Vanity Searcher Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Google

(media post)Gaos alleged in her lawsuit that she conducted searches for her own name, as well as her family members' names, and clicked on links on the Google search results. Therefore, she argued, Google disclosed her "sensitive personal information" to third parties by transmitting her queries in the referrer headers...Tim Berners-Lee warned as far back as 1999 that referrer headers could leak information about Web users. But lawsuits about referrer headers didn't reach the courts until 2010, shortly after computer scientists from AT&T and Worcester Polytechnic Institute released the report "On the Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information Via Online Social Networks." They alleged that Facebook and other social-networking sites leak personally identifiable information by including users' unique identifiers in the HTTP header information that is automatically sent to ad networks.
and they said social media use was dominated by narcissism... now you can sue for that

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