Dying Pam Am flight bomber pleads to Scotland for drugs to stay alive

Eye on (Libya) Two years after being released by the Scottish government in which to go home and die, the only man convicted of bombing Pam-Am flight 103, former Libyan security chief Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, is apparently still at death's door. Yet this multimillionaire who resides in palatial surroundings has begged the Scottish government to supply him with the drugs in which to keep him alive. The man who the previous Libyan administration treated as a hero for getting out of jail early for the murders of 270 people, and whom the new people in power have said they will not hand over to the UK or US, is begging the very people he has publicly embarrassed by somehow staying alive against all the odds, is now asking for the hand of forgiveness to forgive him some more.

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