score one for the Washington Times. the left doesn’t seem very liberal these days. do you think they would behave better if they were given “not for profit” status? doubtful.

I’m not convinced that any wing paper would sell, but it is the left that is more likely to bunch various unrelated and incompatible special interests together that are hostile to each other. Aggregating hatreds together for the sake of defining a power structure is not very liberal at all. There is a reason these publications don’t make money. they have for a century defined themselves through the politics of “economics” and ignored the needs of their readers. I don’t agree with their economic slant, but to me what is worse is their shallow indifference to the people they claim to represent. news more then any other industry deserves to fail. giving journalism a “not for profit” status will not help this industry become ethical and deal with it’s abuse of power. what needs to be dealt with is these organizations need to be voices of the people. vague is no longer credible. Indie voices will come online and advertising people will note this in the coming decade. right now the social media elite reflects the bully pulpit of main stream media. this is about to change radically. I believe that Obama might of been elected simple because the news was trying to keep up with the leftist fringe that was online and destroying their audience. this factor will now work in reverse. I’m willing to bet that I can run a successful publication in paper or online that caters to a niche market that could be reflected to a singular online identity. marketing people are hip to this, but advertising buyers are still confused. I’m certain that is about to change and someone is about to change the landscape through phone calls to the right clients. perhaps the biggest reason there is a slow migration to social media is the idea that advertising buyers will have to acknowledge the politics of where they put their money. guilt goes a long way. it’s much easier to pretend that you aren’t burdened by responsibility because you were advertising to the “mainstream”. this factor of guilt to the advertising buyer will dissipate when advertising marketers create buying markets where their advertisers are shielded from that responsibility of “knowing” the niche that their dollars are going into. there really never was a left and right to begin with… these constructs were guilt free marketing constructs to start with, but the right wing traditionally meant a niche market… that was it’s biggest criticism and it’s strength. you now see there are many right wings. Many Right Wings is real “Liberalism”.

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