get it they go elsewhere. The elite has Patty Hearst disease... they are desperate for something that will make them loved. They want to accept Obama's plan in hope that they can find affection... what they do not realize is Obama's plan takes away the American dream of making money. They won't have a revolution, they will just find tax free ways to profit. ...back to selling drugs. tax free... tax free gun running... tax free prostitution... tax free living at mom's house

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