H.G.H. (human growth hormone) on all of society for 2008


Damn it Sweet cheeks... I'm an artist not a doctor. I leave the diagnoses to precocious public relations workers that think they know everything because they grant sexual favors. I guess that's Disassociation, but I have no idea what the psychoanalysis experts at Starbucks define it as this week. Last I checked I was a victim of incest because I had sex with my babysitter. I tried telling the doctor I enjoyed every second of it and since she was an Irish Catholic the genetic similarity just wasn't there. (but you know these public health workers aren't much different from P.R whores.) They. redefine everything as it becomes convenient. I sure as hell would love to perform some incest with you... if incest is what it was last week. Last I checked I was called OCD by a real estate / actress in my fathers studio.... I had to look it up on google. Dr. Freud warned against an Oprah Winfrey culture... but then again the Oprah culture wouldn't take the Doc these days very seriously about anything unless he admitted openly he was gay and very against psychoanalysis. Ah the lovely benefits of being psychoanalyzed by adolescent girls... pop psychiatry at it's best. What do you think Michel Foucault would say about all this lovely objectivity coming out of pop culture? Probably would be having too good a time sucking dick to give a flying fuck. Your bad news. I like that. Come to New York... you can play Ava Braun for me. I have an outfit ready with a Leftist Chavista flavour so you can subvert your racism.

Had some woman keep on asking me questions... wanted to get real intimate with me... then asked me if I had a son. I said yeah. Then she defriended me and disappeared. Wierd!? She wanted to show me her erotic dance and all kinds of stuff. It said she was in a relationship... So I was interested in an artistic way... she also started saying wierd things about this guy on my friend list. Wanted me to defriend this person and that person. When I refused because I didn't know her or the guy she didn't like... she got pissed. This is too much. You want to show me erotic dance fine. You want to talk politics... fine. I'm not for my tax dollar going to schools... you want to ask me what I think of your art... fine. But then to defriend me like that is just weird. Tell me what your problem is if you have a problem with me. We don't know each other... but I don't need to be judged like as if we were having sex or something. The fact that I have a son is no reason to defriend someone... nor does it have anything to do with the fact that you want to show me some kind of erotic dance. I'm just getting real frustrated. You might think I'm psycho... but I'm not. I'm super normal. What you see online is only my artwork. I'm just a nice guy. Please make a note of that. You can't judge me by my art.

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