Fatah: PFLP Leader Planning to Assassinate Mahmoud Abbas

(h/t Challah)(@ The Jerusalem Post)
The leader of a Syrian-based radical Palestinian PFLP group is planning to assassinate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah claimed on Saturday.
The claim followed statements made by Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, in which he strongly denounced Abbas and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, for signing the Oslo Accords with Israel. "Ahmed Jibril is a hired agent," Fatah said in a statement released in Ramallah. "He is operating on instructions from his handlers in the region who seek to eliminate President Abbas."
The statement did not name the "handlers." However, a Fatah official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that the statement referred to Syria and Iran. According to Fatah, Jibril's attacks on the PA leadership came after he "failed to exploit Land Day to achieve political gains."
Fatah accused Jibril of planning to dispatch Palestinians to the borders with Israel as part of the Global March to Jerusalem, an event that was organized last Friday by a coalition of pro-Palestinian organizations around the world.
"Ahmed Jibril is a merchant for Palestinian and Arab blood," Fatah charged. "He is desperately trying to appease outside parties in an attempt to destroy the political achievements of our people and their wise leadership."
this is the second time Challah posted it. I ignored it the first time because it seemed too dramatic to be real.

Neturei Karta rabbis insulted and beaten in Jordan Global March

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(EOZ)YNet says:
Jordanian news sites have reported Friday afternoon that some 20,000 people are participating in a mass procession in Jordan. The protesters gathered at Jesus's baptism site, and are planning to march towards the border with Israel. Increased security presence was reported in the area.
According to reports, participants were yelling "where is the Arab League on Jerusalem?" and waving Jordanian and Palestinian flags alongside signs with anti-Israeli slogans.
Four rabbis from the extremist anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect were also taking part in the march and carried signs reading: "Judaism demands the liberation of Jerusalem and all of Palestine."
Several rally participants expressed anger over the presence of Neturei Karta members, and a verbal altercation erupted between the two groups.

(details) A Google search shows several articles that seem to indicate that the Neturei Karta nuts were actually beaten, quoting the official Petra news agency - but those articles have been updated and scrubbed without any mention of the NK members at all!
One comment remains on the Jordanzad site which scrubbed mention of the group. The commenter said "We Arabs will always calculate wrong .. there are rabbis involved with us against the occupation and we beat them and abuse them, how long will we be this stupid?

The State Department's Jerusalem syndrome

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(Times of Israel)In 2008, Obama addressed the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, saying that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” Controversy ensued, and the next day Obama — then a presidential hopeful — “clarified” his remarks, saying Jerusalem’s final status will have to be determined in peace negotiations.
If the progressives are so serious about non intervention as being the reason America should not occupy a Muslim nation and change things then why do they not exert a similar standard in Jewish nations? I myself would prefer non intervention as a policy. We aren't there to dictate semantics. When we send troops we should be there to kill an enemy that is clearly articulated. This culture of slapping the just people in the face with our opinions is destructive. Iraq would of been a cakewalk if we had gone in to kill the enemy and not rebuild Iraq as how we wanted to see it. Our self righteous attempt to force ideas on other countries will lead to our destruction. Never mind the fact that we are in fact breaking our own laws.
Caroline Glick..
30 March '12..
(h/t Calev Ben Yefuneh)I went to the US Consulate this week to take care of certain family business. It was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. I think it is ironic that two days after my extremely unpleasant experience at the consulate, State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland refused to say what the capital of Israel is. It was ironic because anyone who visits the consulate knows that the US's position on Jerusalem is in perfect alignment with that of Israel's worst enemies.
Last time I went to the consulate was in 2007. At that time the building was located in the middle of an Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem. It was unpleasant. In fact it was fairly frightening. Once inside the building I couldn't shake the feeling that the Americans had gone out of their way to make Israeli-American Jews feel uncomfortable and vaguely threatened.
But then, I was able to console myself with the thought that the US has been upfront about its rejection of Israel's right to assert its sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem. By treating Jews as foreigners in their capital city and behaving as though it belongs to the Arabs by among other things hiring only Arabs as local employees, the US officials on site were simply implementing a known US policy. True, I deeply oppose the policy, but no one was asking me, and no one was hiding anything from me.
The new consulate is much different, and much worse. The State Department opened its new consulate in Jerusalem in October 2010. It is located in the Jewish neighborhood of Arnona. It was built on the plot that Israel allocated for the US Embassy after Congress passed Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995 requiring the US government to move its embassy to Jerusalem.
It was an unvarnished act of aggression against Israel and Congress that the State Department built the new consulate on the plot that is supposed to be an expression of US recognition of Israel's capital in Jerusalem.

If I am not mistaken, the US Consulate General in Jerusalem is the only US consulate in the world that is not subordinate to the embassy in the country where it is located. When it was located in a hostile Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, the fact that it was not subordinate to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv was upsetting. But it was also easily justified in light of US policy of not recognizing Israeli sovereignty in eastern, southern and northern Jerusalem.
But Arnona is in western Jerusalem. It is a Jewish neighborhood that even the most radical Israeli leftists don't envision transferring to the Palestinians in any peace deal. Putting the consulate in Arnona - and on the site reserved for the embassy no less - is the clearest expression of American rejection of all Israeli sovereign rights to Jerusalem imaginable.
It isn't simply that the Americans have located their independent consulate in the heart of a Jewish neighborhood.
Israelis who live in Jerusalem and need US consular services are required to go to the consulate in Jerusalem. You can't get on a bus and go to Tel Aviv. This again is due to the fact that the US does not recognize ANY Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem. From the State Department's perspective, people who live in Jerusalem -- even in Arnona and Rehavia and Ein Kerem etc. -- live in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY from people who live in Tel Aviv and Netanya. We can no more receive services from the embassy in Tel Aviv than we can receive services from the embassy in Amman.
I will be writing more about the US's adversarial treatment of Israel as embodied in its treatment of Jerusalem in next week's Jerusalem Post column. But suffice it to say here that Victoria Nuland's statement to AP reporter Matt Lee, (posted below in case you missed it), is a true depiction of America's policy on Jerusalem - and though it, on Israel. It would be useful for someone to get Mitt Romney on record discussing his position on Jerusalem. Assuming that he says - like every other Republican presidential candidate - that he supports transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem, he should further be asked to explain how, if he is elected president, he will force the State Department to change its policies towards Israel and respect US law by treating Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Link: http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2012/03/the-state-departments-jerusale.php

Arab Spring: Libya gets ready for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of indigenous black tribe by Arab tribesmen

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so the Obama and Clinton seem to think there was nothing wrong with enabling and working with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just like America, Obama's biggest victims are those who are dark skinned. Gaddaffi was screaming about colonialism for so long that many of us forgot that he was one.
(EYE) A group of Chadian passport holders stand against the wall following their arrest on March 29, 2012 at a detention centre in the southern desert town of Sabha, where three days of clashes between Toubou and Arab tribes have killed more than 70 people, according to the Libyan government. The Toubou are black oasis farmers by tradition who also have connections beyond Libya's borders as they live in southern Libya, northern Chad and in Niger, but they have previously denied having separatist ambitions. (Getty Images)
"So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot."
~George Orwell
TRIPOLI (Middle East Online) - The head of Libya's Toubou tribe on Friday called for international intervention to halt what he called the "ethnic cleansing" of his people after deadly clashes in the southern oasis of Sabha.
"We demand that the United Nations and European Union intervene to stop the ethnic cleansing of the Toubou," said Issa Abdel Majid Mansur, a former opposition activist against the ousted regime of slain leader Moamer Gathafi.
He accused Arab tribes in Sabha of bombarding a power station providing electricity to several parts of southern Libya including Qatrun and Morzuk, both areas with a strong Toubou presence.
Telecommunications were also cut off, Mansur said, and added that "several" members of his tribe were killed on Friday.
Mohammed al-Sawal, the national security chief in Sabha, confirmed to television channel Libya Al-Ahrar that the power station had been hit. [...]
The Toubou say they are defending themselves against attack by Arab tribesmen in the region, and have accused the Libyan authorities of backing those gunmen as part of a campaign of "ethnic cleansing."
The Toubou are black oasis farmers by tradition who also have connections beyond Libya's borders. They live in southern Libya, northern Chad and in Niger, and have previously denied having separatist ambitions. More...

I once spent the weekend in jail for that kind of prank when I was younger. #OWS can get away with anything because it's left wing rage.

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Image via The Blaze Via Morgan Richmond at Hot Air:  (moon bat track) I’m not sure why, but I was expecting the occupy movement to re-group over the winter and get a little smarter about the types of tactics they are using. At times throughout our history civil disobedience has been used to advance causes which most of us would probably agree were for the betterment of the nation. I’m glad Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus and it sickens me that she ever had to. But fighting to end racial discrimination and demanding free stuff from a government going deeper and deeper into debt are not exactly morally equivalent, to say the least. And this fact isn’t lost on most Americans, regardless of whether the media continues to gloss over the occupy movement’s most egregious behavior.
Transport Workers Union Local 100 and the Amalgamated Transit Union apparently helped #OWS open up subway exits at about 20 subway stations across the city. They made official looking signs telling people to enter through the gates. The union goons who helped out with the stunt did it because they’re in contract negotiations with the MTA -- (which should certainly help with negotiations.)
The Fox 5 News crew was on the scene interviewing subway customers, most of whom were not amused by the juvenile hijinks.

Obama says enough world oil to crack down on Iran

(Obama says enough world oil to crack down on Iran | Reuters) - President Barack Obama vowed on Friday to forge ahead with tough sanctions on Iran, saying there was enough oil in the world market - including emergency stockpiles - to allow countries to cut Iranian imports. In his decision, required by a sanctions law he signed in December, Obama said increased production by some countries as well as "the existence of strategic reserves" helped him come to the conclusion that sanctions can advance.The U.S. has reserves... does China and India?

Vanity Searcher Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Google

(media post)Gaos alleged in her lawsuit that she conducted searches for her own name, as well as her family members' names, and clicked on links on the Google search results. Therefore, she argued, Google disclosed her "sensitive personal information" to third parties by transmitting her queries in the referrer headers...Tim Berners-Lee warned as far back as 1999 that referrer headers could leak information about Web users. But lawsuits about referrer headers didn't reach the courts until 2010, shortly after computer scientists from AT&T and Worcester Polytechnic Institute released the report "On the Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information Via Online Social Networks." They alleged that Facebook and other social-networking sites leak personally identifiable information by including users' unique identifiers in the HTTP header information that is automatically sent to ad networks.
and they said social media use was dominated by narcissism... now you can sue for that

Louvre confirms redating of the Mona Lisa

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(theartnewspaper.com)the evidence comes from the Prado copy. the background landscape in the both the copy and original of the Mona Lisa. The Prado version depicts several hilltop towns in the background landscape, which are now missing in the original.
that bitch is smiling because she is lying about her age... or maybe because it's Leo in drag

Israeli envoy praises Argentina for 1994 bombing probe? Translation Israel Concerned that Argentina is harvesting Nazis like they did during and after World War 2


(Ed Schultz)(Reuters.)
Concerned about a possible warming of ties between Iran and Argentina, including a sharp increase in bilateral trade, Western and Israeli officials expressed concern that Buenos Aires was quietly reaching out to Tehran while they were seeking to isolate Iran over its nuclear program.
it's a public relations move to curry favor over from the Iranian Holocaust of Jews

N.Y. bans sale of Saliva Smoke; cites health.

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K2 Herbal Smoke Found...
Where is Cuomo? Probably celebrating all the people gov will have control over
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – New York state is banning the sale of "synthetic marijuana" that's sold in convenience stores, smoke shops, and tobacco stores under brand names including "Spice", "K2" and "Mr. Nice Guy.

...The order issued Thursday calls for sales and distribution to stop immediately. Local health officials are being ordered to check for compliance. Violators can face civil penalties.
it isn't synthetic. that is a myth. it is an Indian meditation herb and the only people who will profit off the ban will be drug dealers. There were NO WARNING LABELS on the product and they have now made a whole segment of law abiding citizens, criminals. If you are interested in fighting the ban please contact Noah at 646-504-6624. Figures it would be Cuomo and the Democrats that would do this to people. Prohibition doesn't work. We don't learn from history. Hey does Cuomo have mob connections or something? ...because they will be cashing in on this ban.

Syrian Opposition Leader: Da Jooos Helping To Keep Assad In Power, “Want Syrian Blood For Their Matzos”…

this is to be expected
(Weasel) As bad as Assad is, these people would be a hundred times worse.
Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Osama Al-Mallouhi, a member of the Syrian opposition, which aired on Al-Nas TV on March 26, 2012:
Dr. Osama Al-Mallouhi : Israel is doing everything it can to keep Bashar Al-Assad in power. It is using international lobbies to exert pressure on other countries, to keep Bashar Al-Assad in power and to keep the world on the sidelines, making do with verbal condemnations, which will never amount to real pressure on Bashar to stop the bloodshed. I have said that Israel is delighted to see rivers of blood of Syrian Muslims being spilled at the hand of that arch-murderer, and therefore, it enables him to survive to the end.
So as I said: This is strange. Maybe [there is truth] to the story, attributed by historian to Jewish books, that says that on Passover, the Jews prefer the matzos that they eat to be mixed with the blood of non-Jews. There was an incident in Damascus in the 19th century, in which a non-Jew was killed, so that his blood could be taken and mixed into these matzos and eaten. This is a Jewish tradition.
The Jews have denied this, but if this tradition really isn’t true and if they really subscribe to a monotheistic religion, why do they keep silent, encourage [the massacre], silence the world, and prevent it from exerting pressure on Bashar, so that he can continue to spill Syrian blood? Do they want Syrian blood for their matzos of Zion?
yeah... The Jews will just miss Assad on the United Nations Human Rights Council. What will they do?

Israel cuts off ties so called UN Human Rights Council

UN Human Rights Council
UN Human RightsWrongs Council
Continuing on from the UN Human “Rights” Council’s latest anti-Israeloutrage, The Foreign Ministry announced that it is cutting off all tieswith the UN Human Rights Council following its decision to send a “fact-finding mission” to investigate the settlements’ impact on the Palestinians.
The Foreign Ministry decided Monday to cut off all contacts with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a senior diplomatic official said.
The move came following the decision by the council last Thursday to send a fact-finding mission to the West Bank to probe the impact of the settlements on Palestinian human rights.
From now on, the officials said, Israel’s ambassador to the UN organizations in Geneva will not appear before the council, answer any phone calls from the council, or cooperate with them in any way. The ambassador is not going to be withdrawn from Geneva, however, because there are a lot of other organizations that Israel does fully cooperate with and will continue to do so.
The official said that Israel will make efforts to get other countries on the council to follow suit, even though he acknowledged that this will be difficult.
It’s about time too! Even the US Ambassador to Israel sympathised with Israel’s decision:
US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro indicated empathy with Israel’s decision to leave the UNHRC. Speaking at Tel Aviv University on Monday afternoon, he said that the Council displays an obsessive anti-Israel focus and bias, Israel Radio reported.
Shapiro said the US participated in the Council to try to mitigate those biases and hypocrisies. The US was the only state on the Council to vote against the proposal to launch an investigation into Israel’s West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements.

It just wasn't a moral council

Will the Saudis cut production if America uses Reserves.

(Reuters) - Oil consuming nations may seek reassurance from Saudi Arabia that it will not cut oil production and neutralize the impact on oil prices if consumer countries release emergency reserves, diplomats and industry sources said.
The issue may be raised by a U.S. delegation, led by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which is in Riyadh this weekend to discuss Syria with Gulf states. Clinton will see Saudi King Abdullah and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal.
"If they're going to release reserves they need an assurance from the Saudis that they won't offset it by cutting supply," said one industry source familiar with thinking in Washington.
"There's no doubt the measure needs the cooperation of Saudi Arabia," said a diplomat.
The United States, with Britain and France, is considering a release from emergency stockpiles to cut fuel costs. Other countries including South Korea and Japan may join the plan.
Riyadh would not want deliberately to undermine an effort to bring down oil prices. But it might reduce supplies in response to a release of oil drawn from reserves if that were to displace Saudi supplies, particularly in the United States where the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve would provide the bulk of any drawdown.
Oil prices have risen sharply since the start of the year, at one point breaking $128 a barrel, largely because of sanctions against oil producer Iran aimed at slowing Tehran's nuclear program.
Diplomats have said the sanctions aim to meet Israeli demands for action against Tehran by hitting Iran's oil earnings and to prevent the alternative - a military strike by Israel.
"The view is that higher oil prices are a price worth paying to prevent or push back a war against Iran and higher oil prices can be alleviated by using emergency stocks," said the industry source.
Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi has said publicly that Riyadh wants to bring down oil prices.
But he has also said that Saudi can do no more than meet demand for its crude, which it is already doing, and that the previous drawdown of oil reserves last June during the Libyan civil war did not work.
"That's up to them," he said to reporters in Doha last week of a possible consumer country release. "What I can tell you is that they have done it before and it didn't do anything. You saw what happened in the last release? Nothing."
The concern among Western diplomats is that oil from strategic stocks could displace Saudi barrels, particularly to the United States where Saudi imports have risen recently, leaving net supplies globally little changed.
Last year after the International Energy Agency tapped reserves at the end of June to fill the gap left by Libya's civil war, Saudi output at first remained high, and then fell.
Reuters estimates put Saudi production at 9.85-9.9 million barrels per day from July to September before falling to just over 9.4 million bpd in October and November. It has since risen steadily back to about 9.9 million bpd now.
(Editing by William Hardy)
Does anyone remember the corporate training class where you had to drop backwards and let your co workers catch you?

Western Black Rhino declared extinct

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Ron Paul really didn't do that well in the election... did he?

GENEVA (msnbc) The Western Black Rhino of Africa was declared officially extinct Thursday by a leading conservation group. The International Union for Conservation of Nature said that two other subspecies of rhinoceros were close to meeting the same fate. The Northern White Rhino of central Africa is now "possibly extinct" in the wild and the Javan Rhino "probably extinct" in Vietnam, after poachers killed the last animal there in 2010. A small but declining population survives on the Indonesian island of Java.

Livni expected to retire from politics

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מופז בבית המפלגה בפתח תקווה (צילום: ירון ברנר)
Mofaz celebrates victory in Petah Tikva (Photo: Yaron Brener)
here is a bet that she doesn't go quietly. She'll be in the public eye... she can't help it.
(ynetnews)Sources close to former Kadima leader estimate Livni will soon announce her retirement from politics after losing primaries to Shaul Mofaz.
"Tzipi, you belong with us," said Knesset Member Shaul Mofaz Tuesday night after winning the Kadima primaries. However, former Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni does not intend to stay in the party for much longer.
  The Kadima election committee said Tuesday night that Mofaz had won 61.7% of the votes and Livni 37.2%.
Sources close to Livni estimated that the former party leader will soon announce her retirement from politics. "I'll see you sometime, somewhere," she told her supporters on Tuesday night after losing the vote.
"She realized it was over after she saw the results," a source close to Livni said. "She said she understood she had missed her calling."
Elected Kadima chairman Mofaz called on Livni to stay in the party and be part of its leadership, but it appears Livni is not even considering this option.
"If I'm not leading this thing, there's nothing to vote for," she was reported as saying. "I won't be there for the sake of being there."
Livni told reporters that she had called Mofaz and congratulated him on his victory. She refused to take any questions.

State Department regards Israel and Jerusalem as separate entities

You can't make this stuff up. Despite Monday's Supreme Court ruling, the US State Department is still trying to perpetuate the myth that Jerusalem is not part of Israel (Carl Hat Tip: Joe L) UPDATE: The State Department has altered an official communication to erase the fact that it had referred to Israel and Jerusalem as separate entities. The release now states: “Acting Under Secretary Kathleen Stephens Travels to Algiers, Doha, Amman, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.” In a previous iteration of the release, the State Department separated Jerusalem from Israel.
An official State Department communication has labeled Jerusalem and Israel as separate entities.
In an official press release yesterday, the State Department announced that “Acting Under Secretary Kathleen Stephens Travels to Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Jerusalem, and Israel.”
Keeping up with its longstanding policy, the State Department refuses to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital—despite a U.S. law stating otherwise. Obama faced criticism on the issue last year, when it was revealed that the White House had scrubbed all references to Jerusalem being part of the Jewish state from a collection of photos on its website.
Obama has also been lambasted by pro-Israel leaders and some on Capitol Hill for capitulating to pressure from the State Department, which has long opposed U.S. law on the matter.
The State Department's position on Jerusalem is becoming more detached from reality by the day.
Is there any mechanism for Obama to undo the law that was passed to move recognition of Jerusalem, but is postponed?

Arlen Specter On Meeting Sarah Palin: “She Radiated Sensuality. Her Skirt Rode Above Her Knees – Not Short, But Close”…

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Apparently she likes basketball players. might want to work out more.
(WaPo)(Weasel)Former Sen. Arlen Specter’s new memoir, “Life Among Cannibals,” recounts his party switch, votes for President Obama’s stimulus package and the health care plan. But it’s not just about politics. For example, in one steamy passage on page 156, he recalls riding on Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) campaign bus in 2008 with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. “She was a total charmer, very friendly,” Specter writes. “The few things she said were intelligent.” He doesn’t mention what they were, maybe because he was distracted. “We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus,” he writes. “She radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close.”

2-year-old boy was critically injured after chasing ice cream truck

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NEW YORK (WABC) -- A 2-year-old boy was critically injured after being struck by an SUV in the Parkchester section of the Bronx.

The boy was walking with an older cousin on Taylor Avenue when he ran after an ice cream truck that had just driven by.

He ran into the middle of the street and was struck at around 4:40 p.m. on Tuesday.
He was hit because people are racist

Charging someone else with privilege is itself a privileged status

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NWO New World Order Obama Reflection Greetings by simonstudionyc
Note that Zimmerman's gun "was placed into evidence," not returned to him as so many rumors had it. Note that Trayvon Martin's weight is listed as 160 pounds, not the 140 pounds that you read all over, as in this lead paragraph from a Daily Beast story today. His height is listed as 6 feet; George Zimmerman is listed at 5 feet 9 inches, but no weight is given. Note the notation that the scene was secured with crime scene tape, and compare that to Jesse Jackson's complaint, "They didn’t even bother to put yellow tape around the murder scene when he died, That’s how much the police did to find out what happened to this young boy."
(Sultan Knish)...(Obama is) playing class warfare games with business titans when they aren't hitting them up for cash... (The only way to beat him is to) come equipped with the same weapon with which Perseus slew the Gordon Medusa. A mirror. If you listen to NPR, you might think that race relations in America are the shame of the world. The truth is that on a global scale, we have done far better than most of the world has. If you doubt that, look at Sri Lanka or Rwanda... two-toned racialism made it easy to erase complexity. It avoided asking why Northern Catholic and Jewish immigrants who had arrived right before and during the Civil War and made a disproportionate contribution to the Union armies should be held accountable for a legacy that they had no hand in making. Instead the burden of coping with civil rights troubles fell disproportionately on their heads. The Irish, Italians and Jews, not to mention many others, were to be held accountable on account of the color of their skin. (MORE)
(Jonah Goldberg: Trayvon Martin and the race card - LA Times) Martin's tragic death is a statistical outlier. More whites are killed by blacks than blacks killed by whites (or "white Hispanics"). And far, far more blacks are killed by other blacks. Indeed, if we're going to use the prism of race to analyze murder rates, then the real epidemic is that of black murderers. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute notes that recent data show black males age 14 to 24 commit homicides at a rate nearly 10 times higher than that of young white and Latino males combined.
And yet, New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow says "the burden of black boys in America" is fear of racist assaults. MSNBC has handed over vast swaths of airtime to its in-house huckster, Sharpton.
(NWO New World Order Obama Reflection Greetings, a photo by simonstudionyc on Flickr)

Besieged by angry midgets who have rewritten all the definitions and are out to ban the dictionary.

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The Crisis of Jewish Leftist Islamism (by Sultan Knish)(h/t Israel Jews and Judaism) There is a civil war among liberals, particularly Jewish liberals who are being edged out by the radical Anti-Jewish left... Beinart exonerates leftist Zionists and Anti-Zionists, telling the former that they were abandoned by the awful Jewish state and telling the latter that hating Israel is the truest expression of their liberal and Jewish values... Now the left is conducting its long march through Jewish institutions to make supporting Israel seem un-Jewish and transform bashing Israel into a Jewish value (MORE)
(Tablet)(Israel Jews and Judaism) Beinart quotes former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami telling Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman that “If I were a Palestinian, I would have rejected Camp David as well.” Yet Ben-Ami said in the same interview that Yasser Arafat “was morally, psychologically, physically incapable of accepting the moral legitimacy of a Jewish state, regardless of its borders or whatever.” This goes unquoted. I suspect that’s because Beinart found it in The Israel Lobby by political scientists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, which also quotes the first part of Ben-Ami’s statement but not the second.(MORE)
(Tablet)(h/t Israel Jews and Judaism) Beinart writes that the Strip “remains a place of brutal suffering.”, but New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says, in a July 2010 column: “Visiting Gaza persuaded me, to my surprise, that Israel is correct when it denies that there is any full-fledged humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The tunnels have so undermined the Israeli blockade that shops are filled and daily life is considerably easier than when I last visited here two years.”(MORE)
(One State, Two States by Steven Bayme)(h/t Israel Jews Judaism) Beinart complains that AJC and other leading Jewish organizations invest far greater efforts attacking Palestinian one-statism than Christian or Jewish one-statism.... we disagree profoundly with the one-state solution of the Christian Right, we find Palestinian one-statism a greater danger precisely because it is articulated by people with whom Israel is expected to make peace(MORE)
Stupid Liberal problem... they think they need a state for Jew killers. There already are plenty. Hey... these are excerpts... I don't agree with them. These are liberal ideologies that I am exploring here. I didn't say they were sustainable. - Noah

Jesse Jackson Continues To Exploit Florida Tragedy For Personal Gain, Tells Church Trayvon Martin Is a “Martyr”…

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Words can’t describe how much I detest Jesse Jackson.
(USA Today)(Weasel) Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson told people at a church in Eatonville, Fla., on Sunday that slain teen Trayvon Martin is a “martyr,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.
“Martyrs have power,” Jackson said of the unarmed black 17-year-old who was shot dead Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., by a neighborhood watch volunteer who deemed him suspicious and who police describe as white.
“He represents all of us,” Jackson said of Trayvon.
Jackson faced a capacity crowd of 1,600 at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and said Trayvon’s death, which has galvanized critics across the country and prompted a Justice Department investigation, can effect positive change.
“How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change?” Jackson asked the crowd. “If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war. Movements are made of serious substance. … There is power in the blood of the innocent.”
Fan the fire to make a detestable human being relevant. I remember being just a kid when my dream of a black president was derailed by a mean guy who called my city Heimytown. We had a picture of Jackson in my Elementary school. For me... Jackson's fall was very personal. I forgave him... and he just keeps coming out with more vile opinions and vile behavior.

Does Obama Imagine Bob and Nancy Strait as His Parents?

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Bob and Nancy Strait
I had no Idea what Strait you were talking about!
Tyrone Dale David Woodfork
Here’s a story you won’t hear about in the mainstream media. (Seraphic H/T Daniel Greenfield)Bob Strait, 90 a veteran of the 101st Airborne, was married to his wife Nancy, 85, for 65 years. A few days ago, their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma was invaded by Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, 20, a black thug armed with a BB gun. Tyrone beat the aged couple and raped Nancy to death.Our post-racial President has made no statement about this outrage.And except for the local media in Oklahoma, no one has noticed.
Instead, all the self-righteous attention is on black victim Trayvon Martin, and the demonized George Zimmerman, described by the NY Times as a “white Hispanic” a racial classification of which I have never heard, but leave it to liberals to out-Nazi the Nuremberg Laws.
George Zimmerman will be charged with a hate crime. Again, leave it to liberals to invent a victim hierarchy based on race. (MORE)

Obama, in Seoul speech, to discuss further nuclear arms cuts

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(Reuters) - President Barack Obama will voice confidence on Monday that the United States can further reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile while maintaining its strategic deterrent and international commitments, a White House official said.)
Obama says hey, I have an idea... let's weaken America... It isn't like as if Iran and North Korea were a threat

Witness Speaks: #Racist #TrayvonMartin Attacked #Zimmerman?

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(Breitbart) So we now know Zimmerman had black friends. Speculation Zimmerman was racist against blacks; Why isn't there speculation that Trayvon Martin was racist against Hispanics?Works both ways

The number of French Jews immigrating to Israel has doubled

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(PJ Tatler) To quote psychiatrist Zvi Rex: “Europe will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.” Europe doesn’t want to live under the psychological burden of Auschwitz forever. The Jews are living reminders of the moral failure of Europe. This leads to the projection of guilt on Israel and the remaining European Jews.
Helen Thomas, the media and much of Europe think the solution for Jews is for them to leave what they call Palestine. Where do they expect them to go?
(French reject charges of inaction in Toulouse terror - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News) Merah's name was in French intelligence files, he was on the U.S. "no-fly list" and some of his neighbors had complained to police about his alleged violent behavior, yet France's intelligence agencies did not consider him a danger and never put him under surveillance... "Expressing ideas, espousing Salafist beliefs, is not a sufficient reason to arrest someone," Interior Minister Claude Gueant said. The French government appeared to be united behind security forces and President Nicolas Sarkozy. A public opinion poll issued Friday gave Sarkozy a 74-percent approval rating over his conduct during the crisis (74% ); surveys indicate the tragedy could actually boost his reelection campaign. Merah's brother said he was proud. Merah's brother said he was proud."Expressing ideas, espousing Salafist beliefs, is not a sufficient reason to arrest someone," Interior Minister Claude Gueant said. The French government appeared to be united behind security forces and President Nicolas Sarkozy. A public opinion poll issued Friday gave Sarkozy a 74-percent approval rating over his conduct during the crisis (74% ); surveys indicate the tragedy could actually boost his reelection campaign. Merah's brother said he was proud. Merah's brother said he was proud

Harvard Sex Week

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Harvard Never Learns (Legal Insurrection) Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride: Sex Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations: Join HLSRJ and Good Vibrations for a short discussion of sex-positivity, a demo of lube and some popular sex toys, then Q&A. Free Food!
(Palestine Today) and (Challah) reports that Egypt has said that Fatah and Hamas are both “fully responsible” for the failure of reconciliation. An Egyptian official said that the two movements have “failed completely” in the implementation of the Cairo Agreement and the Doha Declaration. The official also said that the two factions have made things more complex and have moved further away from a solution. The same official said that the bickering between Hamas and Fatah undermined all the efforts to complete the reconciliation process and form a unity government. According to the official, if Fatah and Hamas continue to bicker (they have) then Egypt will be forced to stop hosting reconciliation meetings in Cairo.
Makes it more dramatic... the slutty vaginas indoctrinated in arrogance are excited already... I mean what is a bunch of feminists hanging out with out terrorists to make things interesting so that they can blame the plight of women on Jews and Western civilization, but somehow I think the marriage will work out like the marriage of Fatah and Hamas. I guess gay marriage really is like straight marriage. Oh well... you always can rape a college educated liberal in Tahrir Square. Where is Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda when that happens?

Obama isn’t Bill Clinton or George W. Bush when it comes to Israel — not even close.

(h/t Carl)(Foreign Policy) If Obama had a chance to reset the U.S.-Israel relationship and make it a little less special, he probably would. But I guess that’s the point: He probably won’t have the chance.
It's amazing what kind of fish story the Obama people think they can sell us regarding Israel. If Obama were really good for Israel then nothing would be needed to be said by him or me. The sad thing is Obama hasn't been good for black people... he hasn't been good for minorities that needed jobs. He hasn't been good for women in Muslim countries... in fact he hasn't been good for anyone... except for a few elite liberals who probably won't stay in America after Obama is gone.

Too good not to share: Kuwaitis play Borat anthem at shooting medal ceremony

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I feel bad for the girl... it isn't her fault she is being called the cleanest prostitute.

(Carl) Kazakhstan won the world shooting championshipin Kuwait on Thursday,
and instead of the real anthem,the Kuwaiti organizers played the Borat comedy version. (More)
Footage of Thursday's original ceremony posted on YouTube shows gold medallist Maria Dmitrienko listening to the anthem without emotion and finally smiling as it ends. Coach Anvar Yunusmetov told Kazakh news agency Tengrinews that the tournament's organisers had also got the Serbian national anthem wrong. "Then Maria Dmitrienko's turn came," he said. "She got up on to the pedestal and they played a completely different anthem, offensive to Kazakhstan." The spoof song praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region. The film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, released in 2006, follows Baron Cohen's character, the journalist Borat Sagdiyev, as he travels to the US and pursues the actress Pamela Anderson. The film outraged people in Kazakhstan and was eventually banned in the country. The government also threatened Baron Cohen with legal action. Reports say the film is also banned in Kuwait.

Attack on Bushehr reason Muslims kill Jews? AmirPeretz: Israel unprepared to protect civilians?

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(JPOST) Former defense minister Amir Peretz said on Saturday that the number of Iron Dome rocket-defense batteries Israel plans to purchase will not enough to fully protect the country. While it is reasonable to acquire a total of only 13 batteries, as Israel currently plans to do, Peretz said, "If we want complete coverage we will need to get to between 20-26 batteries." Peretz also warned against using the Iron Dome system to defend military and strategic sites instead of population centers. "With all due respect, the bases were not meant to be covered by the Iron Dome," Peretz said. "There's no way that bases will be preferred over civilians." Last year, the United States warned Israel that it would have to review funding for the anti-rocket system if it were deployed to protect bases instead of civilians. Turning to the Iranian nuclear threat, Peretz said that a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities would be better if an outside actor such as the US carried it out instead of Israel. "We should prefer an outside actor does it because Israel doesn't need to be confronted by the whole Muslim world," Peretz said. "We know that a minute after an attack, it will be comfortable for the Western countries to point a blaming finger at Israel. If it's an American actor, the crisis will be smaller. We need to think about the day after."
The denied correlative is that this guy is saying that Israel is incapable of protecting Jews from Muslim attacks. If he is right then the Israelis must purge all liberal minded people from their government and beef up their defenses. I'm sure this guy is saying this because he is leaning towards being a dove, but is Iran the only enemy of Israel? If Israel can't protect itself... then where is Obama? ...be he such a friend of Israel.

Bagel guru Murray Lender dies at age 81 in Fla.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Murray Lender, who helped turn his father's small Connecticut bakery into a national company credited for introducing bagels to many Americans, has died in Florida. He was 81. Lender, perhaps best known from promoting Lender's Bagels in TV commercials, died Wednesday at a hospital in Miami from complications from a fall he suffered at his home 10 weeks ago, his wife, Gillie Lender, told The Associated Press on Thursday. The couple, who were married more than nine years, lived in Aventura, Fla., and also kept a home in Connecticut. "He was courageous, strong and an example to everyone to show how one should go through life with a vision, ambition, a goal and with success," Gillie Lender said. Lender's father, Harry Lender, immigrated to the United States from Lublin, Poland, in 1927 and opened what would become Lender's Bagels that year in an 800-square-foot bakery in New Haven. Two years later, he had his wife and two sons, Hymen and Samuel, brought over from Poland to join him, according to a history of Lender's Bagels on the company's website. At the time, bagels in America were sold mostly to Jewish families who enjoyed them with lox and cream cheese. Murray Lender was born in 1930, and four years later Harry Lender bought a 1,200-square-foot bakery in New Haven as the business prospered. Hymen, Samuel, Harry and a younger brother, Marvin, all went on to work for the family business. Murray would serve as the company's chief executive and Marvin as president. The Lenders say they were the first to begin selling bagels in packages to supermarkets in 1955. In 1960, two years after Harry Lender died, the Lenders say they started freezing their bagels so they could ship them outside of New Haven without worrying about them becoming stale - the first company to do so. The frozen bagel would make its way to households across the country that had never had them. The Lenders sold the family business to Kraft Foods in 1984. Pinnacle Foods Group LLC has owned Lender's Bagels since 2003. Murray Lender remained the company spokesman after the sale to Kraft, making commercials and appearing on talk shows. "The frozen bagel is convenient, which is important to today's on-the-go consumers," Murray Lender told the AP in 1986. Lender shrugged off criticism by some bagel connoisseurs that Lender's Bagels didn't taste so great. "Taste is a very subjective matter," he told the AP. "It's clear and simple: We make 2 3/4 million bagels a day. Obviously an awful lot of people are happy with it." A passionate devotee of the frozen food concept, he was chairman of the National Frozen Food Association and pioneered the first National Frozen Food Month in March 1984, a promotional effort involving manufacturers across the industry. A stroke 13 years ago left Murray Lender unable to talk, but that didn't dim his enthusiasm for life, his wife said. "Although he lost his speech, he was able to make you understand him with his gestures and his whole body and his expressions," Gillie Lender said. "It was remarkable. He could bring joy into a room." His funeral is set for Saturday in Woodbridge, Conn.

Bedtime for Bozo: Iran will send monkey into space in early 2012

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1391/01/03 - 19:25
watch out monkeys!
(lil Sugar)(irna.ir) Iran will send monkey into space in early 2012 Noshahr, March 22, IRNA – Head of Iranian Space Agency, Hamid Fazeli, said that the Iranian shuttle, Kavoshgar-5 (Explorer-5) carrying monkey to space will be launched into space during March-August 2012. 'Kavoshgar-5 will carry a biological capsule containing a monkey into space. This is actually a prelude to preparing Iran for sending a human astronaut into space before 2021,' Fazeli told IRNA in an exclusive interview on Thursday. Referring to the fact that the world will witness further success of Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of launching satellites into space, he pointed out that sending Fajr satellite into space which was postponed in 2011 will take place in 2012. Noting that only three countries have succeeded so far to send human astronaut into space, Fazeli pointed out that India is considering to send human astronaut into space by 2016.(h/t JSchanzer)Western countries are concerned the long-range ballistic technology used to propel Iranian satellites into orbit could be used to launch atomic warheads. Tehran denies such suggestions and says its nuclear work is purely peaceful. Last week, Iran launched its second domestically built satellite into orbit, the Rasad 1 (Observation), which it said was for transmitting images and weather forecasts.(jpost)

J Street Defends OWS’s Anti-Semitism

So it’s impossible to know which dynamic — donor pressure or personal passion — was at work when J Street officials defended the Occupy Wall Street from criticism of its disgraceful and extensively documented anti-Semitism. In favor of the donor theory, there’s the fact that J Street funder George Soros backed Occupy. On the side of the labor of love theory, there turn out to be deep sociological, institutional, and personal ties between pro-Occupy radicals and J Street officials – so much so that those radicals are now officially “partnering” with J Street on this weekend’s conference.
Most likely it was a little of Column A and a little of Column B, with J Street officials being genuinely sympathetic but wary about the optics of supporting yet another group of anti-Semites.
The debate revolves around a statement by self-declared “Jewish leaders” who, per the statement title, set out to “Denounce Right-Wing Smears of Occupy Wall Street.” The piece specifically attacked the Emergency Committee for Israel, a J Street  bête noire and a major force behind the electoral wipe out of J Street candidates in the 2010 election. Ben-Ami’s name was one of about a dozen on the bottom of the statement, and the press contact for the entire release was J Street VP Carinne Luck.
The upcoming conference will have a core, recognized, pro-Occupy new media presence. The leftwing Jewschool site recently announced that it was going to “partner with J Street” on the conference, including dispatching sponsored bloggers to cover the events. Jewschool actively pushed Occupy and continues to do so, with the most recent sympathetic post getting published just last week. “We are the 99%,” declared another post. An admittedly inaccurate Google site search for “occupy wall street” turns up over 700 hits.
It turns out that J Street officials and Jewschool officials have demonstrably been cooperating to insulate Occupy. For instance, an early version of J Street’s toe-in-the-water press release was published on a site called Occupy Judaism (later versions had additional press contacts). Daniel Sieradski, founding publisher and editor-in-chief of Jewschool owns the site. I’d direct you to the original statement on Sieradski’s site but the whole blog was taken down some time this morning, after I searched for it and found it last night. Luckily it’s still cached here.
J Street officials and Jewschool activists have long worked together to paper over the anti-Semitism of Occupy Wall Street, albeit sometimes with each being once removed from their home organizations. It would be hard to think of two more appropriate “partners” for the J Street conference.
I had no idea that Daniel Sieradski and JewSchool were owned. I had been under the understanding they were just indie hipsters that were on twitter.

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