Invisible Fence


A funny thing happened yesterday. After the tragic loss of "Trembles" the wonder cat to an automobile we got inspired and spent a few grand for an electronic invisible fence for our animals. They all now have to wear these stupid torturing collars that beep and electrocute. Poor "Thisbie" the dog is up in the attic tonight just trembling in fear of going outside. The idea of her freedom being taken away freaked her out. It wasn't my idea... it was my mother's, but I don't want to see another beloved house hold pet looking like road kill... so I went along like a apprehensive Republican with Speedy Gonzalez. Oh what the hell right? I sat back and let my mother chop our cat's balls off so I should stop it with the Libertarianism. At any rate "Thisbie" slept in my bed last night. Every half hour or so she would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat jumping in fear of an arbitrary electric shock. Do you think ZuckerTurd of facebook would let me back on if I installed one to myself that could be used online?

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My dog is so great. Always wants to cuddle. It's not fair that god made dogs have such a short life span because they are superior creatures though less intelligent. (It it true though... they need us) Cats and Dogs don't understand modern problems like automobiles and hygiene. I have a theory that dogs might of domesticated us, rather then the other way around. I'm serious too. Gorillas travel in herds of one male to nine females. If my theory is correct early men left the herd and joined the communal pack of canines to survive till they grew strong enough to run their own harem. I guess I'm just going back to my roots. I got thrown out by the advertising gorillas. Advertising is usually one man and a bunch of hot bimbos. The only men that get by usually are gay men that are not a threat. So I'm hanging out with my pack.... plotting to take over with a new monogamous communications mentality. These are truly dark times. The whole world acting like apes?

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