Post Marxism

the essence of Post Marxism is that materialism accounting for libidinal influences in a linear time line somehow can be accounted for by an altruistic leader. but it isn't the leader that is the problem.  The top person must get the parts to cooperate and so in a totalitarian system even a so called well intending leader must make compromises to those who expect elitist favors.  you can not fool the educated into sublimating their sexual desires. people can be brainwashed, but if the ladies aren't being charmed and the men aren't getting whores... (or whatever) you have problems.  in some ways a totalitarian with a conscience is the most likely to fail.  Without some elegant competitive system of trust you have tyranny.

so who would want to fuse libidinal desire with Marxism? who would be so interested in co-opting Freud and take him out of context? (not that I agree with Freud all the time), but there were powers that be that were talking about discourse and intelligence. they were asking for the abstract because they didn't want to be objectified. is this what you think is intelligent? someone who is dishonest and decides that the best way to avoid admitting you like to fuck little boys is to create a system that pretends it takes into account libidinal desire, but does not analyze the sexual difference that would be accounted for in Capitalism. hmmmmm

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