Wikileaks (Stratfor) CIA alive and well in Lebanon?

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(Carl) Some of you may recall that back in November, it was reported that several CIA operatives in Lebanon were 'outed,' and that as a result it was reported that the crucial CIA listening post in Beirut was shut down. Stratfor documents released by Wikileaks on Wednesday report that the station is still alive and well, and that the claim that the CIA was shut down was one that was made to get Hezbullah off the CIA's back.

Email-ID 5287911
Date 2011-11-21 16:10:50
Some of this feels like disinfo. If the CIA lost a few people in Beirut,
it would be reasonable for them to send a few "current and former US
Officials" to the AP to "leak" a story that the all US coverage of Hez has
been "wiped out" -- best way to stop the search for more informants.
On 11/21/11 10:03 AM, wrote:
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Thanks! Been working on this for a while. It's bad. CIA's Hezbollah
coverage has been wiped out.
From: Fred Burton []
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Great work Adam!
AP Exclusive: Spies Outed, CIA Suffers In Lebanon
Monday, Nov 21, 2011 10:17 AM 11:15:26 GMT+0200
By Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) - The CIA's operations in Lebanon have been badly
damaged after Hezbollah identified and captured a number of U.S. spies
recently, current and former U.S. officials told The Associated Press.
The intelligence debacle is particularly troubling because the CIA saw
it coming.
The CIA may not have anyone on the ground in Beirut (or more likely they do), but you can bet that the Mossad does. Heh. ok... so?

Netanyahu and others on PBS' "The Advocates," 1979

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With host, Michael Dukakis!
The Netanyahu (Ben Nitay) part begins around the 15 minute mark:

I find it interesting that the pro-Palestinian Arab side is generally only talking about self-determination, not a state. By pretty much any definition, they have achieved that.
But every time they achieve something, the goalposts keep moving.
(h/t Hillel Neuer)
the so called Palestinian people did not own most of the land.

New $750 grand soccer field for Gitmo terrorists

(Thinker) They're cutting military pensions and health benefits but the Pentagon found $750,000 for a new soccer field at Guantanamo for the terrorist detainees.
(Fox) At a time of record deficits, a new soccer field for detainees at Camp 6 in Guantanamo Bay is just getting the finishing touches -- at a cost of $750,000 to taxpayers.
The project was the highlight of a tour Tuesday of the detention camp for reporters at the facility covering the arraignment in a military court of Majid Khan, a former Baltimore resident and the the only legal U.S. resident on trial at Guantanamo.
The project began in April 2011 and is due to finish this spring. The detainees will now have three recreation facilities at Camp 6, which is home to "highly compliant" detainees who live in a communal setting.
In addition to an indoor recreation field and the existing outdoor recreation field, the new soccer field -- selected because it is such a popular sport with detainees -- is half the size of an American football field.    
The new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees "have maximum access" -- about 20 hours a day. Special passageways allow the detainees to pass into the new recreation yard without being escorted by the military.
On the tour, a military police representative who asked not to be identified by name said allowing high levels of activity outdoors helped reduce behavioral problems at the camps, and it also limited the amount of interaction between detainees and the guards.
...Have there ever been prisoners treated in such a grand manner? These guys were living in hovels and mud huts before their capture. Now they've got 3 squares and a bed, a soccer field, a big library -- stuff they never dreamed of possessing back home. Not to mention a government lawyer provided free of charge. Something is wrong with this picture.
 sounds nice. do they offer soccer fields to Jewish terrorists?

Jewish Basketball Team Punished for being Kosher in Texas

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(JC)(Arizona Jewish Post / JTA Ben Harris) A Texas school's basketball team have been denied its chance to compete in a state championship because the game has been scheduled for Shabbat.
Pupils at the Orthodox Jewish Robert M Beren Academy in Houston were left celebrating after they reached the semifinals of the state contest.
But their victory was short-lived after organisers refused to change the time of the match from 9pm on Friday – after sunset – despite an appeal lodged by the school to the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.
Edd Burleson, the association's director, said that when the school first joined the league they were advised that this problem could arise.
"If schedules are changed for these schools, it's hard for other schools," he told the New York Times.
The school's basketball coach, Chris Cole said. "One reason this is a big deal to many, is that no Orthodox Jewish team, from what we've heard, has ever won a state basketball championship."(Details)

Iran demands an explanation

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(Carl)Iran summoned the Azerbaijani ambassador to the Islamic Republic on Tuesday, asking him to explain reports (which are true) that Azerbaijan entered into an arms deal with Israel on Monday that is worth $1.5 billion.
According to the report of Foreign Ministry website on Tuesday, following news concerning arms deal between Azerbaijan Republic and the Zionist regime worth around one and half billion dollars, Javanshir Akhundov was invited by the deputy FM Seyed Abbas Araqchi to the ministry and Iran asked for official explanation about the news.

The ambassador said that purchased equipment from the Zionist regime are solely to free occupied territory of Azerbaijan Republic and that the government will not allow these arms be used against another country, especially Islamic Republic of Iran.

He repeated his country's intention to develop relations with Iran and called for exchanging views to remove any kind of misunderstanding.

Considering declared policy by the Zionist regime on growing penetration in bordering countries with Iran and using these states' territories against it, the Iran’s senior diplomat warned against any kind of use of Azerbaijan Republic territory by the Zionist regime for terrorist acts against Iran.

Times of Israel adds:

The ambassador did not elaborate, but the “occupied territory” to which he was referring may be the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. According to Azerbaijan and the international community, the enclave is part of Azerbaijan. Since the end of the Azeri-Armenian war in 1994, however, the majority Armenian region has exerted de facto independence with Armenian military support.

Under the terms of the Israel Aerospace Industries deal, announced earlier this week, the Caucasus nation will receive planes, drones and an advanced missile defense system. The shipment of aerial drones will be accompanied by a large team of security and technology consultants, according to Maariv, which cited an Intelligence Online report.

I wonder which of Iran's other immediate neighbors are working on arms deals with us.

ok... who is going to admit that they had no idea what in the hell Nagorno-Karabakh is.... and is learning something here? I sure as hell just learned something.

Wikileaks (Stratfor): Israel traded Georgian UAV codes to Russia for Iranian Tor M-1 codes, Turkey gave Israel S-300 codes

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Not sure how reliable a Mexican police officer is....but the US gov was ready to believe anything... which actually shows how little credibility the Obama administration has regarding their so called friend Israel. It should also be of note that while some of these cables are helpful to the Israelis... (Assange obviously released the less controversial of these cables first), a lot of the cables that are now trickling out are quite damaging. The real problem is that they show the United States government's real feelings towards Israel... much less then at issue is the damage Israel's rep, but more it is a reflection of Obama's true aliance... which is completely paranoid of a Jewish state. Obama is willing to believe anything.
(Carl) Wikileaks' Stratfor email dump is reporting that Israel gave Russia the codes for UAV's that Israel sold to Georgia in exchange for the codes for the Tor M-1 anti-aircraft systems that Russia sold to Iran. Again, I am putting this in chronological order:
PUBLICATION: ask me first
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: MX301 - Former Mexican cop, Latam military analyst,
writes for Jane's
Ok, here's the really juicy part:
There is a private Mexican company called Idra that the government funded
to make UAVs. They are actually pretty high standard according to him and
beat out the Israeli UAVs in testing. My friend was consulting Idra at the
time and so he was privy to a lot of deals that were on the table. This is
the story --
The Mexican government is now paying some $25m (? can get the #s later)
for UAVs from Israel. Idra is basically like WTF, but the reason is
basically corruption. There is a deal b/w the Mexican interior ministry
and the Israelis where they're getting a hefty kickback.
This is the interesting part, though.
Idra had an offer to sell UAVs to Georgia (this was happening during and
after the war). The reason Georgia needed the UAVs is because the UAVs
they had bought from Israel had been compromised by the Russians. The
Russians got the data link for the UAV (there is some suspicion that the
Israelis after the war may have given this to them. Remember all the
intense mtgs b/w the Israelis and the Russians where the Russians got the
Israelis to back off of defense deals to Georgia in return for Russia
backing off Iran?). Anyway, the Georgians gave Idra a picture of one of
their crashed UAVs. The source explained though that if the UAV were
targeted, it would have been blown to pieces pretty much (it's like the
size of a car basically). But the picture he saw showed the UAV intact. He
inquired and basically what happened was that the Russians acquired the
data link to hack into the system and force the UAV into the ground. I
think they may have crashed another one too.
So, since the Georgian UAVs were compromised, they then tried to sell them
to the Azerbaijanis. I dont know if that deal went through. Idra backed
off the deal to Georgia because they were advised that it would raise a
lot of political complications between Mexico and Russia.
PUBLICATION: No, but ask first
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: MX301 - Former Mexican cop, Latam military analyst,
writes for Jane's
Met with my Mexican source/friend again today and dude is getting shadier
by the day. We followed up on our past discussion on Russia compromising
the Israeli-made Georgian UAVs prior to the August war.
Here is what else I learned
One of the source's friends/colleagues -- formerly military i think but
now does private defense deals on the side (it's Mexico) contacted him in
July (prior to the Georgia war). Apparently the Georgians had contacted
this guy because they were frantically looking for a replacement for the
Israeli UAVs that were compromised....
Here is the most interesting part:
I inquired more about the compromised Israeli UAVs. What he explained was
that Israel and Russia made a swap -- Israel gave Russia the 'data link'
code for those specific UAVs; in return, Russia gave Israel the codes for
Iran's Tor-M1s.
I asked about the S-300 (source tracks a lot of defense deals for Jane's).
He doesn't think the Russians will give it to the Iranians. Besides, he
said... Israel and Turkey have been collaborating very closely on the
S-300s. He explain how about 8 years ago when Russia sold S-300s to Greece
to base in Crete (which were supposed to protect Cyprus), Russia delivered
those with a carrier so that Turkey wouldn't try to sink them. (things got
a bit noisy so i may have misheard some of this). The gist of what he said
is that Turkey has been cracking the S-300 since the Crete sale and has
been sharing intel on the S-300 with the Israelis to ensure that they
retain an advantage over Iran should Iran get them from the Russians.
as far as the Georgian UAVs go, they were interested in the Mexican ones
because the Mexican UAVs had something (forget the name. it was
auto-something' that basically backs up teh UAV system in case someone
hacks into it and immediately returns the UAV to base.
By the way, that's a Tor M-1 at the top.
Now you see the true Wikileaks bias... and not the public relations we saw before.

Why Are These Jewish Foundations Funding Antisemitism?

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(Listed by YidWithLid)

Analysis of the projection: Media Matters had the influence over the media

Jewish Foundation Donors To MMFA
Stephen M Silberstein Foundation
Pritzker Family Foundation
Sandler Foundation
Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc.
Bernard & Audre Rapoport Foundation
Joseph H and Barbara I Ellis Foundation
Community Foundation of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego
Barbra Streisand Foundation
Lear Family Foundation
Rebecca and Nathan Milikowsky Family Foundation
Scott A. Nathan Charitable Trust
Jewish Communal Fund
Beatrice Snyder Foundation
Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Peter and Linda Solomon Foundation
Engelberg Foundation
Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties
Glickenhaus Foundation
Joseph & Florence Mandel Foundation
Barbara? Matters Firsters | Washington Free Beacon)At a book signing event Monday evening in Washington, D.C., Media Matters for America (MMFA) chief David Brock refused to distance himself from the borderline anti-Semitic language used by one of his senior employees.
We “don’t feed the trolls,” said Ari Rabin-Havt, MMFA’s executive vice president, when asked if Media Matters condones and stands by the use of the term “Israel firster,” a borderline anti-Sematic slur that is regularly employed by MMFA writer M.J. Rosenberg.
“I’m not going to get in a debate about tweets,” Rabin-Havt said, intervening to field a question that was directed at Brock.
Rosenberg, however, has not just used the epithet on Twitter. He regularly employs the phrase in articles published by the Huffington Post and other outlets.
And now the controversy is spilling into the Jewish nonprofit world.
Several of the nation’s most preeminent Jewish charities are facing criticism for donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to MMFA.
Five Jewish charities in some of the nation’s largest cities have donated nearly $600,000 to Media Matters since 2006, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller. The bulk of the donations came between 2008 and 2010.
A number of the charities in question are tied to the centrist Jewish Federations of North America, an umbrella organization that includes some of the country’s largest Jewish nonprofits, including those in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.
News of the donations surprised some Jewish and pro-Israel observers who have condemned Media Matters as a fringe outlier that promotes views contrary to those of the mainstream Jewish community.
Jewish donors “have no idea how this organization has turned into a bigoted group,” Alan Dershowitz, a prominent lawyer and Harvard professor who recently launched his own “personal war” against Rosenberg, told the Washington Free Beacon.
Since his hire in 2009, Rosenberg’s articles have focused on the power of the so-called “Israel lobby,” which he believes has placed a pro-Israel chokehold on the U.S. foreign policy establishment. Rosenberg has also appropriated the “Israel firster” phrase, a term that has its roots in the white supremacist movement.
Many Jews—particularly wealthy philanthropists—are unaware that Media Matters is condoning this type of content, Dershowitz told the Washington Free Beacon.
“Many Jews just couldn’t care less—and then there are … the M.J. Rosenbergs who work to destroy Israel,” Dershowitz said. “I would urge donors to reconsider their gifts.”
Asked if he was surprised to learn that Jews are fiscally backing Media Matters, Dershowitz responded, “Some Jews supported Mussolini and Stalin, so why should we be surprised?”
Of the five Jewish charities that have donated to Media Matters, the most prolific is the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, which has given the group $362,500 since 2007.
CJP president Barry Shrage did not respond to multiple requests seeking comment. However, a statement on the organization’s website states that it is not directly responsible for the donations that were made to Media Matters through its funding arm.
“CJP is now—and has always been—one of Israel’s strongest supporters,” the statement said. “The grant in question was from a Donor Advised Fund, and not from CJP’s communal funding allocations.”
Donor-advised grants are primarily controlled by the funder.
“While owned and ultimately controlled by CJP, [donor advised funds] do not involve communal funds, but rather reflect the interests of those individual donors,” the statement said.
The CJP said that it does “reserve the right to reject a grant to organizations whose missions are in conflict with our own and we have done so on several occasions.”
Dershowitz, who has ties to the CJP, said that while he disagrees with their decisions to fund Media Matters, Jewish donors should be granted the freedom to give to any organization they choose.
Joe Berkofsky, communications director for JFNA, the umbrella group that oversees several of these charities, including the CJP, recommended that the WFB “contact the individual Federations, which in fact are the actual custodians of the funds.”
The other charities that have given to MMFA include: The Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego, the Jewish Communal Fund in New York City, the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.
Each of these organizations either declined comment or did not return calls for comment.
A source close to JFNA described the entire funding controversy as “bullshit.”
“People request funds to be allocated from their endowment funds and donor advised funds that are housed at federations,” the source said. “They are not direct allocations by the federations. Federations serve as their philanthropic bank for donations to charities. Unless it’s Jews for Jesus or al-Qaeda, the requests are accepted.”
Jewish philanthropists and other experts said that although these charities have been directed by their funders to donate to Media Matters, they have a responsibility to exert oversight and prevent donors from making grants to organizations that subvert Jewish values.
“Media Matters is currently in the business of paying for and spreading anti-Israel and anti-Semitic invective, and these donations—which do not comport with Jewish communal values—are funding that organization and its work,” said Josh Block, a Middle East analyst and former top official at a pro-Israel group.
Block added that “these Jewish organizations have a special obligation to stand up and declare that funding groups using rhetoric that the ADL, AJC, and Simon Wiesenthal Center have all identified as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel is simply not appropriate—unless of course they agree with Media Matters and neo-Nazis that it is a good idea to call elected officials and other pro-Israel Americans ‘Israel firsters.’”
“I’m not surprised that federations are funding these far left liberal agendas,” said Richard Allen, founder of JCC Watch, an organization that tracks New-York based Jewish nonprofits. “I think there’s a group within these federations that is diverting Jewish community money for nefarious political purposes, and it needs to stop.”
Jewish philanthropists associated with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington—which did not donate to Media Matters but has taken heat for its funding of a local theater company that staged a series of plays condemned as anti-Israel—said that the funding dispute reveals a systemic problem.
“Sadly, Federations around the country are largely in the hands of secular liberals who have little sense of what’s actually Jewish, much less what’s pro-Israel,” said Michael Steinberg, a Maryland resident who stopped contributing to the Washington Federation for these reasons.
Louis Offen, another Washington-based philanthropist, added:  “I’ve got liberal tendencies, but they don’t go in the direction of support for [those who use the term] ‘Israel firsters’ and M.J. Rosenberg.”

Brooks says: First They Went After the Rockefeller Republicans (but he seems to be fine with going after Neo Cons)

(MRC)First they went after the Rockefeller Republicans, but I was not a Rockefeller Republican. Then they went after the compassionate conservatives, but I was not a compassionate conservative. Then they went after the mainstream conservatives, and there was no one left to speak for me.
Did you notice he doesn't care about Neo Conservatives? Yeah... you know them? They have a lot of Jews in their ranks. This guy has been using code for the longest time. You want to really know what the opinion is of the New York Times and PBS and what type of thread is woven between the two media source concerning Jewish autonomy and security from terrorism? Again... note he's quite happy for the Gestapo to come for the Neo-Cons

Jewish Viewpoint on Premarital Sex

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(Devorah) Generally, Judaism has a liberal viewpoint about premarital sex and human sexuality. This liberalism however does not condone nor approve of premarital or extramarital sex but provides the proper guidelines and conditions on when it should be done by a man and a woman.
From Judaism’s point of view, sex is a natural act between a man and a woman and is almost similar to eating and drinking. However, they also hold the opinion that anything natural if done improperly, can become a harmful, offensive and shameful. If done in the proper context, eating and drinking can be satisfying and if done according to God’s commandments, it even becomes a holy act.
Similarly, Judaism sees premarital sex as being against the religious law and is immoral but proper sex is a sacred and blessed act.
The Torah states that it is not good for man to be alone. Judaism views the sacrament of marriage as the fundamental means to legitimize the companionship, intimacy and sexual relationship and love between a man and a woman.
Since marriage is meant to sanctify the union of a man and a woman, Judaism values sex and physical intimacy as a means of strengthening vitally significant marital bonds and as a way of obeying the commandments of procreation.
In as much as the Torah also states for mankind to be fruitful and multiply, the commandment therefore elevates sex within marriage to a holy and sanctified act as it is performed in accordance with the commandments.
Generally, the Torah does not approve nor condone premarital sex. The stand is such that some Rabbis go as far as proclaiming that even if an individual sins with his eyes, he or she can be deemed guilty of adultery. Judaism’s zealous viewpoint has led to the segregation between men and women during festive occasions, in public and even having separate days for visiting and paying homage to the departed.
The only time that premarital sex is sanctioned is when the act of sexual intimacy is intended as a mode of lawful betrothal. Between engaged couples who may want to live in together prior to marriage, the relationship is prohibited by tradition.
All told, Jewish Law strictly prohibits sexual relations outside of marriage or before marriage even between two consenting adults. The religious pronouncements on sexuality are very clear and strict that even sexual relations between a man and wife in the context of marriage are covered by certain provisions. Jewish Family Purity Laws specifically forbids sexual relations when the wife is ritually impure (niddah) and declares that couples have to firmly refrain from sexual relations during the wife’s menstrual cycle. The strict ruling even goes as far as declaring that physical closeness between the wife and husband should be avoided as well during the wife’s menstrual period. Sexual relations can only be acceptable approximately 12 or 13 days after the first day of the menstrual cycle but not until after the wife has performed the necessary ritual of purification, mikvah.
Judaism does not look upon sexuality as essentially dirty or evil as some religions do. In fact, they have a very liberal viewpoint about sex and the physical intimacy of a man and a woman if it is done with love, and within the vows of a marriage.
in a world where the progressive left see marriage as a more and more a professional business arrangement for those involved in family making… it has become very expensive to be married. It also is involved in all kinds of red tape and bureaucracy involved in associating government in your interactions. I consider myself a social conservative, but I can not see consummating a marriage without killing the natural attraction to a girl. While my intent is to be married… If I were to really love a person I would not want to involve society in what I do. Further I would not want to be associated with gay marriage… which obviously would categorize my attraction in a similar way. I can most certainly see why so called legal marriage today would not be necessary for religious reasons in a Jewish community that has a perspective that is hostile to heterosexuality and it’s inherent exclusive nature.

Before 1948 the Arabs and Jews got along? 1936 Arab Riots Researched by @ElderofZiyon

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(Elder of Ziyon: The beginning of the deadly 1936 riots (US State Dept)) We sometimes see Arab propagandists mention that the 1936 Arab riots that started in April were "non-violent."
I once went through Palestine Post archives to show the violence done by Arabs in the first days of the Arab strike, but there were some incidents that happened beforehand.
Here is a narrative of what happened then, from the US consul's perspective.
Media_httpwwwhistoryc_lfcqlOf the incidents mentioned here, only one was against Arabs by Jews.
From the United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1936. The Near East and Africa:

 As reported by telegram on April 18, the first factor contributing to the occurrence of the disturbances was the recrudescence of political high-way robbery by bands of Arabs. Although Sheikh Izz-ed-Din [al Qassam] had been captured and executed by the police, his spirit was reinvoked to inspire the Arabs to begin again their annoying practices on the highways. There was, however, a difference in the modus operandi of these bands as compared with those which operated under Sheikh Izz-ed-Din. The latter worked merely to annoy the Government, whereas the former operate on what can only be described as anti-Jewish lines. On one occasion busses were stopped on the Tulkarm—Nablus Road and all the passengers were forced to alight. The only three Jews in the busses were then segregated from their fellow pas-sengers and placed in the cab of a truck at the head of the stopped column of cars. The door of the cab was closed and the Jews were fired upon at point-blank range. Of the three, one was killed out-right, one died later of wounds, and the third was severely wounded. This incident was followed the next night by a revenge killing of two Arabs by Jews in a small hut on the Petah Tikva,—Ranaana Road. It is reported by the police in this respect that at 10 p.m. on April 16 a car stopped before the hut and one of its occupants knocked on the door. In response to the knock the door was opened and two persons believed by the police to be Jews entered and, finding two Arabs within, shot them both dead on sight. One was shot six times with a Browning automatic and the other five with a Parabellum. The car with its occupants then disappeared.
When these facts became known the following morning tension between Arabs and Jews reached a crucial point. The situation was rendered acute later in the morning when the Jew who had been murdered by the "terrorists" two days before was buried as a martyr in the cemetery on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. The cortege following the body worked itself into a frenzy of righteous indignation and became disorderly. The efforts of the Jewish police of Tel Aviv to restore order and control the course of the procession were unavailing.
A clash ensued and the Jewish police were routed. Reserves of British police were immediately called and likewise were attacked. By this time the excitement had spread to the occupants of nearby houses who joined the fray by throwing flower pots, cement building blocks and even iron bedsteads upon the heads of the police below. At one moment it seemed as though the British police would likewise be routed and troops were ordered to stand by from the encampment at Sarafand. Fortunately, however, order was at length restored, but not until after the police had been forced to fire into the crowd and many casualties had occurred both among the police and the rioters. The authorities were particularly apprehensive during the course of these disturbances because at Ramleh, no more than ten miles away, crowds of excited Arabs were celebrating the local feast of Nebi Saleh, and had word of the riots in Tel Aviv reached them a most serious situation would almost certainly have developed.
The following day, Saturday, passed without incident, but in an atmosphere of extreme tension. The police and the military authorities prepared for serious trouble.
On Sunday their fears were justified. A large crowd of Arabs gathered in the morning before the offices of the District Commissioner in Jaffa to protest against the murder of the two Arabs killed on the 16th, and as they were milling about in the square and working themselves into a condition of frenzy two Jews appeared and were immediately set upon. The crowd of Arabs then went berserk and pursued every Jew they saw. Fortunately, not many were at hand. The crowd then turned its attention to the main Jaffa—Jerusalem highway, stopping all cars and inspecting them for Jewish passengers. Many cars were wrecked and many casualties took place, among them an official of the Public Works Department, the son of the honorary Swedish Consul, the son of a well-known British contractor and a member of the Royal Air Force. When order was finally restored at 3:30 in the afternoon total casualties amounted to
7 Jews killed ;
2 Arabs killed;
15 Arabs wounded;
39 Jews wounded.
Monday morning dawned on a Palestine prepared for disturbances of the most serious sort. All shops were closed and traffic was at a minimum on the roads. At about 9 a. m. the police received word of fresh outbreaks in Jaffa and, as a result traffic ceased on the Jerusalem—Jaffa road and was convoyed on the Jerusalem—Nazareth road. The disturbances remained localized in the no-man's-land between Jaffa and Tel Aviv, where a platoon of the Cameron Highlanders had been stationed the day before, but a few minor incidents of stoning automobiles occurred in the Northern District near Jenin. To combat this development the Air Officer Commanding despatched detachments of armored cars to Nablus, Tulkarm and Jenin and likewise ordered detachments of troops to support the police at Tulkarm in case of a clash between the Arabs of that district and the Jews of the neighboring colonies. Casualties in Jaffa on April 20 were as follows : 5 Jews killed and 26 wounded; 2 Arabs killed and 32 wounded; on that day also 2 Jews died of injuries received on the previous day. Outside of the fracas in Jaffa the only important items to note on April 20 are two incidents which occurred on the Jerusalem–Nazareth road: a convoy of cars carrying visiting French officers back to Syria was stoned near Jenin and windshields and windows were broken ; the French Consul General abandoned his car near Nablus because of a demonstration then in progress and returned to Jerusalem by train. Also on that day Consuls Lynch and Scott journeyed to Tel Aviv and back to Jerusalem after learning that no American individuals or property had been involved in the disturbances, and Consul Brent returned from Haifa—all without incident.
On April 21 the situation was reported as being "easier". Nineteen persons were wounded, 14 Arabs and 5 Jews, in "isolated assaults"; a Jewish lumber yard and other buildings were fired in Jaffa; traffic was resumed under convoy on the Jerusalem–Jaffa road ; a crowd of Arabs bent on invading an outlying quarter of Tel Aviv were repulsed by the police; a general strike, which in effect has been only partial, was begun by Arab shopkeepers and still continues on April 25. This strike, which is supposed to have been inspired by that of the Damascene merchants some weeks ago and which is scheduled to last "until Arab demands are met", is a most half-hearted affair unsupported by the Nashashibi element. (As far as can be determined the Arab "demands" are the traditional ones : cessation of Jewish immigration and termination of land sales to Jews.)
Foreign Relations of the United States is a great resource, but before World War II they are only available as non-searchable PDFs. I converted the one here to text using an online OCR program.

Iran celebrates Oscar win over Israeli film

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(BRIAN MURPHY, Associated Press) A Separation," tells the story of a couple heading for divorce and dealing with domestic troubles, including a young child and an aging parent. It portrays a husband who is protective of his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. He is in conflict with his wife, who wishes to emigrate. Their daughter is torn between them.
(EOZ) From Payvand:
An Iranian filmmaker has won the country's first Oscar, taking the prize for the best foreign-language film at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and Tehran has celebrated by touting it as a victory over its archenemy.  Director Asghar Farhad's "A Separation," already the recipient of a number of high-profile international awards, was awarded an Oscar on February 26 over films from Belgium, Poland, Canada, and Israel. But it was the win over the Israeli entry, "Footnote," that has garnered most of the attention. "This is the beginning of the collapse of the influence of the Zionist lobby over American society," read a statement issued by Javad Shamaghdari, the head of Iran's Cinematic Agency. Describing the win as an "unusual reaction to the Zionist lobby," Shamaghdari said the Oscar marked the "beginning of the collapse" of Israeli influence. (“The American judgment bowed before the Iranian culture and Oscar voters showed a different reaction to the Zionist lobby, which is escalating war,he added.) Iranian state television, meanwhile, reported that the Iranian movie had "left behind" a film from the "Zionist regime." With the victory, according to a report by Iran's Student News Agency (ISNA), an "Iranian flag has been planted atop America."

Israel looking at connecting its power grid to Europe

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While (Egypt, Hamas agree to link electricity grids)(EOZ)(h/t Rachelle) and as Israel-haters pretend that they can hurt the Jewish state by threatening (tiny stores in the Pacific Northwest) and (insecure second-tier performing artists), Israel is making billion-dollar deals with Europe aimed at maintaining energy independence.
(Engineering News-Record) Israeli Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau has instructed the Israel Electric Corp. to advance a project that would connect the country to the European power grid by way of Cyprus and Greece. Officials of the state-owned power company are set to sign an agreement soon with DEI-Quantum Energy—an entity owned by Greece's largest utility, a Cypriot bank and private investors—for a feasibiilty study of the first 270-kilometer segment to connect with the Cyprus power network.
If the proposed EuroAsia Interconnector project is fully realized, it would be, at 998 km, one of the world's longest underwater power cables. According to the Israeli utility, it would have a capacity of up to 2000 MW.
The proposed line would extend from the Israeli city of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast to the southeastern coast of Cyprus, then to the northwestern coast of Crete and on to the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece.
Landau said the project would give Israel a much-needed power-source backup and connect the country's stand-alone network with Europe, significantly boosting its future energy security. "The project could have a tremendous positive impact on the Israeli economy," he said.
The overall cost of the project is estimated at 1.5 billion euros, with the Israel-Cyprus segment put at 500 million euros. Israel Electric officials said the investment would pay for itself within four years.
Other project components to be managed by DEI-Quantum Energy include construction of powerplants in Cyprus, Crete and the Peloponnese peninsula, with the cost to be covered by the firm, its partners and various Israeli investors.
"Considering Israel's and Cyprus' natural-gas discoveries, Greece's energy shortage and the massive demand for energy within Europe, for Cyprus, the sky is the limit," said Nasos Ktorides, DEI-Quantum Energy chairman. He said Israel is expected to exploit its natural-gas discoveries much sooner than Cyprus and that it would be prudent for Cyprus to find "decisive and productive ways to export the excess energy to an already established electricity grid."
The feasibility study is expected to be completed in 2012. DEI-Quantum said the project could be started in 2013 and completed within 36 months.
The proposed power cable and related projects were among "energy cooperation" issues dicussed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month during a one-day visit to Cyprus—the first such trip by any prime minister of the country.
the best way to fix the Euro is through energy. Energy is what decides industrial production. Europe could fix itself if it moved from tourism to industry. An expensive Euro and an unstable populace of Muslims makes for deterring potential tourists looking to get away.

Media Matters boss paid former domestic partner $850,000 'blackmail' settlement

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(Commentary)“Not only will [the Media Matters controversy] be an election matter, I will personally make it an election matter,” Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, told WABC’s Aaron Klein today. …AIPAC spokesman Josh Block criticized Media Matters staffers for making anti-Semitic comments late last year, the Truman Institute cut its association with him, claiming Block was trying to shut down “honest debate.”

(EYE)The irony is that this is the man [Brock] who's been pushing to hire private investigators to look into private lives and finances of Fox News personalities in order to destroy them.
(Fox News) Media Matters chief David Brock paid a former domestic partner $850,000 after being threatened with damaging information involving the organization’s donors and the IRS – a deal that Brock later characterized as a blackmail payment, according to legal documents obtained by
In an acrimonious lawsuit settled at the end of last year, Brock accused William Grey of making repeated threats to expose him to the "scorn or ridicule of his employees, donors and the press in demanding money and property." Brock claimed in legal papers that he sold a Rehoboth Beach, Del., home he once shared with Grey in order to meet Grey’s demands, which he called "blackmail" in the lawsuit.
Brock, 49, heads the non-profit Media Matters for America, which bills itself as a watchdog of the conservative media but has recently come under fire for allegedly coordinating with Democrats in what could be a violation of its tax-exempt status.
Brock’s bitter legal battle with Grey, who is described in a Sept. 14, 2010, police report obtained by as his domestic partner of more than 10 years, began after Brock began dating Washington, D.C., restaurant impresario James Alefantis about five years ago. For the next three years, Brock and Grey traded angry accusations, which were documented in the police report and were the foundation of a pitched legal battle replete with charges of blackmail, theft and financial malfeasance.
Read the police report detailing the lawsuit
Alefantis was also named as a defendant in Grey's lawsuit.
In his response to Brock's lawsuit, Grey "denies that he committed any "acts of blackmail.""
Grey threatened to go public about Brock and Media Matters' finances after he accused Brock in a civil suit filed in Washington of taking $170,000 in possessions, including an $8,000 Louis Vuitton suit bag, paintings, a rug, a chandelier, a painted bust of a Roman soldier and a pair of carved wooden chairs upholstered with purple fabric. Those possessions were displayed in the Washington townhouse where the couple entertained liberal movers and shakers in happier times.
Brock took Grey’s threats seriously and called police in 2010. In the police report, filed by Metropolitan Police as a stalking incident, Brock accused Grey, also 49, of attempting to blackmail him with a series of emails threatening to "release specific derogatory information about [Brock] and his organization to the press and donors that would be embarrassing to him and cause harm to the organization …"
Brock took Grey’s threats seriously and called police in 2010. In the police report, filed by Metropolitan Police as a stalking incident, Brock accused Grey, also 49, of attempting to blackmail him with a series of emails threatening to "release specific derogatory information about [Brock] and his organization to the press and donors that would be embarrassing to him and cause harm to the organization …"
Some of those emails came out as the lawsuit, filed by Grey on Jan. 28, 2011, wound its way through Superior Court of the District of Columbia last year.
Read the complete lawsuit filed by William Grey
"Please finish this today so I don’t have to waste my time emailing anyone – Biden, Coulter, Carlson, Huffington, Drudge, Ingraham," Grey wrote in a 2008 email.
Nearly two years later, Grey accused Brock of "financial malfeasance" and threatened to undermine Brock’s fundraising efforts.
"Next step is I contact all your donors and the IRS," Grey wrote in an email dated May 19, 2010. "This is going to stink for you if you do not resolve this now."
Brock said in court papers that he paid Grey "under duress."
On March 8, 2011, Brock filed his own suit against Grey for more than $4 million, demanding Grey return the $850,000, plus pay millions more in punitive damages. The two settled two months ago under terms that remain confidential.(More)
I believe the argument was that gay people should suffer the same way straight people do and therefor they should be considered by law in the same way for marriage... but it appears the shit hits the fan anyway... without gay marriage.

Pakistan attempts to influence US policy, blasts Israel

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Wikileaks intercepts Stratfor emails that indicate that Pakistan (Carl) where they love Barack Hussein Obama (and where Korans are dumped in raw sewage canals without any apologies) - attempted to influence US policy toward India and Israel.
Source Code: PK700
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Former Pakistani intelligence officer
Pakistan bashing continues. How convenient it is to ignore the huge size of India cocuss and the campaign funding they receive from India through Indian Americans acting as conduits. No one talks about the covert and overt influence israel enjoys through funding American congressmen and the control Israel has on American policies through coercion and fear of Jewish lobby. Since FBI is involved the blessing of US administration is obvious. Unfortunately this PAK bashing is earning hatred for US in a normally pro US country specially it's Armed Forces. This campaign to browbeat or pressurize Pakistan will have an opposite effect in a society where respect is valued and enmities leave memories for generations
By the way, the email was written two months after the United States killed Osama Bin Laden a few blocks away from Pakistan's intelligence agency's headquarters. Maybe there was a reason people in the US were 'bashing' Pakistan?
Another irony with Wikileaks. Assange was a Jew basher too

PA arrests two members of Islamic Jihad

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(RT @elderofziyon: PA arrests two members of Islamic Jihad. Not charged with any specific crime. No one cares, because it wasn't Israel.... — Bat-Zion Susskind (@susskindbatzi) February 27, 2012 via The sources said that the movement was arrested by the Preventive Security Service (a group of young people because of his participation in the protest tent Sheikh Khader Adnan captive to the Israeli occupation, which was locked in an open hunger strike for 66 days.

Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli

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(EOZ)Saudi cleric who once offered cash prize to whomever kidnaps Israeli soldier comes out against the Syrian President. Saudi cleric Aaed al-Qarni is claiming that killing President Bashar Assad would be a more noble deed than killing an Israeli person.
Saudi newspaper Sabah quoted al-Qarni as saying that Assad deserves to die for heresy, referring to him as "Basharon," in a jab alluding to former Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Muslim cleric claimed that the Golan Heights will not be freed until Assad's "treacherous" regime falls.
(Almanar)village idiot of a village of idiots.

The Palestinian Authority is planning to reconsider its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days, a PLO official said on Sunday

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Code Control(EOZ) From Ma'an:
After exploratory talks with Israel ended without agreement, the PLO Executive Committee has agreed to take a number of measures to jolt the current stalemate. In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a "major decision" in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks' failure.
Saeb Erekat hinted telling Palestine Radio "Either there is power to the movement of Palestinians from occupation to independence, or Netanyahu has to assume [Israel's] responsibilities seriously from the river to the sea."

Verizon drops Muslim tv channel 3 years after Muslim owner beheaded wife at station

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...and the winner is...She Gave Great HeadSHE GAVE GREAT HEAD!  They say it had nothing to do with the beheading! (REPLAY)(Creeping Sharia)(Verizon drop Muslim TV channel A YEAR after owner beheaded his wife at the station | Mail Online). A Muslim cable channel has been dropped by Verizon a year after the owner of the station was given life in prison for beheading his wife at their TV studio.
Bridges TV will go off air on March 14, almost a year to the day after the channel’s owner Muzzammil Hassan, 47, was jailed for the brutal murder of his wife Aasiya, who was also the station manager.
Mrs Hassan had told her abusive husband that she was leaving him in 2009 and asked for a divorce. Six days later he lured her to their office in Buffalo, New York where he stabbed her 40 times and hacked off her head with two hunting knives. While his children were in the car waiting. Much more on the evidence here. Hassan, a former banker, was convicted of second-degree murder in 2011 for stabbing and beheading his 37-year-old wife. He received the maximum sentence of 25 years to life in jail. The Verizon network claimed that dropping the channel was unrelated to the brutal murder, putting the decision down to low viewership figures. Samantha Azzar, news anchor at Bridges TV told ‘Without Verizon, we will cease to exist.' Things have a way of working out. Remember CAIR gave Hassan an award, then wiped all traces of that from their website after he beheaded his wife.

The Deal Between Romney and Paul?

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(American Thinker) It is becoming increasingly obvious that an alliance has formed between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. This alliance probably has been in effect for several months, but only now has it become blatantly obvious. Paul has viciously bombarded virtually the entire Republican field via attack ads with one exception: Mitt Romney. Instead, Paul focuses like a laser on any conservative alternative who moves up the ladder.
At first, I believed this was merely a strategy to politically assassinate the Romney alternative so that Paul himself could fill the void; however, I am thinking there is much more going on behind the scenes than initially meets the eye. Here's my theory (and it's just that -- a theory): Mitt Romney has informed Ron Paul that he will be selecting his son, Rand Paul, as his VP should he become the nominee.
But wait, you say -- Romney is a politician's politician: he will say and do just about anything to get elected. He's flip-flopped on every major issue, accused his opponents of such outlandish things as supporting China's one-child policy, and managed to tick-off and isolate virtually all of his former competitors via his well-coordinated political Death Star smear machine (see Giuliani, Thompson). How, therefore, could Ron Paul trust Romney on this speculative promise?
Easy: Ron Paul has taken out an insurance policy. Mitt Romney has guaranteed Paul Senior that Paul Junior will be his nominee because he knows that if he stabs the Pauls in the back, Ron will simply run third party and torpedo any chance Mitt may have at the White House. This way, Ron is guaranteed that Mitt won't back down from his promise, and Mitt is guaranteed Ron won't spin-off and run as an independent. It also gives Ron the only thing he ever really wanted: influence in the party.
Several people--including the Santorum campaign--have suggested that Mitt may have made a deal to make Ron his running mate. There's about a snowball's chance in hell that this will happen. Let's face it: these two men are polar opposites when it comes to policy and their overall worldview. Should Ron Paul sign on with the establishment's favorite candidate, he will have eliminated his currently impenetrable perception of authenticity among his base of supporters.
Plus, let's be honest, Ron Paul hasn't been vetted by the mainstream media. If he were on the ticket, the media would have a field day digging up all his past writings and associations. Hell, the guy warned of a "coming race war" and suggested that the Oklahoma City bombing was an "inside job." Not to mention the support he's garnered from individuals such as white separatist David Duke, a man Ron praised back in 1990.
The Paulites can complain all they want about how his old newsletters are just a conspiracy (like everything) against their candidate, but let's face it: if stories like these were plastered on every news network in America throughout the entire month of October, the campaign would be toast. And they both know it. Ron knows that he doesn't have a legitimate shot at the White House, and Mitt's intelligent enough to understand that placing Ron on the bottom of the ticket would be political suicide.
Enter Rand.  The admission by Rand that "it would be an honor to be considered" as Romney's veep is a bizarre thing to say considering he's currently campaigning for his father, who is supposedly running against the man.
The junior Paul already is a rising star among Tea Party activists and shares most of the same libertarian-leaning principles of his father. Rand doesn't have his father's baggage and is a young and articulate spokesman for limited government. He walks the line between conservatism and libertarianism -- often bridging the two philosophies -- and is viewed as the more pragmatic and levelheaded of the Pauls by people like, well, me.
This alliance would essentially kill three birds with one stone and guarantee Republican content in November. First, it would give the "establishment" beltway types their guy, pleasing the old bulls in the party and the Karl Roves and Ann Coulters of the world. Second, those conservatives reluctant to support a wishy-washy mush candidate like Mitt, who has thus far successfully managed to divide the party with his bombardment of character assassination attacks on "fellow" limited-government office seekers, will hold their noses and vote for the guy if a "true conservative" like Rand were also on the ticket. Conservatives will believe (wishfully) that Rand will hold Mitt's feet to the fire when it comes to policy implementation. They will also see this as an opportunity to have a Tea Party member in a position of significant power and influence, a potential launching pad for Rand's young political career should he pursue the office himself one day.
Lastly, with Rand on the ticket, Ron now has cover to support Mitt -- a candidate almost diametrically opposite him -- due to his son (a much more moderate libertarian conservative). This brings over not just the Ron Paulites (who, caught up in a cult-like swirl, would never support anybody but Paul or his son no matter who was running) but also independent-minded libertarian voters. I could foresee libertarian publications endorsing the ticket, claiming that their philosophy is on the rise, and with the younger Paul only one step below the presidency.
With moderate Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians united behind a Romney-Paul ticket, the party should have no trouble launching a legitimate shot at the White House come November.
it's a theory that works... how often did Ron Paul attack Romeny? Not much

What’s The Exchange Rate For Jerusalem Shekels To Tel Aviv Shekels?

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(Brian of London at Israelly Cool)
Later today my employees will drive to Jerusalem to sell goods to some Arabs (they’re not going to Salahadin St today because the situation is a little more tense than usual but they’ll exchange goods for cash somewhere else).
When they get there they will receive payment in “New Israeli Shekels” - ₪ NIS. The same currency is used across the whole of Israel including by the Arabs under administrative control of Israel and the Palestinian Authorities. My customers today work in both Jerusalem and Ramallah.
But according to the US IRS web site from December 31st 2011, perhaps I should be asking my Arab friends to pay a different rate? Apparently their Shekels aren’t worth the same as my Shekels in Tel Aviv!
From the following web page: Treasury Reporting Rates of Exchange as of December 31, 2011 which is used by US citizens who need to report income earned overseas in US Dollars:
We scroll down to find the rate for Israel and we get a bit of a surprise. Because, apparently, there is another place in the world that uses the New Israeli Shekel. A whole ‘nother country called “Jerusalem”. And this must be another country because it has a different rate from the one that covers the country called “Israel”.

So, just to be sure of when this Shekel using country popped into existence I had a quick scan back. I look all the way back to 1982 but only found one country, with one exchange rate, using the Israeli Shekel. That country was Israel.
But even as recently as December 31st 2010 there was only one country using the Shekel:

So sometime last year either the IRS, or the IRS following the wishes of the State Department created a whole new country called “Jerusalem”, assigned it a whole new currency called the Shekel and decided to make up their own exchange rate.
I better tell my Arab friends in Jerusalem.
Special h/t to a long time Israellycool reader. And I do hope he doesn’t get in trouble with the IRS for pointing this out!
I've been waiting to say this... that's racist!

Butthead Jihad


Saudi Study; Sex Abuse Rampent as well as Homosexuality

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The cause of gender persuasion according to the Muslim public health experts censored on youtube. This does not mean that gay identity isn't natural or part of our nature... It might be normal for women to lean to a gay persuasion after a bad experience with the opposite sex. For many men a forced gay sexual experience might have the opposite pull and might fetish a traumatic experience. Peace is found through gender analysis: More Egyptian women and Saudi and Jordanian men accept a Jewish Israel than their gender counterparts, whereas among the Lebanese both sexes rank similarly.

US State Department participating in conference to 'defend Jerusalem' in Qatar

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(Carl) There's a conference going on in Doha, Qatar on Sunday and Monday - its logo is at the top of this post. It's officially called the 'International Conference for Jerusalem,' but it is also known as the International Conference for the 'Defense of Jerusalem,' and what Jerusalem is being 'defended' against is 'Judaization.'
Speaking at the International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem in Doha, Qatar, Abbas was quoted by the Palestinian Ma'an news agency as saying, "The Israeli occupation authorities are using the ugliest and most dangerous means to implement plans to erase and remove the Arab-Islamic and the Christian character of east Jerusalem."
The Palestinian Authority president accused Israel of "surrounding Jerusalem with an Apartheid wall and a band of settlements in order to isolate the city from its surroundings in the West Bank."
Abbas slammed Israeli authorities for setting up barriers preventing Palestinians from entering Jerusalem without "almost impossible to obtain" permits.
He implored Arabs and Muslims from other countries to visit Jerusalem if they can. "This move will have political, moral, economic and humanitarian repercussions, showing that Jerusalem belongs to all of us and no one can stop us from accessing it."
He added that visiting "occupied Jerusalem" would remind the Israelis that "Jerusalem is the cause of every Arab, Muslim and Christian," and would not constitute normalization with Israel.
The International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem was taking place for the first time Sunday. This followed a decision made by delegates to last year’s Arab summit in Libya to hold an annual international conference that would include Arab and foreign countries and civil institutions, to discuss defending Jerusalem “against Israeli violation at all levels.”
Among those present at the conference are five 'Israeli Arab' members of the Knesset: Ahmad Tibi, Taleb a-Sanaa, Haneen Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka and Ibrahim Sarsur. There's also a representative of the US State Department there: Kenneth Raymond Insley, Jr. And a representative of American Friends of 'Peace Now': Lara Friedman.
One has to wonder what the State Department - and even 'Peace Now' - are doing at a conference against the 'Judaization' of Jerusalem.
...wait did he say U.S. Rep?

Octavia Nasr is Tweeting for Khader

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(Comment Is Free Watch)Following the death of the Lebanese Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, one of the original spiritual guides of Hezbollah, CNN senior Middle East affairs editor Octavia Nasr Tweeted the following.

Despite an attempt at an apology, Nasr was subsequently fired by the network, which released a statement noting that Nasr’s “credibility…as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised going forward.”  You think?!
Just to be clear, the Hezbollah leader Nasr was Tweeting support for was an unequivocal supporter of suicide bombing against Israeli civilians, issued a fatawa justifying the suicide bombing which attacked the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, and was a Holocaust revisionist (MORE).

Israel Netanyahu allowing the Temple Mount to be destroyed


Four and a half years ago, (Carl) warned that Israel was complicit in the destruction of all evidence of Jewish life on the Temple Mount. This weekend, YNet updated the story.
According to specific Antiquities Authority instructions, any digging at the site was not allowed to exceed 60 centimeters (roughly two feet) and was not to be undertaken using mechanical equipment. However, reports drafted by Pasternnack and other sources, exposed for the first time by Yedioth Ahronoth Friday, indicate that workers largely ignored the instructions.
Much of the work was done using a tractor, continued during the night with the help of a flashlight, reached deeper than the permit allowed for. Moreover, the clods of earth removed from the site, which apparently comprised valuable remnants from the two Jewish Temples, were thrown away to an improvised garbage dump by members of the Waqf (the administrative Muslim body in charge of Temple Mount.)
Archeology expert Dr. Gabai Barkai, a world-renowned expert on Temple era excavations, was shocked by the reported work: "How could one dig up such sensitive area at night? How could one dig using mechanical equipment? Every such move is a crime. This is first-rate barbarity."
Where was YNet four and a half years ago when (Carl) reported that? (Carl) posted pictures (including the one above) of the destruction of the Temple Mount, including the tractor here. (Carl) reported that the destruction of the Temple Mount was carried out with the approval of then-Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert. (Carl) even posted a video of the destruction here, which (Carl) is re-posting below.
Let's go to the videotape.
And I wasn't the only one who knew about it. Then Congressman (and now House Majority Leader) Eric Cantor (R-Va) knew enough to protest about it.A Druze policeman (no - the Jewish ones went along with it!) tried to no avail to stop the destruction.
Oh - but wait. YNet's story is about why the Israeli government is trying to cover up the destruction of the Temple Mount. So I'll blog that story below, and leave it to future investigation why Israel's mainstream media has been complicit in that coverup until now.
An investigative report by Yedioth Ahronoth revealed the ongoing failure of various Israeli authorities in safeguarding the rare archeological treasures found on Temple Mount. Information elicited by the newspaper showed that the Waqf is consistently erasing any trace of Jewish history at the site.
Mideastern affairs expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar says these acts are undertaken in the framework of an Arab practice known as "erasing the signs," aimed at eliminating the remnants of any civilization that preceded Islam.
Members of the State Comptroller's Office launched an investigation into the affair four years ago and drafted a report about it. However, the Knesset's State Control Committee decided to impose a gag order on the report for "security reasons."
However, Israeli intelligence officials told Yedioth Ahronoth there is no reason to prevent the report's publication. A senior Shin Bet Security Service official said following the Committee's session on the matter: "I'm ashamed. This is akin to cheapening national security to the lowest point possible."
Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan has also questioned the gag order. "There is no connection whatsoever between the failure to publish the report and national security. As far as I know, both Mossad and Shin Bet said there is no reason not to publish the report…apparently there are other considerations here, pertaining to political motives."
Conversations and interviews held with dozens of officials involved in drafting the State Comptroller's secret report indicate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is among the senior officials interested in shelving the document. Attorney Yisrael Caspi, who represents a group fighting the destruction on Temple Mount, says the PM is unequivocally responsible for the ongoing failure.
For those of you who don't speak Israelspeak, allow me to enlighten you. What they're saying is that if they disclosed the truth - that there is ongoing destruction on the Temple Mount - it would prove conclusively that the Muslims (and it's not just the 'Palestinians' here because the Wakf acts in the name of the Arab and Muslim governments) are not even willing to acknowledge a Jewish (and Christian) presence on the Temple Mount and therefore there is no chance - as in "none" "zero" - that they will ever make peace with the existence of a Jewish state on any part of the land of Israel. That's the truth. And if Netanyahu (who didn't start the policy - as noted above - but continued it) were to acknowledge that, what would he say to President Hussein Obama in Washington next week?
But make no mistake about it: Netanyahu is continuing his predecessor's policy on the Temple Mount:
"One cannot underestimate the prime minister's responsibility for the state of affairs on Temple Mount; one can only refer to it as absolute responsibility," he said. "We know with certainty that nothing happens on Temple Mount without the advance knowledge and permission of the Prime Minister's Office and its head. All the criticism, all the negligence, all the failures, the entire cover-up and the helplessness in dealing with the matter - and therefore all the historical responsibility - are his."
Caspi says Netanyahu does not want to be reminded of the "historical scandal" of handing over the holy site known in Judaism as Solomon's Stables to the Waqf during the PM's first term in office, in the 1990s. "This turned Solomon's Stables, an amazing archeological site…into a place that Jews are not allowed to enter and into the largest mosque in the State of Israel," he says.
"These days too, three tractors are being used on Temple Mount," Caspi says. "Construction materials are also continuing to be brought into Temple Mount in violation of police pledges…Temple Mount looks today like a construction materials' warehouse…materials being brought in today will be used for illegal works tomorrow."
Netanyahu is shirking the blame.
The Prime Minister's Office issued the following response to the story: "As opposed to the claims, the body that imposed a gag order on the (State Comptroller's) report was not the government, but rather, the sub-committee of the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affair's Committee…any argument alleging that the report is not being published as result of irrelevant reasons is baseless and disconnected from reality."
Who is the sub-committee? Who is on it? From whom does it take orders? Who is its chairman? Who are its members? Since when can the Prime Minister's office be prevented from publishing something by a 'sub-committee' of the Knesset?
And the Wakf is denying that they're doing anything wrong.
The Waqf issued the following response: "The Waqf's management was sorry to hear the claims made in the story pertaining to the Waqf's policy on Temple Mount. In the Waqf management's view, all these claims are baseless and constitute false charges. Our official policy is to preserve and respect any human heritage. You are invited to visit the mosque and see for yourself well preserved Roman, Byzantine and Crusader artifacts, among other items."
But not Jewish ones of course. In the Wakf's world, those never existed.
Read the whole thing. I hope that this won't be the last time the mainstream media discusses this issue.

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