Zukerberg @FinkD caught on an open mike telling Merkel that he was stifling negative stories about refugees

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As reported in September, he was caught on an open microphone telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he was working on ways to stifle negative stories about migrants in the country.
Within the last few days, many said Facebook anned them for simply posting anti-Hillary articles or articles opposed to gun control.  One writer, an investigative journalist in Israel, said she was given a three-day ban for literally nothing. She went on to say that she was placed back into “Facebook jail” just two hours after the initial ban was over.
There’s the damning video released by Shurat HaDin — The Israel Law Center.  That video documents for perhaps the first time the site’s biased treatment in favor of pages against Israel and Jews, something many have complained about for some time.
Blogger Jeff Dunetz said Monday that Facebook finally took down the anti-Israel page in Shurat HaDin’s experiment, but only after the blatant bias was exposed for all to see.  A Facebook spokesperson said it was due to a “mistake.” (MORE)

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