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A person is stalking underage children on a social network and says something controversial and sexual. Multitudes of people block the account. The network disables the account as a result. How does this protect people if one can just login under a different name and email? It would seem it would be in our interest to not disable sick perverted people's accounts, because this would be a way to surveillance their actions. People should be able to block who they want. Disabling an account encourages people to bookmark and write the email down of who they want to harass. The people who bothered to block are now vulnerable. Besides the obvious rejection of the first amendment, I fail to see the logic of kicking people out for what they say, poke or friend. Also if a person has your email address and the network doesn't tell the accused harasser to delete it, how does the accused know a contact is hostile in the first place?

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Asked by SimonStudio on November 23, 2007

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I think I was pretty clear.  I don't need to get into specifics.
Conduct that is questionable is no reason to throw someone off a social network... for one thing it could lead to finding details on a person so that it can have impact in reality.  No one get's hurt online.... unless you think like Gloria Steinem or Dworkin or some psycho-fem-hysteria.
but already here is a detail that just happened to me
some woman has put nude pictures of herself on my profile. (no not here) I wouldn't mind except the pictures are her as a child. Being that I don't get off on little children in the nude.... I was thinking about erasing it. I'm afraid it will hurt her feelings and I didn't want to do that. But I'm paranoid because one of my friends from art school got in trouble for having child porn. Now I doubt my friend was into children either. I'm sure he was using the nude pictures of children for reference in his drawing... but that isn't the point. The point is that I am certainly not into this shit... and I don't want to get into any beef and I know people do watch me to see if I go too far. So I am a little in a pickle... do I erase the shit and lose the friend or what? They are interesting pictures... I see the artistic merit in it... also being that the pictures are actually her... it isn't quite child porn... also being that she posted it... my question is am I responsible? What the hell do I do?

I don't want to be a hypocrite either... I pride myself on being against censorship. but seeing a bald vagina is pretty damn gross... and I don't want to go to jail over my own self righteousness.

I guess my question is... because the picture is pretty hidden with other comments at this point.... I doubt anyone will find it now... my question is am I responsible? She posted it.

also if I delete it... people won't believe me if I tell them this... so I kind of want a record of this.

there is something else... this is the second time it happened. I friended this same girl around a year ago... and she did the same thing... I deleted the picture... and she defriended me. she doesn't remember that and I just remembered,

obviously this is her warning sign... she put the image up when I was telling her some controversial stuff about the last company I worked for. This image is her defense mechanism. It is her way of saying fuck with me and your fucked. She has the alibi that it is her childhood picture... but I don't. So what I am asking is am I culpable to guilt for her posting? This is a game. Fashion Institute of Technology women can be kind of strange. I'm from NYC... I went to the limelight night club on occasion in the early 90's. I have a feeling that this is an attractive skinny fashionable blonde... who has a real sick side to her. This is a circle of people who I feel as an artist are important to penetrate. She obviously someone in a circle of people... she feels that I am questionable... (but likes my art).... this is her way of initiating me. To see if I can be trusted. The only reason I know this is because it is my second time around with the girl. She apparently does this as a pattern.

...also one other thought. If I delete it... not only do I lose the evidence of the supposed "CRIME" or "NON-CRIME"... but also it makes me look like I am covering it up. I can't win here.

I have had a rough social networking week....

these art ladies are not easy. 
....they test you,,, 

* 2009 update * I eventually deleted the image and the girl told all her friends I was a square. I tried to do it below the radar, but she set up the situation as a no win position. After closer analysis I have come to the conclusion that this girl is probably a very twisted lesbian. I had some other guy update me with a similar sick story. This one involves this girl only having sex with black men. (I don't think it is true... because like I said before I believe this woman is gay... but she likes to cause problems and it excites her to provoke racist feelings)

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