Queer Eye for P.C. Denial

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I started this post to defend Imus and then realized that he was REALLY WRONG... and yet in the growth of the post I found how uncomfortable my own head was... Thank God no one actually looking here or I would of gone down like Imus and Rosie... We need to be a whole lot more forgiving of creatives in the electronic age where any creative whim an artist says can travel in the airwaves. Seriously we are all guilty of thoughts that are not kosher. Objectivity leads us down some nasty hallways. and there is nothing wrong with looking around... in fact it is healthy. What isn't healthy is a P.C. world that can't forgive. I'm not a Christian, but my favorite Jesus saying is... "Let he who cast the first stone". You get what I am saying. I sincerely doubt Rosie and Imus and Kramer from Seinfeld are bad people. I find Mel Gibson to be a more dangerous type because he fought it for several years... or Vanessa Redgrave or Marlon Brando who had their ego caught up in hatred. Better for it to air out early... the shit below is me rambling myself... so here goes my Negroes.

Flying out there in outer space comes Jimmy the Greek…. And he says, “see I told you so… and you let O.J. Simpson laugh at me… Them Negroes really is genetically altered… The Hebrews were thrown in ovens like Dominos Pizza… Sure as hell couldn’t do that during Roman times. Later after 2000 years of Christianity the Kikes went from warriors to neurotic wimps on a conveyor belt …and it took only one generation to kick your Palestinian Nazi Ass. Now we know what Jimmy Carter is really pissed off about… Them Jews were creating socialist literature till that Atom bomb… …(Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!) ...that faggot deserves a government supervised position to keep him from molesting young boys in church and on camping trips with a Buddhist activity group... but all they want is official marriage with benefits? Give them a position that is government endorsed… an official fairy council that will decorate and dress the citizens… Queer Eye for your Silly P.C. Denial.

Don Imus and Kramer can kiss your Nappy Action Jackson Ass..., but names will never hurt me. When you meet me for my press conference apology, make sure you wear you seatbelt in your sports utility vehicle." Hey was that Governor Corzine or was that another Mel Gibson movie?

The thing I don't understand is why go to Al Sharpton at all... couldn't Don Imus find a better "Nappy" to apologize to? Why... because Imus thought he could weasel his way out of this by finding a bigger idiot then himself. The Kansas City Shuffle... they look right, you go left... hell it worked for Rudy Guliani (nobody will notice that I'm a complete asshole because you will be arguing if I'm a racist or not while I pick on marijuana smokers and subway toll jumpers)

Heres John Kerry showing he has bad debating skills with Imus... (he should of ripped a new asshole out of Imus... I mean this is the only guy in history who could of lost a debate to W Bush!

Andy Rooney.... O.K.... O.K..... point taken...
"Why do they call it take a shit when it should be called give a shit."

...maybe Howard Stern was right about this guy... Imus...we never knew you.

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