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I only wish things were that organized. things aren't. hatred only back stabs and betrays... it fizzles out and can't hold any order together for a very long time in a large geographic order. According to mathematical stats cooperation is the smart and selfish wise strategy... it is hard to imagine a malevolent entity holding cohesion for a long period of time, or at least as long as what is narrated in "Revelations". Even on the poetic metaphoric level of the four horsemen... it doesn't hold water. Chaos more times then not has no cohesion. One of the reasons that Jews are hated so much is we provide a cohesion in a community for people to fix they're hatred on... these hatreds always fall apart because the projectile hatred eventually surfaces as being a mirage and what you end up with are malicious people finding themselves unable to be allies once they have satiated they're projectile hates. projection on the other and focusing on hate works on the uneducated masses... as we saw in Europe for the last 2000 years or in the Middle East now, but for the powerful it is unlikely to last for a long period. Hatred in the upper class lasts only long enough for it to be convenient. Look at Hilary and Suha Arafat... it became inconvenient for her to have those opinions. She was way to pragmatic... A long term alliance would never develop. Stalin and Hitler's agreements? I wouldn't put it past these folk to do ill... but organizing on the level of a religion... (well for example how long did Communism last in the leadership classes? not long. for the most part communism is a diversion from the inner sins of the wealthy on the poor... on a structural level a solution can be resolved through government power is obscene... but the ruling classes weren't fooled for long... and no one thinks the elite are altruistic... it just shows you the likelihood of a powerful order is unlikely... this is the exact reason that communism is so dangerous... it leaves us with a tyrannical structure... and the rulers of the structure become in flux... hence the structure crumbles and the civilization decays.
As for the Hollywood conspiracy. There is a strong interest in knowledge in the Jewish community... this brings them to social networks and Hollywood in general as writers, actors and artists... the money in Hollywood is proportional to who is working in Hollywood. as far as cold stats of money are concerned the media is not as profitable as some conspiracy theorists might like 2 think. as someone who has worked in advertising... I can tell you the guy who collects advertising money is more times then not begging an industry to advertise. that isn't to say that sometimes advertising works... that is just to say that a business model has to exist before an organization can expand it's market share... thus said even if Jews are powerful in the media it is a small proportion to profit from multitudes of potential industries.

New York Times goes White Supremacist at the Oscars in 2008 with Tilda Swinton

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this was found in the NYTIMES :

....Ms. Swinton, a consistently brilliant actress, seemed more like an ancient Druid than a movie star.
“It was a huge victory for the Celts,” she said, cradling her statue at the Governors Ball after the ceremony. “Spain, France, England, we all served as a reminder that it was Europeans that invented Hollywood in the first place.” what the fuck?

this quote was taken from

...and look the NYTimes is nearly out of business. unrelated issue but...

maybe the people can smell the lies after all. It is as if the emperor had no clothes when it came to FED and loans, but who was telling us that we could afford to pay for people's loans?

Not sure how it came to this so fast, but the New York Times (NYT) is approaching the point where it will have to manage its business primarily to conserve cash and avoid defaulting on its debt. This situation will only get worse as advertising revenue continues to fall, and it will be very serious by early next year.

The company has only $46 million of cash. It appears to be burning more than it is taking in--and plugging the hole with debt. Specifically, it is funding operations by rolling over short-term loans--the kind that banks worldwide are cancelling or making prohibitively expensive to save their own skins:

At the end of the quarter, cash and cash equivalents were approximately $46 million and total debt was approximately $1.1 billion. The Company’s current source of short-term funding is its revolving credit agreements under which it had approximately $398 million in borrowings outstanding at the end of the quarter.






Noah David Simon




social net artist

I'm getting social netted...

I'm a bit tired.... of this whole groove.

I saw some friends work... and it was great... but he isn't meeting people.... it was crafted well because his influences are less. He is detached... I can see it in the work. His own studies and yet kind of not in touch.
I think I am starting a new kind of identity... artist who specialize online...
it very much is a different beast then the craft of drawing.
our work is fresher because... we are receiving outside influences....
for example I no longer need to go out and get my own studies...
most of my drawings are actually collages of other peoples photos now... there is no point anymore to going out and taking my own pictures. I'm skilled enough an artist to alter an image enough so that it is no longer the same person or thing and I juxtapose it differently...

at first I thought I was cheating and I shouldn't tell people that this was what was going on... but now I feel that perhaps this sampling and juxtaposing is something that needs to be explored theoretically. It isn't like rap sampling because we are taking the study and changing it completely... the original work has no resemblance. In fact the original work is often a photo taken by an amateur that is not striking in it's artistic matter because it lacks drama... and that can be brought in by what I do...

I wonder what Albert Einstein would
say about social net artists?

90% ass kissing 10% art

McCain and New York Times

the thing that really gets me is he probably blushed at a pretty girl... the staff reminded him to get his shit together... but the point is that he didn't order out pizza with her... if you get my drift. I could tell that is what happened because when McCain spoke last night... I was reading his wifes eyes.... something DID happen... but it is natural and understandable. It obviously hurt his wife a lot. ...but it is not unforgivable and it makes me like the man all the more. Clinton's affair didn't happen once. It wasn't a blush here and blush there... it was a persistent pattern for decades.

don't repeat this though.

the fact that the NYTimes drudged this up is totally unforgivable and is the final nail in the coffin for that paper. I can't believe they stepped that low... even for them. We are all living with the desire for lust... but some go out and interact and are the source of it. McCain is a good man.

they had all the ace cards last night on PBS

I couldn't believe they were bringing up Keating 5 last night... like as if that were a big secret that none of us knew. Despicable... Keating 5 is what made McCain into the great man he is today. He has already admitted his mistake... that was why he became proactive against lobbyists in the first place. Also he has addressed Paxton... he has addressed all those issues in the past. to have been active in politics for three decades with experience and this is all the NYTimes can throw at him? Talk about desperate.

McCain will benefit greatly by being trashed by NYTimes smear. Conservatives despise the N.Y. Times. The Times endorsed him a few months ago which almost killed his chances. Implying that McCain is beholding to lobbyists, when the Dems are owned by every union on the planet...and alluding to him having a sexual relationship with a lobbyist after they bent over backwards to excuse Bill's freedom to diddle the staff

mmm amazing stat... most male votes for Dem presidents since 1976 is 46 percent? I believe it. I also believe that "Obama" has the qualifications to swoon. One thing I am beginning to understand about elections is that (with the exception of Kerry) the base is everything. If your base is split or unenthusiastic then you have nothing... no doubt I am an enthusiastic McCain person... and you know I have BLUE STATE borderline tendencies... (that tells you I am McCain and will vote McCain or I would of been Reagan Democrat) So how many Noahs are there out there? I'm willing to bet from jumping into my own head that the Noahs out there are very open minded... hence why I might vote for a Democrat. I know for sure though that the religious right will come out and vote for Bush or Huckabee with enthusiasm and without question. I know for sure the women would of come out and voted for Obama and Clinton... It is a fact that more people voted in the Democrat primary then a primary in the last hudred years. In fact votes for Hilary were greater then all the Republican votes put together! Obama has a core. We know that now... His core is fragile though (your right... and it will be hard to measure how fast he looses his George Clooney-ness) As much as I would like to see Joe Lieberman run as Vice President again... because I'm a big fan... a better move for McCain would be to bring in Mike Huckabee and increase a second base. Sure Joe Lieberman would make me happier then a chickmunk... I might start donating limbs for his campaign... but if there is one thing I know about politics in my 33 years... I'm a marginalized minority and I don't count. And I'm white.

OBAMA RAMMA DING DONG A DANG MY DING A DONG DING DONG OBAMMA RAMMA LING LONG... how long do you think the love affair will last that you took your hero HILLARY and shoved her off a cliff? FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE... do you think the love affair will last seven and a half months... or maybe Barack is peaking! Always better for the ladies when it is slow and gradual, yet always firm and consistent. Size don't matter... it is how committed over time a man is.


dummy ha ha

It is amazing how many people hide between free thought to express hate speech. Recently I friended someone on facebook who ran a popular alternative website for free thought. I was excited to have such a influential friend that ran a website that was popular. The next week I returned to the same website and saw it was full of videos that were sympathetic to terrorists. I contacted my new friend who ran the site. He said while he personally felt sympathy for my point of view (because he was "CONSERVATIVE" he said), that his website was for free thought and he would not censor. He then offered me an opportunity to post my own things on his site. To test him I asked him if his website was so open minded to caustic expression, could I post photos of young children naked (I was speaking hypothetically... to find out how far he would take free expression). He didn't respond. Freedom of speech has it's limitations! Never believe someone who hides behind free expression. If it is hate speech or if the website features something obscene like Pedophilic images, there are limits to free expression. I brought up the obscene issue to prove a point. That this guy was picking and choosing his limitations of expression and he was a hypocrite. I hate to bring in such an extreme example... but I was trying to prove a point on free expression.

Wondering About Women

Wondering About Woman

LA Woman

...when I was 17 years old my best friend was a coke addict Hollywood prostitute. Besides being absolutely beautiful... she was troubled like Marilyn Monroe. Her boyfriend when I met her was beating her. She was manic. I think she assumed I was gay and had sex with my closest friends. Still I loved her more then anything. She dated a lot of big celebrities. Dudes that were married. Ok so why am I telling you this?... the reason is that despite the fact that she was pretty much selling herself I still loved her deeply. I had a falling out with her because I told my other best friend that she had slept with this movie star. Like as if you could expect a 17 year old boy to keep a secret of that magnitude. ... of course I had to tell my buddies. Anyway the Hollywood thing was tip of the iceberg. She was a wild gal... and when you saw her you knew you were looking at an angel. She had a short brown hair and piercing green eyes. Her skin was white like snow white. I loved her unconditionally. When I turned 19 she was dating Sam the music video director. I still loved her more then I can explain. Sam was shooting a music video in New York and I was with her in her hotel room alone. She was quite a drug addict by that point and she took some ecstasy in the hotel room. She came on to me... and I knew Sam and his him crew thugs were downstairs drinking in the lobby. I didn't know what to do... I really did love her... but I knew it could never be. and I left the room because I knew I would not be able to control myself. To this day I have regretted that night... as if I didn't have the balls to take that which I really wanted.

social network brat

Noah KissVampire Noah David Simon

After talking about facebook to my sister for a year... I have gone through nine profiles and even have migrated for the most part away.... she has kicked me off her myspace profile and now after all my groaning and prodding she says to me she is switching to facebook. I'm like... "YOU DO KNOW I GOT A PROFILE BACK ON FACEBOOK, DON'T YOU?" "Oh really?", she sounded disappointed. I said, "Don't worry, I spend most of my time on TWITTER anyway and I have more then enough friends congregated around that I'm not ever going to poke yours." "EW TWITTER, what is that?", my baby sister retorted. "Well you really don't have friends there", I said. "It's like a giant text chat room. You either follow or don't follow." My sister scrunched her nose. The fact is that it is human nature of youth to be elitist. The thing that really drove the "Great Generation" crazy about the "Woodstock Hippies" wasn't so much that they didn't approve of they're lifestyle and politics, because frankly the "Great Generation" got so much more accomplished as far as equality and dignity... what really drove the "Great Generation" mad was that they weren't invited to those cool parties. I imagine a generation that survived the depression and the Holocaust must of been quite lonely. When I see the kids today and they're elitist "Texting" parties walking into the public sphere with they're cell phone and ignoring everyone around them with they're Blue State politics I am reminded of the pain my grandparents must of had when seeing all they're hard work benefiting elitist spoiled brats.


I'm tired...

I had a tuff day...

my girl got herself and her family an internet connection and I have anxieties that she might see all the pretty ladies that talk to me online and think I'm trying to cheat on her or something.... I think she knows I don't leave my house.. but it is hard to know what goes into her little warped mind... maybe she is saving it up till next year.... I'm a little conditioned for her insanity. mother was a pain in the ass tonight... just kind of antisocial all the time and mean spirited. We go ticketed for not shoveling the front walk because my family was too cheap to get me a new shovel when the old one broke.

finally I sent Valentines messages to every woman on TWITTER and it pissed off all the men there.... I lost about 40 followers today. I was kind of hurt about that... I'm learning about TWITTER... it isn't easy. people follow you because they find you interesting... not because they like you. when I started getting cheeasey with the Valentines stuff I pissed off the men... and I worked very hard to get those guys to engage me. kind of hard to explain.... TWITTER is nothing like MySpace. It is like being in a large room with everyone listening and if you act like a goof people will ignore you.

A lot of those men were Leftists who were curious about what a right wing person was thinking. They don't really understand that I really am a Left wing person who was disheartened with the LEFT... hard to explain to people. They hear you talking about voting for John McCain and they assume that you had a silver spoon born in your mouth. Many of these twitter people are from England and or are Muslim and they are listening to me out of interest... when I started wishing all the ladies a happy Valentines day... it turned them off. They want to argue with me... not see the human element of me. I was trying to be funny. I just hope my girl doesn't get the wrong idea about me.

Happy LOVE LOVE day




What I use online

A lot of people want less social networking options... so I thought I would tell everyone without the bullshit what I like...
Computer: Mac Laptop ...but I would be fine on a PC....
(the actual computer is kind of not an issue these days. get me something that works)
Browser: Apple Safari is the best one... the other's have interesting gimmicks but in the end Safari is more stable.
With a browser it is the less is more theory. For a bit I was real excited about "Flock", but in the end "Flock" is just slightly slow. I also recommend turning off all Applications on REBOOT and running each thing separate. Nothing worse then speed problems. Flock is an option if you are only using facebook, but for real surfing... Safari all the way. I occasionally watch Jeff Pulver's show on BLOGTV and I have to use Firefox because BLOGTV isn't compatible with safari. So nothing is perfect. My default browser is still SAFARI. and that is about it... anything else and you are wasting time. I would say the biggest letdown for me is firefox... which I was a big fan of and these days seems super clunky. A lot of these other browsers besides Safari are neat... but in the end they crash. Something about Apple just fucking works better. So come here Steve Jobs get down on your knees and kiss my ass because no doubt Apple is where it is at these days

MySpace and facebook - both have a value. One is a larger standard and the other has video and graffitiwall. Frankly all the facebook applications are really fucking stupid though and I'm not convinced that MySpace is missing the boat on that. I mean that. I like the way facebook integrates outside platforms though. (If Myspace really goes OPEN PLATFORM with success I could see dropping facebook in a heartbeat. I really didn't like getting kicked off of facebook 9 times for being friendly and if they aren't the more high tech platform they certainly aren't the more friendly environment.)

TWITTER is a great way to get to know people before you become "friends"... best client for TWITTER is "TWITTERIFIC"

Skype is the best chat tool. It runs very nicely in the background

Blogger Obviously... and it integrates better with facebook... aargh

search and email Google and Gmail

My favorite websites outside of the simplicity I mentioned is "Yedda" for questions and answers and "Project Playlist" for stealing music from people illegally and pissing off my musician cousins.

River Tadpole do not be so self righteous.

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Do you have any idea how many times in the next seventeen years of your life you will find yourself arguing the opposite of what you believe in? I understand you are in school and that things can be very emotional for you because you are surrounded by people who feel as strongly as you do. I know what it is like. You talk about a march on Washington? When I was exactly your age I was marching on Washington to protect women's rights by marching in a Pro-Choice rally. We had more people at that march during Senor Bushes administration then any other march in Washington. When I got home and turned on the news the mention of the march lasted thirty seconds. Almost like it never happened. Today I am not the extremist I was when I was seventeen... I understand both sides of the argument... and I can tell you I don't have all the answers when the issue is abortion. I truly understand the issue like I didn't when I was seventeen and yet if I were to get up and debate Ron Paul on it or anyone I doubt I would come across as informed because the one thing I know is that I don't know. That abortion is a horrible evil murder and yet we can't make it illegal because there are women that get raped and all kinds of grey areas. As someone who was a radical leftist and felt a women's right to choose was undeniable as compared to where I obviously stand today is almost laughable. When I look back now at where I was when I was seventeen I now know I was less concerned with right and wrong and more interested in talking women into sex without commitments. I just wanted a little tail. Other issues today have also unfolded to me in ways that a younger version of myself would of never accepted. As a seventeen year old artist who was being constantly busted for drawing nudes of people in school I felt that freedom of expression and speech were absolute. I learned even the first amendment has it's limitations years later when I came across such hate filled websites that were hiding behind the same laws that I wanted to hide behind because I drew nude pictures of the rabbi in my Hebrew school. Sometimes you get older... and the answers just aren't clear cut. Most older people felt tremendous sympathy with McCain when he was barraged by Paul with an economics test. People know McCain isn't an idiot though. He has one of the longest reputations in politics. Getting interrogated by Paul on stage didn't convince anyone that John was stupid. It actually reflected more on Paul and highlighted the antisocial demeanor in his own personality. Yes Paul doesn't go red in the face and look like Vietnam war vet that looks like he is going to crack like John does. Paul looked like a self righteous gremlin who cared more about being right then being wise.



Response to When Women Rule

Your article failed to make mention of Joseph Campbell's analysis of pre-Patriarchal religions in the Mid-East and surrounding areas. Such violent cultures of the Bull-Worship of Anatolia and the Serpent religions of Kush Arabia that influenced the later interpretation of the Hellenic character of Medusa were in fact Matriarchal religions that had powerful women. Kush culture had dominant Queens and female leaders and warriors. If you look at the later evolution of Islam (with it's Abrahamic Patriarchal influences), you begin to understand that the vast history of women in power is one of conflict, alienation, devastation, abuse and tyranny. It is hard for the politically correct crowd to swallow... but the pre-Patriarchal cultures were not nice to live in. We might today have such bias as to think that Islam is worse then these serpent religions, but we would be ignorant if we thought this.

I can see from the Jimmy Carter video that the Public Relations people are still controlling the NYTimes.

Further from reading your article you seem to blame democracy for holding women back? Are you saying that women are not strong enough to influence people outside of they're little circle? What kind of leadership is that?

NONE AT ALL! Stop it with the double standard.

original NYTimes piece is at the following address

My old QRU

house where I lived in Brooklyn 1992 while at Pratt Institute

Ooooh I'm telling


Tasty Blog Snack

tasty blog snack

Tech Pedestrian


the one reason I am glad I went to Carnegie Mellon is that it wizens you up with technology. the real technology geniuses... they are completely backwards anti tech people... the reason they are able to stay focused on one thing is that they don't jump around and get excited by shiny new stuff. Tech people are not early adopters... I notice most Carnegie Mellon people aren't on MySpace/facebook/Twitter... it is all the artsy fartsy people who are here. Tech people do what they do... and they focus on it. Like a craft. My roommate at Carnegie Mellon was a chip designer. In real life... the dude was uncultured, mild mannered... from Arkansas I think.. (though I can't remember now), Church on Sundays, conservative with his girl, virgin till marriage... or at least he claimed that. He was addicted to Ridalin though, but that wasn't his own fault... helped him use the computer for long periods of time. Guy was kind of quaint. not at all the cosmopolitan.... can't be. Cosmopolitans wouldn't have the patience to work out the boring codes. Chip design is terribly pedestrian... Chip design is kind of like drawing mazes... only difference is each path leads somewhere that follows some meaning... but a chip designer is looking so close up at the details that everything is terribly abstract.

Kendra Kay School Girl Army

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iJustine hacked in the garden of Eden

iJustine Hacked in the Garden of Eden

GIANTS CRUSH EM.... I Hope (gulp)


...I'm not looking forward to seeing such a lovable team get destroyed. I am already having flashbacks of the Giants loss to the Ravens. Sports just isn't about character. Win or lose Eli Manning will always be my hero.

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