Pacifism (Updated)


My naive younger brother fought me about Palestinian and Israeli politics. He told me ten years ago that he was a pacifist. He will deny this. The argument once heated up to the point where he swore he was a pacifist and saw no reason to ever use physical threats or action. I punched him to show him the need for defense. (younger brothers don't listen) Later that day he went up to my room and trashed it. (somehow he seems to have thought that destroying one's home was not violence) I attacked him. My mother called the police... and I was put in jail.

I punched him to test him. He thought he outsmarted me by not fighting back, an hour later he trashed my room. I went back into his room and hit him again. My mother called the cops and I was put in the NYC tombs for around four days before it got sorted out. He was seventeen years old at the time, and the police had me cited for domestic violence with a minor. I was like are you kidding, he's taller then me? I was incarcerated, but I still say calling the police doesn't count as an act of non-violence. I still have the stupid shit on my record that I assaulted a minor. To this day the little shit tests me. Today I'm a political "conservative" (..."classical liberal"), but when Rudy ran for the presidency I went out of my way to ruin his campaign. I did not like the police in NYC when he was mayor.

as a result of my fathers actions with the judge who found the entire situation amusing... she let me free on the premise that I would receive psychiatric counseling.

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