hey facebook. this Rabbi is breaking the rules!!!!

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Rabbi Boteach will be on Larry King tonight. being that his facebook profile is breaking the terms here, I'm wondering if the facebook administration will delete it in time for the Rabbi to tell Larry King and the world. Rabbi Boteach uses the word "Rabbi" on his facebook profile, which is against the terms apparently because you are not allowed to declare yourself religious clergy in your name. I'm disgusted with facebook's abuse. Why is Zuckerberg looking for loopholes to abuse, delete people who are standing up for community values and people against terrorism?

delete him. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=523031396

Rabbi Shmuley BoteachRabbi Shmuley on CNN Larry King Live Tonight 9pm

Live with the JIDF #Ep. 14 Talking about the risk people pose to themselves and the content they create on Facebook.

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How and why Facebook targets right wingers and Jewish activists, etc. - Original Air Date: 9/29/2009 8:00 PM

B'Tselem says Goldstone report is wrong

"The pot calling the kettle black" ...still it shows how flawed the Goldstone Report was -

on Yom Kippur facebook threatens 2 delete Jewish Leader

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the message was that David Appletree will be deleted within 24 hours.

originally recorded here http://seesmic.tv/videos/kRytnJ2nFe

score one for the Washington Times. the left doesn’t seem very liberal these days. do you think they would behave better if they were given “not for profit” status? doubtful.

I’m not convinced that any wing paper would sell, but it is the left that is more likely to bunch various unrelated and incompatible special interests together that are hostile to each other. Aggregating hatreds together for the sake of defining a power structure is not very liberal at all. There is a reason these publications don’t make money. they have for a century defined themselves through the politics of “economics” and ignored the needs of their readers. I don’t agree with their economic slant, but to me what is worse is their shallow indifference to the people they claim to represent. news more then any other industry deserves to fail. giving journalism a “not for profit” status will not help this industry become ethical and deal with it’s abuse of power. what needs to be dealt with is these organizations need to be voices of the people. vague is no longer credible. Indie voices will come online and advertising people will note this in the coming decade. right now the social media elite reflects the bully pulpit of main stream media. this is about to change radically. I believe that Obama might of been elected simple because the news was trying to keep up with the leftist fringe that was online and destroying their audience. this factor will now work in reverse. I’m willing to bet that I can run a successful publication in paper or online that caters to a niche market that could be reflected to a singular online identity. marketing people are hip to this, but advertising buyers are still confused. I’m certain that is about to change and someone is about to change the landscape through phone calls to the right clients. perhaps the biggest reason there is a slow migration to social media is the idea that advertising buyers will have to acknowledge the politics of where they put their money. guilt goes a long way. it’s much easier to pretend that you aren’t burdened by responsibility because you were advertising to the “mainstream”. this factor of guilt to the advertising buyer will dissipate when advertising marketers create buying markets where their advertisers are shielded from that responsibility of “knowing” the niche that their dollars are going into. there really never was a left and right to begin with… these constructs were guilt free marketing constructs to start with, but the right wing traditionally meant a niche market… that was it’s biggest criticism and it’s strength. you now see there are many right wings. Many Right Wings is real “Liberalism”.


wrong. Israel is not just a spirit. Democratic Republicanism as a theory is not contradictory with Judaism. all people's have a right to ask for protecting infrastructures that are self ruled. if you want to find a reason why g-d put the Jews into exile it is because they became loyal to outside powers and found hypocrisy within their own laws... which is exactly what this guy is doing.

...oh and btw... there is no rule that I have to cover my head. that is a custom that came from a request for being humble, which these guys are not.

Hatima Tova

IgorTheTroll swears off eating dog for a whole day!
oh wow... I'm a bad boy already.

Muslims got pissed off. sadly it was crappy art anyway.

I didn't want to see this lousy second rate installation that glorified gender abuse against men. sadly because Islam got offended... now it is a success. thanks you freaks. just what bad art needed: controversy. sigh

U.S. lied to Israel about Iranian Nuclear enrichment facility

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"when did the US know about this facility? Did they know in 2005 when Israel kicked all its Jews out of Gaza and allowed an Iranian-backed Hamas terror entity to be set up on its border?"

MSNBC admits they are losing the propaganda war

should Israel be Subservient to American Intelligence on the Middle East?

here is history as your witness:

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Rachel Maddow gives a baby a digital copy of a birth certificate and a digital pacifier


Rachel Maddow MSNBC
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don't be afraid to call al-Qaeda Nazis (Part 3)

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don't be afraid to call al-Qaeda Nazis (Part 2)


don't be afraid to call al-Qaeda Nazis (Part 1)

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Godwin was wrong on this one:
Another Hitler Meme

Financial Guru Volcker Criticizes Obama Plan

Christopher Dodd seems to want power going to the big banks, Volcker wants power going to the FED

Volcker "criticized an administration proposal to create a council of regulatory agencies that would be headed by the Treasury Department. Instead, he called on lawmakers to give the central bank more authority to oversee the financial system. “It’s a natural function for the Federal Reserve,” Volcker said."

isn't this the opposite of what Ron Paul wants?

Proof of Joseph?

Molesting Dinner

former Police Officer.... in N.J., yup... New Joisey wanted to get to know his dinner better

Expensive Way to Sodomize Yourself

is it just me or does this look painful?

Bikini Burkas

Hate coming from Hawaii? Japan might be our friend, but there is a strange Japanese contingent there that really resents our country and has greater Anti-American feelings then Japan proper. this is why they are so *LEFT* wing. This is where the hate culture developed... the same culture that raised Obama. I doubt Obama would realize that his views are actually retro-Japanese

Sahih Muslim 41.6985

""Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews." -- Sahih Muslim 41.6985"

KISS Penguins


KISS Penguins
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KISS Penguin http://twitdraw.com/graffiti.php?id=2ecv24&view=1

final comment system test

testing commenting system

Post Marxism

the essence of Post Marxism is that materialism accounting for libidinal influences in a linear time line somehow can be accounted for by an altruistic leader. but it isn't the leader that is the problem.  The top person must get the parts to cooperate and so in a totalitarian system even a so called well intending leader must make compromises to those who expect elitist favors.  you can not fool the educated into sublimating their sexual desires. people can be brainwashed, but if the ladies aren't being charmed and the men aren't getting whores... (or whatever) you have problems.  in some ways a totalitarian with a conscience is the most likely to fail.  Without some elegant competitive system of trust you have tyranny.

so who would want to fuse libidinal desire with Marxism? who would be so interested in co-opting Freud and take him out of context? (not that I agree with Freud all the time), but there were powers that be that were talking about discourse and intelligence. they were asking for the abstract because they didn't want to be objectified. is this what you think is intelligent? someone who is dishonest and decides that the best way to avoid admitting you like to fuck little boys is to create a system that pretends it takes into account libidinal desire, but does not analyze the sexual difference that would be accounted for in Capitalism. hmmmmm

Happy New Year


#ShanaTova שנה טובה

Message To Matt Damon and the Toronto International Film Festival

I had a lot of fun making comments on Digg ;-p

Max tells Hollywood what he thinks of the movie


Obama & Chavez

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Chavez warned that descendants of the same ones that crucified Christ are in control of the world's wealth"?   They wanted information from the synagogue about the Jewish community,? Harris said in his speech at the rally.   They wanted names and addresses.  Why in 2009 would people seek that information? You know and we know, and we have to say 'no' by our presence and by our voices.

Nogero Flashback

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just a reminder of why I am online fighting the battle!

Jihad Hockey #GiladShalit

a new Jihad video game. also might work well with a GPS system

Glenn Beck does Art

he is partly right about the artist's in question, but also very wrong about Rockefeller who was bamboozled consistently by the artists whose work he loved. verges on hysterical conspiracies because we know the radical right seem to think Rockefeller was involved with Rothchild and the FED. I like Beck, but he goes a little over the top here

Mike Artega's GYM if there is no politics then why do you have CNN in every room? ( #Sweden More #Swedish Libel )

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more double standards against Zionist politics

all this talk about Sweden reminds me of my last conversation with a Swede

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I have to be honest that until this year I was painfully oblivious of the bigotry coming from Scandinavia. It reminds me of how infuriated I was with this one guy I met online.

please wait.  Seesmic takes a while... their French and they take their time.  Trust me... this post is worth listening too.  Especially if you have any intentions of hitting something afterwords.

reposted from 8/23/09

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