Tweet4Shalit Campaign Hijacked by People Who did not Organize it?

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...I found it troubling that someone went and bought a brand name of something that was a free formed group of twitterers. There was no mention of the people who worked hard to get the movement going online. I consider myself one of those people and I think it would be a shame to have the movement pried away from the people who created it without giving any credit whatsoever of it's organization. The hashtag #Tweet4Shalit was first used when I mistakenly used the wrong hashtag and was even corrected by JIDF. note the graph only keeps track of #GiladShalit The campaign was called Tweet_4_Shalit and the hashtag was originally #GiladShalit. Tweeting for Shalit, Tweet for Shalit was merely the pitch.
Tel Aviv, Israel, August 26, 2011 — American human rights activists are launching a new social media campaign on Twitter to raise awareness of the plight of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The grassroots campaign, titled #Tweet4Shalit, hopes to rally thousands of tweeters on the week of Gilad Shalit’s 5th birthday in captivity.“Gilad Shalit has been held in captivity for five years by the Hamas terrorist organization without a single visit from the International Committee of the Red Cross,” says Isaac Yerushalmi, creator of the campaign[?]. “This contravenes international law. On his 5th consecutive birthday in Hamas captivity, Gilad is not able to tweet his wish for freedom, so we will.”Gregg Roman, advisor at the Israeli Knesset says, “This is a great tool to remind everyone that Gilad is in the hands of the incredulous Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and I tip my hat off to the creator [huh?] for taking this initiative.”
Wait a Second... Who is the CREATOR of the #Tweet4Shalit campaign? How do I know? Because I was one of the first people the original organizers contacted for viral skills. None of those organizers, such as the Jewish Internet Defense Force are even mentioned in the press release here. Not even credit for Chabad or AISH? For consideration: a 2009 Jerusalem Post. Isaac Yerushalmi's campaign is not a similar campaign at all. It is the same campaign. A hashtag trending on twitter is not the work of one person nor is it created by one person, but certainly those who originally worked the system deserve credit for their labor. So I optimized this page on Google.

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