Did Jew Like Beck?

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Glenn Beck singles out Nine of the most dangerous people in the world (eight of whom just happen to be Jews), He even had to apologize after his ignorant comments comparing reform Judaism to Islam. Islam is the ultimate evil. An ideology that clearly promotes hate and violence against all non-Muslims, especially Jews. Reform Judaism, on the other hand, is a liberal movement that tries to love everyone (especially Muslims), says the JIDF
Glenn Beck has got it right on the Middle East says... says Barry Rubin........We can all be like "Elohim" who is one of many Adonai in outer space...with lots of goddess wives in a harem ....Certainly, Beck makes silly mistakes on factual matters and details. ...yeah, I'd say so. ... Yet what’s important is that he comprehends the big picture. ...Did I mention the goddess wife orgy...in outer space? ....I don’t say this based on a superficial view or on his support for Israel...

...Something about the Mormon church being...REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY... which actually is like the Catholic theology is not ...Born Again... in believing that the Jews will realize who the Messiah is when Yashuah returns....Thanks for the Jew Curse on FOX News and no elaboration that it was all a misunderstanding! His audience interpreted it just the way I understood it and his fans say it was only in reference to George Soros, but no one got it... so he doesn't explain. Leaves it out there for misunderstanding.  Jesus is going to get JEW later.

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