Giving a Network 2nd Chances


Giving 2nd Chances.... on a Network or Party

I am figuring out things on facebook. You just don't meet them here. I can live by that rule... sincerely... but I think they should limit contacting people if that really was a problem. I would also like to have my email address back.

Anyway... been raking leaves today. Nothing controversial or exciting. I got the attention of an old friend in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon. Richard Pell is one of my 6 friends now.

I am enjoying this new use of facebook better. I have so many ways to access people... If I had known that the issue they were having with me is they didn't like me contacting people... there would of never been a problem.

I'm at heart an artist. Artists by nature like to find the boundaries of things. It is how a painting is done. And it is what conceptual art is about. If given a social network an artist is going to try to use it as a tool and see how many people they can poke and friend... it is just a natural reaction. It's not like I was threatening anyone.... except maybe Geo.... but I intend to contact him by other means. I am skeptical of people that get involved with mental illness and are critical of me. Mental Illness brings the worst aspects of religion into objectivity. I argued with him... and I do not believe he forgave me for it. I think he left it with me as that he didn't have the energy for me. I feel we have some unresolved issues. I would like to talk more about Geo another time...

I am now fighting with MyBlogLog. BOY does Yahoo suck... they made it impossible for me to log in with my old MyBlogLog account and this isn't a police state problem... this is simple incompetence. Do you know of anyone else with the problems with the new MyBlogLog? I can't log into SimonStudio because it doesn't use a Yahoo ID... and I can't use my Blog with my account CriticalAnalysis because it is in use with SimonStudio. Aaaaaargh! So then I joined a Yahoo group for MyBlogLog to try and figure out what the problem was and the rejected my application? I'm beginning to see that there is an elitism online that is quite frightening with all these networks and facebook is just part of the problem.

I remember when we elected G W Bush and I said I was leaving the country because I was so upset. I moved to Mexico... it was within a month that I found myself in a Mexican Federal Prison for Terrorism during September 11th. Sometimes the Elitism of one place is better then the chaos of another. We all make compromises with our liberty and dignity. Finding myself in a Mexican prison... it was the U.S. state department that helped me and got me out. I am afraid to fly in airplane as a result of the experience. So there I was saved by the very people I was angry at. Strange life.

As much as I am angry at a system... I am always open to change my mind. Look at Verizon.... they were by far the worst offender of communications in my book... today I would say they offer the best communications access. Walmart offers the best healthcare... Democrats became the biggest censors... and my father a lifelong Yankee fan started rooting for the Red Sox. Red Sox are for Communists.

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