pro choice woman at gym said I made a comment about her boobs when I didn't give her the political answer her husband wanted

when people disagree with you... and they know they can't debate you. the usual action is to defame.

Islam says Jesus is WHITE?

I wonder if Louis Farrakhan realizes that Islam says that Jesus is a 'WHITE' dude?

@batchout @mcmullensmith and my freshman year

@Qru was my original twitter name. I let it go and added it to my Panopticon. David Cole took the hook. @batchout ...would you like to play a game? I have six bottles of Robitussin® for you. I have a feeling you have some answers to a puzzle. I've heard some things about Tate. @mcmullensmith @batchout @qru we all were young once those who are wondering. I went to Pratt Institute in 1992 with David Cole and Matt Smith

Islam and Labor

the first step to liberation for the Muslim people will come from a cultural change in attitude towards labor. this is not a socialist argument... this is not asking for totalitarian controls to enforce this. this must come from the people and their beliefs.

Sean McBride deleted these comments.

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because McBride keeps deleting my comments. I am keeping them here:

most of all your dialog skills are not up to snuff. when you don't understand something I'm saying you use a personal attack to simply say that a person is incoherent. if you were really interested in learning McBride you would elaborate and detail what you couldn't understand. you use a few maneuvers. you change the subject when a significant counter point is detailed. sometimes you use tautological accusation. you accuse, objectify, analyze and dissect your own projected values that reflect your character and you focus it on people you don't like, but you are merely reflecting your own traits. there is little dialog here. you do not embrace the information I present. when you do quote me for your peanut gallery that claims they all have me blocked you selectively quote and leave important details out. there is no point to be made with you because your conversation is to accuse. you rarely reflect anything. it is psychotic behavior.

@JIDF's initial question: "McBride - do you not know the meaning of "Apartheid"?" this is what you do consistently. then you turn around and say the other person isn't addressing your issue? lol @JIDF opened up by declaring that the words you apply make no sense, but you continued by ignoring that claim and pushing the label. that isn't fair play. you should be addressing the semantics of language, but instead you are afraid to look at the epistemology. you can not feel confident McBride if you are that afraid of the structure of words

McBride might be more convincing if he didn't delete people's comments that were presenting the epistomology of "Apartheid". one of the critical patterns in Palestinian circles is to articulate the idea that the Arabs were a victim of the Holocaust too despite the fact that they like the Poles, Romanians, Irish, Vichy French and many others were actually cooperating and even involved in working with "the final solution". I read Edward Said in college and this was his primary point. that the victims turn around and reflect their pains on others. it doesn't quite make sense because the Jews were victimized for milleniums and they unike their Muslim comparison were always interested in advancing in Western Society... but regardless I want to give the idea a mention to prove a point. when you bring up South African blacks and their opinions of Israel you forget to apply this same methodology. their accusations based on the rhetoric of Palestine does not fit the pattern for us to proclaim them an objective voice on victimization. If anything they might be more likely to reflect their own oppression on the Jews. That said the Apartheid metaphor doesn't work. Jews don't discriminate based on color... and if they do they do it no less or more then American society.

as for my other arguments you deleted it and that was wrong. lucky for me I have my friendfeed on backtype. so everyone can see the comments I leave on your profile. just thought you should know that. here is the comment you deleted:

" here are photographs of Jews in 1948 Judea that were thrown out of their homes when they had been there for millenniums. Are these the "occupiers" you speak of? the same "occupiers" of Germany just a few years before. the people kicking them out of Judea were aligned with those performing Christal nicht. you can't erase these photographs, they speak for themselves. were these Jews ethnically cleansed because of their zionism? doubtful. how can you justify asking Israel to share a Democracy with those that believe that they are told by g-d right now to kill Jews behind trees in their holy writing. not 3000 years ago... but all throughout the 20th century. how can you live with yourself McBride? most of all your dialog skills are not up to snuff. when you don't understand something I'm saying you use a personal attack to simply say that a person is incoherent. if you were really interested in learning McBride you would elaborate and detail what you couldn't understand. you use a few maneuvers. you change the subject when a significant counter point is detailed. sometimes you use tautological accusation. you accuse, objectify, analyze and dissect your own projected values that reflect your character and you focus it on people you don't like, but you are merely reflecting your own traits. there is little dialog here. you do not embrace the information I present. when you do quote me for your peanut gallery that claims they all have me blocked you selectively quote and leave important details out. there is no point to be made with you because your conversation is to accuse. you rarely reflect anything. it is psychotic behavior. as you often say... "do you deny it?" you say there is a current trend that allows you to say the end is near for a Jewish State... and yet those statistics have been ungoing for 60 years. in fact many of the statistics have gotten better. especially when detailing population ratios. if Jewish people that were disparaged about their predicament thought they could just leave and the world would leave them alone... they would. I see no trends and no objective points. Igor for example is talking to a guy on twitter who is Jewish but hates King David, the priests and Isaiah. each Jewish person has his own concoction. Christianity is nothing but one brew of Judaism. you need to take a step back and conclude that your idea of what you think you don't like is actually something that you can not grasp. no one can. you can't pigeon hole Judaism like that and you certainly can't link Hertzl to messianic thought. he never thought himself a messiah. that is just outright bullshit. I see a lot of arrogance and blustering about how you think your data is superior, but in the end you have detailed nothing and you have questioned nothing of anyone else's points. you never deal with key issues that I elaborate. anyone.. even you McBride can be a Jew. so the ethnic argument is voided. you ignore that point. you talk of Messianism. I pointed out that the Jewish Messiah is not a technically Jewish technically (according to much modern commentary) you ignore this because it is a point that most Jews are ignorant of themselves. but if you had actually studied this thing you put down all the time you might realize that this is a very valid point. finally you seem to have a problem understanding the difference in tenses. this pattern has never been acknowledged. you fear Messianic thinking (which btw I'm not a adherent to and there are many Jews who aren't)... but in fact Messianic theory does not orchestrate necessarily or evoke a proactive idea. Judaism is passive, unlike Islam that asks Islamics to kill Infidels to bring in their end game. there is no religious equivalence here McBride. the philosophies you detest are not parallel. this unique situation of self and other that you seem to bring on... this idea of us and them is true with any moral Republic. the beauty of Israel unlike it's neighbors, Israel makes no assumption about the rest of the world being it's property. there is no Jewish Jihad."

Kahane did not want to live with people who kill Jews behind trees. you assume that is a bad thing. again you never address the epistemology of your terms. you are trying to incite a mob riot by your actions. I remember there was a time when the pure accusation of being a Jew was assumed to be the last word of the accuser.

abusive and demonizing language? lol @SeanMcBride. the man who doesn't read your comments and responds with labels. as for your feelings on friendfeed... I have news for you. America supports Israel... and the longer you are here... the Zionists will show up. you won't have Robert Scoble to hide behind anymore. that rat won't have you around him when the mainstream is reading this.

response to Livni and her feelings about Israeli morale:
ahem... and when labor said something similar in the 90s when Netanyahu's government had their first run, the statistics of the Jewish population ratio to Muslims improved. not to mention that Bibi was a lot more conservative then. I'm not very worried about Livni's opinions. Livni wanted badly to be a proxy to Jewish ethnic cleansing. ghetto Jew mentality. JudenRatts are all over the place... right Myrna?

the state with the most money in U.S. aid since 1993 is Palestine. that argument of Israel getting the most funding is false. further the funding of Israel if compared to the numbers involved in US military expenses would be around a penny to a dollar. the US military gets more back with support to Israel then from their own military. the moment that proves false they will do otherwise. if anyone can be a Jew if they want to convert then the ethnic argument is false. based on Sean McBrides analysis and accusation of xenophobia every Muslim state in the region would collapse according to the CIA. as for Livni's attempt to say that Israelis want to leave... I know that to be false, but if it were true one interaction with Sean McBride and friends would be enough to bring them all back... and that is kind of what happens to Israelis. they think they can escape the violence of the Arabs by leaving and then Bombay (Mumbai) happens. then they check the history of violence in Israel and realize that the violence against them was worse...

Sean McBride doesn't engage you in dialog. a Jewish and yes Zionist philosophy (same thing) can not be ethnically based if others can join it. example is that my son is not a Jew by the government of Israel. he can choose to become one if he wants when he is ready

you just assumed I claimed ethnicity when I said the opposite. since your peanut gallery is blocking me they are going to assume you repeated what I said. this is unethical. tautological and your audience does not even see my words they only see your accusation which just ignored everything I just said and made an accusation that was the exact opposite. conversation is over. the other Jews online might not comment out of fear of being tracked by your hate friends, but you showed your colors again and they saw it. I know you did not make a mistake. you aren't showing intelligence, just a reason to keep you out of the Jewish community. glad we have Israel to keep McBride out. the reasons to separate from you are obvious. accomplishment needs to be leveraged with fairness. your concept of refugees reflects your debate style. no balance. where is there mention in this thread of the Jewish refugees?

one facet of Judaic thought is condescended by another. we have no problem with this. we are both a race and a philosophy. every rule leveraged by another wise idea. sound familiar? it is what America is made of. even the essence of our heredity is condescended by the very royal family that is the legend that you hate so much. yes the lineage of the messiah. Soloman's children were not Jewish!!!! their mothers were pagan. no rabbi or Christian scholar can argue this. every rule has it's exception. if you are Christian you might need to rethink a few things as well as to if Jesus were Jewish. this is what drives outsiders mad about Judaic ideas. they are merely a framework or a precedent. it is not a tyranny. it is not ethnic... it is not anything you can define. to hate something you need to objectify something. what people fear the most about Judaism is it can't be pinned down.

you are just full of labels. everyone has a goal and if they don't they are in trouble. you are trying to find a way to other something, but the thing you fear is "Western" thought in itself. Judaism is the root of it all. there were some "theories" that were developed by pagans, but they were never applicable till they were adapted into monotheistic structures. those theories that did not adapt to Judaic thought like Socialism or National Socialism (same thing just different public relations) could never be applied beyond the cafe. achievement and talent is just another abstraction that could be abused... just like pure libertarian ideals. without the grounding of community focus on achievement through goal based on a unification with a higher function there can be no achievement or any other value you claim to monopolize. the mere fact that you are trying to control what Judaism is... is where you fail. Judaism is not concrete law. it is many divergent ideas... some that fail... and the hope is it leads to something better.... but it isn't something you can claim is ethnic or something you can objectify in that way. Judaism is no orthodoxy. you want to frame something you fear, the thing you fear is the very essence of "Western" civilization. like Hitler you have created your own Wagnerian culture that makes you think you have created a utopia outside of the root, but you have created nothing but an abused abstraction. the root of liberation theory goes right to Israel. for certain all uncontrolled structures have temporal structures of totalitarian design. there are all kinds of power structures in Democratic Republics and Belief, and sometimes these structures do fail us. it certainly failed the Judaic Monarchy. It has not failed the modern state of Israel. in fact social media has solidified our community. we have always been all over the place... now we are stronger and tighter then ever before. for certain our enemies are networked as well, but we know that you block and delete comments McBride

messianic thought is modern western thought. it is in no way out of step with goal oriented thinking. believing in an eventuality of a different set of rules is a positive thing in that it allows people to work towards a better world without thinking that they have to be violent till a radical change in physics occurs. the same can not be said of Islam. as for the NYTimes they are wrong consistently on Israel. the school accusation for example in Gaza just turned out to be bogus. go to my profile and see that detailed for example. time and again Roger Cohen has embarassed himself. just recently he showed up in Teran and said that the dominant culture was cell phones.... but that was just before the election that exposed his hypocrisy. take a look at how your worldview is distorted McBride. Israel is important and you betray jealousy because it contradicts your world view... but for goal oriented thought with a cannan beyond conjecture Israel is the source of history even if it is contested

"Now (to change the metaphor), the truth has finally got its pants on, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry has released an exhaustive 164-page report which argues that Israel had a right to do what it did under international law, that what it did was not callous, disproportionate or criminal, and — of course — that much of what it was accused of it didn’t do .Those who need to, like Judge Richard Goldstone of the UN Fact-Finding team, will (I hope) read the whole thing. But for the rest of us there is a 20-page analysis of it written by Yaakov Lozowick, here. I highly recommend this. #Mossad "

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FUCK Woodstock!

I said that to my dad while he was listening to NPR and he called me a hater. then Jimmy Hendricks started playing and the radio pushed their politburo of liberalism... at that point I told him that Hendricks was a Republican and pop culture co opted his message. my father got angry... "What does that have to do with it. he's a musician". I didn't say anything because it was my father talking after that and you don't question him, but if it was all about the music then why did NPR need the social commentary?

Obama Cookies

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this is an example of the kind of cookies that Obama is adding to websites to track you. this is a cookie that twitter maliciously put into my computer

Click because he is a henchman of @aMANdaCHAPel
Video thumbnail. Click to play
I created multiple surveillance accounts that sent twitter RSS feeds to a central account called @Panopticons. @TheAntiChrist was one of the children of @Panopticons Unfortunately my one time account logged me out and into @TheAntiChrist ...this is very real and it is not made up. click the image above and see.


CLICK TO ENLARGE SCREEN CAPTURE OF @TheAntiChrist is back at midnight

a partial joke... part real. you might need an explanation. I did initially create @TheAntiChrist logo ... it was started as a joke account. there is a lot of history here.

cooperation with a globalist world community to search computers is very different then one government taking extra precautions during the 911 era

R.I.P. friendfeed

the tyranny continues. facebook just bought friendfeed.

@IgorTheTroll2 is a #Mossad operative. Watch out @Hamas

With the recent allegations of Israelis spreading Candy that makes Palestinians horny. We have confirmed an operative in Japan whose family used to own a Candy factory. It is clear that Igor likes Candy and Sex. We can prove it by searching his friendfeed account. Agents are currently looking into him on Wikipedia

talking about the Big Brotha and I get some trashy Bigot comments

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I still have a hard time dealing with this comment I recieved:

"What do you care anyways? You sound like just another pent up right wing psedo-Israeli thats probably a dual citizien who couldn't give a rats ass about the US generally except for when it affects dear Israel or your screed based agenda. That batshit crazy blog and her racist invective against "Muslim Darkies"seems to be rubbing off on you since you seem to refer to the President as an animal now. Didn't Geller recently photoshop his dead mother onto a Centerfold and insiniuate she's a race traiting whore? Stay classy and shalom!" -Nemo

Why I am proud to be an American

someone online said I wasn't a real American. I am a Jew, but my ancesters helped build this country

got n2 argument with guy in the gym.

guy was misinformed about a few concepts about Usury and Islamic treatment of Dhimmis. brainwashed

Durban II organizer gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom

this is just not a coincidence. you can't tell me Obama didn't think this out. he tried to go to Durban II and then gives it's organizer a medal. what is he really saying? come now! Presidential Medal of Freedom went to a nazi and it was Obama's little passive aggressive fuck you. this is Reverend Wright's man!!!!!

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