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Linda Stein was a better person for doing YOGA? She sounded relaxed? What is it with these types that are so successful that they have to poop on people? That they are so into self improvement that they treat other people like dirt? Yoga is showcased as a superior way to deal with stress, which then allows its self-righteous practitioners to be pricks the rest of the day. A generation of people who are SO against war and violence are also the same angry assholes who ruin every moment of your existence.... as long as you are against violence, but you can fart all over someone who you are supporting financially or employing? Who cares if she was a racist or not.... that is here say of the murderer. What is very clear to me is this woman was not pleasant to be around. Did she deserve to die? Probably not. But she did deserve to get tied up and pissed on. I think it is a serious sign of a generation who feels that they are entitled to be uncouth and rude. A group of elders who think because they stood up against conservative bible values that this entitles them to be without morals... unless we can argue otherwise... on only objectivity and science. And they are so lost with their nihilism that it leads them to self help and focus groups. I bet this women's death looked something like that scene in Clockwork Orange where Alex shoves the Penis sculpture into the old crows mouth. I think we can see why people would want a return to monotheistic values by hearing about this asshole. The kind of social retards that get upset because you invited them to be your friend or poked them on facebook. I don't know for sure if Linda Stein was against g-d or not... what I do know is she got what was coming to her. I'm pretty sure she knew her attendant pretty well... and I'm guessing she was the kind of lady who kept her around because she liked to tweak the woman off. Certainly her help was replaceable and I am guessing that she enjoyed backing people into walls and seeing if they got violent enough to strike back. I hope the court takes this into consideration when they charge murder, manslaughter or whatever. This story pretty much sums it up. I wonder if Linda Stein used facebook? I bet she would be the kind to complain about a guy like me.

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