Why the Mancession is a PROBLEM for women

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...Heather Jarvis AKA Pippi Longstocking of the SLUT WALK...

Some Conservatives did not appreciate me insinuating that the Slut Walk was really not helping things. I actually understood exactly what the Toronto police officer was talking about when he told the ladies to not dress like Sluts. It really isn't helping things to dress like Sluts. I understand that this concept runs in conflict with many right wingers that like to think of themselves as the police man who helps the little ladies... but what both Conservatives and the feminists fail to understand is that Marx was right about one thing. When the people... and in this case MEN are out of work and are not able to live normal nuclear lifestyles, they react.... and violently. Dressing like whores when men can't afford to pay for sex... will cause a violent response. (and yes we all know the ladies have little respect for marriage these days. Do you expect the men to just deny themselves?) This is not a moral concept. This is the inevitable consequence of sexual repression combined with little hope. I realize that this is threatening to some, but it is not a statement of a belief in moral justice. My analysis is a statement of fear. It isn't class warfare that I am talking about. When men start raping women they won't end up well. There won't be any utopia after the raping. I'm just stating that men right now feel like caged animals.
Unlike Marx I think when people react violently without first working within the system that it is a very bad thing, but it is inevitable if women continue to disreguard men in the way they do at men's moment of need that men will do horrible things to women.

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