Scottish Granny Killer Converts to Islam for Extra Privileges

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Protected class: Brutal killer david millar, who converted to islam in jail to gain extra privileges after murdering frail 82 year-old pensioner Lucy-Marshall
...Protected class: Brutal killer david millar, who converted to islam in jail to gain extra privileges after murdering frail 82 year-old pensioner Lucy-Marshall...
...Gangs of Muslim thugs are effectively ‘running’ some prisons, and have caused non-Muslim criminals to convert to Islam in order to become members...
David Millar – who stabbed frail 82-year-old Lucy Marshall to death – will skip his duties in the laundry because of his new faith.
He will be excused from work on Fridays so he can attend prayers. And he’s told pals he’ll not have to do chores during the holy month of Ramadan. The 28-year-old will also receive special halal meals such as curries at Dumfries prison. One jail source said: “He works in the laundry but wants to use his new-found faith to get out of it. “He’s told a few of his cronies he won’t have to work for the whole of Ramadan, which is basically like getting a month off his duties. Source: The Scottish Sun via UnDhimmi
When I was in jail, I changed meal plans weekly. It is a matter of survival. In America most jails don't serve pork, so that worked in my favor because I don't eat pork, but when the meat based food began to effect me negatively, I switched to Vegan and when I grew tired of that I switched to low sodium by going to the doctor and proving I had high blood pressure (very easy to do in jail) ...I would of wanted to of switched on and off the kosher meals which I would of preferred if they were edible. Most inmates know how to use the special meal plan to their own benefit and most inmates know how to use religion to manipulate the system. ...and frankly I'm glad that they can, but perhaps we should offer these benefits to everyone if they are available for religious reasons. The inmates purposely bargain a selection of possible plans. Some inmates will try a unique plan just to have something unique. Honestly I would of preferred the kosher plan, but I was told by my lawyer that the Seattle rabbi was crazy... and I needed his approval to get that. I have a theory that the rabbi was not crazy... he just knew the system was corrupt and would of made trouble for the currupt judicial system that was working out a plea to misdemeanors to save the city judicial system's own reputation. The system must realize that it can not create special classes based on faith. Once that happens the inmates will abuse the system. If a jail decides to accommodate religious diversity then it must be an option for everyone. No loopholes.
As for the Muslims class of prisoners... that is true.  I had a prison guard in NY state named Mohammad call me an elitist for praying in Hebrew.  There is most certainly an advantage to being Muslim in jail and something must be done to protect non Muslims from the Muslims behind bars.

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