Egypt: Leading Candidate For President Amr Moussa Calls Israel Peace Accord “Dead And Buried"

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(Haaretz)(Weasel) The leading candidate in Egypt’s presidential race said on Sunday that the Camp David Accords should be consigned to the shelves of history, describing the agreement as “dead and buried.”
At a mass rally in southern Egypt, Amr Moussa, who is currently ahead in Egypt’s race for president, spoke of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, saying that “the Camp David Accords are a historical document whose place is on the shelves of history, as its articles talk about the fact that the aim of the agreement is to establish an independent Palestinian state.”
Moussa went on to say that there is “no such thing” as the Camp David agreement.
“This agreement is dead and buried. There is an agreement between Israel and Egypt that we will honor as long as Israel honors it. The Jewish document that defines relations between Israel and the Arabs is an Arab initiative from 2002 whose advancement should be bilateral: step for step, progress for progress.”


Arianna Huffington Defends Mitt Romney On Bin Laden, Calls Obama Ad 'Despicable'

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(ThinkProgress?) In 2007, Mitt Romney injected himself into the Democratic primary campaign and criticized Barack Obama for vowing to go after “high-value intelligence targets” in Pakistan with or without permission. Romney said “I do not concur in the words of Barack Obama in a plan to enter an ally of ours.” Here was the August 4, 2007 headline from Reuters:

In April 2007, Romney said, “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” Last May, President Obama ordered the raid that killed bin Laden and last week, the Obama campaign produced a video highlighting the president’s decision, while noting Romney’s 2007 comments.
The Romney campaign attacked the ad, claiming it was trying to “divide” the country.” And this morning on CBS’s The Early Show, the Romney campaign got an unexpected supporter, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington:
HUFFINGTON: I agree completely — I agree with the Romney campaign. I think that using the Osama bin Laden assassination, killing the great news that we had a year ago in order to say basically that Obama did it and Romney might not have done it, which is the message. … I don’t think there should be an ad about that. … [T]o turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do. It’s the same thing that Hillary Clinton did with the 3 a.m. call. You know, you are not ready to be commander-in-chief. [...]
HOST: In a campaign aren’t you supposed to tout the accomplishments of what you’ve done?
HUFFINGTON: But this is not just what this ad did, does. What the ad does is questions, if we’re talking about the same ad. … It quotes a snippet from Romney in ’07 and uses that to imply that Romney would not have been decisive. There’s no way to know whether Romney would have been as decisive. And to actually speculate that he wouldn’t be is to me not the way to run campaigns on either side.
Watch the clip:

Huffington doesn’t seem to think it’s fair to speculate what Romney would have done as president based on what Romney said he would (or in this case wouldn’t) do. But the ad is stating two basic facts. One, that Obama ordered the raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader and two, that Romney said in 2007 that he wouldn’t have done the same. So is it really “despicable” to wonder whether a President Romney would have ordered the raid on bin Laden given that he said he wouldn’t do it while campaigning for president?
...but Obama did the right thing, and Romney is wrong. Obama pushes fake 1967 borders and Romney dodges the question when it is his responsibility. The Mormon church does not technically support Israel... in fact their church believes it is the new Israel, but I will vote for Romney just to send a message of payback to a man who creates so many lies designed to convince us that our enemies aren't religious.

Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate

Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner in Washington Saturday night, President Obama made a verbal boo-boo.
While defending his call for the rich to pay more in taxes, the president said he didn’t mind people calling him a class warrior for merely asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew. Whoops!
The president meant to say “janitor” instead of “Jew,” and he immediately corrected himself. After all, he doesn’t need any more problems keeping Jewish voters enthusiastic about his re-election bid.
In fairness, though, you could interpret the president’s gaffe as a positive: Wasn’t he just suggesting that for some reason Jews were being unfairly targeted with higher taxes, and he wanted to make billionaires pay the same rate? Maybe, maybe not.

“When you start saying, at a time when the top one-tenth of one percent have seen their incomes go up four or five times over the last twenty years, and folks at the bottom have seen their incomes decline, and your response is that you want poor folks to pay more? Give me a break!
“If asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew — as a janitor — makes me a warrior for the working class, I wear that as a badge of honor.”
(h/t: Gateway Pundit)
The Dhimmis are to be taxed in Islam by paying of a Jizya

Will the Pirates Capture Germany?

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(The Pirate movement, which originated in Sweden in 2006, began as a loosely organized group of digital activists whose main aim is the free sharing of information online, including through less stringent copyright laws. Their political activities began with protesting the raid of the Swedish police on the Stockholm servers of the website The Pirate Bay, where music and movies could be downloaded illegally. In 2009, the Swedish Piratpartiet won 7.1 percent of the votes and two of Sweden's 20 seats in the European Parliament. In the EP, the Pirates belong to the Green Group, led by the Franco-German former revolutionary Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Following the Swedish example, PPs were established in some 40 countries, but none has had the electoral impact of the German branch.)
Last week, the Pirates were criticized by the Central Council of German Jews. Dieter Graumann, the Council's president, questioned the PP's decision not to oust PP member Bodo Thiesen, despite comments he made about the Holocaust and Germany's role in starting the Second World War. In a 2008 YouTube video, Thiesen defended convicted Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf. Thiesen also tried to alter entries on the German Wikipedia regarding the Holocaust and the German invasion of Poland in 1939, which he claimed was provoked by the Polish.

Legalizing Spousal Necrophilia in Egypt?

Corpse Bride(Volokh)(Al Arabiya) reports:
Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two controversial laws on the minimum age of marriage and allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death according to a report in an Egyptian newspaper….
She was referring to two laws: one that would legalize the marriage of girls starting from the age of 14 and the other that permits a husband to have sex with his dead wife within the six hours following her death….
The controversy about a husband having sex with his dead wife came about after a Moroccan cleric spoke about the issue in May 2011.
Zamzami Abdul Bari said that marriage remains valid even after death adding that a woman also too had the same right to engage in sex with her dead husband….
women should be heard, not corpse raped

Vacation backlash: Blue collar Dems jealous, angry at Obamas | Washington Examiner

Blue collar workers are upset with the number of vacations the first family take. The Obamas are shown returning from their Christmas vacation in Hawaii in January. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Researcher Claims G-Spot discovery because of an 83 year old woman's dead twat

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gross... and last I heard they said it didn't exist. I guess it exists after menopause.
NEW YORK (WABC) -- Women have long debated whether or not there is such a thing as a G-spot.
Now, a researcher says he found has scientific proof that it does in fact exist.
Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a Florida Gynocologist, claims it's real and that he's found it.
He carried out a postmortem exam of an 83-year old woman, inspecting the layers of tissue that make up a women's vaginal wall.
He says, he found a small, grape-like cluster of erectile tissue housed in a sac.
The announcement, as you can imagine opened the floodgates.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a sex therapist, and unlike others who called these new findings baloney, says the research reignites the discussion and exploration of the female anatomy.
"The tissue it, it's very hard to dissect tissue and find the exact G-spot, in fact, it's not really a spot, it's a G-area or G-zone," she said.
The findings are in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
But urologist, Dr. Jed Kaminetsky, feels the research simplifies what is a very complex sexual system.
He also worries many ladies will now feel inadequate, since studies show up to 43 percent of women have some form of sexual dysfunction.
"I think we need to have a better understanding of female sexual function but not get to focused on the presence of lock of this one little are of the anatomy," he adds.

More stupidity from the courts concerning #CyberStalking

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As (Volokh) noted last year, a federal prosecutor indicted a man for his campaign of insulting Twitter messages about a Buddhist religious leader, and a federal judge then dismissed the indictment on First Amendment grounds.
Some of the Twitter posts might have been seen as threatening, but the government’s theory wasn’t that they were threatening, but that they where posted “with the intent to harass and cause substantial emotional distress to” the religious leader, and actual caused such distress, in violation of the federal antistalking statute, 18 U.S.C. § 2261A. The district court correctly held that the statute was unconstitutional as applied, and left open the possibility that it might be unconstitutional on its face as well. The government appealed, but earlier this month decided to drop the appeal.
Now the Senate, rather than tightening the law to prevent its being applied to constitutionally protected speech, is considering expanding it. Section 107 of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011 (which (Volokh) blogged about below, as to a different constitutionally troublesome provision) would take the existing statute and have it cover not just speech that causes substantial emotional distress, but also speech that “attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress,” so long as the speaker is intending to (among other things) “harass” the target. Anyone who
with the intent to … harass … uses the … any interactive computer service … to engage in a course of conduct that … causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to [the person or the person's family member]
would now be committing a federal crime. If the statute were just limited to conduct and speech intended to threaten someone — which the rest of the statute does cover — there would be no constitutional problem. But trying to outlaw speech that is made “with the intent to … harass” and “would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress” often violates the First Amendment, as the federal judge rightly held in the Twitter case. It seems to me that Congress should be fixing this constitutional problem rather than expanding it.
This is fascism. plain and simple. proving a person has intent to upset another person is no reason to take their free expression away. I have experience with this kind of legal abuse. I'm not allowed to tell you about it apparently... or rather I'd rather not find out how stupid the legal system is again.

King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after Ron Paul backers take over

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(Seattle) Over the weekend, Republicans in the 37th Legislative District gathered to choose delegates to the state GOP convention.
The caucus started out Saturday morning inside Dimmitt Middle School. But it didn't end inside the building.
After supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul elected one of their own to chair of the meeting, the gathering was booted to an outside basketball court by King County Republican Party Chairman Lori Sotelo.
The move came after attendees irritated Sotelo by rejecting her choice to run the caucus - former King County Councilman David Irons.
Instead, the group voted for Tamara Smilanich, a Paul supporter.
That prompted Sotelo to declare the meeting was no longer a Republican Party event - but a Ron Paul campaign event.
Sotelo says she asked the group to continue its meeting outside because the King County Republican Party -- not the Paul campaign -- had paid for the facility and for the insurance. She added that Smilanich stopped her from addressing the group.
"I said, 'I am going to have to step away from responsibility and have to ask you to take your caucus elsewhere,' " Sotelo said in an interview.
Sotelo called Smilanich a Paul campaign "operative" who did not have the experience to run the caucus. She said there was no reason for the Paul supporters to "take over" the meeting -- they had numbers and were going to elect their favored delegates no matter who chaired the caucus.
"There is no other campaign that feels the need to poke the party in the eye like the Ron Paul campaign," said Sotelo. "For heaven's sake stop hitting us with a firehose."
But Smilanich said she saw nothing wrong with what happened at the caucus.
"There was a vote and the vote went to elect [the chairman] who the body wanted. Everything was legitimate," Smilanich said.
Even though the GOP had reserved the room until 2 p.m., the meeting was pushed outside to the basketball court at about 12:30 p.m. The caucus finished its business outside in the sun, and elected 11 Ron Paul supporters to the state convention, which begins May 31 in Tacoma.
Despite asserting the caucus had ceased to be a Republican Party function once Smilanich was elected chair, Sotelo said she had no plans to challenge the legitimacy of those delegates.
One caucus attendee, Michael Brubaker, was so upset by Sotelo's actions he's suing her in small claims court. That's because each caucus-goer paid $10 to participate - money Sotelo said was to help pay for the party's expenses for using the school. But Sotelo refused to refund the money after the group was moved outside.
"She shouldn't have taken our money and kicked us out," Brubaker said.
The dust-up is the latest in a series of disputes between Paul supporters and local GOP officials.
Paul's supporters have repeatedly accused GOP leaders of conspiring against his campaign.
Republican leaders, meanwhile, have been irritated at what they see as rude, disruptive and paranoid behavior by the Paul supporters.
They're also concerned that many Paul supporters have refused to say they'll back the Republican Party's presidential nominee, now all but certain to be Mitt Romney.
Indeed, Smilanich said she would have considered backing Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator who recently suspended his presidential campaign.
But, she said, "I don't care for Mitt Romney."
ah Seattle... how I don't miss it.

Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X, Accuses the US of Carrying Out 9/11 and States: Hundreds of Black Men Are Murdered Every Year in the US with Impunity.

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(other) Malcolm Shabazz : I don't believe in the presidency. I believe that the presidency post in the United States is nothing more than a puppet post. When we see movements like the Occupy movement where you have the 99% fighting against that 1% - it's not about color. It's about that minority, which keeps control of the majority. When Bill Clinton became president, many black people considered Bill Clinton to be the first black president. Why? Because he smoked a little weed, he played the saxophone, he had an oral sex situation in the White House with Monica Lewinsky – many things that they feel appeal to black people. […]
Interviewer : Mr. Shabazz, you are a Muslim yourself, and you speak about minorities. Religious minorities, especially Muslims in America, are bearing the brunt of the post-9/11 policies, at home at least. Muslims in particular are depicted as foreigners and home-grown terrorists, and they are being spied upon solely on the basis of their religion. How difficult is it to be a Muslim in America?
Malcolm Shabazz : The thing is that when many people started burning the Koran, people from all over the country said: "Wow, they are burning the Koran. Why are they burning the Koran? What's in the Koran?" So many people who didn't know too much about the Koran… When they started this Koran-burning day, it compelled a lot of people to open it up and see what was within it. All praise to God, because of this, many people became Muslims. Just like 9/11 – Muslims didn't do 9/11, Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. If you even research it, you see that everything that was utilized in order for 9/11 to take place pointed right back at the United States. Even the flight training – they received it here in the United States. The visas – from the United States. Everything – the airplanes they used – came from the United States. We Muslims don't take actions like this. Anybody to take such an action against civilians, as we already know, is not a Muslim. Many of the people who were involved in 9/11 itself were actually agents for the United States, whether it be CIA or whatever three-letter organization that exists within this country.
There are hundreds of black men who are being murdered all over the United States of America every year with impunity.  It's a continuation of institutionalized racism. What happens is that they didn't have so many prisons here, in the United States, during slavery. When they so-called abolished slavery, that's when they came up with this prison industrial complex. The United States has more people incarcerated than anywhere else in the world. It has more people incarcerated than China, and China has the most people in the world. As a matter of fact, if you were to take the prison population of all the other countries of the world, and you were to combine them together, I don't think it would equal the amount of people who are incarcerated here in the USA. That's correct. The so-called African Americans make up less than 12% of the population of the US, yet no matter what state you go to, you see that the majority of the prisoners within the prison population are black and Hispanic. In these institutions, people are forced to work for pennies on a dollar. If you look at the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, it says that slavery is abolished, except for those who serve within these penal institutions. So technically, by the book, those who are in prison are considered to be slaves. This is why they can be forced to work for a minimal minimum wage, which is less than the minimum wage here in the United States.Source: Memri.

Jordan and the 'Arab spring'

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Missing Peace (h/tDoc)report about the situation in Jordan since the beginning of the uprisings in the Arab world Jerusalem, April 25, 2012 Jordan’s ‘Arab Spring’ protests started as a peaceful small-scale demo against corruption in the town of Theeban in January 2011. Since then the protests have spread out to the outlying governorates, along with the rise of so-called popular movements. However, the unrest never reached the magnitude of the uprisings in countries such as Yemen, Egypt and Libya. As in other Arab countries, protests in Jordan were being led by the Islamist movement, which dominates the political opposition, as well as by the popular protest movement which includes numerous pro-reform organizations. Protests The Jordanians mainly protested against corruption and favoritism. Demonstrators called for investigations into regime corruption at almost all the protests. Later the protests were directed against the worsening economic situation in the country. The deterioration of the economic situation is alarming as it could lead to a full-blown revolution as happened earlier in Tunis and Egypt. Jordanian demonstrators demanded reform and change general in a peaceful way. Lately however, some protests have turned violent. Last week dozens of people were injured during clashes between Salafists and pro-government demonstrators in the city of Zarqa. Compared to the protests in other countries across the region, those in Jordan have been relatively few. This situation can be explained by a lack of organizational skills among the few political parties and an effective security system. In addition, from the outset of the protests consensus existed that political and economic reform – not regime change – were the solution. Palestinians The fact that the Palestinians, who make up almost two thirds of the population, have not joined the protests may explain why there hasn’t been a full-blown revolution in Jordan. However, the Palestinian Arabs in Jordan have good reasons to be angry at King Abdullah and his government. Although the majority of Jordan’s population is Palestinian, they have been discriminated against for decades. This is something which King Abdullah in fact admitted when back in 1999 he called upon his Jordanian (non-Palestinian) subjects to “end class divisions that have marginalized Palestinian citizens of the Hashemite Kingdom”. He also said at the time that “discrimination must end”. This discrimination includes the refusal of the Jordanian Government to let Palestinians actively take part in the governing of the country. For example, the Palestinian majority in Jordan holds only 6 seats in a 120 member Parliament, while in Israel the 20 % Arab minority holds 14 out of 120 seats in the Israeli Parliament. In addition the UN Higher Commission for Refugees confirms that Jordan’s government still treats the majority of its Palestinian citizens as refugees. Human Rights Watch reported in 2010 that King Abdullah’s government has randomly been cancelling passports of numerous Palestinians throughout Jordan, thereby destroying livelihoods and breaking up families. Recently Jordan even revoked citizenship of PLO and PA officials. At the same time a new electoral law sought to limit Palestinian representation in the Jordanian parliament even further. Instead of taking responsibility for his government’s discriminatory actions, King Abdullah has accused Israel of being an ‘apartheid’ state. He made this accusation in an interview with the Washington Post about the failed peace negotiations between Israel and the PA which were conducted in Amman. The king said that “Israel will have to choose between democracy and apartheid”. Reforms From the outset of the revolts in other Arab countries it has been clear that King Abdullah was concerned that a similar revolt could threaten his regime. Therefore he was quick to announce reforms. He has also been trying to divert the attention towards Israel by blaming the Jewish state for the shortcomings and failures of the Jordanian government, just like other Arab leaders have been doing for years. Abdullah also tries to hide his opposition to the Syrian regime because he fears Assad’s repercussions and because the Jordanian economy largely depends on Syria. The majority of Jordanian-produced goods are imported by Syria and Syria also serves as Jordan’s gateway to Lebanon, Turkey and Eastern Europe. If the trade relations between both countries were to come to an end, the already weak Jordan economy would receive a massive blow, which in turn could spark more protests and demands to topple the King and the Jordanian government. One of the reform measures which Abdullah installed included firing the government and replacing it with a new one. Similar actions were undertaken by Saudi Arabia, which uses its oil wealth to keep its citizens quiet. However, the reform measures were not enough to satisfy the protesters and they demanded more extensive changes. Their demands included serious efforts to fight the regime’s corruption, a demand for an elected prime minister (instead of a prime minister appointed by the king), abolishment of the senate (also appointed by the king) or its transformation into a body elected by the people, and a demand to pass a new elections law. In short, the protest and reform movement demand a decrease in the king’s powers and more influence and freedom of action for the parliament. Aggressive The protests continued, becoming more aggressive over time. Some protestors even publicly demanded that King Abdullah step down (there is a law in Jordan which forbids direct criticism of the Royal Family). The tone of the demonstrations changed when the protesters saw that their situation was not really changing for the good. Demonstrators started to display signs with slogans such as “there can be no reform under the current security grip” and “the people want freedom, justice and an end to corruption”. More recently various opposition members and groups have been accusing the King of being an “occupier”. They also accused Queen Rania of ruling the country instead of her husband. In response to the radicalization of the protests, the regime has taken several measures to satisfy the Islamic movement and Bedouin tribes in Jordan. This included attempts to buy them off with money and positions of power. The regime started to show flexibility on several issues which were previously considered sacred. For example, the king now said that he would be willing to curtail his own powers and that there might be talks about a constitutional monarchy. Islamists The regime also tried to pacify the Islamists by starting a dialogue. This move came after it became clear that the Islamic parties were the driving force behind the protests which are taking place in cities all over Jordan almost every Friday. In addition, the regime gave in to demands of the Islamic movement to free prisoners, including the release of 150 Salafi-Jihadist prisoners who were imprisoned for attacking security officers with swords during a rally in the city of Al-Zarqa which took place in April 2011. Furthermore, the regime also announced that it would renew its contacts with Hamas. The relations between Jordan and Hamas were suspended in 1999 because of Hamas’s terrorist activities. Hamas leader Khaled Mashal was expelled from Jordan subsequently, after which he moved to Damascus. In 2006 Jordan blacklisted the organization after an alleged weapons cache was discovered in the country. Now the regime is trying to patch up things with Hamas, in order to satisfy the Islamists in Jordan. Khaled Mashal visited Jordan at the end of January 2012, allegedly to find a new home for Hamas’s headquarters which until then had been located in Damascus. The US government however, immediately made clear that it would not tolerate the establishment of Hamas’s headquarters on Jordanian soil and warned that there would be serious repercussions if the regime did not prevent this from happening. Shortly afterwards the Jordanian regime hurried to make it clear that Mashal’s visit had no “political implications and does not signal a change in Jordan’s political agenda”. Israel In Israel pundits are worried that the Jordanian regime will not be able to hold off the Islamists in the long run. New concessions to keep the Islamists at bay will probably be necessary but could further destabilize the region. These concessions will no doubt include a review of the relations with Israel. Already at this moment it is apparent that Israeli-Jordanian relations are deteriorating. The (failed) Global March to liberate al Quds/Jerusalem (an anti-Israel manifestation that took place at the end of March) was, for instance, prepared at a conference in Amman last January. In the same month Jordanian MP’s called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. Recently a spokesman for the Jordanian government called Israeli actions against the continuing rocket fire from Gaza ‘barbaric aggression’. In the beginning of April Jordanian state TV broadcasted an inciting sermon by imam Khaleb Rabab’a. He told worshippers that “Jordan’s army will destroy Israel and will regain Jerusalem from the killers of prophets”. The survival of the Israeli Jordanian peace treaty is to a large extent dependent upon developments in the relationship between Egypt and Israel. If the new regime in Egypt moves to change or annul the peace treaty with Israel, pressure in Jordan to do the same will follow suit.
The cracks are already showing. when the flood comes from Egypt, Jordan will follow. Now is no time for Bibi to flirt with a Contiguous state when Israel is surrounded by killers. Surrounded by killers and cut in two is stupid.

The "As-a-Jews" of the New York Times

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(EOZ)Criticizing a tiny state surrounded by enemies hell-bent on its long-term destruction might not play in Peoria, but it plays very well in the salons of the Upper East Side. It is a false bravado, one where the people pushing their agendas know quite well that they have a large support group from the most influential ivory tower newspaper in the United States. Seriously, how have any of these critics been hurt by what they have written? They have been criticized to be sure, but they have also been praised. They are getting huge amounts of publicity and selling lots of books, giving lectures across the nation and having their faces plastered all over every Jewish periodical. Is that what NYT liberals consider "bravery" nowadays?(MORE)
Disgusted with how brainwashed people are

Obama Justice Department Tries To Seize Control Of Public Records Arbitration

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Media_httpdmnanygovgf_fawuq(Other) Obama INJustice Department Tries To Seize Control Of Public Records Arbitration.(JW).In a dangerous power grab that will jeopardize government transparency, the Obama Justice Department wants to redefine federal public record law so that it becomes the sole arbiter in disputes between agencies and individuals who submit requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
The unprecedented move would give the Department of Justice (DOJ), an extension of the executive branch, scary authority to determine if and how public records are disseminated throughout government. It would also strip those duties from the agency— Office of Government Information Services (OGIS)—that was created by Congress as a neutral party to mediate FOIA disputes and assure compliance among all federal agencies.
This is not the sort of story you’ll see in the mainstream media since, not surprisingly, the Obama Administration is keeping it under the radar. However, Judicial Watch has obtained an inside congressional document outlining the DOJ’s unscrupulous plot to become FOIA ombudsman. It comes from one of the most influential and powerful chambers in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
In a letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder, the California congressman who chairs the Oversight and Government Reform Committee (Darrell Issa) says the proposed modification will have a negative impact on government transparency. The letter also requests documents involving efforts to modify OGIS’s statutorily established FOIA dispute resolution authority by shifting the duties to the DOJ. Holder has until this week to comply with the committee’s request.
The House investigative committee also reminds Holder that the DOJ’s proposal to become the referee for public records disputes clearly contradicts Congress’s intent and is an apparent contravention of FOIA law. “DOJ has important but limited statutory responsibilities concerning the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),” the letter says.
“These responsibilities include making information about agency FOIA programs publicly available; issuing recommendations and guidelines to agency FOIA offices, and encouraging agency FOIA compliance. DOJ’s responsibilities under FOIA, however, do not include offering dispute resolution services between agencies and FOIA requesters.”
Congress created the OGIS more than four years ago as a crucial neutral party that offers a range of mediation services to resolve public records disputes and to assure government-wide compliance. The agency, which is headquartered at the U.S. National Archives, has had tremendous success, directly helping resolve more than 1,200 FOIA disputes from virtually every state. No wonder Issa asks Holder to “reconsider the proposed modification and comply with current law.”Hmmmm..........“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” ~ Bruce Coville.Read the full story here.
Transparent Government. Only for Terrorists at Guatanomo. Welcome to another Obama promise denied.

German state says will republish Hitler's Mein Kampf

German state says will republish Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'.(Other)(HD).The German state which owns the rights to Adolf Hitler's manifesto "Mein Kampf" said Tuesday it would release an annotated version 70 years after the Nazi dictator's suicide. After winning a court battle last month against a British publisher who planned to publish parts of the anti-Semitic book alongside commentary from historians, Bavaria said it would put out its own edition by 2015. State Finance Minister Markus Soeder told German news agency DPA the decision was taken after round-table talks with advocates and opponents of the move, and said it was aimed at "demystifying" the pages drenched in hatred and paranoid fantasy. "We want to make clear what nonsense is in there, however with catastrophic consequences," Soeder said of the book on which much of the Nazis' genocidal policies were based. He said the state aimed with the release to already make future publication as "commercially unattractive" as possible. In addition to the annotated book, the state also plans to put out an edition for schools that encourages a critical approach to the work. Holocaust survivors and their families have expressed fears that neo-Nazis could seize upon the book as propaganda.A court in the state capital Munich ruled in March that British publisher Peter McGee would violate Bavaria's copyright on the work if he went ahead with plans to sell excerpts with explanations and commentary on German newsstands. McGee has vowed to appeal the decision. Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle"), in 1924 while languishing in a Bavarian prison, and combined elements of autobiography with his views on Aryan "racial purity", his hatred of Jews and his opposition to communism. Millions of copies were distributed before his death in 1945. It is not banned as such in Germany but since the end of World War II, Bavaria -- which holds the rights until the end of 2015 -- has not permitted reprints. From 2016, third parties will be able to release copies of the work without obtaining permission from the state "unless it is used to incite racial hatred," Soeder said.Read the full story here.
book censorship is a bad idea even if legislated with the best of intentions. This is the best way to deal with a viral idea. This should of been done a long time ago. Ignoring a Meme is no way to defeat it.

Cuckoo praises CAIR on House floor

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(Carl) Dennis Kucinich, the Democrats' version of Ron Paul, praises the terror fundraisers at CAIR on the House floor.
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ohio Chapter.
CAIR is a nationwide, nonprofit organization whose mission is to “enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.” For the past ten years, CAIR Ohio has played an instrumental role in helping to bridge the divides between Greater Cleveland’s diverse communities.
Mr. Speaker and colleagues, please join me in recognizing the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ohio Chapter for their tenth years of outstanding achievement. May their efforts to promote dialogue and create a more inclusive world continue to endure.
I wonder if there's a place for him in a second-term Obama White House.
This guy was a serious candidate for President in the Democratic party. The only type of Republicans that he has relations with is Ron Paul or Chuck Hegel. This is no friend of Joe Lieberman.

Israel approves legalization of homes - MAZEL TOV!

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Media_httpwwwaljazeer_ishwi (AJ) If it's all occupied land to you then there is no one there to make a distinction with. If the official representative of the Palestinian people continue to kill Jews because of their religiously inscribed manifestos then who is there to approve or disprove? Merely saying that Obama recognizes the right for these people to kill Jews because he recognizes their existence isn't a convincing argument. Land can only be respected to a party that isn't trying to murder your children... legally, transparently and with international recognition. The fact remains you are still murdering Jewish children and America is recognizing the ethnic cleansing of Jews on their ancestral lands.
(TheNational.AE)The Israeli court system has been called upon to review cases claiming Jewish ownership over properties in East Jerusalem before Israel's 1967 annexation.
Hagit Ofran of Israeli settlement watchdog, Peace Now:
This is the first time since 1990 that the government of Israel decides on establishing new settlements, and the government's maneuver, of establishing a committee to establish the settlements, is a trick aimed at hiding the true policy from the public.
Bibi feels a continual state of war puts these lands outside of normal contract law.

This is What happens in a POLITICAL PARTY OF FEMINISTS and the cultural LEFT

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Rebecca Burgin, a long-time former girlfriend of former North Carolina Democratic Party executive director Jay Parmley, told The Daily Caller that she believes Parmley infected her with HIV. ( Parmley resigned on April 15 amid sexual harassment allegations from a former young male staffer. Burgin, a 29-year-old Oklahoman, has shared her story with TheDC, including the revelation that Parmley’s lawyer offered her health coverage, paid for by the Democratic National Committee, to manage her illness. She ultimately declined that offer, fearing it would constitute insurance fraud. Parmley, she said, abandoned her a few months later. On April 13, TheDC first exposed allegations, leveled in December by former North Carolina Democratic Party communications staffer Adriadn Ortega, that Parmley showed him a picture of a penis, gave him unwanted shoulder rubs and made apparent sexual advances toward him. Ortega also alleged that Parmley discussed with him in detail his past sexual activity, including “solicit[ing] sex from gay websites.” Parmley’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Burgin told TheDC that Parmley forever changed her life by making her HIV-positive. She’s worried, she said, that Parmley may have done to someone else what he did to her. “My motivation for talking to you was that I have read the articles, I have read the letter [that Ortega sent to Parmley detailing sexual harassment allegations] and everything like that,” Burgin said. “And after Jay and I broke up, the biggest concern that I had was, ‘what if this happened to somebody else? Would he do this to someone else?’ … My biggest concern is for anybody else that has had a relationship with him that he did not tell.” Burgin told TheDC that she believes Parmley “prey[s] on” younger adults like her and Ortega. “When Jay and I met, I was 20 and he was 32,” she said. “To me, it seems to be a pattern, potentially… The unnerving thing to me is that it looks like he uses his position of authority to prey on younger adults.” Burgin said she doesn’t know when or how Parmley contracted HIV. The World Health Organization reports that while patients often have flu-like symptoms a few months after they are first infected, HIV “may remain dormant and asymptomatic for years until it surfaces suddenly.” Parmley served as national president of the Young Democrats of America from 1999 to 2001, then becoming executive director and chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party until 2005. It was during this period that he and Burgin dated. In 2005 he left Oklahoma to become a Mississippi state liaison to the Democratic National Committee under chairman Howard Dean, during the former Vermont governor’s 50-state strategy campaign. He took a similar role in South Carolina in 2007, and became executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party in 2009. In May 2011, the North Carolina Democratic Party hired him as its executive director. While Parmley led the Oklahoma Democratic Party, he also taught politics courses at Oklahoma City Community College. “He taught like one or two classes per semester,” Burgin said. “I met him — I was a student in college and he was my American Government professor,” she told TheDC in a phone interview. “Upon completing that class, we started dating. We dated for a little over three years.” “January 2, 2004, was our first date,” she recalled. But in July 2005, Howard Dean recruited Parmley and he was on his way to Mississippi.
This could be your daughter!

'Fed up' French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy

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(Carla Bruni)
"You are my junk.
More deadly than Afghan heroin.
More dangerous than Colombian white (powder),"
she sings, adding:
"My guy, I roll him up and smoke him."
If Le Penn really cared about France she would cooperate with Sarkozy and keep the Muslim Left out of power.
10% (the magic number)...will it happen here? Is the leftward, free-ride attitude, happening here? Don from Jihadwatch Demography. Enough Muslim voters to topple a president: "'Fed up' French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy" With Francois Hollande as president, Muslims will be able to import even more Muslims and have even higher social benefits -- that in turn will attract even more Muslims that can (vote for) vote for even more Socialists. 95 percent of Muslims in France vote for the socialists. The socialists' strategy is clear: burden your own countries with weak immigrants from a less civilized culture in order to secure your own reelection. Invite people to our part of the world who have many children and are only able to manage few kinds of jobs, and who will therefore always vote for the Left. The Danish elections in September 2011 were decided by only 8,483 votes. With at least a hundred thousand Muslim voters in Denmark, of whom 89.1 percent vote for the Left, it is fair to say that Muslim demography put the Danish socialist government in power. More on the Left's import of Muslim votes: "Muslim demographics: Pull and push factors". Before reading the bad news from the Washington Times below, take a look at socialist candidate Francois Hollande's music video, which Cheradenine Zakalwe from the excellent blog IslamVersusEurope rightfully presents in this way: Socialist Candidate: "Vote for me, Niggas in Paris!" How do you get young non-white people to vote for you when you’re a middle-aged balding white man? François Hollande has the answer. Take a popular song by two famous US rap stars. Film yourself surrounded by black and Arab voters who say 'big-up'. Change your name to initials only. Get some Final Cut whiz kid to paste it all together with a load of fast-forward and zoom. Set up a YouTube account with the word 'crew' in it. And upload. "'Fed up’ French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy," from the Washington Times, April 19: "PARIS | France’s Muslim community is mobilizing voters to reject President Nicolas Sarkozy in Sunday’s election to punish the conservative leader for his anti-immigrant and anti-Islam rhetoric. “[French] Muslims can’t stand it anymore. They are fed up with these debates about national identity, halal meat, the veil or fundamentalism all over the place,” said Francoise Lorcerie, a sociologist with the Institute of Studies on the Arab and Muslim World near Marseille. “The terms [Islam, immigration and fundamentalism] are being used interchangeably, without care, with people being targeted, denigrated and used for [votes].” The debates and rhetoric aren’t new and have been at the heart of French political campaigns for the past decade. Muslims - especially those living in the “banlieues,” France’s poor immigrant suburbs - sometimes have been courted by candidates with promises of jobs and better living conditions, but they mostly have been stigmatized as threats to the French identity, analysts say. The rhetoric escalated last month after Mohammed Merah, a French-born Muslim who claimed to be inspired by al Qaeda, killed seven people in a shooting spree. Mr. Sarkozy, of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, called for tightening immigration because there are “too many foreigners” in France. Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate of the far-right National Front party, talked about “green fascism” (a reference to the color of Islam) and wondered “how many Mohammed Merahs are arriving on boats and planes each day, filling France with immigrants.” The speeches infuriated French Muslims and reignited the debate over origins and identity. As Europe’s largest Islamic community, French Muslims account for as much as 10 percent of the country’s 65 million people. ... Mr. Mechmache says what residents of the banlieues really need are education and jobs, not a fight over Islam: The youth unemployment rate is above 45 percent in some of the neighborhoods. In November, AC Le Feu launched an initiative to warn candidates about addressing the situation in these districts. It is working with Muslim community groups to get out the “Muslim vote” in the banlieues, which have had nonparticipation rates as high as 50 percent in some elections. ... Without mentioning any candidate’s name, the association accused some politicians of dividing the nation and “betraying the republican pact” and warned against “those hoping to win or retain power by stoking fear, xenophobia, the rejection of others.” ... In April 2007, polls found that French Muslims voted mainly for the Socialist presidential candidate: Segolene Royal won 64 percent of their vote, while Mr. Sarkozy got just 1 percent in the first round and 5 percent in the second. ... For now, French Muslims, like a slim majority of their compatriots, seem to prefer Socialist Francois Hollande: He is the clear front-runner in the runoff on May 6, according to polls. “Hollande said he will lower rents and bills. That’s what everybody cares about because our salaries aren’t enough to make ends meet,” said Chaker Alain, 28, a Parisian born to French parents of North African descent. “Besides, when you listen to the right-wing speeches, the way they call immigrants and their religion every name, automatically you lean toward the left.

You know who will get blamed: Saudi Hacker who Hit Israel Dies at 28

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Computer (illustrative)(Israel National News)A top Saudi hacker who targeted Israel and Jews has died at age 28, Saudi media reported Sunday. The man, who was not named, died of an asthma attack brought on by summer sandstorms.
The hacker, who called himself “Cyber Terrorist,” was known for hacking well-protected sites including Microsoft. He targeted Jewish and Israeli sites in particular, as well as a site belonging to Danish cartoonists who drew cartoons of Mohammed.
A fellow Saudi hacker calling himself “hell cyber” told the media that “Cyber Terrorist” had put “defending Islam and the Prophet” as his top priority.
“One company had shown interest in working with him for a large sum of money, but he rejected the offer because it came from a Jewish company,” he related.
Israeli experts have warned that cyber warfare, already an active part of the Israeli-Arab conflict, will become more important with time. While Arab hackers have so far created financial problems, in the future enemies could crack Israeli military or healthcare systems, they say.
A second Saudi hacker, calling himself OxOmar, gained notoriety in Israel for attacking the El-Al website and stock exchange and publishing the details of thousands of Israelis’ credit cards.
If I believed in Karma... this would be poetic. I'm sure Mossad will be blamed, but it is hard to imagine Mossad getting inside a place where people die from sand storms. Well... of course Mossad will be blamed... but if he was attacking credit card companies then there should be a lot of suspects. We all know the Jews will be blamed however.

Censored on YouTube: 420 Boston Hempfest Knockout Punch

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It's offensive to see what goes on in reality? by the way... this is why this needs to be legalized. Because perfectly good people have to get involved with people like this when they are down and out. The only reason this stuff is illegal now is because minority communities make so much money off miserable white folks who are just trying to forget their sorrows. don't ever expect Obama to legalize Marijuana.

Iran Decodes US Drone Intel, thanks to "Do Not Destroy" order from Obama.

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Our president doesn't get a second chance. We were so willing to let an unqualified man into the office because of the color of his skin. I've never seen so much racism in America in my lifetime. People are feeling frustrated because they see the poor job Obama is doing... and they see how black people think Obama can do no wrong. Was affirmative action of a complete incompetent worth it? Guilt is part of the cycle of abuse. Guilt is why we elected Obama. Guilt is why Obama is afraid to do the right thing and protect technology that shouldn't be in the hands of terrorists. Yes... we enabled a lot of totalitarian regimes before these freaky Muslim radicals took over. Yes we bought black slaves from Muslims in Africa. The cycle of guilt continues. The Muslims are now developing a remote control.
(OTHER) Iran Decodes US Drone Intel, thanks to "Do Not Destroy" order from Obama.(Fars).Tehran - Senior Iranian military officials announced that the country's experts have decoded the intelligence gathering system and memory hard discs of the United States' highly advanced RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft that was downed by Iran in December after violating the country's airspace.Speaking to FNA, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Forces Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh revealed some data taken from the aircraft's intelligence system to discourage his counterparts in Pentagon who had alleged that Iranians would not succeed in decoding the spy drone's memory and intelligence devices. "This plane is seen as a national capital for us and our words should not disclose all the information that we have very easily."
"Yet, I provide four cues in here to let the Americans know how deep we could penetrate into (the intelligence systems and devices of) this drone," he added. Hajizadeh stated that the drone parts had been transferred to California for technical works in October 2010, adding that the drone was later transferred to Kandahar, Afghanistan in November 2010 and had a flight in there. The commander said that the drone had experienced some technical flaws in its Kandahar flight in November, but the US experts failed resolve the problems at the time. Hajizadeh added that the RQ-170 was then sent back to an airfield near Los Angeles in December 2010 for tests on its censors and parts, adding that the drone had a number of test flights in there. As a forth cue to prove Iran's access to the drone's hidden memory, the commander mentioned that the spy drone's memory device has revealed that it had flown over Al-Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan two weeks before his death.
"Had we not accessed the plane's soft wares and hard discs, we wouldn't have been able to achieve these facts," Hajizadeh said, reiterating that Iran's military experts are in full command of the drone intel and hold a good knowledge of the drone parts and programs. The aircraft is among the highly sensitive surveillance platform in the CIA's fleet that was shaped and designed to evade enemy defenses. The drone is the first such loss by the US. The RQ-170 has special coatings and a batwing shape designed to help it penetrate other nations' air defenses undetected. The existence of the aircraft, which is made by Lockheed Martin, has been known since 2009, when a model was photographed at the main US airfield in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The revelation came after Russia and China asked Tehran to provide them with information on the capture US drone.Hmmmm....... Read the full story here.

U.S. Republicans seek to provide Israel with $680 million extra for Iron Dome anti-missile system.

(OTHER) U.S. Republicans seek to provide Israel with $680 million extra for Iron Dome anti-missile system.(Haaretz).The United States would spend an additional $680 million through 2015 to strengthen Israel's short-range rocket shield under a plan crafted by Republicans from the House of Representatives, two congressional staff members disclosed on Friday. The figure could put election-year pressure on President Barack Obama's administration to spell out what it deems suitable support for the "Iron Dome," which has played an increasingly important role in Israeli security. Israel has so far deployed three operating units of the system, which helped thwart Palestinian rocket salvos during a flare-up in fighting around the Gaza Strip last month. It has spoken of needing a total of 13 or 14 units to protect various fronts. The system intercepted more than 80 percent of the targets it engaged in March when nearly 300 rockets and mortars were fired at southern Israel, saving "many lives," a U.S. Defense Department spokesman said on March 27. The Obama administration plans to request an unspecified, "appropriate" level of funding from Congress to help expand the system based on Israeli requirements and production capacity, George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, said at the time. There was no immediate official comment from the Obama administration on Republican plans to seek $680 million starting in the current fiscal year through fiscal 2015. It is not clear how the administration will view the proposal. The matter may come up when panels of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee start crafting their version of the 2013 Defense Authorization Act next week or, failing that, when the full committee writes its bill in May.
A Republican congressional aide said the proposed additional $680 million would provide the batteries and interceptors needed to defend Israel, based on the current coverage and the arsenal available to Hamas and Hezbollah Islamist militants. The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the biggest pro-Israel lobbying group, did not immediately respond to questions about what it deems the scope of Israel's need.This year, Obama's budget requests $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel, part of a 10-year, $30 billion U.S. commitment to the Jewish state's security. None of that is scheduled to fund Iron Dome. Top Republicans have criticized Obama for what they described as inadequate funding of U.S.-Israeli missile defense cooperation in his 2013 budget request released in February amid deficit-reduction requirements. "We are deeply concerned that at a time of rising threats to our strongest ally in the Middle East, the administration is requesting record-low support for this vital defense cooperation program," House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard McKeon, wrote in a February 14 letter to Obama.Hmmmm.....He's quick enough to fund the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.Read the full story here.
it'd be cheaper to re-occupy Gaza and South Lebanon

Mass. Student Defends Norwegian Massacre Suspect

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(Libra Bunda)WORCESTER TELEGRAM GAZETTE: BOSTON — A senior at a Roman Catholic college in Massachusetts who has written letters of support to a Norwegian mass murder suspect will not be on campus "for the foreseeable future," according to school officials.
Officials at Assumption College in Worcester wouldn't say Friday whether student Kevin Forts would graduate in May. Renee Buisson, the school's public affairs director, released a statement saying that Forts has a right to express personal opinions as a U.S. citizen, but that his conduct was "under administrative review."
The review includes the English major's comments to a Norwegian news outlet in support of Anders Breivik, as well as an arrest for an alleged assault on campus this year.
Breivik is standing trial in Norway in a shooting and bombing massacre in July that killed 77 people, including children. He confessed but rejects guilt by claiming he was trying to protect Norway and Europe by targeting political forces he says opened the country to immigration. He has said an anti-Muslim network he is part of will lead a revolt with the aim of deporting Muslims.
An English-language video interview on the website of VG Nett shows Forts defending Breivik's actions. Forts called the deaths of the children "a necessary political sacrifice that is not necessary again." Forts said people need to look at Breivik's political platform, "rather than his atrocious actions."
The student also called Breivik a patriot whose act "demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience." » | The Associated Press | Friday, April 20, 2012
I don't agree, but if we are going to shake hands with terrorists like the Palestinians then shouldn't we be consistent? What makes Breivik different?

What we need is more feminism. Then no man could call a woman a Jew. It's insulting

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(EOZ) From Al Arabiya:

Egyptian Islamist Gamal Saber, campaign manager for disqualified Salafist presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail, was expelled from a television program after he told the show host that she was of “Jewish origin.”
Saber told Azza Mustafa, who hosts Studio al-Balad program at Sada al-Balad TV, that the reason of her popularity is that she is of Jewish origin.
“You are a prominent media personality, and you are famous worldwide because you are talented and smart, and you moderate the dialogue very well…But there is another reason why you are so famous. Do you know what it is? I know that you know, but I will let the viewers know as well. [Our host] Azza is of Jewish origin! Here are the documents. You may have a look,” Saber said on air last Wednesday.

Show host Mustafa took the documents, looked at them and said, “Let me see this. This is a picture of [the show's co-host] Dina Ramez.”
“Whatever,” the Salafist said.
“No, you put a picture of Dina Ramez on this document,” the show host said.
“You have a problem with the Egyptian state. Maybe the elections committee allows you to talk about forgeries, but even if you apologize, I do not allow you to accuse me of being Jewish,” she added.
“I am very sorry, but you will have to leave. Even if you want to demonstrate how anyone can accuse anyone of anything, I'm asking you to leave because you made this comparison and told me I am Jewish,” she added.
She then asked Salafist Saber to “go home” and “solve your problem” over the suspension of Sheik Abu Ismail with the elections committee.
Don't come here saying: By the way, you are Jewish. I refuse to have you here," she said.
“I am the one refusing to be here. You in the media are leading people astray,” Saber replied.
I think she would have been less insulted if he produced paperwork showing that she was a dog.
But of course the Left will still act like we can live in peace with these people...Peace without security... Peace where the biggest insult you can call someone is that they are a Jew. Yeah... that isn't biased. right? no not at all. They just want us to go back to the way it was... hey I bet CNN is thinking... man... if someone called me a Jew I'd be pissed too. Imagine that? Talking that way to a woman.

EXCLUSIVE: First Pictures Of Secret Service Whore

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Ny Daily News:
24-year-old single mom is known as Dania, she says agent offered $30 for $800 service

I'd rather be in bed with Sarah Palin

A new kind of war and how it must be fought

(Carl) Knesset member Danny Danon (Likud) has it right. Now, if only he could convince the Prime Minister.
Attempts to explain the rationality behind the Zionist dream of building a state in our historic homeland will simply not work with those who are attempting infiltrate Israel’s borders only to attack us from within.
It is time that we recognize the reality we are faced with. The State of Israel is at war. This war is being fought on a completely different battlefield than in the past, one in which the word de-legitimization has replaced bullets and provocative actions such as the flotilla have replaced tanks and fighter planes.
Nevertheless, we must not be confused by this new type of warfare. Just as we did not hesitate to confront to violent acts perpetuated by our enemies in the past, we cannot waver in our resolve against this new threat.
Would we allow a suicide bomber into our country so that we could attempt a “dialogue” with him? Of course not.
Here, too, we must not be naïve and bury our heads in the sand. While the “delegitimization battle” may be sometimes confusing and seem less dangerous then actual acts of war, the implications of capitulation will be just as dire for Israel’s future as a military loss would be.
TO COMBAT this new form of warfare we must be just as creative now as we have been in the past on the traditional battlefield.
We must immediately implement a three-pronged approach to keeping these terrorists out of Israel: prevent, arrest and deport.
The militant activist from Denmark who attacked the IDF officer should have never been in a position to do so. He never should have been allowed entry into Israel. Once he was allowed in, he should have been arrested and tried at the first sign of illegal activity. Even now, it is unacceptable that he is walking free in our country after violently attacking an officer. He must be arrested and deported immediately.
Read the whole thing.
that's right Leftist bitches. It's going to happen again. Enabling our killers will get you pain.

Egyptian MB visitor to US was implicated in child porn

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(EOZ) From Bikya Masr last week, in a story that really flew under the radar:
The US State Department broke with procedure last week when it ordered US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) not to conduct a secondary inspection on members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) on their way to visit government officials in the US.
It is not clear where the order was issued from.
This happened despite the fact that one member of the delegation had been implicated – though not charged – in a US child pornography investigation, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism.
The person of interest to the US State Department was Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, who was part of a pornography investigation in Pennsylvania. He was the senior member in the four-person FJP delegation, which held court with academic groups and met with senior officials at the White House and State Department.
Dardery had lived in the United States long enough to attain legal permanent residency, known as a Green Card. That status lapsed after he left the country for more than six months. The child pornography investigation took place during Dardery’s time in the US and was so noted in his immigration file. It surfaced when CBP officials learned of his pending visit.
A US official said that extra inspection is standard operating procedure when a foreign visitor has been tied to criminal or terrorist activities. “Secondary inspections” involve going through the visitor’s baggage and viewing the contents of computers and other electronic devices to search for evidence of illicit activity. Agents would typically search other members of the party to ensure Dardery did not hand off his computer equipment to an associate to avoid detection.
In addition, the Brotherhood’s relationship with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas would have triggered extra scrutiny for the incoming delegation. But that “secondary inspection” never happened, a law enforcement source said. The State Department ordered CBP not to do it.
The State Department issued a cable specifically barring customs officials from carrying out any inspections of Dardery and the other members of the delegation on their arrival at New York’s JFK Airport.
The Brotherhood recently won a near majority in parliamentary elections – a sweep by any evaluation.
Ironically, they are keen on introducing legislation to block Internet access to pornography in Egypt.
The IPT report is here.

Rats on cocaine love Miles Davis, and other dumb animal research paid for with tax dollars

Media_httpassetsnydai_iflehsnort! yeah... what comes to mind is John Belushi playing the piano
(Daily News) Taxpayers may feel kind of blue when they discover their dollars went to fund a study to determine rats like to bop to the music of Miles Davis while hopped up on cocaine.
The study, which was performed at Albany Medical College, drew jeers from the animal rights group In Defense of Animals and landed it on its top ten list of Real Ridiculous Research.
The research found that sober rats don’t really like music that much. After the silence, the rats liked Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” more than Miles Davis’s iconic jazz tune “Four.”
But when the rats were given doses of cocaine, their tasted shifted and they gravitated toward the jazz.
... Other studies that made the group’s list included the effect of lemon scent on monkey erections, contagious yawning in chimpanzees and the role of single mothers in the prairie vole community.

Starbucks to phase out coloring from crushed beetles

(Reuters) - Starbucks Corp said on its blog on Thursday that it will stop using a natural, government-approved coloring made from crushed beetles in its strawberry flavoring by late June, bowing to pressure from some vegetarian customers.
Starbucks has been using the extract in its strawberry frappuccinos and smoothies, as well as some deserts like raspberry swirl cake.
"After a thorough, yet fastidious, evaluation, I am pleased to report that we are reformulating the affected products to assure the highest quality possible," Cliff Burrows, president of Starbucks U.S., wrote in a blog post.
Instead, the coffeehouse chain said it plans to use lycopene, a natural, tomato-based extract.
Burrows said Starbucks "fell short" of customer expectations. One blogger in March began an online petition to pressure Starbucks to stop the practice.
Ground up cochineal beetles is a commonly used Food and Drug Administration-approved food coloring.

USDA to Let Industry Self-Inspect Chicken

Chicken is the top-selling meat in the United States.  The average American eats 84 pounds a year, more chicken than beef or pork.  Sorry red meat, chicken is what's for dinner.  And now the USDA is proposing a fundamental change in the way that poultry makes it to the American dinner table. As early as next week, the government will end debate on a cost-cutting, modernization proposal it hopes to fully implement by the end of the year. A plan that is setting off alarm bells among food science watchdogs because it turns over most of the chicken inspection duties to the companies that produce the birds for sale. The USDA hopes to save $85 million over three years by laying off 1,000 government inspectors and turning over their duties to company monitors who will staff the poultry processing lines in plants across the country. The poultry companies expect to save more than $250 million a year because they, in turn will  be allowed to speed up the processing lines to a dizzying 175 birds per minute with one USDA inspector at the end of the line.  Currently, traditional poultry lines move at a maximum of 90 birds per minute, with up to three USDA inspectors on line. Whistleblower inspectors opposed to the new USDA rule say the companies cannot be trusted to watch over themselves.  They contend that companies routinely pressure their employees not to stop the line or slow it down, making thorough inspection for contaminants, tumors and evidence of disease nearly impossible.  "At that speed, it's all a blur," one current inspector tells ABC News. According to OMB Watch, a government accountability newsletter,  cutbacks at the USDA have coincided with a significant rise in salmonella outbreaks.  The group says 2010 was a record year for salmonella infection and 2011 saw 103 poultry, egg and meat recalls because of disease-causing bacteria, the most in nearly 10 years. The USDA, which has been running a pilot program of the changes in 20 US poultry plants, says the new system is not about cost-cutting, but about bringing food safety up to date.  In background briefings, the agency will not answer on the record questions posed by ABC News, USDA says it plans on increasing the number of scientific tests to look for microbiotic disease invisible to human eye inspectors.  But the agency has not been able to furnish data that shows an increase in lab testing during the 12 year pilot program. Watchdog groups insist a combination of increased testing and government inspection is needed to lower salmonella and other disease outbreaks from chicken.  The National Chicken Council says on its website that while  "plant employees would have an expanded role in inspecting carcasses," USDA inspectors will still be in the plant.  And "we are confident that modernizing the poultry inspection system will enable us to build on our success in providing delicious, safe and wholesome food to our customers."
Bok Bok Bok!

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