Will the Pirates Capture Germany?

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(The Pirate movement, which originated in Sweden in 2006, began as a loosely organized group of digital activists whose main aim is the free sharing of information online, including through less stringent copyright laws. Their political activities began with protesting the raid of the Swedish police on the Stockholm servers of the website The Pirate Bay, where music and movies could be downloaded illegally. In 2009, the Swedish Piratpartiet won 7.1 percent of the votes and two of Sweden's 20 seats in the European Parliament. In the EP, the Pirates belong to the Green Group, led by the Franco-German former revolutionary Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Following the Swedish example, PPs were established in some 40 countries, but none has had the electoral impact of the German branch.)
Last week, the Pirates were criticized by the Central Council of German Jews. Dieter Graumann, the Council's president, questioned the PP's decision not to oust PP member Bodo Thiesen, despite comments he made about the Holocaust and Germany's role in starting the Second World War. In a 2008 YouTube video, Thiesen defended convicted Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf. Thiesen also tried to alter entries on the German Wikipedia regarding the Holocaust and the German invasion of Poland in 1939, which he claimed was provoked by the Polish.

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