DoubleTapper: French President Outraged Over Dubai

it is a calculated move. Much like Sarah Palin's endorsement on Rand Paul. Sarkozy probably doesn't really feel this.. I wonder if that photo really correlates to the words he used. frankly there are so many examples of European Secret Service abusing passports that the this whole bruhaha is ridiculous. a terrorist was killed and also there is much infighting among Hamas and their financial backing. there is no proof of anything... the whole thing is pure Judenhass. just be glad that there is a Jewish state... because this hypocrisy is why it is a necessity.

"Of all of the reactions regarding the al-Mabhouh elimination, the most infuriating thing is concealed in the response of Nicolas Sarkozy, who defined the terrorist's elimination as murder."

"Perhaps this is where we need to remind Sarkozy of a little history: Throughout the war in Algeria, the French secret service SDECE (today DGSE) was actively employed. One of the organization's targets was the weapons suppliers of the FLN, which fought for Algerian independence. One day, in 1956, the French secret service succeeded in sinking ships carrying thousands of weapons.

Everyone knew that this was the work of France…

Nobody asked the organization for explanations regarding the death dozens of terrorists fighting for Algerian liberation in the operation. Nor did they ask France.

Okay, perhaps that is because, we must say in their defense, they did not use Israeli passports."

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