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In a declaration to attendees of a terrorist conference in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad said Sunday that “the Zionists are a gang of racists who want to control the world,” and he called on all Arabs and Muslims to “unite to defeat our common enemy. Iranian media said the conference was attended by, among others, the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, and Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Shallah.

“The Zionists are devils who oppose unity and justice,” Ahamdinejad said. “They are found wherever there is corruption. The nations of the region must prepare to end the life of the Zionist entity for once and for all. The Iranian people will be with you,” he said.

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Riots erupt on Jerusalem Temple Mount - Israel News, Ynetnews


Same old, Same old. When will we get wise and put these violent people in Gaza? Let them throw stones all they want there.

Hebron tension spreads to Jerusalem: Youths barricaded in al-Aqsa Mosque since Saturday evening throw stones at passerby, prompting police forces to enter compound. Stones hurled at police in Old City as well; Four police officers and 18 protestors injured; seven suspects arrested

Morning of clashes in Jerusalem's Old City: Police forces entered the al-Aqsa Mosque plaza at the Temple Mount on Sunday morning after dozens of Arab youths who barricaded themselves in the mosque on Saturday night began hurling stones at passersby entering the Temple Mount compound.

Two policemen and two Border Guard officers were lightly injured by stones hurled in the Old City's alleys. They received medical treatment on site and resumed their activity. At least 18 protestors were injured and seven were arrested.

Presidential Criticism

Peres concerned by heritage sites decision / Attila Somfalvi

Following anger in territories and US criticism, Ynet learns president has also expressed his discontent over controversial decision, saying it should have been taken in stages. Meanwhile, members of Jordan's professional association hold protests, call for annulment of peace treaty
Full story

Sources in the mosque reported that at least eight worshippers were hurt by tear gas. According to the Palestinians, hundreds of policemen encircled the mosque, demanding that the youths evacuate themselves.

The police reported that some 30 Arab youths had barricaded themselves inside the mosques and that efforts made by the Waqf (the council managing Muslim sites) to remove them had failed. Police entered the mount's plaza following the stone throwing and closed its gates, and the youths fled into the mosque.

The police then opened the mount's gates to worshippers, but restricted entrance to the site to male worshippers with Israeli identity cards over the age of 50 and to female worshippers of all ages.

The mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority condemned the police forces' entry to the mosque compound, which he said was aimed at allowing extremists to enter the area. He warned against the serious implications of the police's entry.

Waqf sources said that Jewish worshippers had entered the compound and were protected by the police. A Jerusalem Police official strongly denied the claim, saying that "this is a lie. Some 1,000 visitors have entered the Temple Mount compound since the morning hours, both Jews and non-Jews."

oh no not Jews... we can't have that! JudenRein right? It is only the Zionists they hate right? not Jews? then don't they want Jews if they only hate zionists?

Visits to the site continue as usual, although stones are occasionally being thrown from the mosques towards the police forces stationed at the entrances.

Clashes in Old City streets

Stones were occasionally thrown at police officers in the alleys of the Old City, including near the Antonia Fortress, which is one of the entrances to the Temple Mount. There were no reports of injuries. Seven suspects were detained for questioning.

Some 100 girls who attempted to launch a protest march in the Sultan Suleiman area in east Jerusalem were stopped by the police.

It is estimated that Sunday's events at the Temple Mount come following the tension that arose over Israel's decision to include the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem to its list of national heritage sites.

Members of the Waqf and various Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Movement, urged Muslims over the weekend to flock to the Temple Mount, claiming that "radical Jewish organizations have called on their followers to arrive at the mount today and on Tuesday in an attempt to lay the cornerstone for the temple."

so then take a photo of it... if that is true. Why claim something without any evidence? This is what the Waqf has been doing for centuries. It is why Israel was necessary to begin with.

The Islamic organizations also called on Muslims to be on high alert around March 16, when they said extreme Jewish organizations were planning to mark the global day for the temple's reconstruction.

whatever... if they get violent... put them in Gaza. Really is that simple folks

DoubleTapper: French President Outraged Over Dubai

it is a calculated move. Much like Sarah Palin's endorsement on Rand Paul. Sarkozy probably doesn't really feel this.. I wonder if that photo really correlates to the words he used. frankly there are so many examples of European Secret Service abusing passports that the this whole bruhaha is ridiculous. a terrorist was killed and also there is much infighting among Hamas and their financial backing. there is no proof of anything... the whole thing is pure Judenhass. just be glad that there is a Jewish state... because this hypocrisy is why it is a necessity.

"Of all of the reactions regarding the al-Mabhouh elimination, the most infuriating thing is concealed in the response of Nicolas Sarkozy, who defined the terrorist's elimination as murder."

"Perhaps this is where we need to remind Sarkozy of a little history: Throughout the war in Algeria, the French secret service SDECE (today DGSE) was actively employed. One of the organization's targets was the weapons suppliers of the FLN, which fought for Algerian independence. One day, in 1956, the French secret service succeeded in sinking ships carrying thousands of weapons.

Everyone knew that this was the work of France…

Nobody asked the organization for explanations regarding the death dozens of terrorists fighting for Algerian liberation in the operation. Nor did they ask France.

Okay, perhaps that is because, we must say in their defense, they did not use Israeli passports."

convictions of altruism

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I would not of survived my life if I had not been a liberal. If anything the animalistic element that attempts to survive and does not articulate it's goals or desires is likely to be liberal. Conservatism or self interest only comes out in educated forums that protect us from the pitch fork mob... that is unless you speak of other forums that merely focus on ritual and tradition which in essence runs contrary to self interest again.

When Kanazawa actually correlates measures of intelligence with views of particular issues, he finds that, controlling for various other variables, more intelligent General Social Survey (GSS) respondents are less likely to support government-mandated efforts to ” reduce the differences in income between people with high incomes and those with low incomes.” This is hardly consistent with claims that the more intelligent are more politically liberal in the conventional sense of the term.

I suspect that much of the public interest in Kanazawa’s study is driven by a perception that political views endorsed by more intelligent people are more likely to be true. This, however, is a dubious inference. Even intelligent people have incentives to be rationally ignorant about politics and to do a poor job of evaluating the information they do know. I do think that, other things equal, a political view is more likely to be correct if it is more likely to be endorsed by people with greater knowledge of the issue (controlling for other factors that may affect their answers). While knowledge and intelligence are likely to be correlated, they are not the same thing. Ultimately, the fact that a political ideology is more likely to be endorsed by more intelligent people is only a weak indicator of its validity.

III. Are Ideologies Endorsed by More Intelligent People More Likely to Be Correct?

I suspect that much of the public interest in Kanazawa’s study is driven by a perception that political views endorsed by more intelligent people are more likely to be true. This, however, is a dubious inference. Even intelligent people have incentives to be rationally ignorant about politics and to do a poor job of evaluating the information they do know. I do think that, other things equal, a political view is more likely to be correct if it is more likely to be endorsed by people with greater knowledge of the issue (controlling for other factors that may affect their answers). While knowledge and intelligence are likely to be correlated, they are not the same thing. Ultimately, the fact that a political ideology is more likely to be endorsed by more intelligent people is only a weak indicator of its validity.

Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes - Telegraph

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Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism? But this isn't in Israel

Sweden's reputation as a tolerant, liberal nation is being threatened by a steep rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the city of Malmo.
Judith Popinski: Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes
Judith Popinski: Judith Popinski pictured next to the White Bus at the Red Cross museum in Malmo, Sweden Photo: SCANPIX
When she first arrived in Sweden after her rescue from a Nazi concentration camp, Judith Popinski was treated with great kindness.
She raised a family in the city of Malmo, and for the next six decades lived happily in her adopted homeland - until last year.
"I never thought I would see this hatred again in my lifetime, not in Sweden anyway," Mrs Popinski told The Sunday Telegraph.
"This new hatred comes from Muslim immigrants. The Jewish people are afraid now."
Malmo's Jews, however, do not just point the finger at bigoted Muslims and their fellow racists in the country's Neo-Nazi fringe. They also accuse Ilmar Reepalu, the Left-wing mayor who has been in power for 15 years, of failing to protect them.
Mr Reepalu, who is blamed for lax policing, is at the centre of a growing controversy for saying that what the Jews perceive as naked anti-Semitism is in fact just a sad, but understandable consequence of Israeli policy in the Middle East.
While his views are far from unusual on the European liberal-left, which is often accused of a pro-Palestinian bias, his Jewish critics say they encourage young Muslim hotheads to abuse and harass them.
The future looks so bleak that by one estimate, around 30 Jewish families have already left for Stockholm, England or Israel, and more are preparing to go.
With its young people planning new lives elsewhere, the remaining Jewish households, many of whom are made up of Holocaust survivors and their descendants, fear they will soon be gone altogether. Mrs Popinski, an 86-year-old widow, said she has even encountered hostility when invited to talk about the Holocaust in schools.
"Muslim schoolchildren often ignore me now when I talk about my experiences in the camps," she said. "It is because of what their parents tell them about Jews. The hatreds of the Middle East have come to Malmo. Schools in Muslim areas of the city simply won't invite Holocaust survivors to speak any more."
Hate crimes, mainly directed against Jews, doubled last year with Malmo's police recording 79 incidents and admitting that far more probably went unreported. As of yet, no direct attacks on people have been recorded but many Jews believe it is only a matter of time in the current climate.
The city's synagogue has guards and rocket-proof glass in the windows, while the Jewish kindergarten can only be reached through thick steel security doors.
It is a far cry from the city Mrs Popinski arrived in 65 years ago, half-dead from starvation and typhus.
At Auschwitz she had been separated from her Polish family, all of whom were murdered. She escaped the gas chambers after being sent as a slave labourer. Then she was moved to a womens' concentration camp, Ravensbrück, from where she was then evacuated in a release deal negotiated between the Swedish Red Cross and senior Nazis, who were by then trying to save their own lives.
After the war, just as liberal Sweden took in Jews who survived the Holocaust as a humanitarian act, it also took in new waves of refugees from tyranny and conflicts in the Middle East. Muslims are now estimated to make up about a fifth of Malmo's population of nearly 300,000.
"This new hatred from a group 40,000-strong is focused on a small group of Jews," Mrs Popinski said, speaking in a sitting room filled with paintings and Persian carpets.
"Some Swedish politicians are letting them do it, including the mayor. Of course the Muslims have more votes than the Jews."
The worst incident was last year during Israel's brief war in Gaza, when a small demonstration in favour of Israel was attacked by a screaming mob of Arabs and Swedish leftists, who threw bottles and firecrackers as the police looked on.
"I haven't seen hatred like that for decades," Mrs Popinski said. "It reminded me of what I saw in my youth. Jews feel vulnerable here now."
The problem is becoming an embarrassment for the Social Democrats, the mayor's party.

taking a dump with http://xrl.us/CodePink

Apple admits using child labour - Telegraph

Apple admits using child labour to build iPods
Apple has been repeatedly criticised for using factories that abuse workers and where conditions are poor. Photo: EPA

At least eleven 15-year-old children were discovered to be working last year in three factories which supply Apple.

The company did not name the offending factories, or say where they were based, but the majority of its goods are assembled in China.

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Another Western Liberal Ends Up Dead From Islamic Culture: British Abu Dhabi Teacher killed herself after ex-boyfriend posted naked photos on Facebook

A warning to infidel women thinking of working in Islamic countries.
Emma Jones pictured on the day of her graduation from Greenwich University.
Emma Jones pictured on the day of her graduation from Greenwich University. Photo: Wales News Service

Emma Jones, 24, drank poisonous cleaning fluid after confiding in friends that she feared she could be jailed in the Muslim country over the explicit images.

The hearing was told one of Miss Jones’s colleagues had seen the photographs after they were uploaded onto the social networking site allegedly by her former lover Jamie Brayley.


Emma Jones, 24, drank poisonous cleaning fluid after confiding in friends that she feared she could be jailed in the Muslim country over the explicit images.

The hearing was told one of Miss Jones’s colleagues had seen the photographs after they were uploaded onto the social networking site allegedly by her former lover Jamie Brayley.

The colleague accused Miss Jones, who was working in an international school in Abu Dhabi, of being a prostitute and she feared he would report her to authorities, the inquest heard.

He put them on her Facebook and she said she was accused of prostitution by a man working at the school.”

Pathologist Dr Thomas Hockey concluded that Miss Jones, of Caerphilly, south Wales, died after drinking a corrosive substance.

Mr Atherton said he could not be sure Miss Jones, a sociology graduate, meant to kill herself and recorded an open verdict.

He said she may have accidentally drunk cleaning fluid from an unlabelled container, mistakenly believing it was water.

He said: “For whatever reason Emma expressed concern she was about to be arrested and put in prison.

“She agreed the best course of action was to leave Abu Dhabi and return to Britain. Her clothes were out and her passport was in her pocket.

Fight! : Bagels Vs. Pizza


Hobbits really went on a long journey according to anthropological evidence?

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...According to the statistical analysis of fossils, Homo floresiensis is not a diseased sub-population of healthy humans:

Researchers from Stony Brook University Medical Center in New York have confirmed that Homo floresiensis is a genuine ancient human species and not a descendant of healthy humans dwarfed by disease. Using statistical analysis on skeletal remains of a well-preserved female specimen, researchers determined the "hobbit" to be a distinct species and not a genetically flawed version of modern humans. Details of the study appear in the December issue of Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society, published by Wiley-Blackwell.

In 2003 Australian and Indonesian scientists discovered small-bodied, small-brained, hominin (human-like) fossils on the remote island of Flores in the Indonesian archipelago. This discovery of a new human species called Homo floresiensis has spawned much debate with some researchers claiming that the small creatures are really modern humans whose tiny head and brain are the result of a medical condition called microcephaly.

Researchers William Jungers, Ph.D., and Karen Baab, Ph.D. studied the skeletal remains of a female (LB1), nicknamed "Little Lady of Flores" or "Flo" to confirm the evolutionary path of the hobbit species. The specimen was remarkably complete and included skull, jaw, arms, legs, hands, and feet that provided researchers with integrated information from an individual fossil.

The cranial capacity of LB1 was just over 400 cm, making it more similar to the brains of a chimpanzee or bipedal "ape-men" of East and South Africa. The skull and jawbone features are much more primitive looking than any normal modern human. Statistical analysis of skull shapes show modern humans cluster together in one group, microcephalic humans in another and the hobbit along with ancient hominins in a third.

Due to the relative completeness of fossil remains for LB1, the scientists were able to reconstruct a reliable body design that was unlike any modern human. The thigh bone and shin bone of LB1 are much shorter than modern humans including Central African pygmies, South African KhoeSan (formerly known as 'bushmen") and "negrito" pygmies from the Andaman Islands and the Philippines. Some researchers speculate this could represent an evolutionary reversal correlated with "island dwarfing." "It is difficult to believe an evolutionary change would lead to less economical movement," said Dr. Jungers. "It makes little sense that this species re-evolved shorter thighs and legs because long hind limbs improve bipedal walking. We suspect that these are primitive retentions instead."

Further analysis of the remains using a regression equation developed by Dr. Jungers indicates that LB1 was approximately 106 cm tall (3 feet, 6 inches)—far smaller than the modern pygmies whose adults grow to less than 150 cm (4 feet, 11 inches). A scatterplot depicts LB1 far outside the range of Southeast Asian and African pygmies in both absolute height and body mass indices. "Attempts to dismiss the hobbits as pathological people have failed repeatedly because the medical diagnoses of dwarfing syndromes and microcephaly bear no resemblance to the unique anatomy of Homo floresiensis," noted Dr. Baab.


A painting of what researchers believe Homo floresiensis may have looked like. Illustration: Peter Schouten

It remains one of the greatest human fossil discoveries of all time. The bones of a race of tiny primitive people, who used stone tools to hunt pony-sized elephants and battle huge Komodo dragons, were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2004.

How a hobbit is rewriting the history of the human race:

The discovery of the bones of tiny primitive people on an Indonesian island six years ago stunned scientists. Now, further research suggests that the little apemen, not Homo erectus, were the first to leave Africa and colonise other parts of the world....

It remains one of the greatest human fossil discoveries of all time. The bones of a race of tiny primitive people, who used stone tools to hunt pony-sized elephants and battle huge Komodo dragons, were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2004....

The end result caused consternation. These remains came from a species that turned out to be only three feet tall and had the brain the size of an orange. Yet it used quite sophisticated stone tools. And that was a real puzzle. How on earth could such individuals have made complex implements and survived for aeons on this remote part of the Malay archipelago?....

That is odd enough. However, new evidence suggests the little folk of Flores may be even stranger in origin. According to a growing number of scientists, Homo floresiensis is probably a direct descendant of some of the first apemen to evolve on the African savannah three million years ago. These primitive hominids somehow travelled half a world from their probable birthplace in the Rift Valley to make their homes among the orangutans, giant turtles and rare birds of Indonesia before eventually reaching Flores.

Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim urged Arab countries to thoroughly check any Jewish person who carries a non-Israeli passport

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via facebook.com hmmm.....

wonder if Randi Zuckerberg intends on going back soon?
Juden Rats time to flee!

According to Emarat Al Youm, a newspaper published in the United Arab Emirates, Tamim urged Arab countries to thoroughly check any Jewish person who carries a non-Israeli passport in order to "prevent Mossad's infiltrations".

meanwhile Avinunu blames Jew hunting on Israel. Is this Anti-Semitism yet?

After announcing that he was in possession of the DNA of at least one of the assassins of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim called on Mossad Chief Meir Dagan to "own up to his crime or unequivocally deny his organization's involvement (in the assassination)".
The Dubai police chief also called on European countries to take more stringent measures in order to make certain "Mossad does not make use" of the passports they issue, Emarat Al Youm reported Saturday.
On Friday Tamim told Al-Arabiya satellite TV that he plans to appoint an international investigation team to pursue the 26 people suspected of killing al-Mabhouh, and estimated that Interpol would put 15 of the new suspects on its most wanted list as early as next week. via ynetnews.com

Thomas Friedman Trashes Sen. Inhofe as Sellout, Says 'I'm a Dick Cheney Guy' | NewsBusters.org


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was chewing the scenery in a Wednesday discussion of global warming on CNN’s Amanpour show. He trashed Sen. James Inhofe for demanding an investigation into U.N. climate science, suggesting Inhofe needs to be investigated: "I'd love to see all the e-mails between his office and various coal and oil companies over the last 20 years....we'll let citizens and voters decide where the real science is."

Friedman also invoked Dick Cheney, oddly comparing Iraqi WMD to climate change: "I mean, I'm a Dick Cheney guy on this. I'm with Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney said, if there's a 1 percent chance that Iraq has a nuclear weapon, we need to take that on. Well, if there's a 1 percent chance on climate change, just like Cheney said -- I'm with Cheney -- we need to prepare for it."

Iran Forces Down Airliner and Abducts Passenger, Where's the Condemnation?

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On February 23, a Kyrgyzstan Airways flight from Dubai bound for Bishkek was ordered by the Iranian government to land in Iran and a passenger, Abdol Malik Rigi, was taken off in handcuffs. Have you seen it in the newspapers? Is there an emergency session of the UN General Assembly? Are the British or the French or the Australians complaining?
No, they're too busy beating Israel over the head about the dispatch of a man for whom a violent end should not have been a surprise. But emerging information about the death of Mohammad al Mabouh in Dubai makes the theory that the Mossad was behind al Mabouh's death less credible every day, and should be making people wonder what's going on.
First, the emerging information: According to Dubai authorities, more than 20 people were involved in the killing; all of them primped in front of the ubiquitous security cameras; Mabouh appears to have been tortured and left; two of the conspirators left Dubai for Iran (hardly the destination of choice for Israeli agents); and British passports were matched with American credit cards-all very sloppy and un-Mossad-like. Immediately afterward, Jordan extradited two Fatah-related Palestinians to Dubai, where they seem to have disappeared.
But never mind. The Australians summoned the Israeli ambassador to explain why three Australian passports were used. The British are considering suspending intelligence cooperation with Israel (which one do you think will suffer?), and Germany, France and Ireland are demanding answers. And journalists-including Israeli journalists-are feeding the frenzy, denouncing Mossad and insisting without evidence that Israel is behaving as a rogue nation.
In the meantime, a real rogue nation hijacks an airliner and removes a passenger.
Abdul Malik Rigi is the leader of Jundullah, a Sunni group that claims to provide protection to Iran's Baluch minority; Iran calls it a terrorist organization and accuses Rigi of masterminding a series of bombings, including one that killed 42 people, including six Revolutionary Guard commanders. The Iranians also claim Rigi is an agent of the CIA, to which Rigi attested in a videotaped "confession" shortly after his arrest. The BBC aired the tape, claiming not to know whether the "confession" was "coerced." You decide:
Rigi claimed to have been contacted shortly after the 2008 election. "The Americans said... that we don't have a problem with al Qaeda or the Taliban, but the problem is Iran and we don't have a military program against Iran." He further claimed that he was promised U.S. support to launch attacks on Iran in return for the release of Jundullah prisoners. "They [Americans] promised to help us and they said that they would co-operate with us, free our prisoners and would give us [Jundullah] military equipment, bombs, machine guns, and they would give us a base."
Somebody was slick here, and it wasn't the Mossad. Western intelligence agencies-the heart of the battle against violent Islamic radicalism-are being slimed with the active assistance of Western governments and journalists, and Iran forces down an airliner and abducts a passenger off the plane without a whisper of criticism.

Why Does the American Left Fear the Rise of India?


This is the Left? Obama and Hilary Clinton are giving the shaft to the most populous third world countries merely because the majority aren't Muslim. These people are our friends. They behave and we award the Jihad instead of the real needy poor. India has shown us that they deserve to advance into an industrial revolution and yet Clinton and Obama would prefer to mend ties to totalitarian regimes that show nothing but hostility. how is this prudent? Just goes to show that Obama is not so much a progressive that is concerned with the global poor as he is interested in furthering the interests of the Muslim world. How does shafting a friend like India work as prudent foreign policy. It is merely bias.
The American relationship with the republic of India is heading in the wrong direction. Given recent history, where strong and positive U.S.-Indo relations were in full bloom, this is especially disconcerting. President George W. Bush’s administration, long maligned as arrogantly unilateralist, solidified a close bilateral partnership — friendship, even — with the rising South Asian power. Bush saw India as a natural ally: the world’s largest multiethnic democracy, looking at its place in the world at the turn of this century through much the same prism our own ancestors looked through in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As Harvard historian Sugata Bose observed, the strengthening of ties between India and the United States “may turn out to be the most significant foreign policy achievement of the Bush administration.”
Under President Barack Obama, however, those ties are in moderate though steady and not insignificant decline. Since Obama’s inauguration, our relationship with India has begun to erode. To its credit, the Obama administration authorized a $2.1 billion arms sale with New Delhi last year. But there is more — there should be more — to the American-Indian friendship than signing off on a Boeing contract with the Indian defense ministry.
For instance, trends in trade are worrisome. Whereas in 2008 the United States exported $17.6 billion worth of goods to India, by 2009 that figure had dropped by more than $1 billion. Some of this is due to the recession, but consider: from 2001 through 2008, imports from India to the United States had gone up by $2 or $3 billion annually, culminating in $24 and $25.7 billion worth of goods imported in 2007 and 2008. That figure plummeted by $4.6 billion in 2009. During Bush’s tenure, protectionist economic policies were done away with. Outsourcing, that dirty word, was embraced. The United States became India’s largest investment partner; foreign direct investment in petroleum exploration, infrastructure, mining, telecommunications, and other good things accounted for much of all investment into India.
The free trade policies agreed upon by President Bush and Prime Minister Singh liberated markets and destroyed barriers in agriculture, textiles, iron, steel, coffee, tea, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and more — and as a consequence, helped develop the rise of India’s first genuine middle class in history. According to the National Council for Applied Economic Research, there are approximately 220 million “aspiring” Indians — a “consumer class” — living in households earning between $2,000 and $4,400 per year, who can now afford to buy niceties and luxuries. Some estimates have India’s middle class even larger. This was not the case fifteen or even ten years ago.
And when a caveat in this relationship deemed less beneficial to the United States arose, President Bush still kept things in long-term perspective so as not to denigrate our newfound camaraderie with India. When American food prices skyrocketed in 2008, Bush attributed it to India’s progress and implored Americans to place developments into a broader context: “Their middle class is larger than our entire population,” Bush said. “And when you start getting wealth, you start demanding better nutrition and better food. And so demand is high and that causes the price to go up.”
Today, President Obama sounds markedly different about India. He has employed populist oratory, criticizing “a tax code that says you should pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, India, than if you create one in Buffalo, New York.” Such language has increased anxieties in New Delhi. “We are already witnessing signs of protectionism in the world’s biggest economy,” the Indian external affairs minister was quoted as saying, proclaiming that “we will need to argue against this trend at the international [forums].” Just one month into Obama’s presidency, India was prepared to present its grievances with the new administration’s protectionist policies to the World Trade Organization.
The Obama-Reid-Pelosi trio eagerly canceled the highly successful H-1B visa program, which was designed to encourage U.S. companies to hire Indian IT services (as well as tens of thousands of Indian engineers at a time of talent shortages). Congress barred U.S. corporations with bailout dollars from hiring foreign workers. This sparked largely overlooked outrage across India’s polity. “This is just irrational protectionism. … It makes no economic sense at all,” said the deputy chairman of India’s Planning Commission. Opposition leaders called for boycotts of U.S. companies. “If these policies hurt Indians abroad,” said heavyweight politician Praveen Togadia, “then we have to take steps to hurt American companies in India.” In just a few short weeks, during the Bush-to-Obama transition, U.S.-Indo relations had gone from having never been better to tense and laced with rhetorical rancor.
For those of us who view India as an invaluable future ally, these are disturbing developments. Not unsurprisingly, as trade between the two countries deteriorates, so too do other arenas. Our current disregard of India is risking nothing short of causing “great damage … to the foundations underlying the geostrategic partnership” itself, in the words of National Interest columnist J. Peter Pham. When President Obama seemed to blame India over the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan, India’s national security advisor promptly said Obama was “barking up the wrong tree.”
Additionally, Secretary of State Clinton skipped a visit to New Delhi during her maiden voyage to South Asia, stoking concerns that the new administration was putting India on the back burner (opting instead to prioritize relations with an ascendant China). As former U.S. ambassador to India Robert D. Blackwill phrased it, “China today appears … to be on a substantially higher plane in U.S. diplomacy than India, which seems to have been downgraded in the administration’s calculations.” Validating this view, India was not mentioned even once in the Obama administration’s official foreign policy agenda. The world’s largest democracy, more than one billion people — ignored.
This antagonism towards New Delhi is not merely an Obama phenomenon; the American left itself has expressed its unease with a powerful India for quite some time. It was in 1998, after all, when President Bill Clinton imposed sanctions on India for conducting underground nuclear tests — treating an ally and proud democracy as if it were a rogue enemy and brutal tyranny. President Bush, on the other hand, lifted those sanctions in 2001 and signed a historic civilian nuclear agreement with India in 2006, whereby the U.S. would share nuclear reactors and fuel with Prime Minister Singh’s government.
Why is there such a disparity of views on India between conservatives and liberals in these states united? Not all members of the left, of course, hold a hostile opinion of India (Christopher Hitchens comes to mind). But by and large, the American left seems to consider India the “biggest pain in Asia,” in the words of Barbara Crossette, a writer at Foreign Policy. Crossette criticizes India for not adhering to international accords which infringe upon a democracy’s sovereign right to control its nuclear destiny, as well as climate change treaties which would destroy India’s growth — some of the very reasons American conservatives respect India. The left is wary of India for the same reasons it remains wary of Israel: both democracies are fiercely nationalistic and unapologetically defend themselves against the “downtrodden” “other,” i.e., Islamic lunatics.
The American left simply prefers to play hardball with allies than with adversaries. Recall President Carter’s handling of Iran: the allied shah was condemned as an autocrat; the enemy Khomeini, a “holy man.” For Carter, our anticommunist allies were violators of human rights first, second, and third; the Soviets, murderers of tens of millions, were benign enough for Carter to proclaim Americans had an “inordinate fear of communism.”
Contemporaneously, the left’s is a world where dictatorial Venezuela is to be apologized for, democratic Colombia economically punished; where the fascists and racists and bus-bombers in Palestine are “misunderstood” and the democrats in Israel are Nazi brownshirts incarnate. Anti-American terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Lebanon are euphemized as “guerrillas,” whereas pro-American militiamen are castigated as “warlords” — and on and on it goes.
Embroiling the Indians in such amoral nonsense would threaten not only our present rapport with India, but also what could potentially become the most significant American alliance with another country this century — an alliance rooted in a commonality of values, genuine companionship and affection for one another, and solidarity against the totalitarian evils of the world. The United States should welcome India’s rise. We’re largely the reason it’s occurring.

N.M. Guariglia is a foreign policy analyst and columnist who writes on Islam and Middle Eastern geopolitics. He is a contributing editor for Family Security Matters and blogs at WorldThreats.com. He can be reached at nickguar@gmail.com


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What is baffling is the arrogance this President has to demand that Israel cannot claim the burial site of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Israel’s founders. I wonder if Obama, whose origins of birth have been questioned, would consider abandoning the burial sites of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the drafters of the Constitution or the heroes cemetery at Arlington?

Any real American, if asked: Should the U.S. surrender the burial sites of her great leaders or return Mexico would be laughed out or run out of town? So, why does this hodge-podge of ethnicity, different religions, different loyalties tell Israel that the pagan Muslims, with their false claims about anything.

Statement by Robert L. Johnson: Majority Ownership Sale of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats -- CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ --


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert L. Johnson, the majority owner of Bobcats Sports and Entertainment today announced that he has signed a definitive agreement to sell majority interest of Bobcats Sports and Entertainment to Michael Jordan and MJ Basketball Holdings, LLC. The deal is subject to NBA approval. Further details of the sale will be provided by the NBA.

CONTACT: Traci Otey Blunt, Corporate Communications

The RLJ Companies


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The Politics of Fuck You

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you can't be an isolationist if you want free trade with totalitarian states. Paul is merely orchestrated prejudice. he isn't a hard ass. he's bias. to have free trade with totalitarian states you need a military to back up any deals. this is how are problems with Iran and China began. Iran defaulted on debt in the 70s if you forgot and the whole jihad thing is to not pay us back. China is abusing our trade with us by devaluing their currency. someone either (a) has to tell them that the free trade is over or (b) strong arm them.  related: link

Mitchell and Obama play good cop, bad cop. Do not fall for it.

the idea that Obama is too Pro Israel has me snickering.
An Arab political source said Friday that special U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell has requested to resign due to his frustration with the way the Obama administration has been handling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a Nazareth-based daily.

Hadith a-Nass reported that Mitchell's request stemmed partly from to his own failure to advance the resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and also from his perception that certain elements within the State Department hold biased favor toward Israel.

The White House turned down Mitchell's request, according to Hadith a-Nass.

....hokey pokey ...doing the Kansas City Shuffle. Obama's slick moves become transparent after a while. He isn't fooling anyone. If anything Mitchell could be a little to the right of Barrack. they aren't fooling anyone. They are both fiends and neither one of them are going to resign. let them both sulk in a corner. do not negotiate with terrorists

Facebook patents social networking update feeds

The internet homepage of the website facebook


"The launch of News Feed in 2006 was a pivotal moment in Facebook's history and changed the way millions of people consumed and discovered information on the site," Facebook said Friday in an email response to an AFP inquiry.

wtf? a patent on newsfeeds? they didn't even invent it.

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Who is Roosevelt Terry?: Why the Silence on Yesterday’s Attempted NY Train Station Bombing?

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In 1993, one of the convicted Al-Qaeda members who participated in the plot to bomb the World Trade Center was Clement Rodney Hampton-El a/k/a Abdul Rashid Abdullah, a Black convert to Islam confined to a wheelchair. Before that, he and Al-Qaeda murderer of Rabbi Meir Kahane, El-Sayyid Nosair, accompanied Bin Laden mentor, Sheikh Abdulllah Azzam, on lectures around the U.S.


Clement Rodney Hampton-El,

Harlem Train Station–Site of Thursday’s Attempted Bombing

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Simply Jews: Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination - the plot thickens

But still, the ways in which Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was dispatched to his heavenly rewards are baffling, to say the least. Just from these two sources:

It began with a leak that on Mabhouh's body there were signs of brute force that were evident that he was tortured before he was killed. There was even a report that his assassins tied him up with wire. In fact it turned out that for 10 days the Dubai police thought he had died of natural causes, so clearly had he not been tortured.
But then we get a lot of contradicting facts:
Initial medical reports stated that the cause of death was due to an increase in blood pressure on the brain.
I am not sure how it's done, but it's probably some devilish chemistry at work.
A local autopsy detected burns from a stun gun on his chest, under his ear and in his groin...
So it's taser or another similar electric gizmo. This version is strengthened by the following quote:
Mahmoud's brother told AFP by telephone, that an investigation showed Mahmoud was killed by an electrical appliance held to his head.
But, on the other hand:
...local doctors diagnosed a heart attack, induced by a drug injected by the hit squad.
Curiosier and curiosier. And it doesn't let up as we continue:
On January 31, Emirati Law reported that the Dubai Police Chief said that forensic examination showed Mabhouh was suffocated with a pillow by a professional criminal group. He made no mention of electrocution nor blood.
The list includes another curious mention:
The Indian Siasat Daily reported that the Dubai Police Chief told Gulf News that a Hamas member had played a significant role in the killing.
But I think we shouldn't include the Hamas member in the list of the ways and means, unless he is to be considered a blunt instrument.

There is, however, another element of the mystery that I've intentionally left for the end, for real connoisseurs of murder thrillers: the locked room mystery :

On Wednesday the 20th January 2010 at 1.30 pm, Al Bustan Hotel's administration opened the door to the victim's hotel room, which was locked from the inside with the latch and chain in place...

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Daled Amos: Dubai: The Blockbuster Of Terrorist Videos

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The U.S. 9/11 commission noted that for al-Qaida terrorists in 2001, "Dubai, a modern city with easy access to a major airport, travel agencies, hotels and Western commercial establishments, was an ideal transit point." More than half the September 11 hijackers passed through Dubai en route to attack the U.S., two of those hijackers came from the U.A.E., and the 9/11 Commission reported that roughly half the $250,000 the hijackers spent preparing for the attacks was wired to them via Dubai banks. Following the 2003 overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, documentation emerged--in U.S. federal courts,, as well as in both Congressional and United Nations investigations-- suggesting that Saddam's regime had used Dubai as a hub for sanctions-busting front companies, kickback collection and, according to the U.S. Treasury, efforts to buy surface-to-air missiles.
And that's just for starters:
So what else lies in the surveillance archives of the Dubai security services? If Dubai's authorities can piece together within 24 hours the trail of the alleged killers of one top terrorist, might we reasonably suppose they could also exhume quite a collection of clips providing more context? Could they perhaps give the global public a much better window on the deadly nature of the business pursued in airports, malls and hotel rooms by such killers as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or by Iran's pet terrorist organizations, Hezbollah and al-Mabhouh's outfit--Hamas?
Hey, Dubai! While you're at it--can you tell us more about the terrorist Mabhouh himself?

U.S. Slams Israel for Declaring What is Rightfully Theirs

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Obama administration criticized Israel Wednesday for designating two Jewish holy sites supposedly on Palestinian territory as Israel national heritage sites but the dumb bastards in the Obama administration seem to forget that Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs are indigenous to the Jewish people and were there thousands of years before the fabricated “Palestinians” fraudulently claimed the territory to be theirs.

“Hebron” is Jewish. It’s a Biblical town. It is Israel’s most ancient city, resting place of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah, site of the anointment of King David and the tombs of Jesse, his father, and Ruth, and until 1929, when Arabs slaughtered 67 innocent Jews while praying in their synagogue, had a significant Jewish population.

Those 67 Jews were slaughtered for no other reason other than that they were Jews and mind you, that was 38 years before the “occupation”.

For Muslims and their apologists in the White House, history starts anew each day especially when it favors the fabricated “poorpalestinianpeepull”.

Sad, isn’t it, that the Arabs, who control more land than any other ethnic group on the planet besides the Russians, are simply unwilling to share even the tiniest sliver of the Middle East with the Jews.

Equally sad, is the United States telling Israel, a sovereign and legitimate nation, what it can or cannot do within its own borders.

Zaytuna Institute: First muslim College in America

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This is just what America needs, another venue for indoctrinating and churning out jihadis for generations to come. America's first muslim college is set to open in California. I could imagine what courses will be available. Perhaps suicide bombing 101. We are insane and will not face up to the reality that islam is at war with us, that islam is a totalitarian political ideology more than it it is a personal faith. While our soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are inviting the jihadis inside our country. Why are we bothering to fight wars abroad if only to surrender our country to the enemy from within? This is the beginning of the end. We are headed towards the same situation as Europe. H/T Loganswarning

America’s first Muslim college

WASHINGTON – As interested students race to beat the fast approaching enrolment deadline, Muslims are turning their sights to the Zaytuna College in California to see if America’s first ever Muslim college will live up to the high expectations.

“We’ve been waiting for this time,” Imam Zaid Shakir, a scholar-in-residence and lecturer at Zaytuna Institute and a co-founded of the college, told IslamOnline.net in an exclusive interview.

“It’s been a long road to get here, Alhamdulillah, and to know that we’re in this final part to getting freshman class set is very exciting.”

Zaytuna College, a brainchild of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Shakir and Professor Hatem Bazian, will stop accepting applications for its first freshman class of 2010 on March 1.

With the application process coming to a close, a committee is readying to study the applications and admit between 20-25 students as incoming freshmen.

And although the college is seeking Muslim students, it is not exclusive to Muslims.

There will be no gender separation at the college and academic pursuits and freedom will be paramount.

Course subjects have been decided on, but educators are now writing syllabi and mapping out teaching methodology for the subjects.

Currently only two majors are being offered: Arabic language and Islamic law and theology.

As the class size increases and more educators are hired, other majors will be offered, Imam Shakir said.

Zaytuna College is in the rigorous process of seeking accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a process that will take a number of years and one that Imam Shakir hopes will be completed by the time the freshman class graduates.

He noted that they have been able to achieve the goal of raising nearly $4 million needed for its temporary location at Berkeley.

Now they face the challenge of raising upwards of $65 million for an endowment fund that will ensure a consistent monetary support and alleviate the need for constant fundraising.

Along with that comes a move in the near future to a permanent location in Northern California.

Where America meets Islam

Imam Shakir, along with other Zaytuna College advisors, criss-crossed the country to drum up support, raise funds and answer questions from perspective students and their parents.

He also held a series of weekly informational online seminars explaining the unique nature of the college, which aims to meld two types of learning institution: a college focusing on religious study and one where such study will be explored in the context of a liberal arts education.

“It’s the first time something like this is being attempted in this country,” said Bazian, a professor at the University of California-Berkeley and at St. Mary’s College of California.

“Years ago when we discussed the need for an accredited Muslim college in the US, we knew that we needed one where students learn about the Islamic faith but also how Islam works into the American fabric and into various liberal arts subjects—sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy.”

For example, says Imam Shakir, in a philosophy class students will study Descartes but also spend a lot of time on Al-Ghazali.

“We want to teach the fundamentals of Islam—Shariah, history, Arabic, Qur’an—but we want to bring it into the context of an American education, how these branches of Islam work in the context of other educational subjects.”

One of the goals of the college is to produce scholars of Islam who are a product of an American education system.

One of the main obstacles to the rise of Islam in the US has been that the majority of educators and mosque leaders are educated overseas.

“The wonderful scholars we have in the US get their Islamic foundation from universities in Egypt, Turkey, and other countries,” notes Bazian.

“But we have not been able to produce scholars who received their education here in the US and who can truly understand and address the questions and concerns of the Muslim-American population.”

Bazian asserts that Zaytuna College graduate could become imams at mosques and directors of Islamic community centers.

Imam Shakir explains that another important goal of the college is to provide a sound liberal arts education grounded by Islamic studies that can then be a jumping-off point to any advanced degrees in law, business, medicine and other subjects.

Omar A. Ansari says if he were 18 again, he would apply to Zaytuna College.

“I think a B.A. from Zaytuna would be a great foundation upon which to build further, even if one intends to do law, medicine, etc,” he told IOL.

“I am looking forward to the day when the college allows its classes to be audited, inshallah.”

Mona El-Bashir, a high school student in Virginia, she has been following the development of the Zaytuna College and is excited to see it opening in 2010.

“I am thinking about applying for 2011,” she told IOL.

“I will have to convince my parents that it is a worthy enough education for me to travel all the way to the West Coast.”

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