getting fat on ICE CREAM for the NEW YEAR. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH FEMALE SEX! My woman is torturing me. and I'm eating out of depression.


H.G.H. (human growth hormone) on all of society for 2008


Damn it Sweet cheeks... I'm an artist not a doctor. I leave the diagnoses to precocious public relations workers that think they know everything because they grant sexual favors. I guess that's Disassociation, but I have no idea what the psychoanalysis experts at Starbucks define it as this week. Last I checked I was a victim of incest because I had sex with my babysitter. I tried telling the doctor I enjoyed every second of it and since she was an Irish Catholic the genetic similarity just wasn't there. (but you know these public health workers aren't much different from P.R whores.) They. redefine everything as it becomes convenient. I sure as hell would love to perform some incest with you... if incest is what it was last week. Last I checked I was called OCD by a real estate / actress in my fathers studio.... I had to look it up on google. Dr. Freud warned against an Oprah Winfrey culture... but then again the Oprah culture wouldn't take the Doc these days very seriously about anything unless he admitted openly he was gay and very against psychoanalysis. Ah the lovely benefits of being psychoanalyzed by adolescent girls... pop psychiatry at it's best. What do you think Michel Foucault would say about all this lovely objectivity coming out of pop culture? Probably would be having too good a time sucking dick to give a flying fuck. Your bad news. I like that. Come to New York... you can play Ava Braun for me. I have an outfit ready with a Leftist Chavista flavour so you can subvert your racism.

Had some woman keep on asking me questions... wanted to get real intimate with me... then asked me if I had a son. I said yeah. Then she defriended me and disappeared. Wierd!? She wanted to show me her erotic dance and all kinds of stuff. It said she was in a relationship... So I was interested in an artistic way... she also started saying wierd things about this guy on my friend list. Wanted me to defriend this person and that person. When I refused because I didn't know her or the guy she didn't like... she got pissed. This is too much. You want to show me erotic dance fine. You want to talk politics... fine. I'm not for my tax dollar going to schools... you want to ask me what I think of your art... fine. But then to defriend me like that is just weird. Tell me what your problem is if you have a problem with me. We don't know each other... but I don't need to be judged like as if we were having sex or something. The fact that I have a son is no reason to defriend someone... nor does it have anything to do with the fact that you want to show me some kind of erotic dance. I'm just getting real frustrated. You might think I'm psycho... but I'm not. I'm super normal. What you see online is only my artwork. I'm just a nice guy. Please make a note of that. You can't judge me by my art.


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I got a question. Are these future Jihad kids? Or are these future BLACKBOOK Magazine employees. Because from reading the editorial in that magazine, I would have to guess these kids work in the fashion industry. I just want to ask a few fashion industry workers what in the hell is so Liberal about their anorexic lifestyles of guilt.

You might think I'm kidding around... but I'm not. The fashion industry is very influenced by middle eastern opinions. I myself worked in the industry. Open up Lebook or The Black Book and you will see a large proportion of people from Lebanon and France. Sarkozy is now president... but the population of France is still largely Middle Eastern or North African. These geographic regions have a very strong influence on fashion and as default can influence the media and the art market because there are very strong crossovers.

What Photobucket thought was OBSCENE




Check out this interesting question on Yedda

..The Stalker

A person is stalking underage children on a social network and says something controversial and sexual. Multitudes of people block the account. The network disables the account as a result. How does this protect people if one can just login under a different name and email? It would seem it would be in our interest to not disable sick perverted people's accounts, because this would be a way to surveillance their actions. People should be able to block who they want. Disabling an account encourages people to bookmark and write the email down of who they want to harass. The people who bothered to block are now vulnerable. Besides the obvious rejection of the first amendment, I fail to see the logic of kicking people out for what they say, poke or friend. Also if a person has your email address and the network doesn't tell the accused harasser to delete it, how does the accused know a contact is hostile in the first place?

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Asked by SimonStudio on November 23, 2007

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I think I was pretty clear.  I don't need to get into specifics.
Conduct that is questionable is no reason to throw someone off a social network... for one thing it could lead to finding details on a person so that it can have impact in reality.  No one get's hurt online.... unless you think like Gloria Steinem or Dworkin or some psycho-fem-hysteria.
but already here is a detail that just happened to me
some woman has put nude pictures of herself on my profile. (no not here) I wouldn't mind except the pictures are her as a child. Being that I don't get off on little children in the nude.... I was thinking about erasing it. I'm afraid it will hurt her feelings and I didn't want to do that. But I'm paranoid because one of my friends from art school got in trouble for having child porn. Now I doubt my friend was into children either. I'm sure he was using the nude pictures of children for reference in his drawing... but that isn't the point. The point is that I am certainly not into this shit... and I don't want to get into any beef and I know people do watch me to see if I go too far. So I am a little in a pickle... do I erase the shit and lose the friend or what? They are interesting pictures... I see the artistic merit in it... also being that the pictures are actually her... it isn't quite child porn... also being that she posted it... my question is am I responsible? What the hell do I do?

I don't want to be a hypocrite either... I pride myself on being against censorship. but seeing a bald vagina is pretty damn gross... and I don't want to go to jail over my own self righteousness.

I guess my question is... because the picture is pretty hidden with other comments at this point.... I doubt anyone will find it now... my question is am I responsible? She posted it.

also if I delete it... people won't believe me if I tell them this... so I kind of want a record of this.

there is something else... this is the second time it happened. I friended this same girl around a year ago... and she did the same thing... I deleted the picture... and she defriended me. she doesn't remember that and I just remembered,

obviously this is her warning sign... she put the image up when I was telling her some controversial stuff about the last company I worked for. This image is her defense mechanism. It is her way of saying fuck with me and your fucked. She has the alibi that it is her childhood picture... but I don't. So what I am asking is am I culpable to guilt for her posting? This is a game. Fashion Institute of Technology women can be kind of strange. I'm from NYC... I went to the limelight night club on occasion in the early 90's. I have a feeling that this is an attractive skinny fashionable blonde... who has a real sick side to her. This is a circle of people who I feel as an artist are important to penetrate. She obviously someone in a circle of people... she feels that I am questionable... (but likes my art).... this is her way of initiating me. To see if I can be trusted. The only reason I know this is because it is my second time around with the girl. She apparently does this as a pattern.

...also one other thought. If I delete it... not only do I lose the evidence of the supposed "CRIME" or "NON-CRIME"... but also it makes me look like I am covering it up. I can't win here.

I have had a rough social networking week....

these art ladies are not easy. 
....they test you,,, 

* 2009 update * I eventually deleted the image and the girl told all her friends I was a square. I tried to do it below the radar, but she set up the situation as a no win position. After closer analysis I have come to the conclusion that this girl is probably a very twisted lesbian. I had some other guy update me with a similar sick story. This one involves this girl only having sex with black men. (I don't think it is true... because like I said before I believe this woman is gay... but she likes to cause problems and it excites her to provoke racist feelings)


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Nice Pooper

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BaseBall with Retards

Jihad Smurf




American Ballet Theatre and Exit 16 W on the New Jersey Turnpike


Death of a Salesman


If you are so deep... why are you hanging out with me?

I was on facebook and I poked this girl from Rhode Island School of Design. It said she was a Mormon. I said I was considering voting for Romney and I wanted to know if she knew his stance on Israel. She got angry at me because she is a Pro-Choice-Anti Semite from Utah and she was kidding about being a Mormon. The next day I got a poke from her boyfriend. Um... what did I do wrong? Pardon my french... BUT WHAT THE F%(K!
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Not the woes of parenting... the woes of gender tyranny. Little boys are not as social. They are very different. Most of all they need time with their father. Angry public health people are no substitute. Nor are the drugs that they try to force men on. We have a femme culture of hysteria. It is why I would never vote for a Democrat. Our politics are still broken up into Vietnam era standards. There are still dominant political slants, but not the same one. There isn't the "Bible Bangers" vs. "Feminist 60's people." There are two cultures... One for freedom.. the other is a socialist public health culture of litigation and prosecution. The one for freedom realizes that the only way to achieve the most dignity and freedom is to declare differences in gender persuasion. We can't maintain a civilization of cookie cutter androgyny. There is enough fear in the people of the feminist new world order that some guy in New Hampshire tried to take matters into his own hands..., he was a little extreme... but he spoke for the majorities feelings. Kind of like Richard Wrights violence in "Native Son". Ten years ago a van attempted to blow up WTC? Ghouliani and Donna Hanover were more interested in chasing away porn shops in time square. This isn't a question of right vs. left. This is a question of not allowing rhetoric to turn our lives into a sexual police state. This attempt at Hilary's life is a warning sign. I doubt Clinton got it. She's already spinning it the way she always has. She is the culture of victimization. Tipper Gore ate my Pornos and now I'm one "Twisted Sister".

The French are truly the best lovers. But you take the bad with the good. I was 17 and was spending my last $20 on a date with this French girl and she took it and gave it to a homeless man.... right in front of me too. Just to make a fuck you point. She used to say that all "American men were faggots". I kind of agreed with her... so I didn't argue.... but oh god was she gorgeous. Huge tits... perfect. There was something kind of dirty about her though... she didn't have good hygiene. I know it's a stereotype... but she fit it. If she had bathed and taken care of herself she would of blown away any movie star. It's like this conversation I was having about the movie "Running with Scissors" in which this kid's mother is part of this Lesbian Poetry group... and this lady who is a poet said that it was a bad stereotype. But isn't the movie based on a book that is based on a true story?

When I was in college I dated a girl who was oh so dark.... didn't eat food... only smoked cigarettes and drank coffee. Whenever she said the words... "Byron and Shelly and Poe" she would have an orgasm. Or at least so it would seem. She had this thing about the Black Forest in Germany. She was a real hoot. (sarcasm) She would only visit me during menstruation and after this exploit going on for around a year I finally got around to asking if we could try anal since we obviously could not have anything but bloodiness. She told me we could, but that she would never enjoy it... that her literature was enough. Worst sex ever to be honest and she was a pretty girl. I don't know why she wanted to spew her misery everywhere. Just indulgent. I never tried anal sex again... and I stay away from dating people who like literature and art more then people. The girl I dated is now Rhodes Scholar and works in Washington D.C. for some law firm. I hope she is driving a few liberal politicians up the wall.

When things go bad you can always play the victim Hilary. Just goes to show when you need to get something done... do it yourself. I would of waited for her to come back to go postal.

Didn't Bill Clinton learn anything when they ran his dog "Buddy" over. Keep your bitch on a leash Bill!

Mooo Haaaa Haaaa.....

Here is what I put on Amy Winehouse's MySpace page ....LOL!
"A person is stalking underage children on a social network and says something controversial and sexual. Multitudes of people block the account. The network disables the account as a result. How does this protect people if one can just login under a different name and email? It would seem it would be in our interest to not disable sick perverted people's accounts, because this would be a way to surveillance their actions. People should be able to block who they want. Disabling an account encourages people to bookmark and write the email down of who they want to harass. The people who bothered to block are now vulnerable. Besides the obvious rejection of the first amendment, I fail to see the logic of kicking people out for what they say, poke or friend."

...not that this has anything to do with the above Amy... but here is my picture of Hilary Clinton having Thanksgiving dinner with Papa Smurf and Big Mouth."

I dated a Black Girl who was a poet at the Lolapalooza festival. She had a daughter with a gay man who died of AIDS. The daughter looked white... The relationship was a little too (I don't know... forced and politically correct) Also it was weird having sex with someone who had a child with a man whose eyeball apparently popped out of his skull because a lymph-node swelled. I always felt like I was an intellectual burden in the relationship. I was fifteen years her junior and honestly I think she was hiding from all the Butch Dikes that wanted to date her because she was one of them lipstick lesbians. Her Lesbian friends would come to her house and psychologically label me as emotionally retarded. That kind of hurts to hear people say that... but then again if I feel that then I'm not so retarded now am I?

Hey weren't Michael Douglas and Woody Allen's marriage successful? Come on answer me Anita Hill?

Steve Kurtz (The Original "Critical Analysis")

So you guys have me pegged as some kind of "Right Wing Nut"? Here is my professor at Carnegie Mellon University... who told me that the Republicans spend more on "Art". See how Hollywood pegs this as some kind of simplification? This is a guy who gave me an "A" for my opinions both times I took his class. Even when I submitted a final paper with nude pictures of Gloria Steinem my senior year. Steve Kurtz was a very complicated man and he had the awe of the entire school. He was extremely open minded and I doubt he is a terrorist... politics are stupid because they label you something and everyone thinks they understand you.

Yellow Pages and Anal Sex

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MySpace has been blocked by my server for the week of ThanksGiving because I exceeded the bandwidth. You will notice that my art is missing from this blog on many posts. I am busy changing servers and rewriting code to work with the new servers.

I can see this will be another thing where the Baby Boomers and Hippies will say that I caused my own problem...
it's my fault because I'm not on a ZEN ranch shoving carrots in my tush. It's my fault because I'm vain. It's my fault because I seek material things. OHHHHHHHMMMM!

"YES IT IS TRUE... I'm guilty of promoting myself!"

I went and put my images of Papa Smurf getting served Turkey by Hilary Clinton on Amy Winehouse's page and I crashed my own server. I got so many people going to my profile that my personal server crashed. All those volvo soccer mom's and beat types thought I had beef with her. LOL I actually love her music... that is so silly! People are always looking for a good fight and I'm only too obliged to play bad guy. I now think I know how to market my art... All I gotta do is post in on Amy's profile and it drives the Starbuck's Coffee drinkers stark raving mad.

Mooo Haaaa Haaaa.....

Actually yes... it is working.  Problem is that when you are doing things that work... people get jealous and stand in the door.  It happened to me at BLACKBOOK when I was the top salesman... it is happening now.  I have had 8 accounts disabled by facebook till they realized that I was bookmarking key accounts and writing down emails.  When they realized that I could still talk to people they stopped trying to throw me off.  This week my artwork became so popular online that my server complained that I was exceeding the bandwidth agreement.  I have been using Jumpline for over fifteen years.  I am one of their first customers and they never informed me of any image view restraints till it became difficult for their own server.  What I did on MySpace is I found popular sites like music and other artists and started pegging their page with my own work and comments.... and I would update it.  The result is that over thanksgiving so many people were viewing my art that unfortunately my server pulled the plug..... (see my blog for more info... there is no images though)  In other words I became a victim of my own success.  Each time I hit a brick wall.... I learn from it.  After having facebook constantly disable my accounts... I learned to write down peoples email and Instant Messaging information and I would bookmark their profile systematically.  I would then enter the info into my ten different gmail accounts and back it up in Excel in a "Comma Deliminated File" and in straight text.  facebook did empty my Gmail account... but I had it all backed up on my hard drive.  Obviously there is communication between large corporations about me.  I am now getting more wise and leaving my art work on multiple free servers.  If my art is blocked from one direction, I will peg them with another server or image bank.  I have heard that Photobucket and FlickR censor the art and resize.  I am using them... but I am careful.  I have heard that FileDen is a safe haven of censorship, but I'm not crazy about the interface.  It is a media war.  AND IT'S ON! 
Photobucket Album

Date: Nov 23, 2007 6:26 PM

I couldn't agree with you more!
I just prefer fileden to photobucket because they don't censor what you keep and plus they don't auto-resize any of the images that you might post.

cheers my friend,

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Noah David Simon
Date: Nov 23, 2007 4:03 PM

what makes fileden so great?

with my blog I was very happy with Blogger and then some snobby people told me that professionals only use wordpress. After a year of using both I now know that humble old Blogger is better and the bells and whistles of wordpress are just stupid, clunky and hard to use. I only use wordpress to back up my html code from Blogger.

Some things are just too complicated.

When I was younger the big fight of Microsoft Word vs. Word Perfect was endemic of standard struggles. Microsoft Word was what the average Joe used, most law offices and profesionals were using word perfect. The application that became the standard was Microsoft Word. The snobby jerks that told everyone that they had to memorize millions of things and that it was the "Professional" standard in the end went out like the dinosaurs. Today most people use neither Word or Word Perfect... everyone does it all in the web browser, but that is hardly the point. The point is that sometime learning stuff is bullshit. I spent most of the last ten years trying to be an expert at flash. At this point flash is on it's way out because most pages can't handle it... for example MySpace. I was at one time an avid user of VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) and knew how to interface Javascript with it. This knowledge is today a waste of time. Most 3D applications export to VRML anyway. It get's awful frustrating trying to keep up with what the wine and cheese crowd gets snippy about. Guys like me spend a lot of energy trying to keep up...

In the end it was VHS not Betamax... and it will be BLuRay not HDTV....
you get what I'm saying? When you get older you get a sense of standards. You begin to pick up on patterns. VHS took off because the porn industry adopted it. There actually were plenty of Hollywood features on Betamax, but Sony was too snobby for the real home movie industry. Today we are dealing with MySpace Vs. facebook and whatever ilk... It just a little difficult to make decisions and get stuck with a lemon.

You point out that Hitler ended up for the worst for his viewpoint that, "Politics is the New Art". Let me argue that actually Hitler accomplished most of what he wanted. There is no doubt in the history of parades, spectacles and awesome fashion sense that the National Socialists were some of the best in history. From composers like Wagner to philosophers like Martin Heidegger the Nazi's achieved the very best in culture. Hitler had only the best doctors around... and as a result if he knew he were dying then his objective of what he wanted to do on earth was carried out. Every decision that Germany made counters conventional strategic thought on what would be a smart way to carry out warfare. I refuse to accept the fact that a man who was able to convince an elite first world nation that genocide was a good idea on 50% of it's own people, would of been stupid enough to fight a battle on two fronts. Strategically then if we assume that Hitler wasn't "Forrest Gump", we would have to assume that his objective had nothing to do with winning the war whatsoever. I am sure the first few years he thought he might of had a very good chance, but I believe his energy by and large went to the "Final Solution" and not his role in protecting his own country. That was why a battle on two fronts became so necessary. He knew his own people... and he knew they were industrious and would bounce back from the ashes like an economic phoenix. That people would eventually forgive them and prefer the German Automobile. His main concern was killing Jews... and he was very good at it. Hitler was evil... but I take what he says very seriously and don't shrug it off. Hitler understood the architecture of a cultural product better then anyone... and he also knew that intellectuals and critics were the main threat to good art. He was very concerned with efficiency. Never discount the "Socialism" in National Socialism. Hitler knew how to maximize civilization and having smart people questioning him was not a good thing for his success. Ironically killing those same smart people cost him and his allies the war. If he had not been killing Jews.... those Hebrews would of built the Atom bomb for him. (and most Jews actually were very loyal to Germany) I pose the question: Did we really win world war 2? Or maybe world war 2 was simply the passing the torch from "National Socialism" to "International Socialism" and that the turn of the millennia was the passing of the torch of "International Socialism" to "International Corporate Socialism". The key danger is those that think they can make decisions for other people for a better greased society machine.

Giving a Network 2nd Chances


Giving 2nd Chances.... on a Network or Party

I am figuring out things on facebook. You just don't meet them here. I can live by that rule... sincerely... but I think they should limit contacting people if that really was a problem. I would also like to have my email address back.

Anyway... been raking leaves today. Nothing controversial or exciting. I got the attention of an old friend in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon. Richard Pell is one of my 6 friends now.

I am enjoying this new use of facebook better. I have so many ways to access people... If I had known that the issue they were having with me is they didn't like me contacting people... there would of never been a problem.

I'm at heart an artist. Artists by nature like to find the boundaries of things. It is how a painting is done. And it is what conceptual art is about. If given a social network an artist is going to try to use it as a tool and see how many people they can poke and friend... it is just a natural reaction. It's not like I was threatening anyone.... except maybe Geo.... but I intend to contact him by other means. I am skeptical of people that get involved with mental illness and are critical of me. Mental Illness brings the worst aspects of religion into objectivity. I argued with him... and I do not believe he forgave me for it. I think he left it with me as that he didn't have the energy for me. I feel we have some unresolved issues. I would like to talk more about Geo another time...

I am now fighting with MyBlogLog. BOY does Yahoo suck... they made it impossible for me to log in with my old MyBlogLog account and this isn't a police state problem... this is simple incompetence. Do you know of anyone else with the problems with the new MyBlogLog? I can't log into SimonStudio because it doesn't use a Yahoo ID... and I can't use my Blog with my account CriticalAnalysis because it is in use with SimonStudio. Aaaaaargh! So then I joined a Yahoo group for MyBlogLog to try and figure out what the problem was and the rejected my application? I'm beginning to see that there is an elitism online that is quite frightening with all these networks and facebook is just part of the problem.

I remember when we elected G W Bush and I said I was leaving the country because I was so upset. I moved to Mexico... it was within a month that I found myself in a Mexican Federal Prison for Terrorism during September 11th. Sometimes the Elitism of one place is better then the chaos of another. We all make compromises with our liberty and dignity. Finding myself in a Mexican prison... it was the U.S. state department that helped me and got me out. I am afraid to fly in airplane as a result of the experience. So there I was saved by the very people I was angry at. Strange life.

As much as I am angry at a system... I am always open to change my mind. Look at Verizon.... they were by far the worst offender of communications in my book... today I would say they offer the best communications access. Walmart offers the best healthcare... Democrats became the biggest censors... and my father a lifelong Yankee fan started rooting for the Red Sox. Red Sox are for Communists.

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