Sarah Palin Debate with Biden

if Biden attempts to ignore her she will win the debate. It reminds me of the Lieberman Cheney debate. Lieberman just sat there and talked... Cheney just agreed. Cheney came across as the winner because he showed like-ability. Palin needs to find her charisma. Reagan and or McCain understand when to just sit there and laugh at someone. You don't answer a catch 22 question. Lesson learned. She still impresses the hell out of me with the things that she said is right. When "Captain Kirk" was faced with a losing situation in a "starfleet academy" test he changed the rules and cheated. That isn't Palin's style. She will learn to be a card fast. She has to sit back and not take people seriously that aren't taking her seriously.

this is a very weird day for me. I'm a former Democrat and I'm right now put in a strange position of defending Palin to my old Republican friends. I'm also a reknown sexist pig for 34 years and going... g-d works is the strangest ways. The fact that he set it up so that I would have to defend a woman in politics brings me a chuckle. There is nothing wrong with candidate Palin, She has more experience with energy issues then any other candidate going in, she has the same experience as Obama on other issues and will have a few days to learn on the job before Johnny croaks. I think she has a fabulous personality. she made one mistake in not bitch slapping Katie or at least laughing at her trick question instead of trying to answer it... but I think she is going to learn fast. I think she handled Gibson well. She might learn a few things from Reagan about laughing and telling a few jokes when faced with catch 22 reporter questions... but to compare her with the most charming man in the history of politics is not fair either. I think we are in for a nice surprise during the debates.

You don't answer a catch 22 question. Lesson learned. She still impresses the hell out of me with the things that she said is right. When "Captain Kirk" was faced with a losing situation in a "starfleet academy" test he changed the rules and cheated. That isn't Palin's style. She will learn to be a card fast

Palin has that same kind of down home kind of feel as Reagan. she's folksy and funny... and the other side doesn't like to admit it. Also like Reagan she has a bit of temper and I like it. The Katie interview didn't go well I admit... her weakness is against other women. When Charles asked a question that shouldn't of been asked she made him seem like a troll, but when Katie did it she should of laughed back at her. often to win is not about the issues, but rather how you handle not being able to reply because of obvious pratfalls of saber rattling. Reagan was a pro at taking the losing question and turning it into a joke. in fact Dick Cheney is quite good at this too. when he debated Joe Lieberman (yes very few people watched this debate), but he won not by issues, but by simply liking Joe. If you like your opponent and don't fear them you win. Palin has yet to of learned to empathy for the enemy in debate. I think she might be able to show it with biden.

wow I just pissed off a Palin supporter by attempting to dissect the pros and cons....

I sometimes forget why I was a liberal to begin with... I know I'm conservative now, but my habit is to open up with people I don't know. freaked the hell out of some peeps

I was trying to tell her that I am skeptical of feminists and accept female leaders with tremendous scrutiny. I feel that woman are very different. Necessary wonderful and part of the whole scheme of things... hell better then most men. ...but very lacking in backroom political skills and way better at an open forum such as PR. she took it the wrong way.

it was not a criticism... I can tell she is very hurt right now at the way Palin is being treated... and it sucks. I'm rooting for Sarah. I think she will make a great VP and she is brave... what I'm pointing out is the truth though. She will probably kick Biden's ass because I think she might do better in debate then getting castigated by Katie and Charles... an open forum is a better format for women.

I'm Sarah Palin's biggest fan.... but I don't follow blindly

power has no gender and no DNA, but culture does. There is a reason the plantation owner chased the proletariat and slaves away from their daughters. It isn't just because the children would inherit, but rather because the daughters of nobility were the only inheritors. Elizabethan models are actually the original models for Wollstonecraft. Even Marx acknowledged the reality of gender structures. I'm of the opinion to be skeptical of feminists and I've been isolated in many academic circumstances for this opinion. I do in fact see a need for intelligent women in the structure of good government and see rare occasions for women to take over completely... but I accept the reasoning of skepticism for prudence. No doubt Condeleza Rice is the prototype for the next generation of feminists and our country would of been in a lot of Public Relations danger without her... but that is a woman's strength. PR! Question is can she take 8 years of abuse for doing the politically incorrect thing. Certainly Bush himself wavered into populism with economic finagling. I'm not sure a woman's vanity can take it. Nor am I convinced that the structure of the white house can reflect a woman's managerial strengths, which come out of public convictions not tight one on one bonds in the men's room. Certainly Palin has a better chance and it would seem my needs are in parallel to the woman's movement, so I am silently allowing this "exception" to my general judgment. VP might be a better place for a PR role then a president who has to make the unpopular decisions. Palin's trials are now and I am very impressed with the abuse she is taking. I'm sure she has the right stuff... I'm also sure she is rare.

I get so much about Palin that I tend to ignore it because whenever I do the research it ends ups being bullshit. ...even stuff the NYTimes prints. disgraceful

I like her a lot.

she isn't... a book banner, a member of the Alaskan Indie Party and her recent son is not her daughters. NYTimes bothered to go with the book ban story and the subsequent firing of the librarian.

listen I looked into the shit. it is bull dinky. she was questioning based on the policy of sexual content for children's reading and the books dealt with kids with gay parents. She asked a question about the relevance and then left it at that. She then got heckled by the librarian who was a "problem" and that is the whole story... and I'm buying it.

btw the list of books including Harry Potter on the internet was written by that librarian and has been proven to be bullshit because those Potter books weren't even out at the time.

Her financial dealings have been impeccable. If you have anything thing that could stick on this then she is going to fall. I doubt you do...

people are different. the worst thing we can do is apply the same metaphors to men and women. women can lead on different terms... but we need to identify strengths and weaknesses and one of the weaknesses is the inability to go into my private conversation thread in a comfortable way without it getting dramatic. Women are fine in public debates and PR... can they do this in the backroom... I don't think so. the Katie interview with Palin showed how smaller forums are dangerous for a woman in power... even if the forum wasn't a man.

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