If you are so deep... why are you hanging out with me?

I was on facebook and I poked this girl from Rhode Island School of Design. It said she was a Mormon. I said I was considering voting for Romney and I wanted to know if she knew his stance on Israel. She got angry at me because she is a Pro-Choice-Anti Semite from Utah and she was kidding about being a Mormon. The next day I got a poke from her boyfriend. Um... what did I do wrong? Pardon my french... BUT WHAT THE F%(K!
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Not the woes of parenting... the woes of gender tyranny. Little boys are not as social. They are very different. Most of all they need time with their father. Angry public health people are no substitute. Nor are the drugs that they try to force men on. We have a femme culture of hysteria. It is why I would never vote for a Democrat. Our politics are still broken up into Vietnam era standards. There are still dominant political slants, but not the same one. There isn't the "Bible Bangers" vs. "Feminist 60's people." There are two cultures... One for freedom.. the other is a socialist public health culture of litigation and prosecution. The one for freedom realizes that the only way to achieve the most dignity and freedom is to declare differences in gender persuasion. We can't maintain a civilization of cookie cutter androgyny. There is enough fear in the people of the feminist new world order that some guy in New Hampshire tried to take matters into his own hands..., he was a little extreme... but he spoke for the majorities feelings. Kind of like Richard Wrights violence in "Native Son". Ten years ago a van attempted to blow up WTC? Ghouliani and Donna Hanover were more interested in chasing away porn shops in time square. This isn't a question of right vs. left. This is a question of not allowing rhetoric to turn our lives into a sexual police state. This attempt at Hilary's life is a warning sign. I doubt Clinton got it. She's already spinning it the way she always has. She is the culture of victimization. Tipper Gore ate my Pornos and now I'm one "Twisted Sister".

The French are truly the best lovers. But you take the bad with the good. I was 17 and was spending my last $20 on a date with this French girl and she took it and gave it to a homeless man.... right in front of me too. Just to make a fuck you point. She used to say that all "American men were faggots". I kind of agreed with her... so I didn't argue.... but oh god was she gorgeous. Huge tits... perfect. There was something kind of dirty about her though... she didn't have good hygiene. I know it's a stereotype... but she fit it. If she had bathed and taken care of herself she would of blown away any movie star. It's like this conversation I was having about the movie "Running with Scissors" in which this kid's mother is part of this Lesbian Poetry group... and this lady who is a poet said that it was a bad stereotype. But isn't the movie based on a book that is based on a true story?

When I was in college I dated a girl who was oh so dark.... didn't eat food... only smoked cigarettes and drank coffee. Whenever she said the words... "Byron and Shelly and Poe" she would have an orgasm. Or at least so it would seem. She had this thing about the Black Forest in Germany. She was a real hoot. (sarcasm) She would only visit me during menstruation and after this exploit going on for around a year I finally got around to asking if we could try anal since we obviously could not have anything but bloodiness. She told me we could, but that she would never enjoy it... that her literature was enough. Worst sex ever to be honest and she was a pretty girl. I don't know why she wanted to spew her misery everywhere. Just indulgent. I never tried anal sex again... and I stay away from dating people who like literature and art more then people. The girl I dated is now Rhodes Scholar and works in Washington D.C. for some law firm. I hope she is driving a few liberal politicians up the wall.

When things go bad you can always play the victim Hilary. Just goes to show when you need to get something done... do it yourself. I would of waited for her to come back to go postal.

Didn't Bill Clinton learn anything when they ran his dog "Buddy" over. Keep your bitch on a leash Bill!

Mooo Haaaa Haaaa.....

Here is what I put on Amy Winehouse's MySpace page ....LOL!
"A person is stalking underage children on a social network and says something controversial and sexual. Multitudes of people block the account. The network disables the account as a result. How does this protect people if one can just login under a different name and email? It would seem it would be in our interest to not disable sick perverted people's accounts, because this would be a way to surveillance their actions. People should be able to block who they want. Disabling an account encourages people to bookmark and write the email down of who they want to harass. The people who bothered to block are now vulnerable. Besides the obvious rejection of the first amendment, I fail to see the logic of kicking people out for what they say, poke or friend."

...not that this has anything to do with the above Amy... but here is my picture of Hilary Clinton having Thanksgiving dinner with Papa Smurf and Big Mouth."

I dated a Black Girl who was a poet at the Lolapalooza festival. She had a daughter with a gay man who died of AIDS. The daughter looked white... The relationship was a little too (I don't know... forced and politically correct) Also it was weird having sex with someone who had a child with a man whose eyeball apparently popped out of his skull because a lymph-node swelled. I always felt like I was an intellectual burden in the relationship. I was fifteen years her junior and honestly I think she was hiding from all the Butch Dikes that wanted to date her because she was one of them lipstick lesbians. Her Lesbian friends would come to her house and psychologically label me as emotionally retarded. That kind of hurts to hear people say that... but then again if I feel that then I'm not so retarded now am I?

Hey weren't Michael Douglas and Woody Allen's marriage successful? Come on answer me Anita Hill?

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