Debunking the Myth that Most Mass Murderers are White

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(Source) Liberals constantly point out that most mass murderers are supposedly white, of course completely ignoring the fact that mass murders comprise of less than 1% of total murders in the US and that blacks commit over half the murders in the country despite being about 13% of the population. Still, the murder of several people at once will garner much more attention and since most mass murderers are supposedly white the leftist media will not waste an opportunity to push their belief that evil white males are the greatest threat to civilization.
I wanted to see if this claim was actually true, so I examined every mass murder that has occurred in the US since 2006, courtesy of USA Today. After going through the nearly 300 instances of mass murder, I was hardly surprised to find that the claim that whites were most likely to commit mass murder was completely false.
(Note: A mass murder is an incident in which at least 4 people are murdered over a short period time)
Here is the data:
There have been in 285 mass murders in America since 2006 (as of 09/02/15), 22 of which are unsolved
There are a total of 328 different attackers in these mass murders.
The racial breakdown of the attackers is as follows:
128 (39.0%) are white
126 (38.4%) are black
40 (12.2%) are hispanic
18 (5.5%) are asian
7 (2.1%) are native american
6 (1.8%) are middle eastern
3 (0.9%) are biracial
So this proves the liberals right doesn’t it? White people are the largest percentage of mass murderers! Maybe, but lets look at the demographics of America as a whole, courtesy of the 2010 Census:
62.6% white
12.5% black
16.3% hispanic
4.8% asian
0.9% native american
1.1% middle eastern
1.9% biracial
So it appears that whites are actually significantly underrepresented among mass murderers and blacks are significantly overrepresented!
Lets illustrate this in a couple of charts

(Click to enlarge)
So the left’s vicious anti-white crusade has been proven wrong again. It should also be noted that most of the unsolved cases occurred in urban ghettos so the percentage of mass murderers that are black is probably even higher.
Another interesting aspect of data is the methods of which mass murder is committed. They are as follows:
201 shootings (70.5%)
21 arsons (7.4%)
21 stabbings (7.4%)
7 beatings (2.5%)
4 stranglings (1.4%)
1 drowning (0.35%)
1 vehicular (0.35%)
29 multiple methods (10.2%)
So about 30% of mass murders are not committed solely by guns. It’s almost like evil people will always find away to commit evil acts.

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