human-rights groups report that soldiers loyal to Gaddafi were rounding up people and forcing them onto boats at gunpoint.

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...When NATO bombardments against Libya began, Gaddafi vowed to “unleash an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration” on Europe. And the ships have been arriving from Libya since. REDRAW IMAGE : via Newsweek and h/t This is what Europe gets for it's Arabist slant. This is what the world gets for putting Libya on the Human rights Council. and yet today that UK Guardian is critical of Israel and their need for borders. Ha'aretz has an op-ed by an Arab: h/t
[I]n Syria, another Arab Nakba is taking place before our eyes. This Nakba is the lot of the Syrian people. But this time, those behind the Nakba are not Zionists. They aren't Jews or French or godless British or Americans. Neither the Little Zionist Satan nor the Great American Satan is behind this Nakba. This time, the Satan is Arab, flesh of our flesh. When thousands of Arab citizens - men, women and children - are massacred, when many others flee an Arab country because they fear an Arab regime with pretensions to waving the flag of Arab nationalism, then this so-called nationalism becomes dubious and ought to raise questions. This is all the more the case when non-Arab Turkey is the country to which people are fleeing. Yes, the same Turkey that is regularly mentioned in Arab national discourse as the height of defilement and the source of all Arab ills. And all because of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled over the Arabs for hundreds of years and to which Arab nationalists have long attributed all the falterings of the Arab world. Ha'aretz has an op-ed by an Arab: h/t

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