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MySpace has been blocked by my server for the week of ThanksGiving because I exceeded the bandwidth. You will notice that my art is missing from this blog on many posts. I am busy changing servers and rewriting code to work with the new servers.

I can see this will be another thing where the Baby Boomers and Hippies will say that I caused my own problem...
it's my fault because I'm not on a ZEN ranch shoving carrots in my tush. It's my fault because I'm vain. It's my fault because I seek material things. OHHHHHHHMMMM!

"YES IT IS TRUE... I'm guilty of promoting myself!"

I went and put my images of Papa Smurf getting served Turkey by Hilary Clinton on Amy Winehouse's page and I crashed my own server. I got so many people going to my profile that my personal server crashed. All those volvo soccer mom's and beat types thought I had beef with her. LOL I actually love her music... that is so silly! People are always looking for a good fight and I'm only too obliged to play bad guy. I now think I know how to market my art... All I gotta do is post in on Amy's profile and it drives the Starbuck's Coffee drinkers stark raving mad.

Mooo Haaaa Haaaa.....

Actually yes... it is working.  Problem is that when you are doing things that work... people get jealous and stand in the door.  It happened to me at BLACKBOOK when I was the top salesman... it is happening now.  I have had 8 accounts disabled by facebook till they realized that I was bookmarking key accounts and writing down emails.  When they realized that I could still talk to people they stopped trying to throw me off.  This week my artwork became so popular online that my server complained that I was exceeding the bandwidth agreement.  I have been using Jumpline for over fifteen years.  I am one of their first customers and they never informed me of any image view restraints till it became difficult for their own server.  What I did on MySpace is I found popular sites like music and other artists and started pegging their page with my own work and comments.... and I would update it.  The result is that over thanksgiving so many people were viewing my art that unfortunately my server pulled the plug..... (see my blog for more info... there is no images though)  In other words I became a victim of my own success.  Each time I hit a brick wall.... I learn from it.  After having facebook constantly disable my accounts... I learned to write down peoples email and Instant Messaging information and I would bookmark their profile systematically.  I would then enter the info into my ten different gmail accounts and back it up in Excel in a "Comma Deliminated File" and in straight text.  facebook did empty my Gmail account... but I had it all backed up on my hard drive.  Obviously there is communication between large corporations about me.  I am now getting more wise and leaving my art work on multiple free servers.  If my art is blocked from one direction, I will peg them with another server or image bank.  I have heard that Photobucket and FlickR censor the art and resize.  I am using them... but I am careful.  I have heard that FileDen is a safe haven of censorship, but I'm not crazy about the interface.  It is a media war.  AND IT'S ON! 
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Date: Nov 23, 2007 6:26 PM

I couldn't agree with you more!
I just prefer fileden to photobucket because they don't censor what you keep and plus they don't auto-resize any of the images that you might post.

cheers my friend,

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Noah David Simon
Date: Nov 23, 2007 4:03 PM

what makes fileden so great?

with my blog I was very happy with Blogger and then some snobby people told me that professionals only use wordpress. After a year of using both I now know that humble old Blogger is better and the bells and whistles of wordpress are just stupid, clunky and hard to use. I only use wordpress to back up my html code from Blogger.

Some things are just too complicated.

When I was younger the big fight of Microsoft Word vs. Word Perfect was endemic of standard struggles. Microsoft Word was what the average Joe used, most law offices and profesionals were using word perfect. The application that became the standard was Microsoft Word. The snobby jerks that told everyone that they had to memorize millions of things and that it was the "Professional" standard in the end went out like the dinosaurs. Today most people use neither Word or Word Perfect... everyone does it all in the web browser, but that is hardly the point. The point is that sometime learning stuff is bullshit. I spent most of the last ten years trying to be an expert at flash. At this point flash is on it's way out because most pages can't handle it... for example MySpace. I was at one time an avid user of VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) and knew how to interface Javascript with it. This knowledge is today a waste of time. Most 3D applications export to VRML anyway. It get's awful frustrating trying to keep up with what the wine and cheese crowd gets snippy about. Guys like me spend a lot of energy trying to keep up...

In the end it was VHS not Betamax... and it will be BLuRay not HDTV....
you get what I'm saying? When you get older you get a sense of standards. You begin to pick up on patterns. VHS took off because the porn industry adopted it. There actually were plenty of Hollywood features on Betamax, but Sony was too snobby for the real home movie industry. Today we are dealing with MySpace Vs. facebook and whatever ilk... It just a little difficult to make decisions and get stuck with a lemon.

You point out that Hitler ended up for the worst for his viewpoint that, "Politics is the New Art". Let me argue that actually Hitler accomplished most of what he wanted. There is no doubt in the history of parades, spectacles and awesome fashion sense that the National Socialists were some of the best in history. From composers like Wagner to philosophers like Martin Heidegger the Nazi's achieved the very best in culture. Hitler had only the best doctors around... and as a result if he knew he were dying then his objective of what he wanted to do on earth was carried out. Every decision that Germany made counters conventional strategic thought on what would be a smart way to carry out warfare. I refuse to accept the fact that a man who was able to convince an elite first world nation that genocide was a good idea on 50% of it's own people, would of been stupid enough to fight a battle on two fronts. Strategically then if we assume that Hitler wasn't "Forrest Gump", we would have to assume that his objective had nothing to do with winning the war whatsoever. I am sure the first few years he thought he might of had a very good chance, but I believe his energy by and large went to the "Final Solution" and not his role in protecting his own country. That was why a battle on two fronts became so necessary. He knew his own people... and he knew they were industrious and would bounce back from the ashes like an economic phoenix. That people would eventually forgive them and prefer the German Automobile. His main concern was killing Jews... and he was very good at it. Hitler was evil... but I take what he says very seriously and don't shrug it off. Hitler understood the architecture of a cultural product better then anyone... and he also knew that intellectuals and critics were the main threat to good art. He was very concerned with efficiency. Never discount the "Socialism" in National Socialism. Hitler knew how to maximize civilization and having smart people questioning him was not a good thing for his success. Ironically killing those same smart people cost him and his allies the war. If he had not been killing Jews.... those Hebrews would of built the Atom bomb for him. (and most Jews actually were very loyal to Germany) I pose the question: Did we really win world war 2? Or maybe world war 2 was simply the passing the torch from "National Socialism" to "International Socialism" and that the turn of the millennia was the passing of the torch of "International Socialism" to "International Corporate Socialism". The key danger is those that think they can make decisions for other people for a better greased society machine.

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